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Saturday, February 10, 2018

An Viet Vietnamese Yee Sang CNY 2018 @ Sunway Pyramid Mid Valley

An Viet Sunway Pyramid

Thru the years Yee Sang or "Loh Sang" has evolved from what it was during the early seventies; those days; they were just "Chat Choi Hong Wan Yee Sang".

An Viet Gardens Mid Valley

But nowadays Chef is a real creative lot when it comes to Yee Sang. We have eaten a fair bit of variations especially this year and now at An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant they have the Vietnamese Yee Sang.

Staying true to Vietnamese cuisine that emphasizes fresh ingredients, An Viet yee sang features fresh salmon sashimi complemented with 100% natural fruits and vegetables, such as banana blossom, home-made pickle, radish, dried lotus seed, green mango, roasted peanut, water apple, carrot, pomelo, and lettuce.

An Viet Chinese New Year Promotion

Toss with the specially concocted Vietnamese inspired dressing infused with kaffir lime leaves for a wonderfully refreshing treat.

An Viet Ang Pow

The serving portion is good for 4-6 people and RM39.90. For more information please visit An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Facebook Page

An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid Location Address Map

An Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Gardens Mid Valley Location Address Map 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Kota Damansara Food: GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Kota Damansara Food GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Looking for authentic Vietnamese food around Kota Damansara can be quite challenging. We recently chance upon GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant located at 7, Jalan PJU 5/6, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor which offers popular Vietnamese Street Food at a value for money prices.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Started about five months ago GUESS WHAT Kota Damansara offers a variety of famous Vietnamese street food like Pho, Banh Mi and others. It has a modern setup that diners can enjoy their dishes in a colourful and lively environment.

Kota Damansara Food

We started with an order from the appetizer menu which the first is the popular Vietnamese Rolls called the Summer Rolls (RM6.90). The Chef which hails from Vietnam has concocted a special spicy peanut sauce as the dipping sauce for the rolls.

Next on is the Deep Fried Summer Roll (RM6.90) which has yam, Taugeh and carrot as its filling. Nice crisp on the outside with a juicy filling.

For me, the next appetizer is my favourite which is the Fish Sauce Chicken Wings (RM6.90). Marinated with premium quality Vietnamese fish sauce, it has a very savoury salty taste and has a fragrant aroma. You can taste the flavour down to the bones. Needless to day a second helping was on the card.

For the Pho, We ordered the Australian Beef Pho. This is a premium serving; as the meat is 100% Australian Beef. Sliced to a wafer-thin layer, it will curl up when mix with the hot broth. Nice springy texture. According to the Chef, each bowl will get 100 gram of meat slices. You can either order the normal Beef Slice RM13.90 while the premium Ribeye Beef Slice is at RM17.90. A real value for money considering the meat portion and the Australian Beef that is used. another point to note is that at GUESS WHAT, if you are not a fan of the Pho, you can request to replace it with Eggs Noodles or Rice Noodles for all its Pho dishes.

Next, we had the Beef Internal Organ (RM12.90). This Pho comes with Beef Tendon (my favourite), Honey Comb Beef Stomach, Sponge Stomach and Heart although you can opt for Beef Shin instead. The broth was flavourful as the chef uses the Beef Neck Bone as the main base ingredients with 5 to 6 different spices that are added to it. The slightly darker coloured broth is boiled overnight for more than 8 to 10 hours.

For those that love beef balls, you can also the Beef Ball Pho  (RM13.90) you can try this as the Beef Balls are 100% in-house made. It has a nice bite and firm texture. In order not to have wastage, you can order your Basil Leaves, Bean Sprout as a side order (RM1.50).

If you are not the beefy type, GUESS WHAT also offers Pork Noodles (RM8.90)which is topped with fried lard (Chu Yau Char) to gives you that finer porky taste.

The Chicken Noodles (RM8.90) is served with cut meat slices and a poached Half Boiled Kampung Eggs.

The fish that GUESS WHAT uses for its Fish noodles (RM12.90) are the Toman Fish which has a nice bouncy and flaky texture. While the broth used to cook these noodles which include the pork and chicken are cooked with chicken bones which has a much lighter taste.

Another not to be missed Noodle dish is the Clams Noodles (RM8.90). At this price and based on the number of clams that came in the bowl; it is a real value for money. Even a bowl of Pork Noodles from the neighbourhood coffee shop already cost RM6.50. What's more, you can taste the quality of the clams which has a juicy and firm fresh texture that is used to cook this noodle.

