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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Vegetarian Fine Dining @ Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Vegetarian Fine Dining Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

We had a first Vegetarian Fine Dining experience recently at the award-winning Samplings On the Fourteen Restaurant at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur (BTHKL).

With the increasing awareness of beautiful appearance and healthy lifestyles these days; many people from all walks of life are turning to vegetarian food. Starting April 2018; Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant have taken the initiative to offers its' guests with an option of healthy, balanced meals and dishes. The dishes are specially curated from different blends of vegetables and do not use any soybean-based processed food i.e. mock meats that are popularly used in other Vegetarian restaurants.

Chef Val Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Under Chef Val's stewardship, he has created a number of fusion vegetarian dishes using the natural taste of the ingredients and is presented exquisitely for diners to indulge in this healthy offering. 

Terrine of Roasted Pepper - Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

To start off the dinner, we were served the Terrine of Roasted Pepper as an appetizer which comprises of ingredient made out from beans and Peas jelly.

Seared Haloumi and Breaded Camembert - Vegetarian Fine Dining

This is then followed by a warm appetizer which is the Seared Haloumi and Breaded Camembert. Fans of these cheese are in for a treat, as these 2 differing cheese with 2 different cooking style which has a different taste and texture are both served in a dish. It is served with grapefruits, pickles and laid in a sesame dressing; that adds a tangy sourish taste to enhance the flavours of the cheese.

Wild Forest Mushroom with Truffle Forth - Vegetarian Fine Dining

For the soup; we were served the Wild Forest Mushroom with Truffle Forth. We love the strong aroma when the soup arrives at the table. The truffle forth further enhances the full mushroom flavour and taste of the soup. Eaten with a soft milk bun with every dip into this warm soup is a real delight.

Palate Cleanser - Mango Sorbet - Vegetarian Fine Dining

After 3 dishes with differing flavour; we were served the Mango Sorbet which is our palate cleanser. It is served on an ice cube which resembles a leaf. The Mango Sorbet was very fruity in taste and topped with cubes of mango

Chilled Soft Tofu - Vegetarian Fine Dining Dishes

For this Vegetarian Set dinner; we were served with 3 entrees; the first of which is Chilled Soft Tofu which is served with shaved fennel and yellow pepper coulis which were perfectly matched to the bland tofu.

 Maple Glaze Pumpkin - Vegetarian Fine Dining Dishes

The second entree is the Maple Glaze Pumpkin; This is served with the grilled King Mushroom and blanched Spinach layered upon the smashed pumpkin. A special taste which marries the naturally rich flavour of the pumpkin with the ingredients. Drizzles at the sides are freshly roasted sunflower and melon seeds to give a crunchy texture to the dish.

Steamed Dumplings - Vegetarian Fine Dining Dishes

The final entree Steamed Dumpling. The filling is the cooked shredded turnip which has a sweet taste.

Main Course Yam Rice - Vegetarian Fine Dining Dishes

For the main course; we were served with Yam Rice. Cubes of yam are used to enhance the flavour of the glutinous rice which is flavoured by the soy sauce with poached asparagus, sago and top with a piece of thinly sliced lotus root.

Dessert Chocolate Mud Cake - Vegetarian Fine Dining Dishes

For desserts; we had the Chocolate Mud Cake which is served with butterscotch. Decor on the sides is raspberries. strawberries, oranges and grapes that add a differing taste to this sweet dessert.

Night View Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This vegetarian dish is available starting April from Monday to Saturday from 630pm to 930pm. Diners can choose from the five-course dinner at (RM118 Nett per set), seven-course (RM148 Nett) or nine-course (RM168 Nett) or order a la carte dish at RM18 Nett.

For more information and reservations; you can contact Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur Dining Concierge at 603 2117 8000 (ext 8131) or email to

Samplings On The Fourteen Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur Location Address Map

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet Promotion @Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Kuala Lumpur Food Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Celebrate Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet Promotion at Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel with a festive spread that you can eat to your heart content.

Starting off with the Whole Roast Turkey Display Platter- Showpiece, Traditional chicken liver pate, Smoked salmon with traditional shavings, Walldoff Salad of Apples and celery with chopped Walnut, Turkey Ham Roll Platter- Cold Cuts, Cold German Potato salad

followed by the Slow Roast NZ Beef Sirloin

Poach Barramundi Fish Fillet in Lemon Cream Veloute for your Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

Stir-fried prawns with celery

English Buttered Western Vegetables 

Honey Mustard Roast Chicken Drumstick Au Jus

BBQ Green Shell New Zealand Mussels with sautee Brunoise vegetables

Spaghetti Aglio- Olio

For fans of the greens; you can taste out the Capresepomodoro, Nicoise salad,
cherry tomato, Japanese cucumber, young corn, peppers, shredded chicken with pineapple and curry dressing or American coleslaw with raisin.

