Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nam Heong Ipoh Subang Jaya Da Men Mall USJ - Famous Ipoh Street Food In Cafe Setting

Subang Food Nam Heong Ipoh Da Men Mall

Mention Ipoh, Nam Heong Old Town will be the first foodie spot that you want to go to. You will not want to miss out the freshly brewed famous Ipoh White Coffee that is synonymous to this shop which is located at the corner shop in Ipoh Old Town. Nowadays folks in Kuala Lumpur; need not travel more than 2 hours to enjoy this strong brewed aroma Ipoh White Coffee as Nam Heong Ipoh Old Town have set up a new modern concept restaurant cafe at LG 21 - 22, Da Men Mall Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The outlet is decorated to reminisce the 1950 era where gramophones were the only source of music that you could play during that era. Of course one of the things you probably missed out dining here is the heat, crampy and noisy bustle of the Ipoh Old Town shop but in place a nice and comfortable dining at this outlet.

There are many specialties that are offered at Nam Heong Ipoh like the aroma filled original Ipoh White Coffee and its Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun.

Nam Heong Ipoh will continue on its quest to bring more famous street food in Ipoh to its customers and we got to try out these few new dishes starting with the Nam Heong Ipoh Nasi Lemak (RM12.90). One of the main difference this version compared to those that we have eaten at other places; is the rice which is Pandan flavored. The second is that; this Nasi Lemak is served with pieces of Luncheon meat (Chinese Style) accompanied with the spicy cockles (kerang) sambal which we really like. 

Next, is the Ipoh Nasi Ganja (RM15.90). As many would have known, this dish is highly sought after in Ipoh. The version here is slightly different from the shop that sells this in Ipoh but we love the Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken which was fried to a nice crisp and also the special Pandan rice which was drenched with curry sauce. This rice dish is served with one-half of the Salted Eggs and Sambal on the sides.

If one piece of chicken is not enough for you or you just plainly loves crispy fried chicken; you can also order ala-carte this Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken (RM5.90).

After that, we had the Szechuan Spicy Noodle (RM8.90). The noodles are actually Pan Mee and filled with a spicy sourish Szechuan broth. For those that like to have a more sourish taste, a Calamansi is served to add a tinge of more sour taste to this noodle.

You can also order this Sze Chuan Spicy Soup (RM5.90) ala-carte. 

Note: The above four dishes are only served for lunch between 12 to 5pm.

For dinner, there are 2 set dishes which the first is the Nam Heong Claypot Chicken Rice (RM24.90) Set for 2 pax. A specially designed ceramic clay pot is used to cook this Claypot Chicken Rice which can withstand a high temperature and can cook the rice in less than 10 minutes. 

Served with pieces of wax meat Chinese Sausage, ginger marinated chicken and topped with freshly cut scallion. This Nam Heong Claypot Chicken Rice set is served with Bean Sprout which hails from Ipoh - Everyday shipment of these bean sprout are sent from Ipoh to KL to ensure that we get to taste this bouncy Ipoh bean sprout. Besides that, there is a Fish paste soup that comes with this rice set.

The last dish is the Nam Heong Claypot Bak Kut Teh (RM32.90) - Set For 2. I have not personally tasted Bak Kut Teh from Ipoh, but the first taste of the broth clearly distinguish this version as compared to the Klang and also the KL version. I personally find the broth to be a little on the sweeter note, unlike the Klang version which has a thicker and stronger broth while the KL counterpart has a more herbal taste. Probably, the people of Ipoh prefer this sweeter version, though. This set comes with a plate of Ipoh Bean Sprout and 2 pieces of braised eggs, twisted dough sticks and 2 bowls of rice.

For desserts, we were served one of the famous Ipoh desserts i.e.the Caramel Egg Custard

followed by the Tau Foo Fa with Sugary Ginger infused syrup.

the Ipoh Ais Batu Campur (ABC).

and not to be missed is the Nam Heong Ipoh Egg Tarts. These eggs tarts are freshly baked on a 2-hour cycle at the front of the outlet. These are very popular and are snapped off as quickly as it comes out of the oven.

If you yearn for some Ipoh street food, you need not have to travel such a long distance as you can savour these Ipoh favourite at Nam Heong Ipoh outlet at Damen Mall USJ Subang Jaya.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WIP Cafe And Restaurant Bangsar Bar Takeover By Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky - The New Malt Order

Auchentoshan Whisky; a single malt whisky has been around for quite some time and for the next 2 weeks beginning July 21, 2016, you can taste it all at the popular Bangsar drinking place which is WIP Cafe and Restaurant located at G111, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WIP Cafe and Restaurant Bangsar has designated an area to house this bar to offer diners the chance to discover, enjoy and experience the Auchentoshan's ‘The New Malt Order’ range of whisky together with dishes specially curated out by Chef Christopher Yee to enhance your taste buds besides the standard WIP cafe menu.

The trail-blazing food genius will be presenting his creative spin on pairing novel canapes with Auchentoshan, to bring out the delicate flavours of each expression.