According to the owner, they would like to offers a variety of food at GUESS WHAT as some people are Rice people. To cater for this group of customers; there are a few varieties of Rice dish; the first of which is the Pork Chop Rice  (RM12.90). According to the Chef, the Pork and Chicken meat are marinated in garlic, honey, condensed milk and pan-fried to a nice crisp.

and the Chicken Chop Rice  (RM12.90). Each rice dish is served with a sunny side up. If you notice the colour of the yolk; it has a deep orange colour which is the character of the Kampung Eggs.

Another Rice Dish is the Heritage Coconut Rice  (RM16.50) which comes with a soup base made from the coconut water and cooked with fresh coconut flesh. We like the taste of the broth as it has a naturally sweet flavour of the coconut together with Beef Broth. It comes with the in-house made Beef Ball.

Banh Mi is also offered at GUESS WHAT. There are altogether 4 difference flavours that you can choose from which is Beef, Pork, Tuna and Chicken for RM7.90 each. The bread is custom made specifically for GUESS WHAT which still maintains the nice soft crunch and soft texture of the bread even after a while.

Currently, at GUESS WHAT they only serve one dessert and it is not a Vietnamese Dessert but a Malaysian dessert which is Durian Cendol  (RM11.50). According to the owner, the Durian Puree is sourced from the Betong (not Bentong), South Thailand. For me; I still prefer my Musang King Cendol which has a much more pungent bitter taste as compared to Thai Durian which tends to have a sweeter taste.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

For Vietnamese Coffee fans, you really have to order the Vietnamese Coffee served at GUESS WHAT. There are 2 variant of coffee that is served here; the first of which is Sang Tao 1 (RM5.90 Hot - RM6.90 Iced)

Vietnamese Coffee

while the second variant is the Phat Hai (RM5.50 Hot - RM6.50 Iced)  which has a chocolatey aftertaste. I like this. One of the characteristics of a real Vietnamese coffee is the strong taste of the coffee and even though you order the Ice Coffee, somehow even after the ice is melted, it does not really dilute the colour of the coffee.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant Location Address Map

Saturday, February 6, 2016

TAMARIND Restaurants Festive Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day 2016

Welcome to the year of the Fire Monkey with the special CNY Festive Menus from now until 22 February 2016 at all Tamarind restaurants. Featuring dishes inspired by the season, each restaurant’s CNY Festive Menu highlights seasonal ingredients and specialties without departing from their unique palettes and cuisine, resulting in a mouth-watering adventure! 

The highlights of Tamarind Hill, Tamarind Spring Restaurant menu; is the in-house made Yee Sang With Fresh Salmon priced at RM68+ (small) or RM88+ (large). Feast in a pack, with every group of 10, and get a complimentary large serving of Yee Sang With Fresh Salmon worth RM88+. 

Also on the menu are favourites such as Sang Choi Pao - Lettuce Cups filled with a Thai twist of Spicy Chicken

Or try out the Crispy Sea Bass With Tom Yum Paste, Himeji Mushrooms And Cherry Tomatoes

Or the succulent and firm texture Tigers Prawns in Orange Sauce with Eryngii Mushrooms

In addition to the homemade Yee Sang With Fresh Salmon found in Tamarind Hill, Tamarind Springs’ delicious festive dishes also include the Fish Maw And Crab Meat Soup, Stir-Fried Sea Cucumber With Mixed Mushrooms, Smoked Duck With Fresh Yoghurt Sauce as well as Assorted Tong Shui (Red Dates), among several other lip-smacking options.

Expect elegant dining in the heart of the city this Chinese New Year at Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur with unexpected combinations specialty dishes, such as the Cold Soft Tofu Served With Shaved Boito, Spring Onion and Soy Jus, Deep-Fried Oyster Mushrooms With Salted Egg Sauce and Bird’s Nest Panna Cotta.

While in Penang, dine like a Chinese tycoon at the turn of the century nowhere else but at Cheong Fatt Tze’s Restaurant, George Town, Penang.  Special dishes specially crafted by the chef are the Winter Melon And Seafood Soup; or try out the Braised Neptune’s Treasure Served In A Golden Pumpkin, where you can feast grandly with the restaurant’s take on exquisite modern Cantonese cuisine.

For Valentine 2016 which happen to fall on the seventh day of Chinese New Year, Tamarind restaurants will feature it's special Valentine’s Day Set Menus. Enjoy an evening filled with romance, ambience and of course, good food.

According to Tiffany Teoh, Sales Manager of TAMARIND Restaurants, “We are excited to share our unique flavour combinations this Chinese New Year. This time of the year gives us the opportunity to use seasonal produce that we have been looking forward to savouring and combine them with our authentic IndoChinese flavours, textures and preparations.

