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Saturday, September 15, 2018

NASI LEMAK PANCAKE - A Unique Rendition of Nasi Lemak at Pancake House Truly Malaysian Promotion

Pancake House Introduce  - NASI LEMAK PANCAKE

Pancake House Branch - Mid Valley Quill City Mall IOI City Mall Putrajaya

NASI LEMAK is Malaysian favourite breakfast meal and for some of us, it can also be an anytime meal. I believe most Malaysian will vouch for Nasi Lemak for their version of the best Nasi Lemak recipe or their best stall to have this dish.

Pancake House Nasi Lemak Pancake Promotion

In conjunction with the celebration of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day 2018, Pancake House is offering its' very own Nasi Lemak Pancake. As Pancake House is famous for its pancake - making a Nasi Lemak rendition from the pancake is an expected deal from them.

Pancake House Menu - Nasi Lemak Set

Here at Pancake House, you can enjoy their Pancake House version of Nasi Lemak; which is using pancake as the base instead of the famed coconut milk rice. Available at all the Pancake House branch, you can now enjoy this Nasi Lemak dish via an a la carte order or as a set which comes with specially concocted Nasi Lemak Shake.

Pancake House Menu - Nasi Lemak Set  With 2 Pieces of Fried Chicken and Pandan Flavoured Pancake
Serving of the Nasi Lemak Pancake is 2 pieces of pandan flavoured pancake which is sandwiched by pieces of freshly sliced cucumber with their very own concocted sambal offering which has a sweeter undertone.

Pancake House Menu - Nasi Lemak Set  With 2 Pieces of Fried Chicken and Pandan Flavoured Pancake

Packed at the sides are a generous serving of fried anchovies and fried ground nuts with 2 pieces of Pancake House Fried Crispy Chicken and a sunny side up to complete this rendition.

Pancake House Menu - Nasi Lemak Shake Topped With Fried Nuts and Achovies

To complement the Nasi Lemak Pancake is the Nasi Lemak Shake; which is another classic concoction that is derived from the Nasi Lemak ingredients. The bottom layer of this shake is a pandan syrup while the upper layer is a blending of coconut milk with crush ground nuts, anchovies and chillies which makes this drink a savoury drink. The drink is then topped with fried anchovies and fried groundnut. 

Pancake House Menu - Promotion Brochure

Diners can order this Nasi Lemak Pancake Set Meal; which comes with a drink of Nasi Lemak Shake for RM 27.90 only. Alternatively, the ala carte Nasi Lemak Pancake by itself is priced at RM 19.90 while the Nasi Lemak Shake is RM12.90.

Pancake House Menu - Aglio Olio Prawn

Another new dish from the Pancake House new menu is the Prawn Aglio Olio (RM19.95). The pasta is cooked with garlic oil with freshly cut chilli padi which infused some spicy taste and serve with 3 Fried Tiger Prawns. 

Pancake House Mid Valley

Lot F-046, First Floor, Mid Valley
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2283 3933

Pancake House IOI City Mall

Lot No. L1-73A, First Floor, IOI City Mall,
Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Selangor.
Tel/Fax: 03-8328 0175

Pancake House Quill City Mall

Unit No G-05 & Al-Fresco 3A, Ground Floor, Quill City Mall
NO. 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, February 10, 2018

An Viet Vietnamese Yee Sang CNY 2018 @ Sunway Pyramid Mid Valley

An Viet Sunway Pyramid

Thru the years Yee Sang or "Loh Sang" has evolved from what it was during the early seventies; those days; they were just "Chat Choi Hong Wan Yee Sang".

An Viet Gardens Mid Valley

But nowadays Chef is a real creative lot when it comes to Yee Sang. We have eaten a fair bit of variations especially this year and now at An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant they have the Vietnamese Yee Sang.

Staying true to Vietnamese cuisine that emphasizes fresh ingredients, An Viet yee sang features fresh salmon sashimi complemented with 100% natural fruits and vegetables, such as banana blossom, home-made pickle, radish, dried lotus seed, green mango, roasted peanut, water apple, carrot, pomelo, and lettuce.

An Viet Chinese New Year Promotion

Toss with the specially concocted Vietnamese inspired dressing infused with kaffir lime leaves for a wonderfully refreshing treat.

