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Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Oak Bakery Cafe @Ara Damansara Review - Special Pasta and Pastry Review

There is a new cafe very near to the Oasis Ara Damansara and Citta Mall that serves nice and delicious pasta, pastry and desserts. +BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to the post opening of My Oak Bakery and Cafe located at The Oak Suites, J-1-6, Block J, Pacific Place, Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara, Selangor.

The cafe is located at the new Oak Suites (condo) which is directly opposite to the Kelana LRT depot. The My Oak Bakery has its own pastry kitchen setup and as well as the main kitchen which dish out the other food dishes served here.

It has a very simple and cafe setting while you can also dine alfresco at the front and back portion of the cafe. 

Our review started with some of the special best sellers dishes which is the Spicy Seafood Spaghetti (RM18.80). It is served with a combination of de shelled prawns, white fish fillet, white-squid rings, mussels and lala clams. 

The flavourful base broth of the sauce was a clam(lala) based which is prepared in-house and cooked with sprinkles of chili flakes to give you the spicy taste. It was a subdued spicy level for our dish and customers can ordered with the spicy level a notch or two to suit to your taste.

This is then followed by the Squid Ink Pasta(RM18.80); of which the black pasta which is in-house made are specially cooked to give you a full bodied taste from pasta to the sauce which is also cooked in the Squid Ink.

Be prepared for a black lips treatment when you eat this dish, as the sauce is so intense with the squid ink. Prepared al dente the pasta was of the right texture and gel up nicely with the sauce.

The third signature dish is the Matcha Chicken Burger (RM15.80). The uniqueness of this burger is the bun itself, which is a Green Tea (Matcha) flavoured bun. It is served with French fries at the sides. The bun has a subtle taste of green tea while the black sesame added a different texture to the bite. This bun is in-house made and the thick chicken patties with mayo dressing just paired up the burger to give you a special feel to this simple dish.

The next dish is the Prawn Pink Fusilli (RM17.80) - it is a lovely red pinkish dish topped with generous portion of deshelled prawns.

The sauce is a special in-house creation which marries the tomato paste with a white cream based sauce; cooked with the de-shelled prawns which resulted with a thick pinkish sauce based that exudes a savoury strong prawn taste and flavours.

The last pasta dish that we had is the Ham And Cheese Penne (RM16.80). This is a white based sauce based cooked with slices of chicken ham.

After the main, it was time to taste some of the buns and Danish croissants that are sold here. The first that we tasted was the Mixed Nuts (almond and walnuts) Danish. 

followed by the Mixed Fruits Danish - we love the combination of the mixed fruits (raspberries, black and blue berries) and each bites gives you a simple crunch from the layered danish with a combination flavours of the slight sourish feel of the different berries.

To go with my pastry, I ordered a Caramel Macchiato (RM11.90)

For desserts, we had the Almond Bavarois (RM16.00) made with premium cracked almond pastry cream, fresh berries and almond crisp cookies to make this special dessert.

and the Hanjuku Cheese Cake (RM12.00) which uses a special combination cheese and topped with Blue Berries and flame to give you a slight burnt texture to this no bake cheese cake.

My Oak Bakery and Cafe @Ara Damansara really stand out for their specialty pasta and also their pastry product especially on the desserts.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Onde Onde Citta Mall Ara Damansara - Flavours Of Malaysian Street Food Review

There are not many restaurants or café that serves a wide array of Malaysian all-time popular street food in one restaurant. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for a food review session at Onde Onde Citta Mall Ara Damansara located at G-49, Ground Floor, CITTA MALL, No.1 Jalan PJU 1A/48 Jalan PJU 1, Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia.

Onde Onde Citta Mall has a modern and casual setup where you can lepak around with your friends and family over a cup of tea tarik or kopi santan and enjoy some kuih muih or have a traditional Malaysian breakfast of Nasi Lemak and end supper with some fried Kuey Teow with Duck Egg.

We started the review with some favourite appetizer, namely the first of which is the Pandan Chicken. This pandan chicken is very different from the one that we eat at the Thai Restaurant which had chicken pieces. The chicken meat here are minced with a recipe of spices and then wrapped with the Pandan leave and fry to a slight crisp. It is best eaten with some chilli sauce.

followed by the Penang favourite Chicken Lobak Platter – The chef used the chicken as the filling for the lobak, it taste great eaten on its own, in the platter there were also the fried taufoo and century eggs as another must have for a local favourites.

and the last appetizer was the Johor favourite which is Otak-Otak. The otak-otak serves here are a triangle in shape as compared to those that are thinly spread in the traditional daun nipah. Eating this otak-otak gives you a sense of a much meaty piece as you are able to taste the combination of the spices with the fish meat.

We then move to the noodles session, where we ordered 2 noodles the first of which is the Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow. I was a little surprised when it was served as I find that the Fried Kuey Teow was very evenly fried and the aroma of the duck eggs was very fragrant.

The only setback for this dish was there are no cockles in it although there was a generous amount of chicken meat and bean sprouts and some prawns to top it up with.

Next , we ordered the Signature Assam Laksa. I am a strong fan of Assam Laksa and I find this broth a little subtle to my taste as I am fond of the type where the broth is very strong and flavourful of the ikan kembung. 

After that we moved on to the Rice dishes, where we had the Belacan Fried Rice. I find this dish to be quite nice as the balance use of the ingredient and belacan was just right i.e. not too overwhelming that kills or overpowered the taste.

The next rice dish is the Nasi Lemak Istimewa Supreme which comes with the signature Ayam Berempah, Sambal Prawns and Otak-Otak and keropok. I find the rice to be aromatic and was cooked to be very grainy with just the right touch of santan. 

