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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pipers Restaurant - Mont Kiara - Friendly Neighbourhood Restaurant To Rejuvenate Your Stress Soul - Review By Best Restaurant

Finding a place to feel at home when dining out is usually not easy to find. Best Restaurant to Eat was invited to this quiet part of Mont Kiara. Pipers Restaurant located at the B3-06 The Fare 10 Mont' Kiara, Jalan Kiara 1, Kuala Lumpur.

Pipers Restaurant at Mont Kiara offer a relaxing pub café setting where you can dine to the soothing music played by a resident band on every Friday night and a jamming session for band to play on Saturday night.

Pipers Restaurant at Mont Kiara décor are simple in design while an open area by the side overlook the Mont Kiara areas and gives a calming sight during the evening sunset.

We started the evening with an appetiser which is the FRESHWATER SHRIMP & AVOCADO SALAD WITH COCKTAIL SAUCE. The poached deshell prawns was very fresh, firm, bouncy and succulent.

We had another appetiser which is the DEEP FRIED CALAMARI FRITTERS WITH BALI HAI SAMBAL. The calamari are first coated and then deep fried to a crisp. At Pipers they use the thick flesh calamari species which has a firm and springy texture and is perfect for deep frying.

The Bali Hai sambal sauce had a light spicy and sourish flavour; which comes from the use of the sauce of lime, vinegar, chopped tomatoes and cilantro. The only drawback was that the sauce was topped into the crispy calamari. We suggested to have the sauce served in a separate bowl, so that the deep fried calamari can retains its crisp much longer instead of turning soggy too soon.

After the appetiser, it was then followed by the soup, we were recommended to try out the SEAFOOD BISQUE. The verdict, this was one of the best seafood bisque that I had eaten.

The soup was so full of flavours and you can taste the unique sweetness of the broth in every spoonful. A check with the owner/chef Mr Carl Isaac reveals that his secret recipe and techniques in extracting the full flavours from the prawn head and shells together with salmon head and bones are the keys to all these goodness and natural flavours of these ingredient.

Our first main course of the night is the SLOW BRAISED BEEF RIBS. This is a special recipe that dates back at least more than 40 to 50 years; the chef got this recipe from a very old Hainanese chef and further improvised on it.

The result; is the meat of Australian Beef Rib, was cook until it was so tender, soft and full of flavours from the braising stew that was used. We were told that it takes more than 17 hours of slow fire braising to get to this quality and texture.

This braised beef ribs is served with a jacket potato with sour cream and topped with some crispy beef bacon and coleslaw as a side dish. 

I cannot really resist the temptation of not ordering a Lamb Shanks, as it is one of yours truly all time favourite. This version of Lamb Shanks that are served at the Pipers is the BRAISED LAMB SHANKS served on a bed of Polenta mash and sautéed vegetables.

The shanks was braised at low heat using a special recipe and simmered in red wine for more than 4 to 5 hours. The shanks pieces was not too overly soft, which I prefer, as some of those that I have eaten tend to be too soft and the meat breaks off too easily. 

I also loves those shanks that still need a little effort to tear off the remaining meat from the bones. Frankly speaking, I would have loved this shank to be served with silky smooth mashed potatoes which I am used to, as I find the polenta a little rough and coarse.

To close the wonderful gastro evening, we had the CRÈME BRULEE for dessert. 

At Pipers, I was pleasantly surprised that the car park is free and ample during the weekend when I was there; I am not sure about weekdays. So, if you like a quiet little place that serves nice western fare and love to have a little music to soothe your soul while dining, then make a date with the Pipers Restaurant Mont Kiara.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park Classic European Dining In The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur Review

Kuala Lumpur Food Bistro Richard Cafe Jalan Ipoh

Best Restaurant To Eat have discovered a quiet Classic European enclave restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur i.e. Bistro Richard strategically located at Lot 268, Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, at KL Performing Art Center (KLPAC) Sentul Park West area.

Although centrally located in Kuala Lumpur, after sometime in the restaurant you will be forget that you are in the city centre as this place is very quiet, with nice soothing music and the sound of the cascading water from the fountain of the koi pond besides the restaurant.

The main theme of the Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park is one of Classic European style with stain glass lamp shades and European furniture and décor.

The night started off with a soup which is CREAME OF WILD MUSHROOM SOUP (RM18.00) – it is a homemade soup with wild mushroom served with garlic baguette makes it a tasty, starter dish.

The texture of the soup was smooth, blended well with the earthy flavour of the wild mushroom and the natural milky taste of the cream.

It is then followed with the French style OVEN BAKED ESCARGOT WITH GARLIC BUTTER (RM28.00).

Each Escargot was buttered up with finely chopped garlic and herbs. The combination fragrant of the butter and garlic was very balanced with the chewy and musky taste of the escargot.

We then move to taste a Spanish delight which was the SEAFOOD PAELLA – (RM85.00) – it has the florally taste of the saffron and the spicy taste of the smoked paprika combined with the natural taste of the mussels, prawns, squids and clams.

This tasty paella has a bit of everything! Wonderfully comforting, flavoursome and colourful. The paella rice that was used is the fat and roundish type; the rice was rich, wet out and firm inside, caramelised slightly with the sauce.

Another French dish for the night is the COQ AU VIN (RM38.00)- it is a Braised chicken with red wine burgundy, bacon, mushroom and broccoli.

From the browning bits of the fragrant of the bacon to the golden crisp skin of the chicken and the fruity aroma of the burgundy red wine, leaves our taste-bud tantalized.

Next, we had the ROASTED SALMON (RM48.00). This dish is where the oven roasted salmon is topped with lemon butter sauce and served with steam vegetables & mashed potato.

The evenly and balanced roasting of the fresh salmon is evidently shown in each flakes of the salmon meat, while the lemon butter sauce add a zesty taste to balance off any fishy taste of the salmon meat.

The last main dish for the night was the BRAISED LAMB SHANK – (RM68.00). This Lamb Shanks is served with red wine sauce, tomatoes, fresh herbs and mushroom risotto.

The strong aromatic herbal taste of the gravy was subtle and infused into the tender firm meat of the Lamb Shanks. The meat does not have any gamey smells while the meat was of the right texture and flavourful perfectly matched with the mushroom risotto.

For desserts, we had the French CRÈME BRÛLÉE – (RM17.00) - It is a light and smooth vanilla custard where you are able to taste the strong vanilla taste, eggs and the milk flavours with just the right thickness of the caramelized burnt sugar on top of it.

For me, Bistro Richard @Jalan Ipoh Sentul Park would be an ideal place for you to have a quiet business chat over dinner or with your loved one to enjoy the relaxing ambience and food that are served.