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Thursday, October 4, 2018

XING ZHU CHINESE RESTAURANT Cyberjaya @Cyberview Resort And Spa

Cyberjaya Food: Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant -  Buffet Dim Sum Eat All You Can Promotion AT RM 69

Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya @Cyberview Resort And Spa

Hunting for Pork Free Chinese food in Cyberjaya can be a real headache; there is a little treasure to be found especially for those that love Chinese cuisines. Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant @Cyberview Resort And Spa serve tasty Pork FREE Chinese cuisine and a special Dim Sum Buffet at RM69 Nett.

Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya @Cyberview Resort And Spa

The Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant @Cyberview Resort And Spa are nicely nestled in a serene and quiet area of the hotel that provides a soothing environment to dine in with your guests with the sound of natural cascading running water as the backdrop.

Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya All You Can Eat Dim Sum Buffet Menu

With the RM69 Nett Dim Sum ala-carte buffet; Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant offers a number of varieties of dim sum dishes that are one can; For the buffet; you place the order and the kitchen will prepare it ala-minute thereby ensuring that there are served freshly steamed or fried from the kitchen; which is important as dim sum should never be eaten cold.

The Dim Sum buffet is offered as an all-day dining; that means you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the same price.  If having a buffet is too much for you; you can also order the Dim Sum offering as an individual ala-carte dishes, there are a number of specialities Dim Sum dishes too.

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Har Kow

Here are some of the must-try dim sum dishes from Xing Zhu Restaurant Cyberjaya; some of which are not from the Buffet menu though. For me, I always like to start my dim sum feast with the steam Dim Sum which the first is the ‘Ha Kow’ Dumpling.  

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Siew Mai Dumpling

Followed by the must-have Siew Mai Dumpling 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Steamed Chicken with Plum Sauce

We then had the Steamed Chicken with Plum Sauce 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Egg White

Next on is the Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Egg White 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Home Made Sweet Potato Oat Bun

while for the Pau, we tried the Home Made Sweet Potato Oat Bun 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Deep Fried Crispy Century Egg Prawn Roll

For the Fried Item, we started off with the Deep Fried Crispy Century Egg Prawn Roll 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Shang Hai ‘Wo Tip’

Shang Hai ‘Wo Tip’ 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Woo Kok aka Yam Puff

or the crispy on the outside Woo Kok aka Yam Puff

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Classic Fried Spring Roll Vegetables Chicken & Cheese

Classic Fried Spring Roll Vegetables Chicken & Cheese 

Dim Sum Buffet Menu - Signature ‘Char Kuey’ Chee Cheong Fun

As for the Chee Cheong Fun offering - we tried something different which is the Signature ‘Char Kuey’ Chee Cheong Fun; which has the crisp of the Yu Tiao on the inside and the soft silky smooth texture of the Chee Cheong Fun on the outside. A marriage of 2 texture; it was to be paired with a special sauce or you can have it with the soy-based sauce.

Main Course - Cantonese Crispy Egg Noodle with King Prawn  (港式生虾面)

Besides the Dim Sum offering; Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya also offers ala carte Chinese dishes and noodles too. We ordered the Cantonese Crispy Egg Noodle with King Prawn (港式生虾面). The prawn which is filled with roe was succulent with a nice bouncy texture. 

Main Course - Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk

From the appetizer menu, we had the Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk 

Main Course - Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Creamy Butter (湿奶油老虎虾)

Our next main course was the Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Creamy Butter (湿奶油老虎虾), which we like the fine strand of eggs with butter. 

Main Course - Crispy Chicken Boneless with Mongolian Sauce (蒙古炸鸡扒)

and lastly the Crispy Chicken Boneless with Mongolian Sauce (蒙古炸鸡扒) which has a unique flavour to finish our dining experience at Xing Zhu Cyberview Lodge Resort And Spa.

Desserts - Yam Puree With Ice Cream

For Dessert, we had the Yam Puree With Ice Cream   

Desserts - Mix Fruit Lemon Grass Pudding

and Mix Fruit Lemon Grass Pudding, we particularly like this as, after the heavy meal, this chilled dessert does have a nice refreshing end with the fresh fruits and the smooth limey taste of the jelly.

Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya @Cyberview Resort And Spa

For  more information and booking you can click on Cyberview Resort And Spa Facebook page or call Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya @ CyberView Resort & Spa, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 7, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Xing Zhu Chinese Restaurant Cyberjaya @Cyberview Resort And Spa Location Address Map

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kota Damansara Food: SHELLOUT Seafood Restaurant - Louisiana Cajun Boil Fresh Seafood Feast

Seafood is one of yours truly favourite food; and when the invitation to review Shellout Seafood Restaurant 16-1 Jalan PJU5/15 Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya came by, there was no hesitation to rescheduled all the other review.

What is so special about the seafood that is served at Shellout Seafood Restaurant? The seafood is cooked using the Louisiana Boil style. People of Louisiana USA are used to this cooking style; in which the seafood are boiled using a special seafood or crab recipe broth. The seafood is then interspersed on the table to be eaten with your bare hands and fingers; normally outdoor.

Shellout Seafood Restaurant was set up to have a seafaring theme since it is a restaurant that specialises in seafood and on most of its' walls, you can see the graffiti that are drawn and written by customers who patronise the restaurant.

At Shell Out Seafood Restaurant the recipe broth is the Louisiana Cajun Boil which has a slightly stronger taste with a slight spicy note. You can order your boil based on your tolerant level of spiciness; which is either on a mild, medium or the super spicy level which is known as OMG. You can also order the Original flavour (a stronger taste) or the Malaysian style (milder flavour and less salty).

The restaurant also served up some starter food like the one that we had; was the Sweet Potatoes Fries (RM9.90).

The second snack on the table was the Silver Pomfret which came with French Fries. We love the Pom-Fret as it was fried to a very crisp and crunchy texture. You can literally eat every part of the fish including the bones.

Next came our first boil on the table which is the Big Crab (market price) in the Original flavour Shell Bang medium spicy level sauce. Customers can order the add on to the boil in which we had the Broccoli (RM10.90), Corn-on-cob (RM2.10 each) and Potato (RM8.80 for 3 pcs). The meat of the crab was very fresh and the sauce was very tasty with a strong cajun flavour. These meat crabs are sourced from Indonesia.

To go with the sauce, we ordered the Garlic Bread (RM 9.90 for 6 pcs). Spread the sauce onto the crispy bread and viola, a toast that you just can't stop eating.

Next on the table was the Yabbies or Crawfish (RM50.90 for 500g) in Black Pepper Sauce. Some customer remarks that it is quite challenging to eat these yabbies, but there is a very simple way to enjoy this crustacean, first you snap off the head and suck out the cream from the yabbies head, then you proceed to break the tail section, give a massage along both the sides of the yabbies from front to end and when you are done; Peel off the skin and viola you have a single piece of crawfish meat. Yummy.

This is followed by the Succulent King Prawns, (RM 55.90++ per 500 grammes) on the Butter Garlic Sauce with OMG spicy level. The firm texture of the prawn is infused with butter and an aromatic garlic flavour; such that it melts in the mouth and leave a savoury aftertaste of this sauce.

Next on, is the Green Mussel (RM 31.90++ for 8 pcs) in a Lemon Pepper Sauce. This is another sauce that we like. The fresh mussel meat texture was firm and very succulent.

followed by the Bamboo Clams (RM 20.90++ per 500 gramme) also in Lemon Pepper Sauce. This method of cooking the Bamboo Clams brings out the clams natural sweetness.

The next seafood on the table was the Giant Scallops (RM 29.90++ for 6 pcs) on a Butter Garlic sauce - medium. We like this sauce and the combination of the butter and garlic does bring out the full flavours of the fresh Giant Scallop meat; which has a very bouncy and a slightly chewy texture.

Our last seafood which is the Star of the night is the Canadian Lobster with the Shell Bang sauce. For fans of lobster you really got to try this out. Although a little messy to eat, you can request the friendly staff to help you out with the dissection after you have feasted with your eyes and in our case, our cameras.

