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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Old Klang Road Food: Xenri Japanese Cuisine Restaurant - Presents Kaiseki Artistry

Not many Japanese gourmet lovers know about this award winning Japanese Restaurant that serves fine Japanese dining treats along Old Klang Road. +BestRestaurant ToEat has the privilege to taste the Kaiseki Artistry at Xenri Japanese Cuisine Restaurant located at Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Xenri which means "A Thousand Miles" denotes an intimate haven for gourmands who relish on quality food in a comfortable modern Zen-inspired atmosphere. For private dining, customers can choose to dine at the private Tatami room to entertain your distinguish guest.

With a well thought Japanese design and ambiance that creates a serene atmosphere, diners can enjoy a quiet and comfortable dining environment while relishing the special dishes that are specially crafted by the Chef.

This year, Xenri Japanese Cuisine celebrates its' 13 years presence in Malaysia; with the "Kaiseki Artistry" theme. The masterpiece dishes are inspired by centuries-old fine dining treats from Kyoto and refined with contemporary touches.

"Kaiseki is one of our many specialties - it's the art of fine food harmonising between flavours, textures, colours and presentation. It is an art that Xenri continuously reaches out to accomplish with every dish, every time, for every guest" quips Satsuki Moriyama. A traditional multi purpose Kaiseki menu consists of up to nine courses or more that are served using the various cooking method.

Presenting Xenri Japanese Cuisine - Kaiseki Artistry dish

Aburi Hokkaido Mukimi Hotate - Pan-seared Hokkaido Diver Scallop with Purple Sea Urchin Glaze topped with Tatami Iwashi (Fried Baby Sardine) crackers. The scallop has a very firm texture and was well paired with the special rich sauce. Tasty to the last drop; this dish is traditionally served raw but Xenri chefs have created a non-raw dish using premium ingredient with mixed spices employing a slow-cooked process.

Chirimen Jyako Houba Meshi - Mountain Pepper Baby Sardine Rice wrapped with Magnolia Leaf. We love the fragrant of the leaf that has penetrated deep into the soft texture rice which was steamed with Sansho and baby sardine.  This dish is the award winning dish at the MIGF 2009.

Snow Crab Avocado Sphere - Layered with appetising organic tomato glaze, the Snow Crab is seasoned and coated with avocado and topped with beluga caviar and kyuri flower (Cucumber).

Kunsei Saba Jitate - Smoked Blue Mackerel Bisque.

Seared Bluefin Tuna and Avocado in Grapefruit - it is coated with healthy Chia seeds, the Bluefin Tuna is gently seared to maintain its juiciness. This dish is served with diced buttery avocado and the chef's signature Yuzu dressing.

Butter Poached Brittany Blue Lobster - the blue Lobster is poached at low heat in butter until fragrant to produce a firm and succulent meat texture. Served with deep fried purple carrot and a dressing of golden egg yolk with vinegar sauce.

Pen-Shell Carpaccio With Organic Apple Dressing - Freshly sliced pen shell layered with white fungus and Sakura Sho (seaweed) topped with deep fried Gyobou (Burdock Julienne) and organic Apple dressing.

Poached Black Cod With Chrysanthemum Leaf - Chrysanthemum infused Black Cod which is poached with fish stock and paired with jelly mushroom and Nameko mushroom (Slippery Mushroom).

Grilled Sea Catch King Prawn with Nezu Sauce. The king prawn is grilled with creamy Nezu sauce and served with crispy ink rice net, gingko nuts, edamame (soybeans) and scented chilli

Kama Toro Arimani - Braised Bluefin Tuna Collar with Arima Mountain Pepper.

Smoked Duck Mousse - Marinated for 24 hours, the smoked duck breast is steamed with cream and seasoning. Served with Bainiku (Red Plum Sauce) crackers.

Sous Vide Wagyu Rikuyaki - The tender and succulent Wagyu Beef was sous vide and topped with Rikyuyaki Sauce.

Warabi Mochi - A delightful chewy dessert made with bracken and Kinako (Roasted Soybean Flour) and paired with Kuro Mitsu syrup and crispy rice stalks.

 From now until 30th June 2016, customers can enjoy a complimentary sake for every Kaiseki set priced at RM230++ per pax. For more information about Xenri and its Kaiseki offers, please visit or call 03-7783 8118.