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Sekinchan Kuala Selangor Sg Janggut Road Trip Food Trail by Best Restaurant To Eat

Once in a while, it is nice to take a short break from food review in Klang Valley and goes outskirt to places to search for food that locals go for. With that in mind, Best Restaurant To Eat, exploration to the fishing town of Sekinchan, Selangor; a further distance up north of Kuala Selangor to try out some of the specialties there.

Our first stop was at Cha Po Tion located at 9990B Jalan Besar Bagan Bagan Sekinchan 45400 Sekinchan Selangor. This is an unassuming restaurant; all in the traditional fare of the kampong style.

When we arrive it was a already packed with customers. But surprisingly, it didn't take that long before our first dish arrive.

As Sekinchan is popular for fish (fishball too) and seafood, the first dish was the Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Seafood Soup (RM20). 

It has a tinge of spiciness in it. A nice start to our meal. The bouncy fishball has a firm texture and each bite gives you a fulfilling taste.

Next was the Baby Shark Soup (RM14). If you are one of the naturalist, you can skip this dish. Anyway I find this dish a little too bland for me. The baby shark meat has a flat taste. We have never eaten shark meat, so this dish is to try out the taste of this fish meat.

Next on is the Seafood Porridge (RM25) - it consists of a combination of fresh seafood; like prawns, lala, fish meat in a teochew style porridge i.e. one that is very watery with rice like porridge. Note: all the 3 dishes are using the same broth to cook it.

This is then followed by Deep Fried Calamari - nothing fanciful, but the calamari was very firm, fresh and bouncy. Didn't really like the chilli sauce. Would have been better if they use the Kampong Koh Chilli Sauce from Sitiawan instead.

and on to one of yours truly favorite seafood; Superior Soup Lala with Ginger (Xiong Tong Lala). The lala that was used is the thick shell type and the Superior soup was tasty with a strong aroma of freshly cut ginger. 

After our meal, we went to the Sekinchan beach; the beach here is not suitable for swimming as it is quiet muddy and a little polluted. There are many small shop along the beach serving fried lala, deep fried mantis prawn and lala (not oyster) chien. Didn't really try it as we just had our lunch earlier.

The other attraction in Sekinchan, Selangor is the temple with a wishing tree. 

On weekend Sekinchan is bursting with tourist from all over the place. We then decided to take a short drive to town and saw this stall along Jalan Bahagia selling fried stuff. 

Since there was a small crowd lining this stall, we decided to buy some cucur udang. It is quite crispy and nice as an afternoon snack food. After munching on these snack, we head over to the Sekinchan rice museum.

After the tour of the rice museum and padi fields exploration, we made our journey toward Kuala Selangor as we planned to have dinner there. On the way, we stopped by at Sg Janggut where a restaurant named Kedai Kopi Sin Lok is famed for its woo kok;

We were told that there is only one set left and we took it; it was very crusty and the filling was very delicious as the char siew sauce was nice while the taro was soft. Too bad, we really had to share this little last piece among us.

We then head over to the fishing village of Sg Janggut where there is a restaurant called Sg Janggut Seafood Restaurant at Lot 139A, Batu 15, Jalan Bagan, Sungai Janggut, 42200 Kapar, Selangor.

The first dish that we ordered was the Coconut Tom Yam Prawn - The tom yam was not over powering and since it was made from the fresh coconut juice, the sweetness of the coconut juice is very different; it tasted more refreshing and one have to eat this with white rice. 

The prawns was very fresh and succulent.

Our next dish is the Kam Heong Bamboo Lala; we were indeed very surprised by the size of this bamboo lala, we had not eaten bamboo lala of this size.

We were spot on to order this bamboo lala to be cooked in Kam Heong style as the aroma from the dried prawns and sauce was just too good to be missed. We had one too many bowl of white rice to be accompanied with this dish.

The next dish has a very funny name which is Germany Pig Foot - it should be German Pork Knuckle instead. We were very glad to see the size of the pork knuckle when it arrive on our table. Imagine we could not finish this dish and have to pack back to be enjoyed at home the next day.

Although it was just plain deep fried knuckle, the crisp was excellent, the meat was tender and would be great for beer lovers' to eat it with their favourite cold beer.

Next, we had the Crab Meat Tofu; which was way off from our standard. You can skip on this dish.

We cannot go back without tasting crab and with that we ordered the Steam Crab.

As with the prawns, the crab was very fresh. Unfortunately one of the crab was not that good. The  other 2 crabs; it's meat was so good that we literally had our finger licking good. I always believe that the best way to enjoy crab is to eat with the steam version. This way you are able to enjoy the pure natural sweetness of the crab taste or likewise. 

We had a complimentary dish which is the Fried Anchovies - A very crusty and addictive dish; once you start to eat this dish, you really can't stop eating one after another. I believe that if you order to a certain amount the boss will give you a complimentary dish. Let's hope they still keep to this tradition but you can always check it out. If you don't get it as a complimentary dish, you can consider ordering this dish too.

And with that; our tummy has been filled to the brim, we made our journey home there after. Overall it has been a nice trip to eat some of these local favourite dishes. Stay tune for the next food trail by Best Restaurant to Eat.

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