The results are a delicious celebration of what people continue to love about TAMARIND restaurants– a beautiful blend of cultures, coupled with authenticity and innovation, that go on create unexpected and immeasurably delightful experiences.”

*** Book Your Table Today ***

Tel: 03 - 2148 3200

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Tel: 04 - 2620 006

On behalf of +BestRestaurant ToEat , we would like to wish our readers "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and Happy Valentine Day.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Pho Vietz Vietnamese Restaurant @ Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur - Authentic Vietnamese Food

We, Malaysian especially those staying in the Klang Valley in particularly Kuala Lumpur are very lucky when it comes to food. We get restaurants serving a lot of different cuisines from all over the world.

+BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste out the new Vietnamese restaurant that serves everyday and popular dishes from Vietnam at Pho Vietz Vietnamese Restaurant located at No.2 Jalan Radin Bagus 7 Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

The design and decor is a rustic Vietnamese style which provides an easy dining environment without much fuss. Customers can choose either to dine indoor air-condition dining area or the al-fresco style at the side of the restaurant.

Our review started with a simple Vietnamese Prawn Salad (RM15.80). This salad comes with a special Vietnamese prawn cracker, gelatin like noodle strip, sesame seed with a lime infused dressings.

Next is a everyday food of the Vietnamese; which can be found almost everywhere in Vietnam is the Famous Vietnamese Baguette (RM10.50). The filling consist of an assortment of fresh vegetables that gives you a fresh crunch when you bite into it.

Followed by the Vietnamese Baguette With Pork Ball (RM9.90). The filling of minced pork meat together with vegetable gives you a meaty feel much like a burger but this baguette has lots of vegetable which is a healthy option as compared with the normal burgers.

We like this crispy Vietnamese Spring Roll (RM8.50). At first, we thought it was beancurd skin that was used to wrap the filling but it turn out to be the vietnamese rice roll that is used. Topped with crunchy peanut and a special sauce, we really like the taste of this spring roll.

Next on is another traditional Vietnamese dish which is the Fresh Prawn Roll (RM8.50). The fresh prawn which is wrapped in the rice paper roll with an enclosed chives gives you a fresh vegetable taste. Dipped with the accompanied sauce, the firm texture of the prawn has a delicious taste that give a nice bite.

One of the Vietnamese signature dish is the popular Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (RM17.90). According to Chef Kenny, the broth are made with 14 different herbs and are brewed for more than 10 hours to give it that special beefy taste. We like the fine texture of the noodle which was custom made specially for the restaurant.

After that we had the next Pho(Noodle) which is the Vietnamese Pork Ribs Noodle Soup (RM17.90). We love the pork ribs soft texture. Apparently the pork ribs are from the softer side of the ribs which is more tender. The soup base was a clear chicken broth.

This next dish has a lot of Chinese influence. It resembles the Cantonese Fried Hor Fun. It is called the Stir Fried Tiger Prawn Hor Fun (RM21.90). The prawn are fried and served as a topping to the Hor Fun while the silky Hor Fun are cooked with broccoli, mushroom and lots of onion which makes the sauce very tasty. Unlike the Cantonese version, no eggs are added to the noodle.

After that comes the Braised Pork Belly in Coconut Juice With Rice (RM26.90). This is another one of the special dish which Vietnamese eat it during the New Year. Almost every household will make a big pot of these pork belly and eaten throughout the festival. According to the Chef, the sweetness of the broth is from the coconut juice as there are no other flavouring required to cook this dish.

Followed by the Vietnamese Sour Soup and Caramel Fish Combo With Rice (RM30.90). This soup is a case of either you like it or you don't; as it has a very unique sourish taste not like the Tom Yam sour taste or the assam taste. The presentation was very nice as it comes with the fire still burning from the pot and look very interesting. One of the best sellers at the restaurant.

Our last dish for this review is the Vietnamese Rice Steamed Rice Crepe Roll With Minced Pork (RM10.50). This is much like the "Chee Cheong Fun" which is wrapped with minced pork.

So, for fans of Vietnamese Cuisine, we find most of the food very tasty and gives us an experience  once again to savour the special dishes without having to travel all the way to Vietnam.

Friday, December 5, 2014

KAFE VIETNAM - Bandar Puteri Puchong - A Touch Of Authentic Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine Review

There are not many restaurants in the Klang Valley that serve authentic Vietnamese food. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for a taste of Vietnam at Kafe Vietnam @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, located at 1, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri Puchong 47100 Puchong.

This little neighbourhood restaurant offers a simple décor that caters to a family dining experience.

