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Thursday, November 20, 2014

You & Me Kitchen Corner @ Kinrara Puchong – Hidden Romantic Gems Review


Finding a romantic place to dine and quality dishes serves without costing you and arm and a leg, is not easy these days but You & Me Kitchen Corner @ Kinrara Puchong located at ZP2, 27 & 28 Zest Point, Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil,Bukit Kinrara 9, 47180 Puchong, Selangor along the Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil.

When you arrive at You & Me Kitchen Corner @ Kinrara Puchong, you will be greeted by a very nice and beautifully decorated garden setting with wooden swing to sooth your stress away. Breezy and stylish with natural lighting by day, it is even soul warming at night as the lighting will be changed to a more romantic setting

Once inside, you will notice that the interior have different table setting i.e lovers’ corner, love shape table, round table and the normal dinning table. It is a nice place to hold an event like pre-wedding, post-wedding or wedding ceremony. 

You & Me Kitchen Corner @ Kinrara Puchong, offers a wide varieties of dishes from Chinese to Western dishes which account for over 160 dishes to choose from. What is amazing is that the chef have painstaking made almost of its’ own ingredients ranging from the pasta (noodles, vermicelli, wanton noodles, pasta, wanton skin) to the sauces, soup base and so forth.

The chef emphasises on the quality & taste of its food. While food tastes wholesome & lovingly home-made it is liberated from excess oil or salt (here they use the Himalayan salt) with its homemade recipe.

For Appetizer we started with the STUFFED JAPANESE INARI – 3 pieces, it has that nice porky meat filling, combined with the soft and smooth Inari. With the added special sauce layered at the sides, it was the perfect match as a starter.

The next starter that was served was the YOU & ME SIGNATURE BAKED CHICKEN WINGS – 3 pairs. According to the Chef, it will take at least 20 minutes to cook this dish as baking the whole chicken wings to this perfectly baked texture will require this amount of time. 

The skin has a special crisp while the meat of the chicken wing was still moist. The presentation of this dish was splendid.

THIS CHRYSANTHEMUM SPRING ROLL – 5 pieces, is another creative use of the wanton skin (made in-house) to wrap and fried out to resemble a Chrysanthemum flower. It not only looks nice but tasted even better with the stuffed pork meat with shrimp paste.

The flower petal which is the park of the wanton skin is very crispy.

An innovative way to present the next dish is the PORK BELLY SATAY - 6 sticks – It come serves on top of a mini BBQ stove with charcoal still burning in it, to give you the extra feel of the warmth on to your satay i.e. still served hot.

The Pork belly was very well marinated with the strong aroma of the Lemon Grass and the gravy was very fragrant with a strong smoky peanuts flavour. 

After all the appetizer, we started with the Chinese dishes serves here, which is the YOU & ME SIGNATURE FOUR SEASON VERMICELLI IN PORRIDGE – this is the first time I have actually eaten a bowl of noodles cooked in a porridge broth. It is really first of its kind, as the porridge which was cooked with chicken was simply delicious and heart warming.

The decorated vegetables which are used to resemble the four seasons are sliced ginger, slice fresh red chilli, carrots and black fungus was a delight to look at. Even the fine texture vermicelli was in-house made too.

Next we had, CURRY NOODLES WITH MINCED PORK & MUSHROOM – this is similar to the Spicy Pan mee which I have eaten before but with an added taste from the in-house sauce which was very flavourful. The noodle was very springy and chewy and blended perfectly with the ingredients and gravy.

Seeing this dish, it does not resemble any curry noodles as the first thought of curry is, it must have loaded up with santan and spicy red/orange colours.

HEART TO HEART – the white Pearl rice comes in two lovely heart shaped. Couples can share this dish together. It comes accompanied with a special in-house concocted sauce with sides condiments on a bed of freshly cut purple cabbage.

To eat this dish, you just add all the condiments and mix it. The combination of the sauce, the meat and the other condiment was delightful with each bite having an ingredient or two in it.

Next we move on to the Western dishes, the first of which is the MARINARA SAUCE HOMEMADE PASTA WITH APPLE MEAT BALL – the meat ball which was added with apples was very bouncy and meaty. The strong apple flavours embedded in the meat paste was evident in every spoonful. The pasta which was fried is a slight different variant from the spaghetti which we are used to. Nevertheless it adds some texture to this dish.

This is then followed by the HOMEMADE NOODLES WITH VEGETABLES AND MIXED FRUITS IN SPECIAL THAI DRESSING – it has a tangy feeling, a little sourish taste. All the noodles here are in-house made and fried using corn oil to give you a nice crunchy feel. 

Next, we tried the PAN FRIED RED EYE STEAK – this dish is very well decorated to resemble a cattle farm. The vegetable and pan fried mushroom is the “cow pen”. The sauce that was provided for this dish was the BBQ sauce and the Brown sauce. 

What I like about the way this dish is served was, unlike other restaurant which pours in all the sauce on the meat, the sauce are served on individual container i.e one that look like a milk urn to complete the decor. This way, you will have full control on whether we like it with sauce or little sauce or no sauce on our steak. By the way, this dish is served together with a small glass of red wine.

Our last dish that we had was the PAN FRIED NORWEGIAN SALMON FILLET – It comes decorated to resemble a salmon swimming in the sea with bubbles form by the onion rings, while the vegetables with mushroom is the bed of corals.

This dish is served with an avocado based sauce, which is flavourful and matches to the Salmon. The other side sauce one of which is the caviar sauce and the garlic sauce add wonders to this dish. This dish is served together with a small glass of white wine to complete the meal.

For desserts, we had the GOLDEN BRICK – It is a sugar coated toast with the mango sherbet. Sweet ending to the meal, the toast was a tad too sweet for me. But when you dip the toast with the sherbet which has a sourish taste, you get to taste both sweet and sour taste at the same time. 

For drinks we had the Tropicana Tea – which has freshly cut Apple, Grapes, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Kiwi. It is a super refreshing drink as each sip accompanied with the freshly cut fruits is very delicious. The sweetness level was just right. 

For coffee, we had the POTTED LATTE – the coffee comes from Triple A, Taiwan. For me, I find the coffee taste to be on the milder side as I really like my coffee to be extra fragrant and super strong. But for others, this version should be ok.

The last drink was the ORANGE EGG NOG – this is an orange juice with fresh egg blended into it. The result; you get a drink that taste quite similar to a yakult. The blended eggs make the drink a little creamy and milkier. Served cool, it is a delight to drink.

Yes, we had a field day at You & Me Kitchen Corner @ Kinrara Puchong as the food presented and serves here are so picture beautiful and it awaken your senses and taste-bud to a new level. So, if you are really looking for a romantic place to chill with your love ones and have beautifully presented home cook meal served to you, then you can’t miss out this place.