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Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe@ Oasis Ara Damansara – RM5 Pasta/Spaghetti Review – Best Restaurant To Eat

With the constant rise in cost and inflation, there are not many places where you can go for a decent meal at a very reasonable price but we were surprised when we were invited for a food review session at Purple Pasta Restaurant and Cafe which is located at D-G-06, Block D, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

You wonder how true it is when they are able to sell their pasta/spaghetti at RM5.00 per plate. One might wonder whether they will cut off certain ingredients or the serving is of a extremely small serving. Nowadays, even if you ever had lunch at a coffee shop, it will easily cost more than RM5.00 and you probably have to sit on uncomfortable chair and a very hot environment.

The setting of Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe@ Oasis is simple and modern concept. There are different sections within the restaurant that will cater for different groups of people coming into this restaurant. There is an alfresco area where you can have a sit-down session with your friends in an open environment.

There is also a little cozy corner, where some soft sofa sets are, where you can hang around after lunch for some quiet reading or after dinner, coffee session to have some small chats with your friends.

and of course, the sit down area for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

To start off our session of this review, we had the Garden Salad, which have lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, crotons, parmesan cheese top with a concoction of Japanese mayo and balsamico vinegar.

The light flaky crotons, was a perfect combination with the fresh green and the buttery powdered parmesan. Indeed a classic starter for a hearty meal ahead.

The dressing was of the right taste with a well balance of mayonnaise and vinegar which blended well with the crisp salad.

Next, we had, two of the top RM5.00 Pasta/Spaghetti.

The first one is the LAMB MARINARA. The tomatoes based sauce which was made in-house was not too sourish and it was topped with a generous amount of herbs.

The Lamb meatball was succulent and didn’t have the strong gamey lamb taste which makes it taste good. At RM5.00, it was very worth it.

The next pasta we had, was the AUTHENTIC CARBONARA, this version is very different from the other carbonara serves elsewhere which, we are used to i.e. flour and milk based.

From the onset it looks quite plain but the sauce is made up of yellow egg yolk, with parmesan cheese and guess what, roasted anchovies. It is then top up with a runny poached egg.

For fans of eggs, you got to try this. Make sure you let the runny eggs flowed into the pasta and mix it for a wholesome meal. For me, I would have preferred to slurp up the runny egg yolk.

For those that can eat a little spicy, you can add in some chilli flakes to give it that extra zing.

Both the above pasta, are part of the RM5.00 offering, there are other RM5.00 pasta of which, are CHICKEN CARBONARA, MUSHROOM CARBONARA, CHICKEN MARINARA, MUSHROOM MARINARA, CHICKEN GRAVYNARA, LAMB GRAVYNARA. You can sample these reasonably price pasta without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe@Oasis is embarking to introduce a few new premium pasta and dishes into their menu, which we have the privilege to sample and to provide feedback to the owner.

One of the first dishes to be tasted was the FRA DIAVOLO MUTTON. This pasta is a creation by the owner /chef himself, which he uses a base tomato sauce and a generous amount of dark chocolate to enhance the unique flavour of the sauce.

The use of the dark chocolate infused into the sauce are also able to kill off the gamey mutton smell and taste. The end result, the sauce was very addictive till the last drop. With a generous serving of mutton meat, the overall feeling of this dish was one of a premium taste.

The second dish we sample was the SALMON TARTARE – this is another fine example of the creativeness in the preparation and the choice use of the ingredients to bring forth the special premium taste. The Salmon are cured in-house with Rock Salt and Brown Sugar for at least 12 hours.

The combination of fragrant pear and ebiko add a new dimension and texture to this dish. The sauce was subtle yet complemented well with the slightly salted cured salmon which enhances the overall flavours of this dish.

The next dish was PRAWN CEVICHE – this dish is very challenging to most people who does not savour upon slightly raw or raw food.

CEVICHE is a form of cooking which uses the natural process of acid to cook the fresh seafood, in this case the PRAWN – no heat whatsoever was used in the cooking of this dish. Served chilled, you can actually taste the slight rawness and the tangy meat when eaten. Combined with vinaigrette onion and purple cabbage, it was a very unique and distinct taste.

The next dish i.e PRAWN THERMIDOR is as close as it is to eating LOBSTER THERMIDOR, as far as taste wise is concern. The chef is able to recreate close to the same taste of this premium dish.

The art of cooking the sauce and the use of Super Size Tiger Prawn, which have a firm and slight tangy rough texture, make it ideal as a close replacement to the lobster.

Lastly, we had the POACHED CHICKEN AND SMOKE DUCK - again with some creativeness, the chicken breast are sliced to pieces before poaching into the Earl Grey Tea, which gives it a distinct tea taste onto the chicken meat.

