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Saturday, August 4, 2018


GOOBNE Chicken - No 1 Korea Oven Roasted Chicken In MALAYSIA NOW

Now you can eat healthy oven roasted chicken without feeling guilty at GOOBNE CHICKEN MALAYSIA first outlet located at Lot L3-043A, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

With over 1000 outlets in Korea and Overseas, Goobne brings a good healthy K-Food concept featuring award-winning oven roasted chicken. Aiming to bring more delicious, healthier chicken to the country, Goobne Chicken Malaysia is now open to satisfy your craving to this Korea Oven Roasted Chicken.

The word Goobne originates from the term “Goobda”, a Korean word which means to roast. Chicken served at Goobne is roasted in the oven for 13 minutes at 195 degrees without using a single drop of oil to conserve the original flavour of the chicken itself. In addition, all the chicken served at Goobne are hormone free. 

Goobne chicken contains fewer calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat, yet crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy inside once roasted. Menu with a variety of tastes surely aims to satisfy every patron’s craving. Goobne Chicken also offers choices of whole or half chicken, wings in 8 or 14 pieces to match everyone’s preference.

For those familiar with Korean fried chicken or in this case Korean Oven Roasted Chicken is they will offer the different recipe of their sauces from original, mild to super spicy. I suppose this will make each of them a more unique taste offering to its customers. At Goobne there are a few choices including the Goobne Original Taste (Whole Chicken (RM47.90), Half Chicken (RM26.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM16.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM2.90)) which is the base of all the other flavours as well.

The signature and most popular is the Goobne Volcano Roast Chicken that will surely excite your taste buds with a spicy volcanic sensation. For those that love a kick of spiciness would want to be prepared with a glass of icy cold drinks to eat this while for the spicy buff might just be a stroll on the park for them. Prices for the Goobne Volcano is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM32.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

For a less spicy version, you can opt for the Goobne Spicy Galbi Sauce is for those that love the spiciness level to be in-between. The Galbi sauce has a sweet flavour with a slightly spicy undertone. Prices for this variant is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

While for the cheese lovers, you will want to taste the cheesy option of the Goobne Deep Cheese Chicken which has a hint of sweet aftertaste. Prices for this flavour is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

For a more subtle taste, you can try out the Goobne Soy Garlic with the oven roasted chicken with crispy coating topped with the special Goobne soy-garlic sauce.  Prices for this is Whole Chicken (RM54.90), Half Chicken (RM30.90), 8 pcs Chicken Wings (RM20.90) and 14 pcs Chicken Wings (RM32.90).

At Goobne Chicken, there is quite a selection of other dishes for you to choose from starting with the Cheese Fondue Chicken (RM61.90). There are 2 type of cheese used that will be melted in front of you and you encapsulate the melting cheese into the roasted juicy sweet and spicy boneless chicken either in the Volcano or Soy Garlic flavours option.

To fill up your tummy you might like to order the Chicken Fried Rice With Volcano or Soy-Garlic (RM18.90) sauce to complement your roasted chicken. The Volcano Sauce option is the signature Goobne Fried Rice with chicken and eggs and is served on a hot plate.

While for the noodles fan can opt for the Volcano Cheese Tteok-Bokki (RM32.90); the Korean rice cakes are drenched in spicy volcano sauce and served with fish cakes and cheese on a hot plate. Other options for noodles include the Jjamppong Seafood Ramen (RM21.90).

There are also the availability of side dishes such as Flying Fish Cheese Egg Roll (RM18.90) which is a combination of various cheese rolled up in layers of eggs, topped with flying fish eggs and served with special cream sauce. 

Seafood Jjamppong Soup (RM24.90) that come with clams, squids will also be an option for you to eat with white rice.

and Japche (RM19.90); a Stir-Fried glass noodle with thin slices of beef and mushroom is also available. 

At Goobne there is a special mocktail which is rather unique which is the  RITA - Shark Blood (RM19.90) (Goobne Special Non-alcohol Mocktail). Once you remove the shark, there is a dripping of raspberry sauce that mimics the shark blood dripping from the mouth of the shark.

