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Sunday, January 31, 2016

One Utama Food: ROCKU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill Restaurant - Smokeless Charcoal BBQ Buffet

What is the first thing that comes to mind about Charcoal based BBQ; the unpleasant feeling of smoke both from the charcoal and the grilled food that engulf your entire body after the meal. But here at ROCKU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill 1 Utama Shopping Centre located at Lot F355/356/357 1st Floor RainForest No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya Selangor; they have a special system that will make a barbecue meal; a pleasant dining experience as you will find out later.

As most of us know that Charcoal BBQ Grill is the most authentic and flavourful method to grill ny type of fresh food (if perfectly done) as it will exudes the right balance of smokey taste and aroma to the meat or vegetables. Here at Rocku Yakiniku there is no chimney like structure used to extract the smoke but it is using a vacuum system that sucks out the smoke at the side of the BBQ stove; making it a very pleasant and comfortable way to eat BBQ in the comfort of an air condition environment.

Another specialty in dining at Rocku Yakiniku; is that in the evening from 7pm to 11pm daily; you will be entertained by a Live Singing Performance serenading popular songs while you enjoy barbecuing your meals. The concept of entertainment cum dining experience enables you to dine and wine in a comfortable environment while the enjoying the numbers that are belted out by the singers.

During weekends there are also special Live entertainment happening from 1pm - 4pm; and there are special Magic show performance on Saturday too.

Customers can start out their buffet from the snack bar which has small snack /appetizer type food like squid, jelly fish, Sushi, Udon, Fried Nugget, Fried Rice while waiting for the meat and seafood to be barbecue. 

Others pre cooked food selection include the Kaarage, Tori Hanbaga, Tori Gyoza & Togarasi Potatoes, Chawan mushi and etc.

For the fresh BBQ item, you can ordered either ala-carte or as a platter, we started with the Seafood Platter which consists of Prawns, Squid, Mussels & Scallops. You can also ordered it individually if you have preference for the different type of seafood of your choice.

Next, we ordered the Pork Platter which has Pork Belly, Pork Collar & Pork Bacon. Each individual order comes with 3 pieces of the meat. As it is cut into a very thin slice; it does not take much effort to barbecue these meat to right balance of smoky aroma blended with the natural taste of the meat.

We love the pork bacon as it has that special salty charcoal aroma taste after being put onto the BBQ pit.

For Beef lovers you can order the thinly sliced beef Platter which consists of 
Beef Chuck Tender, Rib-eye and Strip-lion slices.

or try out the special Lamb Shoulder with a special marinade.

You can complement the meat dishes with vegetables like ladies fingers, corn, capsicum, brinjal, enoki, mushroom and more from the salad selection.

For those that loves alcoholic drinks to go along your BBQ, you can also order your favorite  drinks like beers, sake or you can order the ice cream which has a silky smooth texture.

Prices for the BBQ buffet are as above.

ROCKU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill Restaurant is indeed the perfect get-together barbecue dining for you and your friends to enjoy without getting into a mess after the meal.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sazori Shabu Zone & Grill @ Sunway Mentari PJ - Buffet Steamboat Yakiniku All In One Review

Sunway Mentari is the capital when it comes to steamboat buffet, there are one too many restaurant serving the different variations of steamboat and BBQ buffet too.

Having steamboat buffet and BBQ at the same time in a nice environment is not easy. Most times you end up in open air restaurant due to the need for good ventilation from the BBQ.

We were invited for a food review session at SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI located at B-G-3A, Block B, No 1, Jalan PJS 8/15 Arena  Mentari, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, and were really impressed with the setup and unique way the food were served. 

Most steamboat or tasty pot restaurant especially the buffet type will be laid out in refrigerated buffet counter and tables where you need to make frequent trips to get you food but at SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI, the endless supply of food goes around your table by a special conveyor belt system much like the sushi bar.

This method of serving on a conveyor system is very popular in Japan and Taiwan, where its main benefits of using this method is of course, it is more hygienic, clean, uses less man-power and most important reduce wastages as each portion is small and can easily be consumed.

You take whatever you want from the conveyor system besides you, as it travels round you. In this way, you just relax in your table, pick your favourite food and decide whether you want to have it as steamboat or BBQ.

It is so convenient and easy. What’s more it is more hygienic too i.e. no more messy food at the counter and food that gets spill on the floor and etc.

The environment in SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI is also very conducive and pleasant place to dine. The décor is very up-market for a steamboat (Shabu-Shabu) and Yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant.

To start off, you can firstly, decide on the soup base, of which, there are four types which is Clear Chicken Soup, Beef Soup, Tom Yam and the unique soup which is Ponzu soup. Ponzu is a special Japanese sauce but this was made into a soup that has the sourish and salty taste. 

My preference was the Beef Soup, Tom Yam and Clear Chicken Soup.

You can choose the 6 types of home made sauce which is the Sazori Specialty, Home Made Peanuts Sauce (my favourite), Roasted Sesame Sauce (2nd choice), Sweet Sauce and Chilli sauce.

We started by ordering the wafer thin slices of beef and lamb, which were both perfect for the hot steaming steamboat and BBQ. These slice meat have to be ordered from the waiter and is not making any round on the conveyor.

This is so, as the slice meat have to be straight out from the kitchen and if left out in the open for too long would not be nice and fresh anymore.

The chicken fillet was also very well marinated and was especially nice when you BBQ it as the flavours from the marinade is extracted out during the roasting process.