Placed in between the poached chicken slices, are the smoke duck slices that allows you to have 2 different taste of 2 poultry meat. Served on a bed of smashed potatoes, it was the perfect partner to the meat.

We hope that the owner will be serving up these specially created dishes, later at the Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe@ Oasis. Do check it out before you order.

By the way, if you are a coffee lover or fan, you might want to check out the TRIO SUGAR LATTE.
It is a latte served with this special azulette sugar which is purple in colour and look like the sparkling red rubies.

The Azulette sugar tasted quite similar to that of the cotton candy that we eat.

The other coffee is the PICCOLO COFFEE, this blend is a little stronger as it is more concentrated compared with the normal latte.

So, there you have it, a café that serves delicious tasting pasta at a very reasonable price or should it be cheap price and some nice coffee to finish off your delightful meal.



Best Restaurant To Eat got a special VIP invitation to attend the GALA LAUNCH of the TasteMIGF and MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL - MIGF 2014 held on the 26th September 2014 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall.

It is one of the most anticipated Gourmet Food event of the year where there are 28 participating restaurant at this year event.

In conjunction with the launch is the TASTE MIGF which is held from 26th to 28th September 2014, the TASTE MIGF gives the opportunity to food lovers the opportunity to taste the Gourmet food offering from these participating restaurant thru a program called SUPER GOURMET SAFARI by using GOURMET DOLLARS to taste bite size GOURMET sampling creations.

We were honoured to be the judges for the best and most creative restaurant for this event. The evening started out with us having the first round taste of all the best GOURMET dishes under one roof at the THEATRE OF CUISINE. 

We were indeed impressed by the elaborate setup of all the restaurants in the THEATRES OF CUISINE. Never in our mind that we have the opportunity to taste so many dishes at one go. Each of the participating restaurant serves at least 3 of their signature dishes by the HOT CHEF of each of the restaurant .

The cuisines serves ranges from the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, International and so forth. Details of all the participating restaurant are highlighted as below.

Due to the numerous best gourmet dishes that we had to sampled for the night, the following are my top choice.

1. Dynasty -Whole Chilled Abalone

2.  Grill 582 -  Grilled Australian Short Rib 100 Days Grain Fed Homemade Smokey BBQ Sauce

3. Minori Japanese Restaurant - Salmon Sashimi

4. Chambers Bar and Grill - Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef

5. Nerovivo - Pizza Bufalina

6. Minori Japanese Restaurant -Hiyashi Maki

7. Chambers Bar And Grill - Robatayaki Grilled Baby Snapper Fillet




Type Of Cuisine


Aliyaa Island Restaurant and Bar

Sri Langkan Cuisine


Bunga Emas Malay 

Fine Dining 



French Contemporary 


Minori Japanese Restaurant 

Japanese Cuisine 


Chambers Bar and Grill

Open Grill 



Cantonese Cuisine 



European Cuisine 



Open Grill 


Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie 

French Cuisine 



Cantonese and Sichuan Cuisine



Japanese Cuisine 


Grill 582

Classic European 


Imperial Rama

Thai and Chinese Cuisine 


LTITUDE Restaurant

Bar & Lounge Western & Japanese Cuisine


The Olive 

Western Continental Cuisine


La Scala 

Italian Cuisine 


Maison Francaise 

French Modern Cuisine 


Marble 8

Western Cuisine 


Marini’s On 57 

Italian Cuisine 


NEO Tamarind 

Modern Thai Cuisine 



Italian Cuisine 



Asian & International Cuisine


Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant

Western Classic Cuisine 


Seasonal Tastes

International Cuisine 


Signature By the Hill 

Asian & International Fusion



European Modern Cuisine 


Ten Japanese Fine Dining 

Japanese Cuisine 


Zender’s Restaurant & Bar 

European Modern Cuisine 

To celebrate Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2014 - from  1st October 2014 to 31st October 2014, each of the participating restaurant will offer a special Festival Menu for Gourmet Food Lovers to savour upon. for more information, you can view at

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Kampachi Japanese Restaurant @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – Best Japanese Restaurant – All Kansai Festival Review


Kampachi Japanese Restaurant is a renowned Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for over 4 decades. It is the oldest Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia having started in Equatorial Hotel in the early seventies. 

I recalled those days, that there are not many Japanese Restaurant serving really fresh sashimi. It was a certain day of the week, the restaurant have their freshly delivered seafood from Japan and that was the day we would go to sample these freshly imported fresh delicacy.