Among the whisky that is available is the Auchentoshan 12, Auchentoshan 18, Auchentoshan 21, Auchentoshan Three Wood, and Auchentoshan American Oak.

Besides that, the bar also offers; whisky cocktails which are specially concocted by the Auchentoshan's Brand Ambassador and whisky expert Mr Jamey Merkel

He has crafted out four cocktails which are the Spicy, Nutty, Fruity, and Citrus flavour. “Auchentoshan stands for its artisanal, approachable and alternative take on single malt whisky. This is why they have introduced ‘The New Malt Order’ for you to explore the diverse taste of single malt whisky in an unconventional way.

"During the bar takeover, whisky lovers will be able to create bespoke drinks that they enjoy while still amplifying the key flavours of Auchentoshan and delivering the essence of our whisky to patrons,” said Sally Lim, Marketing Manager, Beam Suntory South East Asia.

Below is the videos collection of the Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky Series for those interested to know more about it. Enjoy the video.

Auchentoshan 12 Years Old. Triple distilled then matured for over twelve years. Lowland Single Malt Whisky has the tempting aroma of toasted almonds, caramelised toffee and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

Auchentoshan 18 Years Old Single Malt Whisky. Triple distilled and matured in American bourbon oak for over eighteen years. The result: a refreshing Lowland single malt whisky with the added infusion of ripe citrus and green tea, the warmth of toasted almonds and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

Auchentoshan 21 Years Old. Triple distilled and aged perfectly for over twenty-one years in American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. This creates a refined Lowland Single Malt Whisky, ripe with gooseberries, sweet creamy vanilla, a hint of oak, warm honey, and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

American Oak is triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks resulting in a Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut - along with the signature smooth, delicate Auchentoshan taste.

Auchentoshan Three Wood has been matured in three different cask types. Moving from American Bourbon to Spanish Oloroso Sherry - and finally, Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks - Three Wood is a rich, complex whisky with incredible toffee and sherry oak flavours.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BBQ Buffet Putrajaya : Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort - Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays TGIBF

For fans of BBQ Buffet; especially those meat eaters out there; you wouldn't want to miss the latest BBQ Buffet by Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort, Selangor - Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays ( TGIBF ).

From 15th July 2016, every Friday night you can start off by letting out all the work stress and take on the spread of mouth-watering offering. Famed for its' American-style grill; you can have your taste of the various cut of juicy ribs, tenderloin, steaks, brisket, chicken meat and seafood.

You can relax your tired soul by dining in the quiet indoor restaurant setting which you can enjoy your BBQ dinner with a light serenade of Live soft music perform by the lovely Marcelo's band.

or dine in the beautiful shaded Al Fresco dining area which is nestled in the lush green surrounding while enjoying the soft breeze of the cool nights; taking in the full aroma of your choice picks BBQ that is being cooked ala minute by the Chef at the background while sipping your wines or cocktails.

Diners can expect to be served with some of the popular southern Italian dishes too like the Pizza offering.

while taking on some pasta like Agnolotti Spinach Smoked Salmon, Penne Pasta, Chicken Ravioli, Seafood Tortelloni with a choice of sauce like the Beef Bolognese, Napolitana Sauce, and Carbonara while waiting for your favourite BBQ food that is being cooked by the Chef.

You can also try out the assortment of the cold cuts which includes the likes of the Chicken Meatloaf, Chicken Mushroom, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Peppercorn, Beef Salami, Beef Pastrami and Turkey Ham

Next, you can choose from a selection of Seafood which includes the King Size Tiger Prawns (love this) or the White Squid and/or Butter Fish fillet.

Under the meat selection, you can find a huge chunk of Ribs, Steak Cut, Tenderloin or Briskets.

There is also a selection of meaty sausage or various chicken meat for you to choose from to be grilled under the charcoal flame.

Select your choice of meat and hand over to the Chef which will marinade it with salt and pepper and grill to your choice of whether Rare, Medium or Well Done with your choice of either the Black Pepper Sauce or the Mushroom Sauce.

If those 2; Chef prepared sauce are not your choice; you can also opt for some of the other popular sauces that are made available for you.

To go with the BBQ, you can also choose your selection of green salad with your choice of salad dressing which includes Thousand Island, Olive oil with Herbs, Honey Mustard for you to choose from.

while for the cheese lovers, there are selections of cheese that are laid out temptingly for you to savour in.

The side dishes available for your BBQ includes the Brocolli, Corn-on-Cob or made your own 
bacon and sour cream jacket potatoes.

If you just want to indulge in while waiting for your BBQ, you can try out the Chef special which is the Oven Roasted Beef Brisket. For those that prefer the beef meat to be well done, this will be a nice choice.

Finally to wash down all that juicy meat and succulent seafood, local fruits such as the cooling watermelon will be an ideal choice, but you can also have the papaya, honeydew, pineapples, grapes and other fruits which is equally good to tone down your taste-bud.

