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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Food Trail - What To Eat in Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang

There are 2 things that Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang is famous for; One is the picturesque village & mountain views and the second is the food that is served here. After more than 2 hours of driving, we finally reached Sungai Lembing after our breakfast stop at Bentong Town.

As we arrived a little later after our stop at Sungai Pandan waterfall, it was already 130pm. After parking our car, we decided to take a walk to the food court hoping to try our luck whether there is any food store that is still selling any food.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing Tea House

When we arrive, most of the hawkers at the Sungai Lembing Food Court are already in the midst of cleaning and packing for the day. We then decided to take a walk around town to see whether any other shops are still opened; we manage to find one which is a Coffeeshop next to Kwong See Association (Lembing Tea House) which sells duck egg noodles. It looks more like the pan mee, but here they served it with a braised pork belly and some meatballs.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing Tea House Duck Egg Noodle

The taste of the broth was very tasty; much like the taste of the Japanese Ramen pork broth. The small bowl that we had was RM7.00 and RM10.00 for a big bowl not that cheap considering we gotten only 2 pieces of Pork belly and 2 meatballs.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing Tea House Abacus

mind you, this shop owner uses a Chinese abacus to tally your bills.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing Tea House Egg Tea

We decided to order one bowl just to try it out; while waiting for the noodle to arrive, the shop also sells some tea leaves and also the herbal eggs (RM1.50), which we decided to try one of it as well. The taste of the eggs are on a much sweeter note and lack the herbal tea taste that we like.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Suspension Bridge

After that; while walking around town, we met with some locals and chatted with them to find out what are our option for dinner. According to him, the most original shop that sells the famed tomato noodles is at the Restoran Hoover and ask us to check it out.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Noodle Factory

We then checked into Pollock View Resort and decided to do some sightseeing (you can check it out at the link below). After that; we visited the noodle making factory over the other side of the river, this place also sells the famed Mountain Spring Water Tau Foo Fa, we decided to give it a try and it has quite a smooth silky texture.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover

After that, we decided to have an early dinner at Restoran Hoover as we didn't have much for lunch. 

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover Wild Boar Satay

As we were walking over, a lady selling wild boar skewers were promoting her fare. We decided to order 5 sticks of the skewers and it tasted not too bad as wild boar meat tends to be firmer in texture.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover Thai Style Tilapia

Although it was just a little past 6, the restaurant is already fully occupied. After getting our table; we started to order some of their specialty dishes (recommended by the locals that we met earlier), we were told that they don't have anymore as it was reserved for some customer and for their next day customer. She mentioned, we should have booked our dishes earlier if we wanted those dishes. Anyway, we ordered whatever was available, and the first dish is the Thai Style Tilapia. The fish is fried to a deep crust and topped with some vinaigrette mango.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover Spring Onion Ginger Wild Boar

Followed by the Spring Onion Wild Boar Meat. We didn't like the taste of the dish, the texture of the meat was too tough and it didn't taste anything like what we expected.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover Minced Meat tau Foo

Next, is the Tau Foo with Minced meat. the dish is passable but the tau foo has once again scored better marks in Sungai Lembing.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Restoran Hoover Tomato Noodle

Our final dish is the famed Sungai Lembing Tomato Noodle. The noodles are pre-fried much like the Cantonese style noodle and topped with a tomato based gravy. We are not so used to it, it was quite like a mild version of a spaghetti sauce that you either like it or not.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Morning Sunrise View Bukit Panorama

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for an earlier night out as tomorrow we need to get wake up at 5am to trek up the Bukit Panorama to watch the first light of the day.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing San Seng Noodle

After spending more that 1.5 hours at the hilltop, we decided to trek down and have our breakfast at the Sungai Lembing food court which serves the much touted Spring Mountain Water Tau Foo. We were told that there are 3 different shops selling the same Tau Foo; one of the shops was not open, so we explore the 2 other shop and decided to ask one of the local which shop they fancied. 

