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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

PASSIONE RISTORANTE ITALIANO Little Italian Market Fair at Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

PASSIONE RISTORANTE ITALIANO Little Italian Market Fair at Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

Passione Ristorante Italiano at Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur serves authentic Italian cuisine and handmade pasta welcomes you to its first ever Little Italian Market with lots of fun and food to entice your taste buds.

In the fair, you will find out more about the Italian food, cheese and wine, as well as exciting activities such as arts and crafts booths, plus children pizza making and adult tiramisu making workshops conducted by Italian chefs. 

Available at the stalls on that day was the:


🍝 Chef Stefano’s signature homemade fresh/dried PASTA
🥫 Passione own made PASTA SAUCE


🐷 Porchetta - Italian Roast Pork (free sampling and retails)
🧀 25kg Grana Padano cheese wheel (free sampling and retails)


🥂 Red and White Wine (free tasting and retails) 🍷Alois Lageder Riff Pinot Grigio Venezie
🍷Alois Lageder Riff Rosso Merlot Cabernet 🍾Diamond Pinot Grigio IGT
🍾Diamond Corvina Cabernet Sauvignon IGT
🍋 Italian Limoncello

Danish, Eurosoft Bread, cookies and loaf cake by Le Pont Boulangerie

🥐 Danish, Eurosoft Bread, cookies and loaf cake by Le Pont Boulangerie
☕️ “brew to order” black or white coffee
🍨 Gelato by Gelatomio (traditional Italian ice cream)
🕯 handcrafted candle by Kowalska Crafts
💎 customized earrings by Jeanie Bean
💐 italian hand bouquet and flower tea by Ten10

For cheese lovers, there is a lot of sampling booth for cheese, wine, bread, gelato and many more on that day.

👩🏻‍🍳【Junior Pizza Chef Workshop】 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍕
A hands-on experience for children ages 6-12 years to learn the art of Pizza making from our Chef.
-RM50 per pax


👨🏻‍🍳【Adults Tiramisu Workshop】👩🏻👨🏻🍰
Authentic Italian home recipe demonstrated by Chef Stefano Criber. All ingredients included
RM60 (without lunch) RM90 (with lunch)


Ingredients for Tiramisu Recipe (for 2 portion i.e. 10 Individual Serving) - 
  1. 12 Egg Yolk 
  2. Whipping Cream 800gm
  3. 160 gram of Castor Sugar
  4. 1kg Mascarpone
  5. 8 pcs Ladies Finger (Individual Serving)
  6. 1 cup Espresso (Dipping for the Ladies Fingers)

Watch our video of the preparation and how easy it is to make your own Italian Tiramisu

Passione Ristorante Italiano (Tiramisu Workshop) - Seafood Linguine

Our Lunch at Passione Ristorante Italiano (Tiramisu Workshop) - Seafood Linguine 

Wheel OF Fortune

To join the Passione Ristorante Italiano Little Italian Market Fair festivities, there is also a mini version of Wheels Of Fortune where visitors get to join in the fun to win some prizes which include Passione Cash Voucher, Coffee Voucher, Sorbet Voucher
and many more.....

Read our other food review on Passione:

Passione Ristorante Italiano Sri Petaling Location Address Map
19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Friday, December 23, 2016

Italian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Via Pre KUL Bukit Damansara Affordable Authentic Italian Cuisine

Fans of Italian Cuisine, you can take note, that there is a new Italian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Via Pre KUL located in the quiet neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara.

Via Pre KUL Address
25, Lorong Setiabistari 2
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Via Pre which stands for Jalan Pre in Italian is the name of a road in Genova Italy. Their Penang Restaurant Via Pre Penang has been operating for more than 3 years now.

The owner has decided to start the KL branch to serves affordable and authentic Italian cuisines to folks in Kuala Lumpur. By the way, Via Pre KUL is a pork free restaurant.

Its root can be traced to the co-founder of the popular Italian Restaurant which is Neroteca. All the menus are scrutinized by him to ensure that you will be able to enjoy an authentic Italian taste.

To ensure the authenticity of the dishes, almost all the ingredients used in the restaurant are imported especially from Italy, up to the flour that is used to bake the bread while the pizza flour which hails from Napoli are fully imported and freshly made on a daily basis.

Our review started with a starter which is Bresaola (RM29.00). The Air dry beef loin which has a slight salty taste is used to wrapped the fresh mozzarella cheese and then served with button mushroom pikes, with a light touch of Evo oil and fine balsamic dressing making the right blend of texture and taste to this appetizer.