For the sweet-tooth, there is a variety of pies to end your meals with which includes the Blueberry Crumble Pie, Walnut Pie, Apple Pie, Linzer Pie and Strawberry Pie.

Get together with your family and friends on Friday evenings for BBQ at Tuscany where you be pampered with the sights, sounds and smells of the freshly BBQ and fine Italian cuisines.

Pricing for the Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays Marriott Putrajaya Buffet - TGIBF  BBQ Buffet is 

RM110 Nett Per Adult
RM67 Nett Per Child
Includes a Glass of House Wine or Mocktail
Additional Wine/Mocktail at RM40.00 Nett per Carafe (serves up to 4)

Please call Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant Marriott Putrajaya contact no at 03-8949 8888 for reservation.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rendez-Vous Bangsar French Restaurant - A Wine Pairing Dinner With Traditional French Cuisine - Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

French people are well known for their dining antics and so in every dinner meals, it is not only about ambience, plating, food but also the right wine pairing for the dishes. At Rendez-Vous French Restaurant located at 100, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur; is where you can find great traditional French food cooked by artistry French Chef with a wine selection for each dish.

Recently, we were invited to taste out a new menu offering from Chef Benjamin which hails from Toulouse, France. Besides serving the popular other French dishes that we had in our earlier review (pls click Here); he is offering some newly crafted French cuisine in its original taste for us to savour.

As usual, in the full French tradition, we had our pre-dinner drink which is the popular Kir Classique (a white wine with Creme de Cassis (is a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants) - RM34.00). Kir is a French refreshing cocktails which are mix with fruit liquor and topped with white wine.

Next, is, of course, the Amuse Bouche, a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre. Amuse-Bouches are different from appetisers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but are served gratis and according to the chef's selection alone. For the night, the chef served us the Scambled eggs topped with Caviar. With the bland taste of the Eggs and slightly salty flavours of the caviar, it blended well with the cool fruity Kir.

For starters, we had the "Ouef Parfait Et Gnocchi" (RM22.00)- Gnocchi is a popular dish in France, it is made from a combination of mash potatoes, flour and eggs. For this dish, the chef served the Parisian style Gnocchi; with the Fried, Choux strip rolls pastry that gives it a crunchy feel and topped with a half boiled eggs served in a clay pot with cheese and bechamel sauce.

For this dish, the recommended wine is the Chardonnay.

Next, we had the "Thon Confit" (RM25.00) which is Candied Tuna (slow cooked together with Olive oil and Tarragon leaves) served with cauliflower puree, with a refreshing sides of chop green apples and cabbage sprinkled with rouille sauce.

The recommended wine pairing is the Sauvignon Blanc

After that it was time for the main course, the first main course dish is the "Filet De Loup De Mer" (RM58.00) - a fish based dish which is made out from of a pan fried Seabass Fillet which has a nice crisp skin served on a bed of carrot puree with a tangy citrus vinaigrette sauce that married perfectly to the fish meat. It is then topped with the flavorful and savoury Avruga Caviar. 

For this dish, the recommended wine to be paired is the Pinot Grigio (dry, semi-sweet white wine)

Our last main dish is the "Poitrine De Porc Fondante" (RM49.00). The pork belly is slow cooked for 2 days and pan fried to a light crisp on the outside which has its' meat and pork belly fats literally melting in the mouth. A simply delightful feel that satisfy our craving. It is served with Crispy "Gribiche" style Pork feet. We were taken aback that they was no sign of any pork feet/knuckles in the dish; As it turns out the chef has cooked the pork feet and has its' meat chopped to small pieces and together with Gherkin pickle, capers, onions, parsley, boiled eggs and Dijon Mustard rolled in a spring roll and deep fried. 

Beside the Gribiche there is another roll which is the Mushroom Cannelloni, which has chopped chicken meat and mushroom stuff in a pasta roll. The sauce of the dish is the meat juice which was slow cooked with the pork belly and added with fried bacon chip.

The wine to be paired for this dish is the Baron Monbarduc (a fine, soft and fruity wine)

We had 2 dessert to end our lovely dinner; the first of which is the "Tarte Au Citron Meringue". Sitting at the bottom is the home-made biscuit like lemon tart which is topped with lemon flavoured cream and the soft crusty meringue. Decorated with freshly slice apples to give it a crunch and a home-made lime sorbet that add to a refresh feel to this dessert.

For those that would like to savour this dessert with a sparkling wine, a Prosecco; a sparkling wine made in Italy; now you cannot call a Champagne unless it is from this region (as the saying goes all champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne) - would be an ideal choice for this dessert.

Our last dessert is the Paris Brest (RM20.00); an in-house made Choux pastry which has a slight crust and an inside soft texture which is then sandwiched with a hazelnut custard. My dinner partner loves the flaky pastry crust with the right balance of buttery taste.

It was our pleasure to have a nice French cuisine in which we discover the Chef great efforts and skill to showcase these delicious dishes at Rendez-Vous French Restaurant. We look forward to taste more enchanting dishes in the near future.

"Bon Appetit"