There were so many choices of fresh seafood selection to choose from which were Fresh Tiger Prawns, Lala, Mussels, Brown Squid, White Squid and more.

The choice of delightful mushroom like Enoki, white mushroom, king mushroom, button mushroom and etc was aplenty too as you can see them making its round on the conveyor system.

and a wide variety of fresh green vegetable

followed by pudding for desserts

and free flow of smooth ice creams, which has flavours of milky chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, cappuccino, yam, strawberry and cendol too.

and you can enjoy unlimited cold drinks which are already pre-packed in the plastic covered cup, instead of just dispenser from other restaurant.

By the way, there is also an unlimited refill of green tea (ocha) at the drinks counter.

For dinner, there are a few extra specialty, which is CHICKEN GYOZA,




Overall, the dining experience was very nice and as mention, the fresh BBQ and steamboat ingredients from the buffet menu that was served at the SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI was worth the money spent. 

So, the next time, you want to eat steamboat and BBQ, entertain guest, company dinner, parties and is particular to have a clean, hygienic, up-market and most important fresh and tasty soup base in Sunway Mentari, then head over to SAZORI SHABU ZONE & GRILL @SUNWAY MENTARI to give it a try. There is also a parting gift of PREMIUM FORTUNE COOKIES.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yakiniku Ishiya @ Kota Damansara Strand Encorp Mall Japanese BBQ Best Yakiniku Review

BBQ has always been one of my favourite meal as this dish is simple and with the right marinade will blossom up the full flavours of the meat. We were invited to try out a Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ meat) Restaurant outlet which is Yakiniku Ishiya @ Kota Damansara located at 58G & 60G, Jalan PJU 5/22, Encorp Strand Pusat Dagangan  Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Yakiniku Ishiya started in Dec 2013 and is one of the household name when it comes to BBQ in Japan, we understand that there are 10 such outlets in Japan which started its roots from Kyoto Japan (which serves nothing but BBQ only).

The décor of Yakiniku Ishiya is very Japanese and even the table was specially imported from Japan and this includes the BBQ roaster set. These table and roaster set provide a smokeless BBQ and you can dine in the comfort of an air-conditioned cosy indoor area.

We understand that there are very stringent in the quality of the serving and the entire operation in that their Japanese counter parts pays them a monthly visit to ensure that there is consistency in the entire operation of Yakiniku Ishiya @ Kota Damansara.

One of the most important criteria about BBQ is in the Yakiniku recipe, Yakiniku sauce and of course the fresh quality meat and seafood which are marinated with the secret marinade recipe and the special concoction of tare (dipping sauce) which enriches the naturally flavour of the meat.

At Yakiniku Ishiya, it offers a wide variety of meats, seafoods and vegetables that are suitable for grilling, which you can order either ala-carte or as a set (which they are running a promotion). The pieces of meat are cut to precise thickness so that it will be easily cooked in the BBQ roaster without over burning it during this fun process of roasting your meat (minus the prespiration). There are specially prepared tongs for you to use for the grilling process too.

Awesome Smoked Duck – Perfect for grilling out the fats.  

Fresh New Zealand Beef – just the right size, watch it turn from RED to PINK and it is ready to be eaten straight from the roaster.

No Musky Lamb Taste - New Zealand Lamb  - We were surprised that the lamb does not have the usual musky smell and taste which we later found out that the chef was able to clear off the musky taste of the lamb, which is superb for those that does not really like that taste and yet like to eat grill lamb shoulder.

Juicy Tender Chicken Meat – the meat was very tender and upon roasting you can really taste the juicy meat and flavours of the marinade that goes well with the dipping sauce.

Springy Squid – As the squid was very fresh, upon roasting you can see them curl up right before your eyes and are able to taste the sweet, chewy and bouncy squid meat.

Perfect roast full of BBQ food.

Currently Yakiniku Ishiya @ Kota Damansara is having a limited promotion for you to try out the Yakiniku i.e. for RM48.00 you get to choose either three out of five meats which can be eaten by 2 person. So, head over to try out this Yakiniku.

Besides serving Yakiniku, they also serves out some other ala-carte Japanese dishes like Sushi, Ramen, Teppanyaki, Tempura and etc.

We get to sample 2 of the new specialty dishes which is the Cheese Stick- Deep fried spring roll with cheddar cheese – best eaten straight away – it is a cleverly combination of the cheese rolled into the popiah skin and deep-fried – very crispy and cheesy taste.

Golden Dragon Maki – Deep Fried Tempura Prawn and Flying Fish Roe is a very unique dish which is a Prawn maki make to resemble a dragon. It is first roll up and then deep fried with a coat of tempura batter till crisp and cut into pieces and assemble as a dragon. I gotten to eat the dragon head which the prawn head was still crispy and retains the full flavour of the prawns roe and the vinegar of the sushi rice.

We also had the Wagyu Don – which is wagyu sliced beef with special sauce. The beef was cooked to medium done and you can really taste the tender meat with the special sauce and served with the white rice.

We also tried out the Chicken Teppanyaki  – it was well marinated and pan fried,  the taste was flavourful and best eaten with rice.

Mixed Tempura Moriawase – The batter was crisp and the dipping sauce went well with the prawn and vegetable tempura.

For more desserts, we had the in-house made Green Tea Ice Cream With Red Beans Topping.

and Black Sesame Ice-Cream 

At Yakiniku Ishiya Kota Damansara, you get to taste all the different Japanese cuisine in one restaurant. So, the next time when you are around the Kota Damansara area and yearn for some good quality Japanese dishes, then you know where the place to go.

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