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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sazori Shabu Zone & Grill @ Sunway Mentari PJ - Buffet Steamboat Yakiniku All In One Review

Sunway Mentari is the capital when it comes to steamboat buffet, there are one too many restaurant serving the different variations of steamboat and BBQ buffet too.

Having steamboat buffet and BBQ at the same time in a nice environment is not easy. Most times you end up in open air restaurant due to the need for good ventilation from the BBQ.

We were invited for a food review session at SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI located at B-G-3A, Block B, No 1, Jalan PJS 8/15 Arena  Mentari, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, and were really impressed with the setup and unique way the food were served. 

Most steamboat or tasty pot restaurant especially the buffet type will be laid out in refrigerated buffet counter and tables where you need to make frequent trips to get you food but at SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI, the endless supply of food goes around your table by a special conveyor belt system much like the sushi bar.

This method of serving on a conveyor system is very popular in Japan and Taiwan, where its main benefits of using this method is of course, it is more hygienic, clean, uses less man-power and most important reduce wastages as each portion is small and can easily be consumed.

You take whatever you want from the conveyor system besides you, as it travels round you. In this way, you just relax in your table, pick your favourite food and decide whether you want to have it as steamboat or BBQ.

It is so convenient and easy. What’s more it is more hygienic too i.e. no more messy food at the counter and food that gets spill on the floor and etc.

The environment in SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI is also very conducive and pleasant place to dine. The décor is very up-market for a steamboat (Shabu-Shabu) and Yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant.

To start off, you can firstly, decide on the soup base, of which, there are four types which is Clear Chicken Soup, Beef Soup, Tom Yam and the unique soup which is Ponzu soup. Ponzu is a special Japanese sauce but this was made into a soup that has the sourish and salty taste. 

My preference was the Beef Soup, Tom Yam and Clear Chicken Soup.

You can choose the 6 types of home made sauce which is the Sazori Specialty, Home Made Peanuts Sauce (my favourite), Roasted Sesame Sauce (2nd choice), Sweet Sauce and Chilli sauce.

We started by ordering the wafer thin slices of beef and lamb, which were both perfect for the hot steaming steamboat and BBQ. These slice meat have to be ordered from the waiter and is not making any round on the conveyor.

This is so, as the slice meat have to be straight out from the kitchen and if left out in the open for too long would not be nice and fresh anymore.

The chicken fillet was also very well marinated and was especially nice when you BBQ it as the flavours from the marinade is extracted out during the roasting process.

There were so many choices of fresh seafood selection to choose from which were Fresh Tiger Prawns, Lala, Mussels, Brown Squid, White Squid and more.

The choice of delightful mushroom like Enoki, white mushroom, king mushroom, button mushroom and etc was aplenty too as you can see them making its round on the conveyor system.

and a wide variety of fresh green vegetable

followed by pudding for desserts

and free flow of smooth ice creams, which has flavours of milky chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, cappuccino, yam, strawberry and cendol too.

and you can enjoy unlimited cold drinks which are already pre-packed in the plastic covered cup, instead of just dispenser from other restaurant.

By the way, there is also an unlimited refill of green tea (ocha) at the drinks counter.

For dinner, there are a few extra specialty, which is CHICKEN GYOZA,




Overall, the dining experience was very nice and as mention, the fresh BBQ and steamboat ingredients from the buffet menu that was served at the SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI was worth the money spent. 

So, the next time, you want to eat steamboat and BBQ, entertain guest, company dinner, parties and is particular to have a clean, hygienic, up-market and most important fresh and tasty soup base in Sunway Mentari, then head over to SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI to give it a try. There is also a parting gift of PREMIUM FORTUNE COOKIES.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Doraemon Theme - D'Dream Cafe in PJ SS2 - Best Restaurant To Eat

Doraemon is a very popular cartoon character from Japan. The proprietor of Restaurant D’Dream Café located at 70A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/60, Petaling Jaya (North), 47300 have decided to make Doraemon as its main theme.

Although the theme is Japanese, this café serves authentic Taiwanese street food. There are more than 800 plus Doraemon collectibles item in the shop but the owner confesses to having more than 3,000 plus collectibles at his home and it has taken him more than 30 years to amaze such a collection from all over the world. He sees this as sharing his passion on this little cartoon character.

If you are a fan of Doraemon, this little café is a must visit for you to feast your eyes and your tummy with some Taiwanese street food at the same time.

The first dish we sampled that night was the Minced Pork Rice With Doraemon Surimi. According to the owner they used a mixture of special grain rice which tasted a little hard and a little salty but combined with the minced pork it was a nice starter for the night.

The next dish served is the Three-cup Phoenix. It is actually a chicken dish cooked with ginger much like Ginger Chicken that a new mother would take during confinement. Of course that version, you would probably use sesame oil to cook it, which is much more flavourful. Normally this dish is served with white rice at this restaurant

Our next course was the Red-Braised Beef with Ramen. Although not the best beef ramen that I have tasted I would give this a thumb up as the broth was very flavourful. It would have been better had the chef put in a little bit more meat to goes with the noodle.

Snack foods are very popular street food. Popcorn chicken is the first snack food to be served to us. If you have been to Taiwan, then you would be familiar with the crispy fried chicken of Shilin (most popular place for street food). This tasted similar except it is flavoured with a dash of spice and pepper (reddish orange powder). The addition of the basil leaves adds to the fragrant chicken cubes. Nice bite size and easy to eat too.

Bean Curd is a very challenging dish to cook. In Taiwan the popular bean curd is, the smelly bean curd “Chow Tau Foo” but unfortunately this is not the type serves here. The bean curd serves is the fried version and added on to it, is the meat topping with gravy. Tasty wise it was quite bland although the bean curd was still quite crisp.