One of only a few restaurants that serve Kopi Luwak (civet cat), the beans are collected from the wild as opposed to some which are held in captivity which force feed the cat to produce the beans. There are a number of blend that are served in the restaurant thru the ala dipping Vietnamese style.

The coffee blend is of a mixture of Northern and Southern Vietnam coffee beans with a 10% Luwak beans blend. It has a fragrant aroma with a strong coffee taste coupled with a slight chocolaty body. The taste lingers well in your mouth as you take each sip of this cuppa.

The dinner review started with some Vietnamese Salad, the first of which is GOI GA which is shredded Chicken, Onion & Herbs Salad. It has a very tangy and zesty taste with a tinge flavour of the herbs and the crunch of the peanuts.

The other Salad was the GOI BO BOP THAU i.e Beef Salad, the thinly slice meat was very tender and juicy. Serve with crispy crackers as the sides, which you eat with the salad, exact out a different texture to this dish.

The last salad that was served is the GOI RAU CAU TOM THIT – It is a Jelly, Prawn and Pork Salad. What they used is the agar –agar strip which was soften and mix with poached de-shelled shrimp with Pork meat mix in it to give you a special taste with fish sauce dressing.

You can’t say that you have Vietnamese food until you tasted the Vietnamese wrap and roll, which was served in a piece of dulang as a platter. This dish is called THAP CAM CUON.

To wrap your pieces, you first spray the wrap with some water then you place a piece of green lettuce, a leaf or 2 basil, followed by a small portion of each of the skewered BBQ minced meat, Chunky pork, prawns cake, spring roll, a little of the bee hoon, star fruit pieces and wrap it up. Eat it as it is or dip into the accompanied home made sauce. A truly Vietnamese tradition of eating wraps.

Next, we had a special Vietnamese Pancake called BANH XEO, I notice that quite a number of dishes are served with fresh lettuce and basil including this dish which is the Vietnamese preference method of eating their vegetables - FRESH. The pancake have pieces of pork belly slices which gives the pairing a unique taste.

We then moved on to try the specialty Vietnamese noodles dish of which the first is PHO BO which is Beef Clear Soup Koay Teow. The warm soup broth was very beefy in taste and aroma. With a special Koay Teow, a thinner type which was used, and the thinly slice beef, it was a hearty meal altogether.

The next noodle dish is the BO KHO – a mild spicy beef and carrot stew with Egg Noodles- The broth was very flavourful with an aromatic herbal and spicy taste. Add in the basil leaves and the raw bean sprout, you bring this noodle dish to another level.

After the noodles dish, we tried the COM CA XOI MO which is a special Fried Rice with Seared Oil Chicken. What is special about this dish is the way they cook the Chicken.

As the name suggest, the Chicken is cooked using hot oil that is seared over the chicken. Compared to deep frying, this method is much better to retain the juiciness and tenderness of the chicken meat while having a super crispy skin on the outside.

Another Rice Set dish that we sampled was the COM THIT KHO TRUNG ie Rice with Stewed Pork Belly and Egg. This pork belly stewed is cooked using Old Coconut juice.

The result is the superbly unique sweetness of the broth that lingers on our mouth long after our taste of this dish. It has the resemblance of the Teochew Style stew, but this is a much lighter and sweeter version which was the effect of the coconut juice that was used to stew this dish.

The next dish is a very special dish as the fish is from the native land of Vietnam, which is the COM CA BASA KHO TIEU – Rice with Black Pepper Basa Fish, by the way, the Basa Fish belongs to the catfish family. Although this fish is a fresh water fish, it does not have any smelly taste of mud in it. 

The smooth fish meat was cooked in a black pepper infused with premium fish sauce which was best eaten with the white rice until the last drop. Nevertheless, we needed a second order to fulfill our desire for more of this dish.

We had some side dishes which we had i.e. HEN XUC BANH DA – a special fried Safron Lala meat served with sesame crackers. The Lala are eaten with the special crackers.

Another side dish we had was the Fried Baby Oyster. I had never eaten oyster in this cooking style and it is a real experience to my taste-bud to taste the crisp batter while relishing the soft texture of the oyster from the inside.

Our dinner ends with the final dish LAU VIT NAU CHAO which is Fermented Bean Curd Duck With Yam, Kangkung & Mustard Green Hot Pot. The fermented bean curd paste was very well blended with broth and the darling of this dish it the duck to create a very delicious tasting broth. It was a very enticing and perfect end to our dinner review.

So, my search is over for a great and original Vietnam taste, as Kafe Vietnam @ Bandar Puteri Puchong will be my choice for a truly Vietnam experience. After your meal, you can also shop for some of the Vietnamese produce here too.