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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sri Lankan Seafood Festival @Big Apple Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Sri Lankan Seafood Festival @Big Apple Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Crab lovers out there, make sure you don't miss this crab bonanza seafood festival. Big Apple @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur is featuring a month-long "SRI LANKAN SEAFOOD FESTIVAL" with their main highlight of famous Sri Lankan Crabs

Sri Lankan Seafood Festival @Big Apple Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This All-You-Can-Eat Promotion featuring Sri Lankan Crabs Curry, Crab Lasagna and Sri Lankan dessert at an affordable Buffet Price of RM 98 Nett is available from April 2 to April 30, 2018, at Big Apple Restaurant.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur Chef J.M.D.k Jayawardhana and Chef H.L.M Hettiarachchi

Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur has air flown 2 renowned chefs from Sri Lanka which is Chef J.M.D.K Jayawardhana and Chef H.L.M Hettiarachchi to crafts out authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.  

Sri Lankan crabs

The star of the Buffet is The Sri Lankan crabs. The Sri Lankan crabs are famed for the thick meat texture.

Sri Lankan Lagoon Crab Curry In Claypot

Savour the meaty and succulent Sri Lankan crab which is cooked with a special curry broth (Sri Lankan Lagoon Crab Curry In Claypot).

Crab Lasagna

Try out their Crab Lasagna which is cooked with crab meat and other seafood.

Chicken Kalupol

Other Sri Lankan dishes for you to taste includes the Chicken Kalupol

Sri Lankan Sour Fish Curry

or for fish lovers, you can try out the Sri Lankan Sour Fish Curry

Authentic Prawn Curry

or taste the Authentic Prawn Curry

Sri Lankan Spice Infused Roast Chicken

Another crowd favourite is the Sri Lankan Spice Infused Roast Chicken. You can really taste the deeply infused spice marinade with the balance of the char-grilled aroma of the chicken.

 Sri Lankan desserts carrot hawa

Lastly; don't forget to have a really sweet ending with some of the Sri Lankan desserts offerings.

For MAYBANK Credit Cardholders you will get a 30% Discount. So now is the time to taste out some tasty crab dishes at Big Apple Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Big Apple Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur Location Address Map

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Weekend Seafood Buffet @GoBo Chit Chat Traders Hotel KLCC Kuala Lumpur

Sumptuous Spread of Seafood at GoBo Chit Chat Traders Hotel KLCC Weekend Seafood Buffet

Weekend Seafood Buffet @GoBo Chit Chat Traders Hotel KLCC Kuala Lumpur

Ready to indulge in seafood offering. You can now start your weekend with the wide variety of seafood that is on offer at GoBo Chit Chat Traders Hotel KLCC Bucked Out Weekend Seafood Buffet.

Priced at RM149.00 Nett (read below for a 5 +1 offer). It is the most valued for money Seafood Buffet offering in Kuala Lumpur.

Weekend Seafood Buffet Cray Fish

Start off your buffet with the varieties on the Seafood On Ice selection which range from the different type of crustacean starting off with prawn selection

Weekend Seafood Buffet Bamboo Clam

Bamboo Clams

Weekend Seafood Buffet Green Mussels


Weekend Seafood Buffet Baby Lobsters

Baby Lobster

Weekend Seafood Buffet Tiger Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Weekend Seafood Buffet Mud Crabs

Mud Crabs

Weekend Seafood Buffet Flower Crabs

Flower Crabs

Weekend Seafood Buffet King Crabs

and the Star of the seafood on Ice the King Crabs

Weekend Seafood Buffet Louisiana Boil Sichuan Chilli Sauce

At GoBo Chit Bucked Out Weekend Seafood Buffet; you can try out their Bucket seafood; it is basically a Lousiana Boil concept, where you can handpick the type of seafood from the buffet table (fesh seafood counter) and put into your bucket.

Weekend Seafood Buffet Louisiana Boil Sichuan Chilli Sauce

Next, you select from the 5 different cooking style which is Curry Cheese Sauce, SiChuan Chilli Sauce, Sambal Sauce, Rendang and and hand it over to the chef. They will cook it and sent to your table where you can feast on the seafood offering.

To complement your seafood dishes, GoBo Chit Chat has also selected a few wines that are suitable to be paired with this seafood offfering. Each bottle of wine is at RM149.00 per bottle.

