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Thursday, August 2, 2018

ANTE KITCHEN BAR PUBLIKA | 1UTAMA - Merdeka 2018 Pork Rendang Nasi Kerabu @Ante Kitchen Bar

Ante Kitchen Bar Publika

This coming Merdeka Celebration 2018; Ante Kitchen Bar is presenting the Nasi Kerabu featuring the Special Pork Rendang for lunch (11am to 3pm) daily from now until the end of August 2018 at both of its outlet in Publika & 1 Utama outlet.

Ante Kitchen Bar 1 Utama

As known to many; Nasi Kerabu is a Malaysian dish which is very popular especially from the East Coast States of Malaysia but at Ante Kitchen Bar, you will be presently surprised with its special rendition of this Malaysian dish for the Merdeka Celebration 2018.

Ante Kitchen Bar Merdeka 2018 Promotion

ANTE version of the Nasi Kerabu (RM23.90+) main highlights is the Blue Pea Flower rice which uses the handpicked butterfly pea flowers. The flowers are then dried before being used as a natural colouring for the rice which is cooked with some fresh coconut cream to exudes extra rich flavour.

Ante Kitchen Bar Nasi Kerabu Merdeka 2018 Promotion

Next, the ANTE's Pork Rendang is cooked through using the traditional methods and then paired with other freshly made ingredients such as house-pickled acar, slow-cooked sambal, salted egg, Toasted Kerisik, four-angled bean, Keropok Ikan, long bean, bean sprout and topped with julienne Bunga Kantan to add colours and multitude of taste and presentation to this traditional dish.

Ante Kitchen Bar Crispy Miso Skin Pork Belly

As you celebrate the Merdeka, don't forget to indulge at some of the ANTE signature dishes such as the Crispy Miso Skin Pork Belly where slices of Ante's signature crispy skin pork belly are marinated with miso sauce and sake. 

Ante Kitchen Bar Iberico Baby Ribs

Followed by the Iberico Baby Ribs ( 500 gms ). This is a new addition to the ANTE starters menu; the ribs are slowed cooked for 4 hours, then cut per portion and coated with a spiced flour dredging. It is then tossed with a honey white soy glaze, crispy garlic, togarashi powder to give it an extra kick and fresh spring onions to balance the dish out. 

Ante Kitchen Bar Chermoula Spiced Shoulder Steak

While for the mains dish, don't miss out Ante crowd favourite Chermoula Spiced Shoulder Steak which is Ante's signature premier 450gm chargrilled pork shoulder with chermoula rub and served with a side serving of seasonal roasted vegetables & salsa verde sauce. Perfectly matched with a glass of wine.

Ante Kitchen Bar Creamy Polenta

If you would like to try something different then an order of the Creamy Polenta which is topped with candied house smoked bacon slices cooked in gula Melaka, with corn salsa, and served with fresh cherry tomatoes and spring onion slices can fill your stomach.

Ante Kitchen Bar Dessert Poached Pears

And to end your meal, you have an option for dessert starting with the Poached Pears; the snow pears are poached in Cabernet Sauvignon and served with white peach pastry cream, sable biscuits, macerated berries, Italian meringue, citrus gel served with 1 scoop of Lavender Honey gelato from Whimsical Publika.

Ante Kitchen Bar White Chocolate Ganache

or White Chocolate Ganache served with raspberry jelly coating topped with macerated berries, crispy yoghurt and 1 scoop of Lavender Honey gelato from Whimsical Publika.

Ante Kitchen Bar Publika Map Location Address 

Ante Kitchen Bar 1 Utama Map Location Address 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Old Klang Road Food: Afterwerk Bar Scott Garden Kuala Lumpur

Old Klang Road is the latest in property booms in Kuala Lumpur and one of the most happening places is The Scott Garden @Old Klang Road where its nightlife is vibrant and lively scene, hosting a number of bars and pubs in the vicinity.

We visited the revamped Afterwerk Pub Scotts Garden (nominated by Yelp as one of the Top Pubs in Kuala Lumpur) which has recently revamped its menu offering with a number of new dishes that caters not only to drinking fans but also for the family as well.

Afterwerk Pub Address 
G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden, 289 Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With live music featuring live bands that serenade the oldies and current popular tunes, it will make dining at Afterwerk a lively affair especially after a hard day at the office. The restaurant also hosts various performances, from local and international music acts.

Afterwerk Scott Garden menu
Afterwerk Scott Garden menu

After a brief look at the Afterwerk Scott Garden menu, we find Afterwerk key forte is its meat dishes that pair well with alcohol.

We start to taste out some of the dishes for dinner which the first; is the popular Piggy Ribs Half Slab (RM 45.00). We notice that an order of this dish is a must have as we watched almost every table had this dish. Best with a cold beer.

The next dish is the Pan Seared Salmon (RM 38.00) - Salmon is one of the most healthy foods around and it is simple to just pan seared to retains its taste. This dish is served with a spicy capers sauce with a selection of vegetables and mash potatoes.

The next mains that we tasted is the Chicken Chop (RM 22.00); which you can choose either with the Black Pepper sauce or the mushroom sauce. We ordered the Black Pepper sauce that goes well with any grilled meat.

Porkyholics residing in Old Klang Road are in for a treat with many porcine dishes at Afterwerk to choose from; where our next dish is the AfterWerk Pork Chop (RM 32.00). Grilled to a nice char, it is served with mashed potatoes and a selection of poached vegetables.

We end our evening with an order of fruit platter as a palate cleanser before our drinking session of beers and alcoholic drink while enjoying the crooning performance of the live band.

AFTERWERK is fast becoming one of the most sought after LIVE music haunt in Old Klang Road. Featuring 2 bands daily (happy hour features the 1st band while extended hours will feature a 2nd full band) do expect the top bands in the circuit playing for you. Each day will also be thematic i.e.bring you a different party atmosphere.

Afterwerk Pub Location Address Map

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