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Thursday, 20 October 2016

MIGF 2016 Festival Menu - Yezi At The Roof Bandar Utama Permium Steamboat

Yezi At The Roof Bandar Utama located at The Roof 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya is one of the 26 restaurants that is participating at the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival MIGF 2016.

With an amazing panoramic view of TTDI’s & PJ skyline and an opulent oriental theme, complete with Chinese paintings, circular arches and custom golden lanterns made to imitate rolling clouds, Yezi At The Roof makes steamboat luxurious with its range of high-end in-house made ingredients.

What the restaurant is best known for, however, is its five unique coconut-based broths which are spiced up with Taiwanese beef, truffle flavourings and other premium ingredients.

Complemented by organic side dishes and fresh seafood, the broths can be filled with all manner of exclusive treats, from world-renowned Matsusaka beef slices flown in weekly to the home-made black truffle balls, prawn paste and coconut dumplings which are prepared daily.

This year’s MIGF 2016 menu features some new treats like the Malacca-inspired chicken rice balls coated with salted egg aka the Golden Ball - Fried Chicken Rice Ball with Saffron Coat with Salted Egg Batter. 

next, there is the Palette Cleanser

for the Broth - Ginseng Herbal Soup with Coral Seaweed Jelly which is the main theme for tonight dinner. With the giant bowls at the centre filled with the delicious black chicken and ginseng-infused soup coagulated by the chicken broth and the seaweed jelly which is collagen-rich, it promised a night of satisfying treats.

For the Mains, it comes with the Four Jewels which consists of Black Sesame Balls (Squid), Coriander Balls (Squid), Lobster Balls (Lobster) and Black Pepper with Cheese Ball (Chicken).

For the sliced meat, the menu comes with Sliced Beef

and Spanish Black Pig.

For the Specialty Dumpling, we had the Coconut Dumpling and the Shao Xing Dumpling which has a strong essence of wine.

 As for the Wonders of the Sea, it has Tiger Prawns, White Clams, Razor Clams and Yezi popular Prawn Paste 

For the sides, we had the Mixed Vegetables and Mushroom

Handmade Fu Chok Rolls and Noodles

and finally for desserts we had the in-house made Waterdrop Coconut Dessert with Gula Melaka, Sago and Crushed Peanuts. A refreshing dessert to end our review.

Full Festival Menu

Yezi MIGF Festival Menu - 2 Person Set

Without Wines: RM299 nett per 2 pax

Progressing from a humble kitchen helper to head Chef for the most premium steamboat restaurant in the Klang Valley, Chef Choy is no stranger to hard work. With experience ranging from five-star hotels to big F&B groups, Chef Choy’s forte lies in diversity coupled with a traditional touch. His golden ball appetiser is a perfect example of this, combining different trademark Chinese delicacies to create a dish that puts an exciting twist on the familiar.

Yezi At The Roof Address and Location Map

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Yezi At The Roof - A Steamboat Feast To Usher 2016 Year Of Fire Monkey Lunar New Year Celebration

After many round of reviewing Chinese New Year Set menu, it was about time to taste something different. Steamboat has been a tradition as the main meal during Chinese New Year for many families; as all members of the family are able to participate in the fun cooking and share the joy of having a meal together. At Yezi At The Roof located at Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, 3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya, Selangor the main specialty here is the premium steamboat. 

What we mean by premium steamboat is that unlike most other restaurant that serves steamboat with their regular broth, here at Yezi At The Roof; an award winning restaurant, they offered special broth that are made from fresh coconut juice. The soup based which are offered here are the Imperial Canton, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice or the Fragrant "Shao Xing" Wine Seafood Broth or the top of the range Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. Here is the link for my earlier review at Yezi At The Roof

For the 2016 Year of Fire Monkey Chinese New Year, Yezi At The Roof has crafted out some special set steamboat for you to enjoy during this festive season. First and foremost as with all Chinese New Year, you can't missed the most important dish which is the Yee Sang. Here it is offered as a Salmon with Jelly Fish Yee Sang.

For this review of steamboat, we had chosen the signature Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth; which has a very strong mushroom flavour and truffle aroma. Even without any condiment added to it, you can taste the smooth flavour of this vegetarian broth. Customers that choose this Promo Set can opt for 1 of the 5 selection broth for the steamboat.

To prepare for the steamboat dinner, there is a special concoction of sauce that is only available at Yezi; you can check it out with the waiter the proportion of the mixture which consists of kalamansi juice, chilli padi, ginger and soya sauce.  

Next on in the Promo B (10 pax) set RM1,318 that we reviewed comes with special premium item like GeoDuck. 

With Fresh Tiger Prawns (from the aquarium) with white Clams

Fresh Pork Slice /Premium Lamb Slices was the fresh meat offering (please note that if you do not want to have lamb, you can request the captain to change it to pork slices instead).

One of the specialty condiments at Yezi; is the meatballs that are served here. All the meat balls are in-house made. For this set it comes with Tung Choy Pork Balls, Wagyu Beef Tendon Ball ( we love this as the meat was very tasty and the texture was firm and bouncy), Fried Lobster Salad Ball and the Squid Balls. 

Another 2 of my favourite condiment is the in-house made Prawn Paste (served in the shell) and Fish Paste (served in a bamboo case).

Other condiments to go with your steamboat set are the Mix vegetables with Mushroom, White To Fu, Eggs and Udon Noodles.

For dessert, this set comes with the Home Made Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream, which has a strong coconut flavor, and a silky smooth texture and topped with roasted coconut flakes. 

If you plan for a more extravagant meal, you can opt for the Promo C which comes with the Alaskan Crab and Japan Matsusaka Beef as it main item. Do check out the promotion menu below.

One of the pleasant moment about dining in Yezi At The Roof; besides the nice decor and ambiance is the view from the balcony. In the evening or later at night, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful breezy view that can melt away your stress and prepare your appetite for a delightful dining experience. 

Enclosed herewith is all the promotion for this festive season from Yezi At The Roof.

Once again on behalf of +BestRestaurant ToEat we wish you all the luck and prosperity for the Year of Fire Monkey

"Gong Xi Fa Cai'