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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Porki Society @Sea Park Petaling Jaya - Boat Noodle - All Pork Review Best Restaurant

The Porki Society @ Sea Park Petaling Jaya is a new Boat Noodle Restaurant located at 10, Jalan 21/19 Sea Park, Section 21, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Boat Noodle is one of the latest food craze in the Klang Valley these days. Most of the time, it is more of the fun of doing it rather than really going for the food.

Boat Noodle is a street dining concept from the Land of the Smiles - Thailand. Currently, there are many proprietors bringing this concept into Malaysia, to cater to this latest craze.

The Porki Society concept is using plain daily material like wood pieces to make it into colourful stool and tables. Concept wise it looks like the wood use from recycle material – a clever deployment of a lively hawker like outlet. 

The seating concept is one of a Thai fast food outlet and provides a nice environment for some simple and quick meal

One of the main focus for Porki Society is the main ingredient is PORK. So every dishes that are served here are PORK based. So, if you are a pork lovers, this is the place for you.

To start off, we had of course the boat noodle itself i.e. there are 2 version one which is dry which can come with the normal Mee Hoon 

or Dry Rice Noodles

and the other soupy version which you can also choose to have the Mee Hoon. 

Soupy Rice Noodles –  the dark Thai sauce flavoured broth has a unique taste with the use of the special Thai fish sauce and it has a slight burnt taste – which lingers throughout the restaurant.

Both the version has a small serving of the noodles, with a piece of slice pork and ½ a meat ball, some pork liver cutlet, some bean sprout and aromatic coriander leaves.

I find the noodles and all the snacks which go pretty well with the spicy chilli dip sauce. The chilli sauce is a little spicy for some but was just good for me.

At The Porki Society @ Sea Park they serve a variety of tasty Thai street titbits / snacks which, among some of the favourites that are served in this restaurant are as below

The CAP MOO PORK RINDS – which is actually Pork Skin in thin cut out like twisties or fries like pieces which is deep fried to a crisp – It is very crunchy, which is good as a snacks and will be a perfect pairing for some cold beers.

LUK CHIN MOO – PORK BALL IN SOUP – The pork meat ball was very juicy and tender with strong dry squid pieces, which help to enhance the overall taste of the meatballs. 

This was then followed by MOO TUN SIGNATURE MARINATED PORK which taste and looks like some braised pork cutlet, the gravy was tasty and the meat was braised until it was tender not overcooked. 

Next, we had the MOO LUAK CHIM – SIGNATURE AROMA PORK. This is actually slices of tender pork in plain soup. It tasted like the one we had for our Chinese Pork Noodles. Although the taste was a bit plain, eaten with the chilli sauce, it add a new dimension to the taste altogether.

MOO TOO PORKI – This pork is like a mini fried pork chop fillet. I like this as it was like a fried to the right texture, which was still crisp on the outside and you can really taste the marinade extruding out from the tender chewy pork meat with every bite. 

This dish is very addictive, in that you will find you want another piece as you finish a piece and so forth. 

MOO PING PORKI BBQ – This is very much like the Malaysian Satay, quite nicely grilled but a little expensive as it cost Rm4.90 per 2 pieces. Each of the grilled skewer was individual grill and was still succlent

Again, very addictive to eat and also a nice pairing if one would to eat it with a cold beer.

The Porki Society @ Sea Park is truly a unique dining experience of Boat Noodle. So, if you are really a big fan of this craze then you can give this place a try-out.