For the Seafood on ice; there are the Green lip mussels, Poach prawns, Salmon Sashimi, Parrot Fish slices, Tuna slices, half shell fresh oyster, scallop, bamboo clam. To go with your cold seafood are the Cocktail sauce, lemon wedges, Soyu, wasabi, pickled ginger

Roasted Whole turkey with stuffing Glazed root vegetables- carrot, radish and candied sweet potato

served with Giblet sauce and cranberry jelly

Under the dessert section is Traditional X’ Mas Puddings- with Vanilla sauce, Chocolate Éclair- Mountain, Baked Boston Cheese Cake, Cream Caramel Custard, Vanilla and chestnut yule log

Dark chocolate yule log

Fruit Flan, Tiramisu, Minced pie, Christmas pudding with Anglaise, Fruitcake with icing, Pecan pie, Christmas spiced cake

For more information on the 2017 Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner at Big Apple with PocoTee RM 138.00, please call Big Apple Restaurant at 03 2117 8000 (ext. 8133), Samplings On The Fourteenth (ext. 8131).

Big Apple Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Location Address Map

Friday, August 5, 2016

Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant KL Imbi - Traditional Style Dim Sum Dishes

There are not many Chinese restaurants in KL Golden Triangle that serve traditional Dim Sum. One such restaurant is the Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant located at along Kampung Pandan (next to TREC KL) with ample parking place. Founded in 1999, this restaurant has been around for more than 17 years started off from Jalan Imbi, building a reputation for its' delectable and delicious spread of Chinese dishes with live seafood where you can pick and choose the freshest seafood to be served.

Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant offer diners with an option of open dining and private function that has a banquet ballroom that can cater up to 2000 pax per function.

Our review for today is the Dim Sum selection. Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant offers dim sum recipe originating from both northern and southern regions of China, local specials and the Chef's own creations that can satisfy most Dim Sum aficionados.

As usual, for all of us, we started with the Steam Dim Sum selection. Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant offers an ala-carte Dim Sum Menu of more than 30 dishes which you can order. Upon an order being made; the server will serve you piping hot Dim Sum to your table. The first to arrive on the table is the Crystal Prawn Dumpling (RM 8.00).

followed by the Steamed Fish Paste (RM 6.50).

the Steamed Pork Ribs With Black Beans Sauce (RM 7.00)

Beancurd Rolls

the special made Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (RM 8.50).

and the Steamed Rice Roll With BBQ Pork (RM 8.50) to end our Steam Dim Sum selection.

Next section is the Fried & Baked Dim Sum which the first was the Deep Fried Special Prawn Roll
(RM 8.50) which came with a special dipping sauce.

Followed by the Crispy Golden Bag (RM 8.50)

Special Crispy Yam Puff (RM 7.00)

Deep Fried Carrot Cake (RM 7.50) topped with meat floss; a unique twist on this dish.

Crispy Cheese Prawn Roll (RM 8.50)

and the Deep Fried Prawn Roll With Golden Sauce (RM8.50) to end this Dim Sum section.

We decided to venture to try out some of the signature dishes that are offered by Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant; one of which is the Curry Grouper (RM12 Per 100gm). According to the manager, you can choose the type of fish or part of the fish (eg Fish Head For Curry and the fish body for steam) for this Curry. We were amazed at the first taste of this curry which was served with an assortment of condiment which includes; the brinjal, long beans, tofu puffs (tofu pok), ladies fingers, and tomatoes. Although we were already quite full from the Dim Sum selection; the curry sauce was so good that we cannot let the sauce goes to waste. We just had to order white rice which needless to say was the perfect way to savour delicious curries.

If you still have some stomach space, you can also order the special Roasted Duck (RM 48.00) - promotion price which was roasted to have a crispy skin with a nice meat texture. 

Although serving traditional Dim Sum, the desserts served at Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant begs to differ as the Dim Sum Chef has infused some western eastern fusion dessert which caught us a little surprised. The first desserts are the Sweet & Sour Jelly With Lime Sorbet (RM 8.00), this was the all round favourite; as it has a sweet, sourish and refreshing taste that aid our digestion from the overwhelming dishes that we had earlier.

Next, we had the Special Pomelo Sago Cream (RM 10.00)

followed by the Special Honeydew Sago Cream (RM 8.00)

and lastly the Tropical Mango Pudding (RM 10.00).

The Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant with banqueting facilities can host your next private function; if you are planning to get married; you can also call them for the latest Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant wedding package.

GOLDEN DRAGONBOAT Restaurant Address:
No.10 Jalan Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 9281 1313/ 9933/ 6633