Monday, October 6, 2014

PRETZ n BEANZ Cafe @Solaris Mont Kiara - Malaysia First Pretzels Pizza Review

They are not many restaurant specializing in Pretzel in Malaysia, one such restaurant that was started 2 months ago is PRETZ n BEANZ Café @Solaris which is located strategically at 22, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, which its’ primary highlights is to bring you all food made from PRETZELS.

The design décor has a casual and relax setting, where different patrons can choose the different areas like al-fresco, sofa set and dining style table for the meals. It is also decorated with aesthetic pieces of inspiration and motivation poster around the cafe. 

PRETZ n BEANZ Café @Solaris is fast becoming a favourite everyday café where they serve a huge variety of food besides PRETZELS for all-day dining.

Well, you may have guessed it, that PRETZ means PRETZELS while 

BEANZ here means coffee beans. To ensure they are able to deliver one of the best latte in town, the beans are purchased on a weekly cycle to ensure that they get supplies which are freshly roasted. The coffee are then freshly brewed at a slightly lower boiling degree as, if the water is too hot, it will cause the loss of quality in the coffee taste.

At PRETZ n BEANZ @Solaris Mont Kiara the key motivation is 


To start off our night, we had my favourite FILLED PRETZEL, which was an in-house developed filling i.e. SWEET POTATO PRETZEL

Eaten hot, you can taste the natural sweetness of the sweet potato with the melted cheese and the fluffy and soft baked pretzel all blended together in perfect harmony with every bite.

This was followed by the CINNAMON SUGAR PRETZEL 

It has a light sugary taste and strong cinnamon flavours and it is simply deliciously done.These pretzels are oven baked, so it is not oily at all, unlike those that are deep fried i.e. a much more healthy option.

and lastly we had, the BASIL CHEESE PRETZEL which was very crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The generous amount of cheese was evident in that, it has a smoky cheesy taste and fresh sweet basil all in one. 

Next, we had the PRETZEL PIZZAS, which the base dough is made from pretzel unlike the other most flour base dough which gets hard pizza crust after awhile. The advantage of using pretzel as the dough, is it tends to be crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. This will make the pizza crust still maintaining that quality even though it is left for a couple of hours.

The first Pretzel Pizza which was one of their signature pretzel pizzas, we had for the night was HOT PEPPER CHILLI CHICKEN PRETZEL PIZZA. The  hand pressed pretzel pizza dough with is prepared fresh daily was not overly oily and garnish with a lot of fresh toppings

Words of mine cannot do justice for this pastry so you really have to experience how sensational this pretzel pastry was. Each bite has its own distinctive peppery flavors that to tantalise the taste buds

The next pretzel pizza we had was the AL-FUNGHI PRETZEL PIZZA - using fresh mushroom,  green and red peppers and black olives, and topped with a layer of cheese, it is a splendid display of the choices of ingredients to feast our eyes and stomach.

. The olive was also not of the type that is too soft and still have that crunch and feel of preserve black olives. The secret for the plain looking mushroom pizzas lies with the use of freshest ingredients.

To wash down this wonderful PRETZEL and PRETZEL PIZZA is the CAFÉ LATTE, the Latte had a strong freshly roasted coffee aroma and a tinge of sweetness in the coffee. Sipping the latte, after every bite of the pretzel was very satisfying to my taste bud.

We then proceeded with some pasta dishes which the first one was the DORY FISH WITH SOUR CREAM PASTA - The dory fish fillet was lightly seasoned with salt and deep fried at high temperature to give it a crusty layer while maintaining a succulent meat inside. 

Eaten with the special rich sour cream sauce, which has a strong overdose of cheese, it was a nice combination with the spaghetti. 

Next, we had the SAMBAL SEAFOOD PASTA which is for seafood lovers. Its' sauce which comes with a spicy aroma of sambal is very intoxicating and the spice level was just right. 

The fragrance from the aromatic spices just permeates through & the taste of the fresh kai lan used to cooked with these pasta have a crunchy feel and was the perfect combination with the pasta and sambal sauce.

This is one of the dishes from the breakfast menu i.e. the ROYAL SALMON EGG BENEDICT -  The dish is very pleasing to the eye and have gained popularity due to the BIG breakfast trends. 

This is a very challenging dish to prepare as the egg Benedict have to be at that particular texture and not over or under cooked. It has to be a perfectly runny egg.

The generous serving of smoked salmon which is slightly salty goes well with the fresh garden green salad that comes with the dish.and is pretty reasonable price.

And for desserts, we had the CARAMEL BUTTER THICK TOAST, you get a mountain of super smooth whipped cream top with caramel butter.

The silky whipped cream tasted like ice-cream with a tinge of sweetness from the caramel, while the thick toast which was crisp adds a new dimension to the overwhelming satisfaction to end this marvellous review.