These days, we were told, that there are at least 3 deliveries per week of fresh produce that Kampachi receives directly from the famous Tsukiji Market and from Osaka. No wonder, we can see a large crowd during our special pre-launch Kansai food review session at it’s newly refurnished Kampachi @Pavilion (voted the Best Japanese Restaurant By Time Out Kuala Lumpur for 3 consecutive year from 2011) located at Lot 6.09.00 Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Kampachi Restaurants in collaboration with All Kansai Food Promotion Committee and The Kansai Food Export Promotion Cooperative to bring a special culinary promotion featuring the finest autumn ingredients from Kansai region. Kansai is also known as the “Food Mecca Of Japan” with an abundance of food resources from the mountains, seas, rivers and lakes.

Through out the next 2 weeks i.e. from 19th Sept – 1st October 2014 , a special selection of a la carte dishes are curate by Kampachi’s Executive Chef Koji Tamaru and its team to showcase the purity of Kansai cuisine using the freshest seasonal and the natural taste of the ingredients. 

Guest can expect to enjoy some exquisite gourmet seafood such as the Kamasu (Japanese Barracuda), Akamutsu (Japanese Ruby Snapper), Tennen Hamachi (Wild Yeallowtail) and Sayori (Japanese Halfbeak).

Fresh seasonal Kansai ingredients will also include the Muraski Zukin (Black Soybean), two different variety of Japanese Mustard Greens (Mibuna and Mizuna) and Fushimi Amanaga Togarashi (Sweet Green Peppers).

Prepared in a multitude of ways, these simple ingredients will be elevated to an artisan level by Chef Koji Tamaru and his team. The “All Kansai Festival” a la carte menu will only be available at Kampachi’s three stand-alone restaurants i.e. Troika, Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya and Johor Premium Outlets.

On 27th and 28th September from 3.00 to 5.00 pm, there is a special hands-on dessert master class at RM 100.00 ++ per person, where you learn 3 sweet delights using Japanese maccha alongside Kampachi’s expert Japanese chefs. The 3 desserts are Maccha Mousse, Maccha Cake and Maccha Dorayaki using the Kyoto’s finest green tea.

Participants are able to taste and take home the day’s creations at the end of each session in addition to receiving a complimentary recipe collection and a masterclass certificate.

We had the opportunity to have this hand’s off experience to make our own Maccha Mousse. It was truly a great experience to be tutored and guided to make this sweet tasting dessert.

This was the menu, that we had for this Pre-launch menu of the “All Kansai Festival”.

Our first dish for the food review started off with KYO MIZUNA SALAD – which consists of Kyoto Mustard Green Salad with Crispy Anchovies, Raw Onion Rings with Wasabi Dressings. 

We were really surprised at the crisp green mustard that was air flown in. Coupled with the Wasabi dressing, it was a very good pairing to the fresh salad and the crunchy anchovies.

Our second dish was the FUSHIMI AMANAGA TOGARASHI – It is grilled marinated sweet Green Peppers with Special Sauce. This is actually the most spicy green peppers for the Japanese but to most Malaysian that have been accustomed to our Chilli Padi, this is just plain peanuts, there is just a little tinge of that chilli oomph. 

It was quite a feat to be eating a chilli like that.

Next, we had the awesome TENNEN HAMACHI SASHIMI – which is slices of Raw Wild Yellowtail. I just love sashimi but this has to be one of the best that I had eaten so far, as you can really taste the smooth texture of the fish and it’s freshest with every bite. 

Coupled with the in-house soya sauce and wasabi mix, no words can describe this special taste.

Finally, we had the KAMASU SHIOYAKI, which is Grilled Japanese Barracuda with Salt. With every chop-stick full of the wonderful white fish meat, you could really taste the natural fish flavours. 

For me, the dip of the white fish meat into the in-house soya sauce with wasabi, was just the perfect link to satisfy my taste buds.

To pair off the evening fabulous food, we were offered the Kuwabara Shuzo Sake which came from Nakashima and we were told that no matter how much you drink, you won't get a hangover next the day, as they use the highest and finest quality of malted rice and water to brew this smooth sake.

We were offered the 2 serving style of the sake, which is the cold sake thru a special sake dispenser and

the normal hot sake, in a sake jug and a special sake cup.

As, you would have guessed it, for desserts, we had the MACCHA MOUSSE, which yours truly had made it before we started our dinner, as the desserts needed to be chilled before being served.

As, you would have guessed it, for desserts, we had the MACCHA MOUSSE, which yours truly had made it before we started our dinner, as the desserts needed to be chilled before being served.

We had the final touch, to put in the décor to our MACCHA MOUSSE, which has smashed red beans, a piece of Japanese Glutinous rice and some gold leaf to top it all up.

Overall, it has been a amazing and memorable experience for us to be able to enjoy this special dining session.

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