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Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa Faber Towers - 鉄板肉酒場 Japanese Izakaya

Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa Faber Towers

Taman Desa Japanese Food: There are a number of Japanese Restaurant at Taman Desa. There is one that was open a few weeks ago, which is Teppan Sakaba located at Lot G13, Faber Towers Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur which has its interior decor around the popular Japanese Izakaya theme. We had the opportunity to taste some of the dishes that is served here.

Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa Faber Towers

Upon entry to this restaurant you will be transformed to the likes of a Japanese restaurant which is colourful lite and blended with Japanese motif throughout the restaurant. You can relish on some of the Japanese dishes and most important it serves Japanese Sake and liquor that you can down with the street food style dishes.

Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa 鉄板肉酒場 Faber Towers - Japanese Izakaya 

Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa Faber Towers

For those that stayed in Petaling Jaya would have come across a similar outlet which is Tansen Izakaya in Damansara Jaya which we had review sometime ago. You can check out that review at this link. The key difference between these 2 restaurant is that Tansen has more seafood offering while Teppan Sakaba main speciality is their meat offering as you will read later in this blog post.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Kushiyaki

My favourite is the Kushiyaki offering which is a great starter dishes and one of the most perfect dish that can be paired with an order of the Sake. Freshly grilled, and with a dash of salt, it is just addictive to be eaten right from the skewers, Among my favorite are the Chicken Wings, Chicken Gizzard, Pork Belly and Leek. Prices start from RM4++.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Gyoza

Gyoza is another common snack found in most Izakaya, but what is different at Teppan Sakaba is, it is presented in a cast iron pot with a unique crispy layer of batter which is aptly named as Teppan Gyoza - RM17.00.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Osaka Bacon Okonomiyaki

Our next order is another snack dish which is Osaka Bacon Okonomiyaki - RM15.00. This comes with a slight sweet taste that is topped with mayonnaise and bonito flakes & seaweed strips.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Pork Mince Dashimaki

This dish is called the Pork Mince Dashimaki - RM13, a little unique with a minced pork meat that is rolled with egg topped with mayo sauce. 

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Curry Eggplant

After tasting the snack food, we moved to some main dishes that Sakaba offer, the first of which is the Teppan Curry Eggplant - RM18.00. Don't expect this dish too be too spicy though. This eggplant are cooked with minced pork meat which has a hint of mild curry taste. Ideal to be eaten with a bowl of white rice.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Garlic Fried Rice

We like the presentation and taste of this Teppan Garlic Fried Rice - RM11.00. It has a strong garlic taste which is bedded with a layer of fried eggs and topped with fried garlic to give that extra garlic punch.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Asian Beef Striploin

As mentioned earlier, Sakaba speciality are in its meat offering. This teppan dish has slight fusion of western influence in its cooking style but served on a Teppan cast iron which arrived at the table still sizzling. This Teppan Asian Beef Striploin - RM61.00 was cooked to medium rare and have a nice firm texture. Served with a sauce that has vinaigrette taste and served with garden green, a fried egg and white rice.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Western Pork Belly

The next meat dish is the Teppan Western Pork Belly - RM38.00. The Pork belly is Pan Fried and served with a sauce that we believe is miso based.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Pork Hamburg Curry Stew

Another unique dish served here is this Pork Hamburg Curry Stew - RM32.00. The hamburger steak is  cooked with a curry sauce and a poached egg. The meat which is pre-marinated has a firm texture. Scooping out each spoonful with the sauce was quite comforting. As it is served with a cast iron plate, the food are still warm even after leaving on the table for awhile.

Teppan Sakaba Menu - Teppan Tianjing Rice

The last dish that we tasted is the Teppan Tianjing Rice - RM23.00. This dish remind us of the Japanese Omu rice, as the rice are wrapped in fried eggs. It has a gravy that is cooked and laden on the egg-wrapped rice. With the gravy, it sort of remind us of a Cantonese rice dish which is "Mun Fan". 

Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa

You can now explore some speciality dishes instead of the those normal dishes that are found in most other Japanese restaurant. Happy tasting and enjoy your meal at Teppan Sakaba Taman Desa. 

Teppan Sakaba Menu Taman Desa Faber Towers 

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