Goobne Chicken is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For more information, you can visit the official website or Goobne Chicken Malaysia facebook page.


Thursday, July 19, 2018


Isaac Toast Malaysia @ 1 Utama

For fans of Isaac Toast (Korea No 1 Toast), you can now get your fix at LGK113a, 1 Utama Shopping Centre - the 3rd outlet of Isaac Toast Malaysia. The other 2 outlet of Isaac Toast in Malaysia is at KLIA2 and Paradigm Mall Johor Bharu. You can check out their address below.

Isaac Toast Malaysia Logo @ 1 Utama

For those that have been to Korea, you would have probably tasted Isaac Toast as there is more than 800 outlet selling this popular Korean Toast. Known as the best sandwich toast chain in South Korea, Isaac Toast specializes in the toasted sandwich with a variety of fillings.

What really makes Isaac Toast so special? It is their Isaac Toast secret sauce recipe which has a hint of sweet savoury taste which is spread onto each toast.

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu

The first main difference that you will notice is that Isaac Toast Malaysia is pork free and henceforth the menu offering is much lesser compared with those found in Isaac Toast in Korea.

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu - Chicken Bacon Cheese Special

Among some of the available Isaac Toast menu offering in Malaysia is the crowd favourite which is Chicken Bacon Cheese Special (RM13.00).

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu - Potato Double Cheese

followed by the Potato Double Cheese (RM13.00) which is much like thin hash brown sandwiched with cheese and a white cream.

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu - Kimchi Bacon Special

Of course for the fans of Kimchi, you got 2 choices to choose from; the first of which is the Kimchi Bacon Special (RM15.00).

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu - Kimchi Ham Special

while your second option is the Kimchi Ham Special (RM13.00).

Isaac Toast Malaysia Menu - Special Breakfast Set Promotion

Available daily to commemorate the launching of the 1Utama outlet, from 7.30am to 10.00am, you can have your taste of the Special Breakfast Set promotion which consists of a Ham and Cheese toast with a complimentary Yuja Tea.

Isaac Toast Malaysia Vision

For more information, you can visit the Isaac Toast Official Website or Isaac Toast Malaysia Facebook page

Isaac Toast Malaysia @1Utama Shopping Centre Location Address Map

Isaac Toast Malaysia @Paradigm Mall Johor Bharu Location Address Map

Isaac Toast Malaysia @KLIA2 Location Address Map

Thursday, October 12, 2017

OutDark SS15 Subang Jaya - Korean Popular Hipster Restaurant

Experience the Outdark dining experience at SS15 Subang Jaya its' 47th store.

It is a very popular hipster restaurant and was started in Busan, Korea which serves Korean fusion food. Outdark has a very relax and cosy ambience where it is a place where youngster like to hang out.

For starters, we had the HAEUNDAE KIMCHI JIJIM (RM25.00). This is a vegetarian pan-fried pancake with Kimchi and vegetable topping.

Another starter that we had is the OUTDARK FRIED CHICKEN; the fried chicken here is served as boneless making it easy to eat and also as a bite-size to accompany your favourite drink. There are a number of flavours to choose from but we had the Original flavour (RM45.00). One of the nice things about Korean Fried Chicken is many of the restaurant chain uses Premium Oil and OUTDARK is no exception to this.

The Seafood Halmae Ddeok Bokki (RM67)) is a combo platter which consists of Seaweed Rice, Fried Chicken, Kim Chi, Sweet Corn and a combo of Mozzarella Cheddar Cheese. Served in a specially designed hot plate with a special Korean sauce and Toppokii.

Next on is the Dam Yang Beef Ddeok Galbi (RM69.00) a dish which consists of Ground Beef Patties with Honey Garlic Korean Sauce and serves with Rice, Cheese and Assorted Vegetables.