To continue serving great food, it is the philosophy of PRETZ n BEANZ @Solaris Mont Kiara to constantly get valuable feedbacks from customers to position their signature products to the market. If you are one of those late night people, you can get this late night snack as they are opened up to 12am on weekend and public holiday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

THE SALAD BAR @Citta Mall, Ara Damansara - Eating Healthy Need Not Be Boring Anymore Review Best Restaurant To Eat

Most of the time, the sheer mention about eating healthy, it usually means, not having delicious and mouth watering dish. What comes to mind about healthy food, is some boring and tasteless food. As the saying goes what is nice to eat is usually not healthy and what is healthy is usually not nice to eat?

With that in mind, I was initially hesitant to attend a food review session at THE SALAD BAR @Citta Mall, G-03, Ground Floor, Citta Mall, No 1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, expecting some green leafy salad and was preparing to go for a nice supper after this review. Find out whether we did have supper at the end of this review.

This is THE SALAD BAR second outlet, the first is located at Damansara Uptown where they have been operating for more than 5 years. The outlet here just opened about 2 months ago. The décor is simple and provide an ambience of healthy living. Over the years, the owner of the THE SALAD BAR, have set a mission to create tasty healthy food.

This was evident in the choice of ingredient used to create some of the special dish that suit the palate of healthy people looking to enjoy tasty healthy food. One of the critical factor in a salad will be the used of choice and fresh green vegetables.

The dinner session started with a delightful FRUIT SALAD BOWL - pleasing to the eyes with the bursting reds of the strawberries. Refreshing start.

This was followed by the BLOG SALAD which consists of olives, raisins, orange, dried apricot, onion and tofu with a special Asian dressings (premium soy sauce with sesame). It is rather unique but will take sometime to acquire the taste of it.

and the next one is the OLD GRANNY CAESAR WITH EXTRA AVOCADO – a plateful of goodness – this is an all-time favourite with chicken, cheese and herbs in Italian dressings mix with olives, tomatoes and boiled eggs. For us, we had the additional Avocado to top it up.

If having a standard SALAD is not your cup of tea, you can custom make your own salad by choosing on your own green i.e - 2 types, 3 toppings and 1 dressing to suit your own preference. 

For the main dish, we had the special CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE. This fried rice does not contain any rice, in fact it is all cauliflower florets cut to resemble rice and fried with mixed vegetable. 

We were taken aback when we tasted the first spoonful, it was everything you get acquainted to Fried Rice taste, the crunch on the cauliflower makes it a little crunchier and sweeter compared with rice. It is a real wholesome meal without the carbohydrate of the rice but tasted quite similar to fried rice. It is really great for those who love Fried Rice but not the carbohydrate in rice. You also have an option to spice it up a little by ordering the spicy version, which they add on freshly cut chilli padi. 

Next, we had the TOMATO PASTA – simple tomatoes based top with Chery Tomatoes. Really for tomatoes lovers. Light meal and a little sourish. Vegan can have this.

Another pasta we had for the night is the TUNA PASTA SALAD, this is a rather unique combination of 2 different dishes into one i.e. pasta and salad, which are usually eaten separately but is combined here for a change.

How can we have no meat no dinner, with that we were introduced to a special Fried Chicken, which is AIR FRIED CHICKEN CHOP. Using the Air Fried Cooking method, no oil is used as the chicken are not deep fried in oil, but using a special Air Fried Fryer to fried this chicken.

For the health freak which still wants to enjoy fried chicken, this will be a great substitute for you. Also, the Fries which, was accompanied with the chicken was also Air Fried. No extra oil and guilty feeling to worry about.

THE SALAD BAR @CITTA MALL also serves croissants and sandwiches. The first one that we tasted was the TUNA CROISSANTS. The first thing we notice was the generous amount of Tuna that was sandwiched in the croissants. 

and this is followed by TURKEY CLUB SANDWICH 

and the last one YO DAWG which is served on a ciabatta bread with Sausage 

For drinks, there are a collection of healthy smoothies of which we tried two of it, which is the MANGO BANANA SMOOTHIE – a concoction of Mango, Banana and Home Made Yoghurt.

the second smoothie was the PURPLE GLITTER SMOOTHIE – which has Dragonfruit, Lemon and Home Made Yoghurt in it. This one has a tinge of sourness, but can be very addictive after a full meal like the one we had here.

Final conclusion, not all healthy food are boring and tasteless. It depends on how it is being prepared and served with special sauce and ingredients that can make it tasteful, wholesome and healthy at the same time. Well, after such a hearty meal, we did not go for any supper.