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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Oasis Square Restaurant CHAMPIGNONS - A French Gastronomic Journey with Champignons

Oasis Square Restaurant CHAMPIGNONS - A French Gastronomic Journey with Champignons

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS has recently invited Chef Raphael Kinimo from Lyon France to jointly served its guest for a special dining experience featuring specially crafted French cuisines with Champignons owner Chef Gary Chang.

 A French Gastronomic Journey with Champignons Chef Kinimo and Chef Gary Chang

Chef Raphael is an honoured recipient of the Maitres Cuisiniers De France - one of the highest honours a French Chef can be achieved.


Laying out for the night of this exclusive fine dining where an intensity of scents, textures, aroma and the French fine culinary flavours will fully tantalize our taste buds and senses.  The 5-course menu was carefully prepared with the finest ingredients nature has to offer and paired with a handpicked wine selection.

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Foie Gras Lollipop With Port Wine and Seaweed Cracker With Citrus Crab Meat

Starting off with an Amuse Bouche serving of Foie Gras Lollipop With Port Wine and Seaweed Cracker With Citrus Crab Meat with the crisp of the crackers and the slightly citrusy taste of the crab meat was indeed a nice start for the evening.

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Chef Raphael Caviar Tin

This is then followed by the Chef Raphael Caviar Tin which has a Vanilla Poached Lobster And Crustacean Gelee

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Black Truffle Chicken Consomme

For the soup we were served the Black Truffle Chicken Consomme that comes with a Truffle Chicken Liver Tartlet With Onion Jam.

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Seared Halibut With Salted Lemon

Next on the is the feature dish of Chef Gary which is Seared Halibut With Salted Lemon accompanied by a Blue Mussels on a Bouillabaisse sauce. We like the flavours of the sauce which has a nice fish and herbs flavour in it.

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Smoke Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

The mains dish is the Smoke Wagyu Beef Rib Eye that was accompanied by a Cinamon infused tomato, mushroom fricassee, Nastridium Poivre Eclater, Borderlaise And Foie Gras Sauce. The sauce has a nice flowery aroma while the sauce which is infused with red wine truly stand out with the nice texture of the fine wagyu ribeye.

CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS  - Caramelized Banana With Cepe Mushroom

For this meal, we had 2 desserts the first is the Caramelized Banana With Cepe Mushroom with Milk Chocolate and Cepe Mushroom Ice Cream. This is the first time I had a taste of a silky soft mushroom ice cream. 


Lastly, we had the Petit Four a passion fruit meringue tart which goes well with a cup of tea or coffee to end our night of savoury dining experience at the CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS.

Although for many that have missed this dining experience; do stay in tune with the CHAMPIGNONS AT OASIS facebook page, as they will be showcasing these special dining experience from time to time.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara

Fine Dining at Champignons Oasis Square Ara Damansara without burning a hole in your pocket

Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara

With the current state of the economy, diners today are looking at either bargain food or value for money dining. At the newly opened Champignons at Oasis Square, is located at B-G-02, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor; you get to taste out fine dining cooking at a very reasonable price.

Champignons at Oasis

Foods that are prepared and served here goes thru a meticulous precision cooking. This is brought about by its' Chef illustrious career serving fine dining dishes around the world for the last 20 years. Do Check out Champignons at Oasis Facebook page for more updates and new menu

One of the main vision of Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara is to served contemporary European with a modern twist quality dishes that have it customers coming back for more. Making use of Asian ingredients and flavours that are enhanced with modern preparation techniques, Champignons at Oasis Square are mindful of being consistent and using the freshest ingredients for their dishes.

Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara

Our review started with Amuse Bouche (Chef Delights) i.e. Croque Monsieur with a dash of truffled infused in the ham with a good combination of the cheese that is sandwiched with a crispy toast.

To start off our dinner, we had the Homemade Smoked Salmon With Citrus Salad. The smoked salmon is cured in-house by the Chef and the cut has a strong firm bite much like the sashimi texture instead of the soft mushy texture. It was a nice presentation of the salad which is bedded with a beetroot sauce and julienne apples with croutons and fried flatbread at the side to complement a multitude of texture to this salad starter.

For the soup, we ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup (RM18.00). The Chef uses 2 type of fresh mushrooms which is the button and oyster mushrooms. Yoghurt is used instead of cream to thicken up the soup texture while a piece of fried tempura oyster mushroom provides an interesting texture to the soup. The soup is served with a serving of bruschetta mushrooms which is topped with parmesan cheese.

Our next order is a sharing platter which is the Grilled US Pork Ribs With Plum Sake Glaze (RM25.00). We asked the Chef why he chooses the US Pork Ribs instead of local or Iberico pork. According to him, the US Pork has a better texture, fewer fats and are better taste compared even to the Iberico. We can feel that the meat texture was good and perfect for grilling. The marinade which has a hint of plum taste with a lemony flavour has us going for a second piece of the tender succulent pork ribs. It is then topped with fried pork rind to add to a crunchy feel to the dish.

For the night we tasted 2 main courses the first of which is the Black Truffle Chicken Breast (RM35.00). The chicken breast is marinated in white truffle oil that has the aroma lingering in our mouth. The use of white truffle oil instead of the conventional black truffle oil is due to the strong flavour of the white truffle oil. We were surprised by the texture of the Chicken Breast as most of the time, chicken breast tends to have a firm texture after cooking especially pan-fried, but here the Chef uses the sous-vide style to maintain a tender juicy texture of the chicken breast. Right before serving; a light pan-fried add to the crispy skin; while maintaining the juicy meat texture on the inside.