Followed by the  Cheese Kingdom (RM88.00) - Marinated Chicken Meat with Spicy Korean Sauce served on a hot plate with Rice, Cheese and Assorted Vegetables. To eat this, each piece of the seasoned Chilli Sauce Fried Chicken are wrapped with the lava-like cheese.

The melted cheese is used to wrap the Fried Chicken.

Next, we had the Chef Choi Hot Pot (RM65.00) which is filled with mushroom slices and topped with seasoned beef strips and vegetables. We like the broth that came with the hotpot. Once you have eaten the ingredients, you put in the white rice and gives it a few stir; and you have made a porridge.

Makgeolli is a traditionally made from rice grains. It is originally popular among farmers but has since been popular with the younger generation especially the women. But here at Outdark, they served their brand of Makgeolli which enables you to enjoy fresh fruit and the unique taste. We were ordered the Apple Mango Makgeolli (RM37.00).

Our second after dinner drink is the Subank Soju (RM45.00) a creation of watermelon with Soju. Quite a popular drinks in Korean restaurant nowadays.

So, there you have it, Korean fans can enjoy all the delicious and lip-smacking dishes at OutDark Subang Jaya SS15.

Outdark Location Address Map

Friday, August 11, 2017

Korean BBQ Buffet San Nae Deul Nexus Bangsar South Kuala Lumpur

Many Non-Muslim people in Kuala Lumpur love Korean BBQ especially with a Buffet spread; more so when it is non-halal as they are able to taste out the lovely marinated Korean BBQ dishes. We have previously visited San Nae Deul Nexus Bangsar South (you can click on the link to view our previous experience) quite sometime back, so, a revisit is due on this Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant.

For those that just love to taste Korean dishes can opt for the Buffet without the BBQ item and its starts with the following offer: You can also check out San Nae Deul Facebook

Buffet Without BBQ (Lunch: 11.30 am- 3 pm ; Dinner: 5.30 pm- 11 pm)
Lunch (MON- FRI)Adult: RM 19+ Child: RM 10+ 
Lunch (SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY)Adult: RM 25+ Child: RM 15+
Dinner (MON-SUN)Adult: RM 25+ Child: RM 15+
Dining time for this package is 60 minutes
Child Price - from 4- 10 years old and height below 120 cm.

For this buffet, you can try out the side dish like the various Kim Chi dishes


soup, meat dishes, pancakes,

Korean Fried Chicken


and various Korean Deep Fried dishes

and when you want to try out the BBQ; you can order the Buffet with BBQ at the following price

Buffet With BBQ (Lunch: 11.30 am- 3 pm ; Dinner: 5.30 pm- 11 pm)
Lunch (MON- FRI)Adult: RM 39+ Child: RM 20+ 
Lunch (SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY)Adult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+
Dinner (MON-SUN)Adult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+
Dining time for this package is 90 minutes

(Free 1 plate of cheese for each table)

For the lunch packages, you will be entitled to order unlimited BBQ items which includes Grilled Squid, Pork Belly, Sliced Pork Belly,

Curry Pork Belly, Grilled Sliced Pork Belly with Korean Spicy Sauce, Pork Shoulder, Pork Jowl, Grilled Pork Rib,

 Spicy Stir Fried Pork, Stir Fried Soy Sauce Chicken

while for the Dinner packages there is additional BBQ dishes  for you to choose from, which includes the Grilled Cross Cut Ribs, Beef With Soy Sauce

Beef Belly, Stir Fried Spicy Chicken

Dinner Menu

 and more.

There are 3 San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant in Malaysia, which is at Bangsar South, Empire Damansara and Ara Damansara, for the full address, please click here. Please note that Korean BBQ Buffet is only available at the Bangsar South outlet.

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Restaurant is currently having a monthly lucky draw for the customer to win Cash Voucher. For the FREE trip to Seoul/ Jeju Korea and many other exciting prizes; which include Samsung Galaxy S8, there will be a draw every 3 months. Please remember to get your entry forms when you dine at the restaurant. Good luck to you.

San Nae Deul @Nexus Bangsar South Location Address Map