An Viet Ang Pow

The serving portion is good for 4-6 people and RM39.90. For more information please visit An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Facebook Page

An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid Location Address Map

An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Gardens Mid Valley Location Address Map 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Madame Waffle @Mid Valley - A dessert haven in Kuala Lumpur

If dessert is your cup of tea; you would love this review as all that we ate at this review is just desserts with a special twist of using waffles as the key ingredient. +BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to preview this special Waffle dessert at Madame Waffle located at T045, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

The decor is pretty simple Japanese style setup; with no frills as what is important is the food that are served here. Marrying the artisan Belgian with the finest quality Japanese ingredients; each waffle are hand-made and are freshly ala-minute baked on site on a daily basis. To complement the waffles, Madame Waffle also serves specialty house blended coffee which is roasted by its award winning Master Barista.

Serving an array of Classic Waffle to Specialty Waffles; you would be spoilt for choice. The waffle has a slightly toasted flavor, from batter coming into direct contact with the hot iron and gives it a crisp crust with soft, moist interior bread type texture.

Our review started with the Banana Nutella (RM 18.50). We love the texture of the waffle, and married with the bananas and chocolate gelatos it somehow remind us of the banana split; but with the additional waffles to goes with it, the three blended well with each other. 

Followed by the Kafu Waffles series (which is a waffle in a cup) which the first one, that we tasted was the Chocomatte (RM12.00). Fully laden; with the Ferrero Roche with a chocolate gelato. A real delight for fans of everything Chocolate.

The next Waffle in a cup is the Matcha Waffle Parfait; this one is really for the matcha fan. With a couple of mochi at the bottom of the cup; it gives a chewy feel to this dessert. 

the final Kafu Waffles that we tasted is the Happy Tiramisu (RM12.00); we loves the silky texture of the tiramisu which blended extremely well with the choco powder and waffles.

 Madame Signature (RM17.00) is another delight for fans of green tea, as you will be totally immerse with the matcha taste throughout this dessert.

As with our earlier Kafu waffles which is the Happy Tiramisu, the Tiramisu Waffle (Rm 11.00)  under the Premium Waffle have quite similar taste and this waffle is one of the best seller at Madame Waffle. 

I love the next one which is the Seasalt Dark Chocolate Chunk (RM 10.50). The slightly salted dark chocolate was a refreshing change to the sweeter desserts that we had earlier. With a strong chocolate spread on the waffles and eaten with the strawberry which has a sourish taste, it was a very interesting taste to savour.

For a real treat you can opt for the Madame Signature Deluxe RM 30.00. It comes with 2 pieces of waffle; the first is the original waffle with a Matcha Gelato on a bed of freshly cut banana while the second waffle is a matcha flavoured with a vanilla Gelato bedded with slice of strawberries. 

We had a specialty drinks from Madame Waffles which is Ice Belgian Chocolate RM 12.50. A wholly chocolatey delight.

Overall, for dessert lovers especially waffles, Madame Waffle will definitely be a good choice for you to savour all the different types of waffles flavoured with your favourite condiments.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Set Lunch @Ri Yakitori St Giles The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley - Special Kozara Ryori Lunch Set Review

Dining the Kozara Japanese style is a form of art and passion where dishes are served in small portion with a combination of different taste to savour your taste buds. With that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to Ri Yakitori located at 7th Floor St Giles The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley to savour the latest Kozara Ryori Lunch set.

The lunch set is an array of 7 core dishes which includes an appetizer, salad, mains, rice set and dessert. Kozara which literally means small plates dish in Japanese will set the theme for this lunch review. All the dishes are served in small portions to enable one to savour all the different taste from each of these serving.

We started off our Kozara Lunch with an appetizer which is a Trio Japanese Platter; which has 3 dishes; the first of which is the Sakura Ebi Dashimaki, Chinese Cabbage With Chicken Roll and Tomato Mozzarella. The Sakura Ebi Dashimaki is a soft texture Japanese omelette, followed by the special chicken rolled in Chinese cabbage while the third has some European influence from the combination of cube mozzarella cheese with a cherry tomato on a skewer. 

Next, is a marriage of a western salad with fresh sashimi, The sashimi will be a chef selection of either 2 fresh fish/seafood combination of maguro (tuna), salmon and tako (octopus). It is topped with a special mayo sauce with ebiko bedded on fresh green salad.

The next is the Chawanmushi and Rice Set. The chef uses mushroom and crabstick as the main ingredient for his Chawanmushi while the steam white Japanese rice is topped with Edamame and Pickles. The soup that was served to us was the Osumashi soup.

This is then followed by the artistically decorated Braised Radish with Saba Fish. We love the radish that was pre-cooked and then added in with the specially prepared dashi broth and served with a fried Saba fish to give us a crunchy texture which is topped with a layer of chef prepared sauce. 