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing San Seng Noodle Yong Tau Foo

According to the local, the other shop which is at the end of the food court is more popular with the tourist as they were featured in an Astro program but we decided to stick to the locals which the owner said that it is now in the 3rd generation-spanning more than 80 years history.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing San Seng Noodle Mountain Spring Water Yong Tau Foo

For Tau Foo fans, you will like the soft silky smooth texture of this Spring Mountain Water Tau Foo (RM0.80) per pcs.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing San Seng Noodle Curry  Yong Tau Foo

We were surprised by the generous portion of fish paste in each of the "liew"  which is the ladies fingers and green chilies (RM0.70 per pcs), here we have it in the curry soup. you can choose either the clear soup or the curry.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Lembing San Seng Noodle beef Brisket Ngau Lam Mee

Another dish that must be tried from this store is the Beef Brisket Noodle Ngau Lam Mee (RM5.00). Fragrant and braised to a soft firm texture. Loves the taste and texture of this Ngau Lam.

Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang Honey Lime

There is one more specialty item from Sungai Lembing which is the Honey Lime Drink (RM14.00) which you can purchase to be made at home. This is the cheapest price that you can get from Sungai Lembing. He sells the Eggs Chee Cheong Fun too but we were a little too late; he sold off before 9.30am.

After our satisfying breakfast meals, we check out and left Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang to continue our journey to Kuantan. More on this in our other post below.

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Sungai Lembing Bukit Panorama

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bentong Food - What To Eat and What Not in Bentong Pahang

Bentong town in Pahang is a very popular stop for travelers to the east coast. This is the town where many people will make a pit-stop before continuing their journey. There have been many blog site featuring Bentong Food, so on one our latest food trail to Sungai Lembing and Kuantan for a short break, we decided to try out some of these recommended food places.

We started very early in the morning so that we can reach Bentong by 8am to have our breakfast in Bentong town which is famed for its Wantan Noodle. 

As we arrive at the Kedai Kopi Yuen Kee which is next to the Bentong morning market; it was already very pack; we started looking for a seating place at the coffee shop. It looks like every table is waiting for this Wanton Noodles. We were hoping for a real treat.

Upon our order of the dry wanton noodles, we also decided to order the Yong Tau Foo like every table does as the waiting time is about 45 min to 1 hour for the wanton noodle.

The verdict of the Yong Tau Foo was not bad, we like the Tau Foo Pok, as the texture was quite soft and smooth compared with those from KL which has a firmer texture. 

we also order the others "Liew" like the Bitter Gourd, Brinjal and Fried bean curd which the verdict is passable. 

Next, we tried their Chee Cheong Fun from the same store, but the sauce fails miserably and it has a taste that we are not really accustomed to.

Our order of the Wantan noodles came soon after we finish our Yong Tau Foo. There were very little pieces of thin slices of Char Siew and taste wise there are nowhere frankly speaking is nowhere comparable with any of the KL wanton noodle seller. 

The dry wanton noodle which was ordered was just drenched in black thick soya sauce and no other taste. We were really disappointed after all the hype and waiting for this must eat in Bentong. The only saving grace was the Yong Tau Foo in this Kedai Kopi Yuen Kee.

We then left to go to the KOW PO ice cream shop which has been in business for more than 40 years. As it was 930am, the shop is not opened yet as can be seen in our photo, but after some chat with Mr. Kow, he obliged to sell us some of his ice-cream for us to taste as we told him, we are from KL and on the way to Kuantan and won't be coming back.

The Ice cream is made fresh and has many flavors to choose from. We tried out the peanuts flavoured ice cream (RM3.50 per scoop).

and the chocolate flavours which was really chocolatey and has a very smooth soft texture. We left Bentong after our ice-cream stop and continue our food journey to Sungai Lembing, Kuantan. More of this in our other post below.

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