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Thursday, 23 November 2017

WOWKL - KL Latest Happening Restaurant - Dining - Arts - Show

WOWKL is the latest restaurant that offers visitors a unique Malaysian experience. Ranging from the food that is served to the Malaysian Cultural performance, this is the place to bring your guests to experience the Malaysian Hospitality.

WOWKL is located at the premise of the formerly Saloma Bistro located at the MATIC Centre (Malaysian Tourism Centre) at 139 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur.

Serving an Eat All You Can Buffet with an array of sumptuous and popular Malaysian dishes with a mesmerizing cultural show happening nightly from 830pm to 930 pm, it will definitely worth the experience. You can check out WOWKL Facebook Page for the latest promotion

Among the food that is served at WOWKL is Roti Canai (which seems to be very popular with the tourist as it is cooked LIVE, so you can enjoy how it is being prepared and served.

Next on is the array of Ulam, Salad and preserved fruits.

Followed by the selection of the Pasembur

Besides serving the Malaysian food, WOWKL also offers some Middle Eastern dishes like the Ayam Mandy

and Lamb Mandy which is the clear broth. Normally the Mandy dishes are red in colour, but here the serving is a clear broth type.

and the ala-minute prepared Kebabs.

Moving along, you get to taste some Western delights such as the Roasted Lamb With Black Pepper Sauce

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

Or try out the flavourful Fish Curry with Steam White Rice

or the Western Style Fish Fillet With Lemon Sauce.

and not forgetting the must eat Malaysian Food Chicken and Beef Satay.

You can also try out some of the Malaysian delights like the Rojak Buah.

To end your buffet; you can taste out the array of dessert from local traditional Malay Kuih Muih

and Western desserts and cakes for the sweet tooth.

Prices for this Buffet is at RM 110 nett per pax (Adults) RM 70 nett per pax (Children 6 - 12 years) which includes the cultural performance; starting from 7 pm until 10pm. 

From 830pm to 930 there will be the cultural show

At WOWKL you can also dine in the open area where a Live Band performs on a nightly basis

or you can have a sip of a cold beverage at the Bar Counter

WOWKL Location Address Map

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang - As Fresh As It Can Get Crabs and Seafood.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Address Location

For fans of fresh seafood especially Crabs, now you can get to savour it all at Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang located at No 18, 1 Avenue, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Live Fish Tank

The main mission of Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restaurant Ampang is to serve top quality imported fresh seafood to its patrons. Decking off the restaurants are its array of salt water fish tank where you get to choose the crabs, lobsters, oysters, different varieties of top grade fish like Grouper, Red Snapper, Jade Perch, Sea Bass(Siakap) and more.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Live French Crab

One of the top prized Crabs available from Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang is the French Crabs which is still swimming in the aquarium. You can also pre-book the King Crab in advance if you plan to savour on this crustacean.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Dining Area

The restaurant has been opened for the past 5 months and is very well lite and cleanliness is of prime importance to create a nice family dining experience.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya French Scallop

Our review started with a special top grade French Scallop as our appetizer (RM30.00 per pcs). The juicy and succulent scallop are blanched and served with an in-house made sauce called the Sexy Lady Sauce; a concoction of garlic, chillies and local basil. The firm texture of the scallop was nice to bite in and was well paired with the dipping sauce. This dipping sauce is a great combo with any order of the seafood that is poached or steamed.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya French Crab with Mongolian Sauce

Next, we had the star of the night which is the French Crab with Mongolian Sauce (RM13.90 Per 100g). The French crab is first fried on its own before stir frying with the Mongolian sauce.  According to the Chef, the standard Mongolian sauce uses only Goat Butter but as the taste could be very musky, he replaces it butter and to added in the black pepper to give it a spicy taste to suit the local palate which can appreciate a little spice to the crabs. You can also order your other seafood but use this sauce as the cooking style.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Assam Fish

