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Friday, 14 October 2016

Celebrate Deepavali 2016 with Fernleaf - Classic Payasam Recipe With A Twist

Deepavali 2016 Fernleaf Payasam Recipe

In conjunction with Deepavali Festival also known as the Diwali which will be celebrated on the 30th of October 2016, Fernleaf, a brand that has become a household name in Malaysia celebrates the Festival of Lights by recreating the Payasam, an auspicious and delicious Indian dessert rich in milk.

Deepavali 2016 Fernleaf Payasam Recipe Chef Annette Isaac
Chef Annette Isaac

For an exciting twist to a traditional favourite, Fernleaf engaged Chef Annette Isaac, who is part Indian and part Eurasian heritage, to create three wonderful ways to enjoy Payasam – the classic Fernleaf Payasam, Fernleaf Payasam Pudding and Fernleaf Payasam Ice Cream. The delicious desserts were given an unexpected Malaysian twist with the addition of Gula Melaka, a type of local palm sugar for added depth in flavours.

Deepavali 2016 Fernleaf Payasam Recipe Chef Annette Isaac With Martin Soong
Martin Soong Marketing Manager Fernleaf with Chef Annette Isaac

Speaking at the recipe demonstration, Mr Martin Soong, Marketing Manager of Fernleaf at Fonterra Brands Malaysia explained that Fernleaf, a popular brand amongst Malaysians, wanted to celebrate Deepavali with its consumers by sharing the delightful recipe ideas. 

Classic Payasam Recipe
Fernleaf Classic Payasam

“Deepavali which is around the corner is an auspicious time to share laughter, blessings and good food with friends and family. For those who enjoy traditional desserts but are mindful of what they eat, we’ve created ideas that are not only a fun twist to the ordinary, but also healthier with the added nutrition of pure and natural dairy from New Zealand,” said Mr Soong. 

Payasam Pudding Recipe
Fernleaf Payasam Pudding

He added that using Fernleaf Full Cream Milk and Gula Melaka to this recipe for Payasam gives it a richer depth and flavour compared to the classic recipe, and enjoying it in different ways such as in a jelly pudding and an ice cream adds more fun to the festivities. 

Payasam Ice Cream Recipe
Fernleaf Payasam Ice-Cream

Fernleaf’s Deepavali Cooking Demonstration was held to inspire consumers to rediscover the joys of enjoying Payasam and to find out how versatile and nutritious dairy can be as part of a daily diet.
Fernleaf will be sharing the delightful recipes through their TV, print and radio advertisements. Consumers will also have a chance to try the delicious Payasam desserts for themselves and get recipe cards at Fernleaf’s Deepavali On-ground Activities.

Fernleaf Payasam Special Recipe For Deepavali 2016
Payasam Recipe by Fernleaf

Fernleaf, made by New Zealand dairy giants Fonterra is the No.1 best selling full cream milk powder brand in Malaysia. It is also popularly known as the iconic Anchor brand in the rest of the world. Fernleaf has been in Malaysia for 30 years and is loved by consumers for its rich and creamy taste. Its popularity keeps growing as Malaysians become more discerning of their choices and look for pure dairy goodness from grass-fed cows.

Fernleaf’s Deepavali On-Ground Activities/Events

Date / Time
15 October 2016 - 4.30 pm
Little India, Jalan Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur – In front Bank Simpanan Nasional

21 & 22 October 2016 - 5.30 pm
Stadium Shah Alam – Near the main stage

26 & 27 October 2016 - 5.30 pm
Little India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur – Opposite Lotus Hotel next to the Water Fountain Structure

Fernleaf Payasam Recipe 

Payasam Recipe
Payasam Recipe

+BestRestaurant ToEat wishes all our readers a Happy Deepavali. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Caffe Bene IOI Puchong Mall - 2016 Seasonal Melon Smile Series

Caffe Bene IOI Puchong Mall Address

Caffe Bene which has over 1000 outlet across the world is well known for its Korean Bingsu Dessert. With the continuous demand for this type of dessert and drinks; Caffe Bene Malaysia have decided to use one of Malaysia seasonal fruit which is the Melon for its Melon Smile Promotion which started on 20 August 2016.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion

This Melon Smile series features four new menu items which are Melon Yogurt Bingsu, Melon Snowflake, Melon Parfait, and Melon Latte. All menu items feature the special melon base and fresh melon flesh which are scooped fresh at each outlet. 