Besides seafood, there is also a wide selection of salad that you can taste out too at the salad counter

While for meat lovers can taste out the Prime Roast Beef

or the Grilled Lamb Ribs.

There are also a few selections of fishes that you can choose to have it grilled by the Chef.

For the Japanese Food aficionados, there are a number of Sushi and Sashimi selection for you to indulge in.

Finally, to end your hearty meal; there are also a number of choices of desserts which includes tarts, Apam Balik, teppanyaki ice cream, cakes and Chocolate Fountain.

For me; the one that stands out which I enjoyed most is the Au Yi Ice - which is a Taiwanese dessert with a refreshing taste of cold icy jelly with a sweet sourish taste to end our seafood indulging meal.

There you have it; as a fan of seafood myself it is a real good offer as the number of seafood on offer is so much and now there are also have a 5+1 promotion, whereby for every group of 6, one dines for free).

@GoBo Chit Chat Traders Hotel KLCC Kuala Lumpur Location Address Map

Friday, February 2, 2018

Publika Food | 4Play Seafood and Co

4Play Seafood and Co

There is a new restaurant in Publika which is 4Play Seafood and Co and is located at A1-G2-07 JALAN DUTAMAS 1, Publika, Kuala Lumpur and one of their many specialities is down to its' seafood and Western Oriental fusion dishes. For more information and promotion offer, check out 4Play Seafood and Co facebook page

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

Opened barely less than 1 month, 4Play Seafood and Co is frequented for its seafood dishes especially to those that love crab dishes which comes with a few special flavours that are simply enticing and best eaten with fried mantao or just a plain bowl of steaming white rice.

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

With a simple setting and an elaborate Chef that started at La Bodega and Two Sons Bistro; is in charge of the new menu at 4Play Seafood and Co. The menu is still undergoing some changes to some of its flavour that will cater to the crowds frequenting Publika.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Our review started with an order of Wild Mushroom Soup (RM20.00) which boasts the combination of the blended shitake, oyster and white mushroom which is simmered with a rich cream broth and drizzle with truffle oil that has a distinct mushroom flavour and taste.

Butter Garlic Mushrooms

Our next chef recommended appetizer is the Butter Garlic Mushrooms (RM21.00). The Chef has a penchant for dishing perfectly executed mushroom dishes. Here again; like our soup, it has a strong mushroom flavour which is enhanced by the use of a blended butter, garlic and basil sauce.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Chicken

Next on, we move on to order some Golden Salted Eggs Yolk appetizer, the first of which is the Chicken Golden Salted Eggs Yolk(RM25.00). The Chicken meat is lightly battered with Salted Eggs Yolk and sauteed with curry leaves, onions, chilli padi and chilli flakes which leaves a strong curry flavour.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Prawns

This Golden Salted Egg Yolks dish can also be ordered with Prawns (RM28.00) as the base ingredients. The deshell prawns made it easy to be eaten as an appetiser. But for some, you may order some white rice to go with this salted egg yolk dish.

Calamari Golden Salted Eggs

While for the squid lovers, there is the Calamari Golden Salted Eggs (RM25.00). All these salted eggs dishes are best to be eaten with an icy cold draught beer as it has that slightly salty taste of the salted duck eggs but fans of the salted will relish on these offerings.

Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom

Another one of the Chef popular dishes is the Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom (RM22.00) as a starter. Using portobello mushroom as the base; it is topped with flame cheese that melted and encompasses the filling.

Spicy Chilli Mussels

Next, we move on to some Chef speciality seafood dishes, the first of which is the Spicy Chilli Mussels (RM35.00). This dish has a slightly spicy sourish taste. We were recommended to eat this with the Toasted Garlic Bread to scoop up the chilli sauce.

Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams

This is then followed by the Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams (RM30.00). I personally like this flavour which has a strong aroma and coupled with the freshness of the Clam, it was a real treat and for this, we ordered a bowl of white rice to finish off the creamy buttery flavourful sauce.

Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab

The Star of 4Play Seafood and Co is the Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab (RM75.00). Each order of the seafood dishes is at the weight of 500 gram. The sauce was quite good which went perfectly with an order of Fried mantao as the dip.  Customers have a choice to order the crab, clams or mussels dishes with others flavours (all in 6 different sauce base) as well; with the sides of white rice, toasted garlic beard or fried mantao to go with these seafood dishes.

Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Our final main dish is the Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken (RM35.00). For this dish; there is a tad of saltiness to my taste. If you like to eat less salty taste; please make sure to have the chef reduce its saltiness during your order. For me; it would have been ideal to use the thigh drumstick quarters for this as it has a more tender and juicy meat texture.

4Play Seafood and Co; Location Address Map

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Puchong Food : Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 - Delicious and Affordable Seafood

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 in Puchong Selangor has been opened for the more than 2 years. We were invited to taste out some of the new seafood and popular dishes served at this restaurant.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 Address
21, Jalan Puteri 2/3 , Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong

Located in the bustling Puchong township with a simple no frill decor, we were quite impressed by the quality and portions of the serving.

For fans of seafood and especially crabs, you can have a selection of more than 9 different cooking style starting from the popular Butter Salted Egg Mud Crab with Roe  咸湿膏蟹 RM95 for the XL Size.

For this order of ours, the crab roe was aplenty while it's meat was flaky with a nice soft tender texture and taste of fresh white crab meat that is paired with the buttery salted eggs. You can also choose the meat crab if you are not a fan of crab roe.

Next on is the Spicy Buttermilk Crab 香辣奶皇肉蟹 RM50 for the Medium Size crab which its gravy superbly; paired to an order of the Fried Mantou 炸馒头 (RM6). Needless to say we had to order a second round of this bun to slurp up to the last drop of the sauce.

Prices for the Crab varies from the different sizes of the crabs that you like. You can check out the board which list out the daily prices before placing an order.

After that we tasted the Mantis Prawn with Dry Chili 宫保虾糕 RM15. This mantis prawn meat are battered and deep fried before being stir fried with dry chillies, onions and spring onions. This dishes is better eaten with a bowl of steaming white rice.

For fans of clams, you can try out the Lala with Superior Soup 上汤啦啦 RM18

The next dish is a real value for money dish which is called the XO Seafood Noodle Pot XO海鲜粉煲 RM19.90 which comes with a full small size crab and loaded with other seafood i.e. brown squid and lala too. You can order this Noodle Pot with a choice of Meehoon or Yee Mee.

Besides serving seafood dishes, Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 also offer a variety of other dishes for you to choose from. Starting out, you can order the  Pork Ribs  一支骨 
咸湿膏蟹  RM32. The spare ribs is roasted to a crisp, topped with a special sweet tangy sauce that gel up to the succulent fatty meat of the ribs and perfectly paired with a bowl of steaming white rice also a fried mantou is served on the side to slurp the sauce.

Next, you can order the Kampung Chicken with Rice Wine 黄酒焖鸡 RM32. This dish uses the Yellow Rice wine and the black fungus as its secondary ingredient. The choice to use the Kampung Chicken was perfect as the meat texture for this variety of chicken is firmer and the taste is more intense.  I would have love this dish even more if the rice wine were a little bit more stronger.

Our last meat dish is more of an appetizer which is Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士鸡翅 RM15. Deep fried to a nice crunchy crisp and cooked with an in-house sweet sauce; it resembles the taste of Korean Fried Chicken, this can be your order to start off your meal or as a starter with a glass of cold beer.

For the non-meat and non-seafood dishes you can start by ordering the Toufu with Pumpkin Sauce 金瓜豆腐 RM15. The bean-curd is homemade and bedded with the in-house made smooth pumpkin sauce that is cooked with Shimeji Mushroom and crab meat.

or the combination of the Mixed Hong Kong Kai Lan  鸳鸯芥蓝  RM15. The kale leaf are shredded and fried while the trunk of the Kale is pan fried.

Lastly you can also taste the Lotus Fried with Winged Bean 莲藕四棱豆 RM12. One of the thing about the lotus root and the winged beans(four angle beans); it has a nice crunchy feel when you bite into it.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Lunch Set Meal Menu

 Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 also offers Value Set lunch meal from RM8.90 & RM9.90 which comes with complimentary soup and herbal. You will be given a card where you can start to collect all your meals here. Once you reach 10 meals you get the next one for free. For those, that plan to celebrate any birthday at the restaurant; can check with the restaurant (010 2210188) for their birthday promotion.

For readers of blog, you will be entitle a 10% off your dining bills. Just share this post on your Facebook profile and when you go to the restaurant please show them your Facebook that you have shared our post and also show this post to be entitled to this discount. Happy Dining.