While the Ayam Berempah was fried to a gentle crisp on the skin and the meat was still succulent and tender on the inside. The mildly spicy fresh prawn sambal was a perfect match to the Nasi lemak without being too overpowering.

Lastly, for desserts, we had the first one which is the Cendol. The cendol was silky smooth and blended well with the concoction of the gula Melaka and the Red Beans. It is an ideal dessert to end our hearty meal. 

This was then followed by the Signature Durian Dessert. This is a real surprised to me as the durian that was used as the topping was very aromatic and flavourful. Even before taking the first spoonful, we could smelt the strong durian aroma from the bowl. Eating together with the ice shaving it was just a perfect dessert for me who loves anything durian.

The last dish for the night was the Golden Banana Fritters with Ice Cream. Here the banana was cut in half and the batter does not have that much of the crisp which would make it ideal to eat with the ice cream.

As for drink, we had the Pandan Cooler – it was a very refreshing and soothing drink that goes exceptionally well with the spicy food that we had.

Lastly, we had the Kopi Santan, which instead of using milk, they use santan to flavour the roasted coffee. For me, which loves thick and strong coffee, this version is just a tad too mild to my liking although I find the santan to be a good mix and something different for a change.

At Onde Onde Citta Mall Ara Damansara, you will be able to get to taste all the different flavours of Malaysian Street food in one place without the hassle of going to too many different shop or states to taste it.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

THE SALAD BAR @Citta Mall, Ara Damansara - Eating Healthy Need Not Be Boring Anymore Review Best Restaurant To Eat

Most of the time, the sheer mention about eating healthy, it usually means, not having delicious and mouth watering dish. What comes to mind about healthy food, is some boring and tasteless food. As the saying goes what is nice to eat is usually not healthy and what is healthy is usually not nice to eat?

With that in mind, I was initially hesitant to attend a food review session at THE SALAD BAR @Citta Mall, G-03, Ground Floor, Citta Mall, No 1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, expecting some green leafy salad and was preparing to go for a nice supper after this review. Find out whether we did have supper at the end of this review.

This is THE SALAD BAR second outlet, the first is located at Damansara Uptown where they have been operating for more than 5 years. The outlet here just opened about 2 months ago. The décor is simple and provide an ambience of healthy living. Over the years, the owner of the THE SALAD BAR, have set a mission to create tasty healthy food.

This was evident in the choice of ingredient used to create some of the special dish that suit the palate of healthy people looking to enjoy tasty healthy food. One of the critical factor in a salad will be the used of choice and fresh green vegetables.

The dinner session started with a delightful FRUIT SALAD BOWL - pleasing to the eyes with the bursting reds of the strawberries. Refreshing start.

This was followed by the BLOG SALAD which consists of olives, raisins, orange, dried apricot, onion and tofu with a special Asian dressings (premium soy sauce with sesame). It is rather unique but will take sometime to acquire the taste of it.

and the next one is the OLD GRANNY CAESAR WITH EXTRA AVOCADO – a plateful of goodness – this is an all-time favourite with chicken, cheese and herbs in Italian dressings mix with olives, tomatoes and boiled eggs. For us, we had the additional Avocado to top it up.

If having a standard SALAD is not your cup of tea, you can custom make your own salad by choosing on your own green i.e - 2 types, 3 toppings and 1 dressing to suit your own preference. 

For the main dish, we had the special CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE. This fried rice does not contain any rice, in fact it is all cauliflower florets cut to resemble rice and fried with mixed vegetable. 

We were taken aback when we tasted the first spoonful, it was everything you get acquainted to Fried Rice taste, the crunch on the cauliflower makes it a little crunchier and sweeter compared with rice. It is a real wholesome meal without the carbohydrate of the rice but tasted quite similar to fried rice. It is really great for those who love Fried Rice but not the carbohydrate in rice. You also have an option to spice it up a little by ordering the spicy version, which they add on freshly cut chilli padi. 

Next, we had the TOMATO PASTA – simple tomatoes based top with Chery Tomatoes. Really for tomatoes lovers. Light meal and a little sourish. Vegan can have this.

Another pasta we had for the night is the TUNA PASTA SALAD, this is a rather unique combination of 2 different dishes into one i.e. pasta and salad, which are usually eaten separately but is combined here for a change.

How can we have no meat no dinner, with that we were introduced to a special Fried Chicken, which is AIR FRIED CHICKEN CHOP. Using the Air Fried Cooking method, no oil is used as the chicken are not deep fried in oil, but using a special Air Fried Fryer to fried this chicken.

For the health freak which still wants to enjoy fried chicken, this will be a great substitute for you. Also, the Fries which, was accompanied with the chicken was also Air Fried. No extra oil and guilty feeling to worry about.

THE SALAD BAR @CITTA MALL also serves croissants and sandwiches. The first one that we tasted was the TUNA CROISSANTS. The first thing we notice was the generous amount of Tuna that was sandwiched in the croissants. 

and this is followed by TURKEY CLUB SANDWICH 

and the last one YO DAWG which is served on a ciabatta bread with Sausage 

For drinks, there are a collection of healthy smoothies of which we tried two of it, which is the MANGO BANANA SMOOTHIE – a concoction of Mango, Banana and Home Made Yoghurt.

the second smoothie was the PURPLE GLITTER SMOOTHIE – which has Dragonfruit, Lemon and Home Made Yoghurt in it. This one has a tinge of sourness, but can be very addictive after a full meal like the one we had here.

Final conclusion, not all healthy food are boring and tasteless. It depends on how it is being prepared and served with special sauce and ingredients that can make it tasteful, wholesome and healthy at the same time. Well, after such a hearty meal, we did not go for any supper.