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion

With the new menu series; it is hoped that it will put a smile on all its customers’ faces and spread the joy around! This seasonal menu will be available until the end of October (31 October 2016) or until the season ends.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion Melon Snowflake

Melon Smile Series Melon Snowflake RM 26.50 This dessert is a sweet shaved vanilla snow ice drizzled with melon syrup and topped with fresh round melon balls, dried cranberries, and coconut slice.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion Melon Yoghurt Bingsu

Next on is the Melon Yogurt Bingsu Double Sized Bingsu RM 27.35. It is made from Crushed melon-base ice and topped with fresh round melon balls, dried coconut slice, dried cranberries and one scoop of our creamy yogurt gelato.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion Melon Parfait

For a French twist to the dessert, they had the Melon Parfait RM 15.80. An Ice blended melon base with melon chunks topped with whipped cream, fresh round melon balls, dried cranberries and coconut flakes.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion Melon Latte

The last one is the Melon Latte RM 12.80. A Fresh melon blended with melon base and milk making it smooth, creamy and a refreshing drink.

Caffe Bene Melon Smile Promotion

Caffe Bene
IOI Puchong Mall (New Wing)
next to Sakae Sushi
Operating Hours:
Daily : 10am – 10pm

Caffe Bene FaceBook:

Sunway Pyramid
Solaris, Mont Kiara
Gamuda Walk
Jaya Shopping Mall
Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
Gurney Mall, Penang
Viva City Megamall – Kuching
Imago Shopping Mall – Sabah

Caffe Bene IOI Puchong Mall Address and Location

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Durian Season At Inside Scoop - Presenting King Of All Waffles - Damansara Jaya

Durian season is here and especially the craze on the Musang King this season. We had the opportunity to taste; first hand this King Of All Waffles at Inside Scoop, Damansara Jaya branch tonight.

A special collaboration of 2 popular brand names namely Inside Scoop which is famed for its smooth creamy made from scratch ice cream and the Durian King TTDI for the supply of fragrant and top quality Durian; to create a unique one of its kind King Of All Waffles for us to savour in.

The Musang King Durian is paired with the Valrhona Chocolate ice-cream for a perfect combination as its ingredient does not overpower each of its' character. The Valrhona Chocolate flavour was chosen for its strong flavour as it exudes out a special taste when eaten with the aromatic and naturally sweet flavour of the creamy Musang King.

Served with a set of crispy Butter Milk Waffles; the light texture of the waffles was just right to absorb the ice cream which intertwined with the lustrous Yellow Durian flesh making each scoop a delight which has its' after taste still lingering; hours after that.

If you yearn for this special one of the kind waffles dessert, you better hurry to Inside Scoop as this King Of All Waffles is only available at selected Inside Scoop outlet and only available for 3 days starting from 22nd June 2016.

However, if you miss King Of All Waffles, don't despair as Inside Scoop has also its' very own Durian Ice Cream which we had a chance to taste it too. We find the taste and the creaminess of this flavour; up to mark as its Durian based was the D24 species which has a strong character by itself.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Petaling Jaya Food | Brulee Brasserie Cafe - Creme Brulee - Coffee - Beer - Pizza

There are not many cafe and restaurant that serves delicious yet affordable Creme Brulee.
+BestRestaurant ToEat recently got the opportunity to try out the Creme Brulee and its other dishes at Brulee Brasserie Cafe located at B1-2 Casa Tropicana, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Brulee Brasserie Cafe is a neighborhood cafe with its' cozy, carefree and simplistic decor which are adorned with charming little set pieces around the cafe.

Patrons placed their orders from the counter;

while the menu is very straight forward which has 2 boards: one which is the drinks menu and the others the pizza menu; which has 12 different flavours served with a specially sourced Lebanese bread as the base.

Our review started with a lighter flavour of the pizza which is the Super Mario Pizza (RM14.00). The thin crust is topped with olives and 3 types of mushrooms; which were the Shiitake Mushroom, Porto Bello Mushroom and the Eryngnii (King) Mushroom. When the pizza arrives at our tables, we could smelt the strong aroma of these mushroom. Topped with the mozzarella cheese, the pizza was superb with the oven baked crisp thin crust.

Our next pizza is the Pesto Caviar Pizza (RM15.00). Frankly speaking, we have not eaten a caviar pizza at all before this review; but this turn out to be quite a taste by itself. Combined with the pesto sauce and the cheese; it was a real delight to taste the orange and black caviar on a pizza.

Our third pizza is special marriage of Petai Sambal flavour and the Nasi Lemak flavour (RM14.00). We were told that the Nasi Lemak was the cafe top seller; but as an ardent fan of nasi lemak, we felt that an additional spoonful of spicy sambal sauce with fried crispy anchovies would have made this pizza a better match to our demanding taste-bud for a Nasi Lemak flavoured dish.

