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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Famous Hakka Poon Choi at Lee Hong Kee Sg Buloh By Best Restaurant To Eat

This year, somehow there were a lot of restaurant offering this special Hakka Poon Choi Dish. We had an opportunity to feast on this unique dish from a famous restaurant in Sg Buloh which is Restoran Lee Hong Kee located at 3, 5, 7 & 9, Jalan Kati GU 18/G, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, 40160 Sungai Buloh.

It is a bit of challenge to find this place, but once you are given the right direction, it should not be a problem. Together with some of my old buddies and family, we headed towards this restaurant. I have known this place for sometime but never really getting to go there to try this dish as it needs at least 10 or more person to finish this dish. So, this time around, we manage to find sufficient number to give it a go.

 Poon Chooi or some called it treasure pot is a combination of more than 13 different type of dishes into it. In a nutshell, for those who have not tried this dish. It is like having a 13 course dinner serve in a pot. Eating it for the first time is a real experience by itself.

Eating Poon Chooi, you start off with the top layer, which is the so-called dried dishes first. Our first attack is on the abalone. The abalone was poached and sautéed with a simple sauce to preserve the natural taste. It was succulent and firm.

Next, we have the fresh scallop served in the bird nest (fried beehoon) lookalike. Once that is done with, the next attack was the poached tiger prawns with white wine which retain the full flavour of the prawn.

After the prawns, the next attack was on the steam kampong chicken. The chicken meat was tender and contains the sweet taste of the succulent chicken meat.

As you move the pot around the next visible dish was the roast duck. Here, we find the roast duck lacking the crisp skin that would have made it ideal. Moreover the meat was quite tough, you have to use your finger to try to tear off the meat.

Round the next bend was the Fried Nam Yue Pork ribs (a little too dry and hard for me) and this was followed by the braised meatball and fish cake cut into long strips.

As we uncovered the following layer, which is the wet (braised) layer, we could see the braised chicken feet and this was followed by the Pork Trotter with chest nut, Braised Siew Yok.

We could also see the braised tau kan, terrapin fin and oysters too. I find this layer, with all the sauces infused at the bottom was a tad salty, you really cannot enjoy the dishes without any rice to go with it. But, if you order the rice, you would not be able to finish all the food in the pot.

Overall it was quite an experience eating this dish for the first time but frankly speaking at RM580.00 ++, you might want to think twice since it might have been better to order it as individual dishes and you can choose which one you like better rather than all serve in a pot, and you probably would have enjoyed it much better too.

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