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Thursday, 12 October 2017

OutDark SS15 Subang Jaya - Korean Popular Hipster Restaurant

Experience the Outdark dining experience at SS15 Subang Jaya its' 47th store.

It is a very popular hipster restaurant and was started in Busan, Korea which serves Korean fusion food. Outdark has a very relax and cosy ambience where it is a place where youngster like to hang out.

For starters, we had the HAEUNDAE KIMCHI JIJIM (RM25.00). This is a vegetarian pan-fried pancake with Kimchi and vegetable topping.

Another starter that we had is the OUTDARK FRIED CHICKEN; the fried chicken here is served as boneless making it easy to eat and also as a bite-size to accompany your favourite drink. There are a number of flavours to choose from but we had the Original flavour (RM45.00). One of the nice things about Korean Fried Chicken is many of the restaurant chain uses Premium Oil and OUTDARK is no exception to this.

The Seafood Halmae Ddeok Bokki (RM67)) is a combo platter which consists of Seaweed Rice, Fried Chicken, Kim Chi, Sweet Corn and a combo of Mozzarella Cheddar Cheese. Served in a specially designed hot plate with a special Korean sauce and Toppokii.

Next on is the Dam Yang Beef Ddeok Galbi (RM69.00) a dish which consists of Ground Beef Patties with Honey Garlic Korean Sauce and serves with Rice, Cheese and Assorted Vegetables.

Followed by the  Cheese Kingdom (RM88.00) - Marinated Chicken Meat with Spicy Korean Sauce served on a hot plate with Rice, Cheese and Assorted Vegetables. To eat this, each piece of the seasoned Chilli Sauce Fried Chicken are wrapped with the lava-like cheese.

The melted cheese is used to wrap the Fried Chicken.

Next, we had the Chef Choi Hot Pot (RM65.00) which is filled with mushroom slices and topped with seasoned beef strips and vegetables. We like the broth that came with the hotpot. Once you have eaten the ingredients, you put in the white rice and gives it a few stir; and you have made a porridge.

Makgeolli is a traditionally made from rice grains. It is originally popular among farmers but has since been popular with the younger generation especially the women. But here at Outdark, they served their brand of Makgeolli which enables you to enjoy fresh fruit and the unique taste. We were ordered the Apple Mango Makgeolli (RM37.00).

Our second after dinner drink is the Subank Soju (RM45.00) a creation of watermelon with Soju. Quite a popular drinks in Korean restaurant nowadays.

So, there you have it, Korean fans can enjoy all the delicious and lip-smacking dishes at OutDark Subang Jaya SS15.

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pelicana Chicken - New Flavour Launch - The Garlic YangNyeom Fried Chicken

Mention about Korean Fried Chicken, Pelicana Chicken brand will pop in mind. Recently +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to try out a new flavour of this Korean Fried Chicken which is the Garlic Yang Nyeom flavour at the newly opened outlet at Atria Shopping Gallery T 23 A, Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

According to Pelicana Chicken Malaysia, more flavours will be making its way to Malaysia. This is to enable more Malaysian to enjoys this special sauce based fried chicken in Malaysia.

We started the review with The Garlic YangNyeom Fried Chicken (RM 9.50 (4pcs), RM 18.90 (8 pcs), RM 32.90 (14pcs)), which has a strong garlicky taste but this flavour is not spicy at all, although a little pungent from the garlic flavour.

The Chicken are first fried to a crisp and then coated with the special garlic sauce and topped with fresh garlic. For garlic lovers, you will find drool on this garlic infused flavour.

To complement the new Garlic Fried Chicken flavour, we had the Pure Chicken Breast Salad 
RM 12.90. This salad is laid with garden green lettuce with fresh cherries tomatoes,  an egg cut into quarters, and topped with fried chicken breast meat with a special mayo based dressing. 

Another new dish is the Pelicana Ramen, it has a creamy based soup based much like the nyonya laksa served with springy firm texture ramen (quite similar to the instant noodle ramen texture) and topped with shredded carrots. This Ramen is served with crispy chicken breast nuggets as a side dish.

For those that like to know about the other flavours which are offered by Pelicana Chicken, please click on the link below for our earlier review. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken - ECurve Mutiara Damansara - Delicious Korean Fried Chicken Review.

Most people just loves fried chicken; but a Korean Fried Chicken just came to town. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to taste out the new Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken located at Level 1, Lot 1-43, eCurve Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken was established in 1982 in Korea and today has more than 2000 outlet throughout the world. The decor is one of a fast food restaurant style; where you order your delicious fried chicken and then enjoy it.

One of the unique point of Pelicana Fried Chicken is the special recipe batter that it uses to coat the chicken; it does not absorb too much oil during the frying process. This helps the fried chicken to show not too much traces of oil and it also maintain the crispiness even after leaving it for a while. The chicken that is used at Pelicana is a premium chicken which must meet the minimum weight so that each piece of chicken is consistent in its serving size.

Besides serving the 5 types of original Korean Fried Chicken, Pelicana also serves burgers too - much of this later but let start with the signature Fried Chicken.

There are 5 different flavours of Fried Chicken that are served at Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken; the first of which is the Peli Crunchy Fried Chicken.

Smothered with a secret recipe batter, the chicken wings and drumstick are firstly coated with this batter and deep fried to a golden crunch and crisp chicken.

Koreans really love to eat their Fried Chicken with a sauce coating; which the first one; of the four flavour that we are going to eat is coated with the original sauce which is a peanut based sauce that has a tad of slight sweetness and very low spicy taste.

This is the called the Peli Yang Nyeom Original Chicken dose with sprinkle of sesame seed. Note: All the chicken is using the same batter to coat before frying.

While the next is the Peli Yang Nyeom Spring Onion Chicken.

From the taste, we could easily taste that wasabi was one of the ingredient used to make the sauce. 

Next, we had the Peli Yang Nyeom Charcoal BBQ Chicken.

This sauce has a second level of spiciness in it. After your first bite, the spiciness taste will lingers around your mouth for some time. It has that special after effect. For those who loves to eat their chicken that has an oomph, you might want to give this a try.

The last flavoured sauce it the Peli Yang Nyeom Hot Spice Chicken.

This sauce have a level 3 spicy level; in that after your first bite, the spicy taste lingers not only in your mouth but in your throat. Seriously, I too find the spicy level a tad too high for me. If you really game to try this my suggestion is either you be prepared to order lots of ice water or

for me a Pina Colada which is a Pineapple Coconut smoothies to go with the Hot Spice Chicken.

At Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken, the side dishes that are served is the seasoned raddish (Musaengchae) , Seaweed salad (Miyeok Muchim) and the Korean Fragrant Rice. The rice is cooked with seaweed and black sesame which was a good complement to the Fried Chicken.

For a big family or a group of friends, you can opt to order a special platter which can be eaten either as a 4 pax or 6 pax set. Ordering this platter allows you and your friends to taste the different flavours of Pelicana Fried Chicken and side orders.

For those that prefers their chicken to be eaten as a burger, you can opt for the Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger which has a piece of golden fried chicken fillet served with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.

or if you not game for any chicken, you can try out the Peli D'Fish Spicy Burger which is replace by a piece of Fried Fish Fillet.

If you are a real fan or just plainly loves Fried Chicken, you might want to go to Pelicana at the Curve to enjoy this delicious Fried Chicken.

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