The main dish is the Chicken Sautéed which is served with a combination of chicken winglet, thigh and breast served with broccoli and cauliflower. The breast meat was surprisingly not too tough which we found out that it was pre-steam with leek and sake before being pan-fried. The end result is that, you would be able to taste the sake, in the tender breast meat.

There are 3 in-housemade dipping sauces to accompany the Sauteed Chicken which is the Shibazuke (sweet), Yakiniku (sour) and sesame salt (saltish). 

Finally the the desert we had was another trio delights which is the matcha mochi with honey, followed by the moist chocolate mousse, and the sourish fruit compote of strawberry, kiwi and orange juice. 

We were really delighted with this light Japanese cuisine which is priced at a special introductory price of RM 78 nett per set for a limited time. This promotional set lunch is available on every Friday from 12noon - 2pm, from 16 Oct 2015 onwards.

Ri Yakitori Bar is opens from Monday – Saturday at 5.00 pm till 1.00 am and closed on Sundays. The menu is available for orders up to 11.00 pm daily. Read more about our earlier Yakitori Review at RiYakitori Bar. To make a reservation or for further inquiries, please call Ri-Yakitori Bar at 03 2268 1188 (ext. 6323) or log-on to:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ri Yakitori Bar @ Gardens Hotel Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur - Happy Hour Japanese Style

Happy hours in every country is different; for the British, they will go to a pub after work to enjoy a cold glass of beers with some snacks while for the Japanese they will normally head over to a Yakitori joint where they can have their drinks together with freshly grilled yakitori.

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special Japanese small meal; Yakitori at Ri Yakitori Bar located at the 7th Floor, Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley.

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is a simple design with minimal traditional Japanese setting which you find it most Japanese joint; This is so as a Yakitori setup is normally one of a casual dining where the main theme is on the liquor.

This is the first time, we had the experience of how Yakitori meals are served. To start our meal, we had the complimentary chilled cabbage served with sesame and wasabi sauce.

The chilled thinly sliced cabbage is mix with sesame and wasabi sauce which gives out a refreshing treat to start off the dinner with.

We then had an appetizer; which is Fried Garlic Mussel (RM29.00) with steamed sake served with Baguette.

The mussel was very fresh and with the accompanied baguette, all the garlic sauce with sake are wiped off clean from the bowl.

For the Yakitori, the first on the table was the Assorted Grilled Chicken (combo chicken set) (RM42.00) which has the chicken meat ball, chicken thigh meal, followed by chicken breast, chicken skin and chicken wings.

Japanese like to eat all the different parts of the chicken Yakitori style, there are also the liver, gizzard and other parts of the chicken that are served at Ri Yakitori.

The success of a yakitori is in the technique of the marination of the meat and the second one is the BBQ skill; here they use a special Charcoal Brisque which does not have much flame; this is to ensure that the meat does not easily charred.

After that we had the Wagyu Beef on Skewer (RM41.00); the meat was perfectly grilled and retains the full flavours of the premium meat while the meat was still very juicy and succulent.

The next beef dish is the Gyutan Beef Tongue (RM41.00). The beef tongue meat are thinly sliced and BBQ. It has that bouncy, springy texture when eaten. As most of the Yakitori tends to be a little salty, a cold sake would be the best to be taken with it.

After the Yakitori, we had the Tempura Moriawase (RM58.00) which is an assorted tempura set; we had the prawn, sweet potato, pumpkin, brinjal and the mushroom tempura. The accompanied tempura dip sauce was well balance and exudes the flavours of the tempura offering.

After that, we had a Japanese Shake Ochazuke which is Salmon Rice Soup (RM17.00). This is the first time, we had tasted a Japanese Rice soup. The Salmon are cooked and mince to flaky texture and added into the rice plus soup. Added with some wasabi, it has a very special warm feel when it was eaten.

The next rice dish is the Japanese Garlic Fried Rice (RM 17.00). It is served with spring onions and shredded seaweed.

For dessert, we had the Chef Special Matcha Ice Cream (RM20.00). The green tea ice cream is served with Mochi with strawberry, kiwi and grapes all line in. It is then topped with a thinly strip of cotton candy that makes this simple dessert into an elegant eye pleasing dessert to end our Yakitori experience.

Ri Yakitori Bar @ Gardens Hotel Mid Valley kitchen is currently helmed by Chef Isao Hasegawa which has more than 35 years and specializes in Japanese Appetizer, Meat Dishes and Dessert. Have a date with Chef Isao to enjoy his specialities dishes at Ri Yakitori.

If you are in Mid Valley and like to experience and savour the Japanese style happy hour,  head over to Ri Yakitori Bar @ Gardens Hotel Mid Valley.

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