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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chinese New Year CNY Menu 2018 | Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Get Together, Toss For Prosperity & Let the Feast Begin at Eastin! 

To usher the auspicious Year of the Earth Dog; Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur has developed its Pork Free Chinese New Year CNY Menu 2018 that conveys an abundance of wishes for prosperity, wealth, success and happiness to its diners.

Celebrate this festive Chinese New Year with families, friends and loved ones and be prepared to feast in wholesome and sumptuous meals for a great start of a brand new year. 

Among some of the popular festive dishes Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur has exquisitely blended both traditional and modern flavours to cater for both the young and old alike.

Our festive dinner started with the Prosperous Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang With Rice Crackers.

For the soup, we had the Double Boiled Superior Shark Fin Soup With Fish Maw American Top Shell and Dried Scallop. Filled with top seafood quality and flavourful ingredients; this fragrant soup which is double boiled has extracted all the natural flavours of the ingredient into one. Although we felt a little guilty having to consume the Shark Fin's; the taste and quality of this soup; not even a single drop is left in the bowl.

The next dish which is the Steamed Capon Chicken Traditional Style scored in many angles and was a clear favourite among the diners that night as the smooth firm texture and the taste of the chicken meat was noticeable on the first bite. The cooking method calls for the special preparation and the use of quality Chinese Wine and herbs that extracted its flavours into the chicken.

The second main course is the Oven Baked King River Prawn With Cheese. This style reminiscent very much to Au Gratin Lobster. But instead of serving lobster; the Chef uses the King River Prawns (Sang Har). The reason being is the King River Prawns has more roe in its big head and marries well to the combination of Mozarella and Cheddar Cheese. The meat was also firm and succulent.

For the fish dish; we were served the Steamed Cod Fish With Superior Soya Sauce and Black Fungus. Using the soya sauce enables us to really taste the natural taste of the freshness of Canadian Cod Fish fillet with its' snow-white flesh. It has been quite some time; restaurant in Klang Valley serves the Codfish as it is quite pricey for a premium top quality fish like this and not many can do it right.

No New Year will be complete without a prosperity sounding dish like Braised Abalone Limpet Sea Cucumber and Dried Oyster With Garden Greens. With a full list of prosperity and fortune sounding ingredients; this dish is almost a certain appearance in most Chinese New Year meal. 

Another must-have for the festive season is the Claypot Fragrant Rice With Preserved Waxed Meats. I must say that as a Pork-free restaurant; making this rice dish delicious can be a real challenge. Most of the time, when it comes to the rice dish; almost everyone will have their stomach filled to the brim. But when we started tasting this rice dish; it was so delicious until we have to take a second helping and the third as well until no even a single grain is left.

For desserts, we were served the Sweet Duet and

the Double Boiled Snow Lotus With Longan and Snow Fungus. Served cold; it was indeed a refreshing end to our meal.

From the 15th January to 2nd March, Ee Chinese Cuisine offers sumptuous festive set menus starting from RM688nett alongside with Reunion Buffet Dinner at Swez Brasserie at RM148nett per adult on the eve of Chinese New Year and is ideal for gatherings with family and loved ones. 

Get an early start to ensuring prosperity, good fortune and happiness as you ‘Lou Hei’ 
to a prosperous New Year with Ee’s Yee Sang moment with live Geoduck, Abalone, 
Salmon Trout, White Tuna, Jelly Fish, Smoked Duck, Sea Bird’s Nest and a couple more starting from RM98nett per serving. Remember to toss higher for greater fortune and good luck! 

Ee Chinese Cuisine has many specialty and signature dishes that you may order from the menu which are the Ee’s Signature Roasted Pei Pa Duck, Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Steamed Live Star Garoupa, Steamed Farm Chicken with Chinese Wine & Herb, Oven Baked King River Prawn, XO Fried Rice with Preserved Wax Meat in Lotus Leaf and many more are available for lunch and dinner. 

For bookings and reservations, call us right away to secure your seats to avoid any disappointments. Call Ee Chinese Cuisine at 03 7665 1111 ext 137 & 138, Swez Brasserie at 03 7665 1111 ext 183 or Whatsapp 012- 251 0296.


In addition, reward your team by organizing an appreciation dinner with your colleagues, 
clients, business partners and so on with our Special Banquet Chinese New Year 
Sau Gong Set Dinner or tailor-made buffet dinner menu upon request from RM118nett per person with a minimum of 40 persons. Call 603 7665 1111 ext 311 / 340 or for more details on the menu and other arrangements. 

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