After that, we had the Steam Assam Fish (RM7.00 per 100g). The fish that was chosen was the Red Snapper which was still swimming minutes ago. The fish meat was indeed the right texture and you are able to taste the natural sweetness of the fish. The Assam sauce was just the right balance of sourish and spicy level. We had to call some white rice to eat with this addictive sauce.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Scallop Sauce Fried Rice

To go with your dishes, one can also order the Scallop Sauce fried rice (RM16.00 - Large); a signature dish at Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restaurant Ampang. The scallop sauce is in-house made too and garnished with cubes of chicken meat, prawns and squid fried to a perfect Wok Hei, it was a delicious fare by itself. Note; this dish is a little spicy but you can request it to be milder if your tolerant to spicy level is at a minimum.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Chillies Mussels

This is followed by the Chillies Mussel. The New Zealand Green mussels are stir fried with a special chilli paste that is made out of garlic, dried chillies and the dry shrimp to give it a pungent chillies fragrant and aroma.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Broccoli with Sea Asparagus and Pacific Clam

and for the Vegetables; we had the Broccoli with Sea Asparagus and Pacific Clam. The blanched Broccoli are laid on the plate while the sea asparagus together with pacific clams, mushroom are braised with a special sauce and laid on the plates. This is a new dish which is set to be introduced to the standard menu.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Salted Eggs Mud Crab

Our last dish of the night is the Salted Eggs Mud Crab (from Rm8.90 per 100g). The commendation of the Chef in producing such a sandy salted eggs coating was superb. Every little inch of the crab is fully coated with the salted eggs which make eating this crab a tasty and delicious affair.

Ibrahims Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Jaya Dinner Dishes

The first thought of Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang is really the quality of the fresh seafood. The aftertaste of the natural sweetness and its texture lingers on our taste-buds even as we are writing this blog post.  

Ibrahim's Fatty Crab Restoran Ampang Address and Location

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Chakri Palace Ramadan Buffet 2015 - Tantalizing Royal Thai Cuisine Review

Berbuka Puasa this Ramadan with a Taste of Thai for a change. Best Restaurant To Eat was treated to savour the Thai Specialties for the 2015 Ramadan at Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine, Suria KLCC located at Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC offers diners with an elegant setting and alleviate your mood and senses for an evening of dining pleasure.

Conveniently located around the KLCC area, it offers a very strategic location to Berbuka Puasa with business associates, friends and families. 

For this Ramadan 2015, The Chakri Palace offers more than 50 authentic Thai and local favourites by Chef Solahudin Nutto that will tantalize your tastebuds; while also offering live station hawker stall ala minute cooking.

Serving an assortment of specialties appetizers is the Mieng Kam or Ulam Daun Kadok. This is a traditional Thai dish to welcome any guests to a Thai home. The daun kadok is being wrap with 7 condiments and a special sauce to be eaten to whet your appetite with its unique taste of sweet, salty, sourish and spicy all in one bite.

Others equally interesting appetizers are the Kerabu selection i.e Kerabu Mangga Thai, Kerabu Glass Noodle, Som Tam aka Kerabu Betik Muda and Kerabu Ayam Cincang

Some of the highlight of the main dishes are the Nasi Briyani

Rendang Tok Daging

Pajeri Nenas

Lamb in Thai Green Curry

Pajeri Terung

Butter Prawns With Salted Eggs

Fried Fish Slice With Tiga Rasa Sauce

Sauteed Squid With Garlic Sauce

and the Stir Fried Lala With Tom Yam Paste

For the Live Cooking Section we have the all time favourite Tom Yam station where you can opt for your Tom Yam as it is with seafood or a combination with some glass noodles.

or opt for some Chicken Satay

or Beef Satay

For desserts, you must not miss out the Red Ruby Water Chestnut which you have a free hand to concoct your very own version of this delicious dessert.

and the Pulut Mangga

while there are an assortment of Malay Kuih Muih and steamed Ubi Kayu to satisfy your sweet craving. 

Depending on which branch of Chakri Palace that you go to, the price are from as low at RM53.90 + to RM89.90 per adult. If you are planning early for the Ramadan 2015, you can enjoy the early bird discounted prices. 


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