The star of the night had to be this dish i.e. the Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder. It is a simple dish which was made out of fried sweet potato fries. It was crunchy and was sweet (the chef choosing the right type of sweet potato) and added the sour plum powder which is salty, this dish really raised up your taste bud. Once you start your first fries, it is difficult to stop. It is very addictive.

For dessert we had the pearl milk tea which is slightly different from those that you get from other tea shop. Here, the tea is very mild and the taste of milk very much stronger.

And the last snack food for the night is the Bouncy Golden Sweet Potato Balls. This again is slightly different from other version in that, it is hollow inside i.e. no filling. The outer layer is fried to a hard gluey crust and when you bite, it tends to stick to your teeth – not a very nice feeling though.

If you plan to throw a party for your kid on a Doraemon theme, this is the place to go.

FC Hong
Editor of
Best Restaurant To Eat –
Date of Visit: 2013-10-09
Spending: Approximately MYR 20 ()

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spicy Chong Qing Steamboat Affair at San Hui Wen SS2 PJ by Best Restaurant To Eat

Steamboat is always a nice way to share meals with friends especially with the recent wet weather that we are experiencing. On a cold evening, having a spicy steamboat will vet all your senses.

Here, we had the opportunity to taste a Spicy steamboat version at San Hui Wen (China Chong Qing Steamboat Restaurant located at 30, Jalan SS2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

The most important element of a good and wholesome steamboat had to be the soup base. As you would find around town, the norms soup bases are Chicken soup, Herbal soup, Tom yam, Clear soup and even Porridge (be it pumpkin or clear porridge). Here, at San Hui Wen, they have 2 version of the soup base which is the Herbal and Spicy Herbal base.

The lady boss which, incidentally was from China says she could not find a steamboat restaurant that serves authentic Chong Qing style steamboat and henceforth decided to start her own steamboat restaurant. In Chong Qing China, due to the cold weather, steamboat is one of the most frequently eaten dishes and the real spicy soup base is the top choice as this will keep them warm too. There you can literally find many restaurants serving Spicy Steamboat.

Let’s review the first soup which is the herbal soup base. Most other places their herbal soup base, are rather bland (I am sure you will agree on this). You won’t really want to start drinking the soup before you start putting stuff in ingredient. Here the soup is boiled using the best selection of herbs and you can smell the strong aroma, the minute you enter the restaurant. The strong smell lingers around the whole place. You can see that there are abundant of wolfberries floating on the soup base.

The spicy version meanwhile were added with the spicy chilli oil and once you taste it, the spiciness is very tingling and pungent in that you can easily, get choked up. You have an option to order whether you want it normal, mild hot or super hot. You also have the option to order whether less oil or more oil on the soup base. Personally, I reckon, the best is still the normal one.

Pork, Chicken, Lamb Meat Slices

When I had my first China steamboat in Tian Jin, he had this thinly slices of Mongolian lamb. The nice things about this thinly slice meat, is it that it can be cooked very quickly, usually around 15 seconds or less depends on the boiling temperature of the soup. You are supposed to just dip the meat with your chopstick into the steamboat soup, not really dumping into the pot and let it boils inside the soup. This way the meat will not be too hard and very chewy.

Most of the time, these slices are cut from areas of the poultry where they are some layers of fats like the belly parts which is one of the best part for steamboat. Depending on your personal preferences whether you like it hard, chewy or medium done, you are able to control how much of dips you want into the soup.

Here in San Hui Wei, we were served 3 types of finely and thinly slices of meat i.e. Pork Slices, Chicken Slices and Lamb Slices.

I find the meat slices here, goes very well with the strong signature herbal soup, the strong taste of the herbs were immerse deep into the slices as we lightly dip into the soup and with the highly recommended dipping which, was concocted by Maggie (the lady boss), it was a perfect blend to this perfectly slice pieces.

Home Made Parsley Pork Balls / Pork Slice

Home made dishes are usually looked up upon. The mere mention of home made will raise your bar and expectation.

We were told that the Parsley Pork Meat Ball was made by the Chinese chef. Of course, he uses a special recipe to marinate the chopped meat. Frankly speaking, I have never eaten a pork meatball that comes with Parsley. Most of the time, the pork meatball that I have eaten will use either a preserved vegetable like “Tong Choy” or cuttle fish but Parsley is another ball game.

To me, it was just okay and didn’t spring any surprise to my palate. Better to eat it with the herbal soup and make sure you don’t overcook it as it will be dry and hard.

The marinated pork slice was much better. I usually preferred fresh meat compared with processed foods. They are 2 main advantages, one you can control on how much to cook it whether medium or well done. Secondly, the flavour can be jive in with the soup and when you are done, the soup will become a strong broth when you finish all your food.

Spicy Chicken – Sze Chuan Style – Real Hot Stuff

This is a courtesy special dish from San Hui Wei. This is not in the menu. You can order ala carte for this dish.

This simple looking chicken dish is very spicy. Laden with dry chillies, fresh chilli padi and chilli oil, this dish is super spicy, even for me, where I am used to very spicy food.

The unique part to this dish is when you take your first bite. Surprise as it seems, it does not taste that spicy. As the chicken goes into your tummy, you start to realise the degree of spiciness that is expunge out i.e the more you eat the spicier it becomes. My friend Mr. Kong was perspiring profusely with every piece of chicken eaten.

But one thing funny about this dish, it is quite addictive (if you can stand the spiciness) the more you eat, the more you want to take another piece. This dish would have been a perfect match for any the alcoholic drink especially a cold beer. Indeed this dish is that it bears the resemblance to the Chinese saying of San Hui Wei which literally lingering taste and that is how the name of the restaurant was taken from.