The last and final pizza for the night is the Moroccan Beef (RM11.00). For me as a meat eater; this Pizza has to be the best for me. We really like the taste of the beef which takes a long process to prepare and serve. According to the Chef, it takes almost 2 days to prepare and cooked it with an array of spices and the special Moroccan sauce. It has a slightly spicy taste and the meat was not gamy. Perfectly matched with the crust too.

After our pizza, it is time for the Star of the Cafe; which is the Creme Brulee; If you are coming here for the first time; you might not know that the cafe serves Creme Brulee as it is not written on the menu or anywhere in the cafe. For die-hard Creme Brulee fans to this cafe; they will know that it is the only desserts serves here. But; what is so special about the Creme Brulee at Brulee Brasserie Cafe is that there are 12 rotating flavours i,e. the original Vanilla, Mango, Lemon, Green Tea, Thai Red Tea, Lavendar, Coffee, Cinnamon, Passion Fruit, Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cardamon. Each and everyday the Creme Brulee are made fresh and 3 flavours will be served. Do check out the flavours of the day when you order yours.

We find the texture to be very soft and the sweetness level was just the right portion. For me; we like the caramel to be of the thin type which you can tell the staff when you place the order with them. Secondly we can taste the milky creamy based of the Brulee in every spoonful; which was a real delight and at RM7.00 per cup; you can really indulge in this dessert at this cafe.

At Brulee Brasserie Cafe; it does offer specialty latte and imported crafted beers specially for those beer connoisseur to enjoy a drink or two with their friends after work or on weekends. Do share your comments after your visit to the cafe.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Damansara Uptown Food: Tsujiri Green Tea And Dessert Restaurant Opening In Malaysia

The Japanese Art of Tea Drinking is one of the cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha i.e. powdered green tea; This ceremony is also known as in Japanese; it is called the chanoyu. The elaborate and refined Japanese tea ceremony is meant to demonstrate respect through grace and good etiquette.

Tsujiri; a renowned and established green tea brand from Japan with more than 155 years of heritage, continued its mission to promote and convey the beauty of Japanese culture and the splendor of Fine Japanese Tea to Malaysia with the opening of its' first outlet at No. 58 Damansara Uptown Jalan SS21/58 Damasara Utama 47400 Selangor.

Established in 1860, TSUJIRI was founded by green tea specialist Riemon Tsuji, an entrepreneur who sought to improve the tea industry. Through several innovations, he found ways to enhance the flavours and sweetness of green tea, resulting in high-quality Gyokuro tea leaves, which is a breed of shaded green tea from Japan. He has also designed a method of transporting tea leaves so that they could maintain their freshness after harvesting.

Through his techniques, the benefits of green tea, known to be rich in antioxidants and believed to promote anti-aging, are maintained. Thus, TSUJIRI offers green tea rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Beta Carotene, as well as Catechin, which plays a role in burning calories.

Keeping to Riemon’s desire to continue to innovate while sustaining its traditions, TSUJIRI ventured into green tea-based drinks and desserts, but maintains its philosophy of offering the best quality. TSUJIRI products utilises the best green tea selected and preserved from Uji in Kyoto, and uses the traditional grinding method to convey its strong fragrance as well as flavour.

Now, Malaysian can savour this finest quality Japanese Green Tea not only in the many innovative hot and cold drink but also desserts offering at Tsujiri. Currently, Tsujiri has a total of 14 outlets worldwide; which includes in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Canada and now in Malaysia.

According to Mr Dan Osano, Chairman and CEO of MOD's & Kaw Ping Co. Ltd.; consumers today are more informed and are more discerning than ever. They look for quality, taste, and varieties. I believe TSUJIRI meets all these criteria and I am confident that we are able to cater to their needs with our stringent quality control and continuous innovation.

Tsujiri Malaysia offers a total of 48 green tea drinks, desserts such as ice cream and parfaits selections in their menu. Matcha lovers can choose from O-Matcha, tea, latte to desserts, ice blended, shaved ice, floats and not forgetting the delightful Parfait selection with Soft ice cream too.

Some of the Specialty drinks and desserts as offered by Tsujiri Malaysia.

O-Matcha Cappucino
RM 12

O-Matcha Roll Cake
RM 10

Tsujiri O-Matcha Parfait
RM 16.50

Tsujiri O-Matcha Shaved Ice
RM 17

RM 13

O-Matcha Soft Ice Cream
RM 6.50

We hope that Malaysians can enjoy the culture and heritage of Japanese green tea, alongside its health benefits, through our café-style outlet,” shared Karen, Managing Director of TSUJIRI Malaysia during the launch. “Additionally, while keeping cool with our drinks and desserts, we can enjoy the unique and soothing taste and benefits of green tea.”

Business Hours: 12pm to 11pm
FaceBook: Tsujiri Malaysia