If you love fresh seafood and like to try out the Louisiana Cajun Boil style for a change, then head over to SHELLOUT Seafood Restaurant at Kota Damansara for your seafood fix. Make sure you made a prior reservation as it is usually packed.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant @Clearwater Damansara Heights - New Premium Specialty Dim Sum Review

There are many restaurant in the Klang Valley that serves Premium Dim Sum, but WAY Modern Chinois located at G-1, WORK@Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan 50490 Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur.

This WAY Modern Chinois @Clearwater Damansara Heights has a very distinctive first impression as the entrance to the restaurant is via a lift door access. A very intrigued way as you will not guess that the restaurant is just behind the door of a lift.

The decor is a dimly lit and exudes an elegant, comfortable and posh European dining ambiance unlike most other Chinese restaurant which are usually brightly lit.

Our review is to taste out the new menu Dim Sum menu which the first is the in-house made specialty i.e. Skinless” Shang Hai Soup Dumpling (RM 6.00 per piece). It is a one of a kind Xiao Long Bao that we have tasted. The skinless texture is crafted out using molecular cooking method that uses chemistry reaction to create the skinless texture of this Xiao Long Bao. Eaten as one spoonful, your first experience is the bursting of the flavourful broth which are intertwined with the ginger vinegar taste to gives you an explosive feel.

The next dim sum is the Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling (RM 14.00 for 4 pcs). Taking it in one mouthful you get the intense earthy aroma of the truffle and the comforting warmth of the enclosed fragrant broth.

After the Xiao Long Bao, we had a fried Dim Sum which is the Fish and Chips (RM 16.00 for 3 pcs). It has a golden brown fluffy crisp skin with a filling of a batter of mashed potatoes and a mixture of cod fish paste and top with a special vinegar powder to gives it a slight sourish taste.

This is then followed by a steam Dim Sum which is the Crab Roe Dumpling (RM 19.00 for 3 pcs) is wrapped in a pumpkin flavoured and artistically plated as the dumpling is topped with special net design which made the dumpling very appealing to the eyes.

Another Dim Sum specialty dish is the Way’s Lotus Leaf Steamed Sticky Rice with Duck (RM 10.00 for 2 pcs). Normally the sticky rice is paired with Chicken, much like the Loh Mai Kai, but the chef choose to add one of WAY Modern Chinois @Clearwater Damansara Heights signature delicacies which is the aromatic Roast Duck as the core ingredients and paired with mixture of mushrooms, carrots, salted egg and water chestnut into the glutinous rice.

Another unique Dim Sum is the Sticky Rice Lamb Siew Mai (RM 19.00 for 3 pcs). The lamb meat are chopped and shape into solid meat ball shape. It has a strong gamey taste of the lamb and this would be a favourite for lamb lovers.

The next Dim Sum is another creation by the Chef Ken, which is the Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste (RM 10.00). Normally you would eat the Steam Chee Cheong Fun; but here the Cheong Fun are pan fried with a special in-house dried shrimp paste which has a very tantalizing spicy taste;

Next is The Crab Claw Dumpling (RM 15.00 for 3 pcs).

Even the plain Char Siew Pau have an added fusion which is the addition of coriander which are finely chopped and sprinkle of the bun. This Coriander Char Siew Bun (RM 9.00 for 2 pcs) filling too have been added with some additional finely chopped coriander stalk to make it a little more aromatic.

The next dim sum served is the Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll (RM 17.00 for 3 pcs).

followed by the Prawn Dumpling with X.O (RM 16.00 for 3 pcs) - a very spicy steam dumpling with succulent and bouncy shrimp.

and lastly the Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo (RM 15.00) which the wasabi infused sauce are seated below the dumpling to gives you a special punch which marries perfectly to the crispy skin of the dumplings.

Way Modern Chinois @Clearwater Damansara Heights is currently running a dim sum promotion set at RM 29.00++ per pax; Head over to experience the exquisite taste and the hospitality of Way Modern Chinois.