Our second main is the Australian Lamb Short Loin With Homemade Lamb Sausages (RM48.00). We particularly like the homemade lamb sausages which have a firm and bouncy texture. Premium meat from Australia; with minimum fats is marinated and used to make these sausages. The dish is served with salted baked onion with a carrot puree.

For desserts, we had the Champignons Chocolate Delights (RM18.00); a highly creative prepared dessert which resembles Mario mushrooms which are wrapped in a white chocolate on the top, the use of sponge cake that looks like moss and raspberries to create a magical adventure with various textures which include sparkly popping candy, raspberries jelly, raspberries sauce and lychee sherbet has us mesmerised.

Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara

So now you know; if you are in for a treat or set to impress your other half, you might want to try out Champignons at the Oasis. The Chef has also crafted out a menu that is paired with fine wines to let you experience the taste and flavours of the dishes.

Champignons at Oasis Square Ara Damansara Location Address Map

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crave Café @ Oasis Ara Damansara - Breakfast Like A King With Crave BIG Breakfast.

Like the saying goes “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper”. With that in mind, we head over to try out the BIG breakfast at Crave Cafe located at BG-03, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.     

Crave café is inspired by its owner Australian love affair. So the décor and outlook pretty much size it up like the outback with comfortable dining area and sofa seats where you can hang out with your buddies for a nice get together.

Here at Crave Café, the line of coffee and tea are from the famous Toby's Estate Arabica Coffee in Sydney and are of the Woolloomooloo Blend from Sydney Australia. Toby coffees are of the mild roasted type and are not the type where you can get the coffee kick, which are suitable for those that prefer a not so strong coffee.

One of the advantages of a mild roasted coffee is, it leaves a little sweetness in the beans, so technically you don’t really need to add any sugar into the drink.

We had the opportunity to try out a few interesting coffee flavors one of which is the Dirty Chai Latte which I have not tried before. It is a one shot expresso mixed with Chai syrup and topped with cinnamon powder. I should have ordered a double shot as I like my coffee stronger.

For non coffee drinkers, you could opt for the Toby Breakfast Blend Tea, it has a smooth taste and a strong floral aroma.

The first breakfast set we sample was none other than the Crave BIG Breakfast which has 2 sunny side up eggs, sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms served with ciabatta.

The mushroom which was lightly sauteed was very tasty especially eaten with the toast, topped with some slices of sausages, bacon and eggs.

Next we had the Pancakes with Caramelised Banana & Maple Syrup – The pancakes was very fluffy and of the right texture. Eaten with the combination of the maple syrup and caramelized banana, the taste was just right. There were also sprinkles of cashew nuts too.

The third set of breakfast that we had was the Salmon Scramble – It is smoked salmon nestled on a bed of scrambled eggs served with focaccia. The scrambled eggs were very light and fluffy.

The saltiness of the smoke salmon and the sprinkle of parsley topping was a perfect combination with the focaccia. This dish is for those that prefer a lighter wholesome breakfast to start the day.

Crave Cafe will be introducing a new item to their breakfast menu – as of now, this dish has not been named but it is served with fried eggs, beef bacon and avocado paste with ciabatta.

The white paste is actually cheese spread which you can spread on the bread or eaten as it is. The strong avocado (green) paste was a perfect blend to the bacon and fried eggs.

For Lunch menu, you try out the Chicken Parmigiana, which is breaded chicken cutlets baked with Parmesan cheese and served with tomato sauce base. The Chicken cutlet is coated with parmessan cheese and oven baked.

You can taste the crispy chicken with the flavored cheese wrap around it. Slurp it up with the accompanied tomato sauce, it makes a tantalizing sweet sourish meal. The thinly slice baked potatoes was a perfect side dish to compliment this dish.

The Next Lunch menu dish was the Seabass With Spicy Sauce. This dish will be for those that prefer a little spicier food, the fish is first coated and deep fried and served in a bed of spicy sauce with a bowl of Buttered Herb rice, green beans and carrots.

For desserts, we started off with the

Gula Melaka Cake – I find this cake a little unique and it is an acquired taste to like this especially so, if you are those that loves anything Gula Melaka or sweet stuff. I don’t think you can find this cake in any places. You can taste the tiny pieces of Gula Melaka crystal in every little bite of the cakes, it has that slight crust bite feeling when eating this cake.

Nutella Mille Crepe Cake – It is a nutella infused crepe cake. Look at the multiple layers of nutella crepe.

Salted Chocolate Cake – this is another specialty cake serves at the Crave Café. The whole cakes is chocolate based and in the middle, there is a thin layer of melted salt which you can taste. It is a very interesting combination of the rich chocolate taste with a tinge of saltiness in every bite.

In conjunction with the Ramadan, Crave Café is having a Ramadan promotion.

Ramadan Buka Puasa Promotion

Crave is having a promotion which comes with a homemade Soup, a choice of Main Course, a slice of homemade Cake and a Dragon Fruit Juice.

Main Course Selection:

Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken with mashed potato and grilled vegetables


Seabass in Spicy Cream Sauce served with Butter Herb rice


Beef Stroganoff with Steamed Rice.

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