Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halal Chinese Muslim Food at Dong Yi Shun Kelana Jaya PJ Selangor By Best Restaurant To Eat

There are not many restaurants that serve Halal Chinese Food in the Klang Valley. One such restaurant that we have discovered is Dong Yi Shun located at C-G-06, Ground Floor, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS6/5B, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 47301 Selangor.

This is indeed good news for Muslim who would like to taste Chinese food cooked by Chinese Muslim chef. We had the opportunity to try out some of the specialities in this restaurant.

The first dish we had was the Golden Empress Fragrant Fish. The Garoupa fish is coated with flour seasoning, is deep fried and topped up with a sweet and sour sauce. The sauce serves here is a little different as it has a tinge of spiciness added into it. Perfect combination with white rice.

Next, was the spicy chicken, here again the chicken is fried and cooked with the spices. It is a little spicier for me and the chicken is a little over fried. Another one of those dishes you can eat as a snack food taken with some really cold drinks.

Another snack food that we sample that night was the Spicy Sliced Potato, as the name suggest, it was really, really spicy. It quite difficult to eat as a snack and only white rice saved the day.

The next dish, we sample was supposed to be Zi Ran Lamb, but unfortunately the Lamb was sold out and we had the settle for Zi Ran Beef instead. This dish is really spicy and you have to really love hot stuff to enjoy this dish. The condiments used are very strong and the beef mixed well with it. Best served with rice or eat as a snack.

Next we sample the dumpling dishes. First on the table is the Xiao Long Bao, since this is a Muslim restaurant, the key ingredient used is the beef filling. For me after taking and sampling so many Xiao Long Bao, the one serves here lack the oomph in that the skin were a little too hard, and they were not enough soup base in the filling. Normally when you sample this Xiao Long Bao, one is expecting the soup filling to be oozing out on your first bite. It never happened here.

On the filling the beef was a little too hard too, not that smooth probably due to the usage of too much of lean meat.

The next dumpling was the Pan Fried Dumpling Chicken, this is slightly better than the earlier Xiao Long Bao, as taste wise it was a little more tasty compared to the earlier dumpling. The bottom part which was pan fried was crisp and nice to bite at.

Finally we sampled the Ramen. Ramen in this restaurant is made fresh by the Chef when a customer makes an order. We had the opportunity to have a first hand demo on how he made the Ramen.

The first ramen dish was the Beef Ramen, this ramen is served with thinly sliced radish and beef. The dish was very peppery and not as what I have enjoyed from other restaurant.

The next ramen was the mushroom ramen, this provided a slightly better soup based and tasted better compared to the beef ramen.

The last dish for the night was the Hot and Sour Soup. There are 8 spices used to make this soup. It is somewhat similar to the popular Szechuan Soup which shares the same spiciness and sourish taste.

FC Hong
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Date of Visit: 2013-10-23
Spending: Approximately MYR 18 ()

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Doraemon Theme - D'Dream Cafe in PJ SS2 - Best Restaurant To Eat

Doraemon is a very popular cartoon character from Japan. The proprietor of Restaurant D’Dream Café located at 70A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/60, Petaling Jaya (North), 47300 have decided to make Doraemon as its main theme.

Although the theme is Japanese, this café serves authentic Taiwanese street food. There are more than 800 plus Doraemon collectibles item in the shop but the owner confesses to having more than 3,000 plus collectibles at his home and it has taken him more than 30 years to amaze such a collection from all over the world. He sees this as sharing his passion on this little cartoon character.

If you are a fan of Doraemon, this little café is a must visit for you to feast your eyes and your tummy with some Taiwanese street food at the same time.

The first dish we sampled that night was the Minced Pork Rice With Doraemon Surimi. According to the owner they used a mixture of special grain rice which tasted a little hard and a little salty but combined with the minced pork it was a nice starter for the night.

The next dish served is the Three-cup Phoenix. It is actually a chicken dish cooked with ginger much like Ginger Chicken that a new mother would take during confinement. Of course that version, you would probably use sesame oil to cook it, which is much more flavourful. Normally this dish is served with white rice at this restaurant

Our next course was the Red-Braised Beef with Ramen. Although not the best beef ramen that I have tasted I would give this a thumb up as the broth was very flavourful. It would have been better had the chef put in a little bit more meat to goes with the noodle.

Snack foods are very popular street food. Popcorn chicken is the first snack food to be served to us. If you have been to Taiwan, then you would be familiar with the crispy fried chicken of Shilin (most popular place for street food). This tasted similar except it is flavoured with a dash of spice and pepper (reddish orange powder). The addition of the basil leaves adds to the fragrant chicken cubes. Nice bite size and easy to eat too.

Bean Curd is a very challenging dish to cook. In Taiwan the popular bean curd is, the smelly bean curd “Chow Tau Foo” but unfortunately this is not the type serves here. The bean curd serves is the fried version and added on to it, is the meat topping with gravy. Tasty wise it was quite bland although the bean curd was still quite crisp.

The star of the night had to be this dish i.e. the Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder. It is a simple dish which was made out of fried sweet potato fries. It was crunchy and was sweet (the chef choosing the right type of sweet potato) and added the sour plum powder which is salty, this dish really raised up your taste bud. Once you start your first fries, it is difficult to stop. It is very addictive.

For dessert we had the pearl milk tea which is slightly different from those that you get from other tea shop. Here, the tea is very mild and the taste of milk very much stronger.

And the last snack food for the night is the Bouncy Golden Sweet Potato Balls. This again is slightly different from other version in that, it is hollow inside i.e. no filling. The outer layer is fried to a hard gluey crust and when you bite, it tends to stick to your teeth – not a very nice feeling though.

If you plan to throw a party for your kid on a Doraemon theme, this is the place to go.

FC Hong
Editor of
Best Restaurant To Eat – http://BestRestaurantToEat.blogspot.com
Date of Visit: 2013-10-09
Spending: Approximately MYR 20 ()