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Friday, March 4, 2016

A Free Social Media Dashboard Tools To Schedule, Manage and Monitor All Your Facebook, Twiiter and LinkedIn Account

Social media platforms have been around for quite some time but with more and more small businesses using social media especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market their company product and services; the need to schedule, manage and monitor this sites and accounts has dramatically increased.

You already know that social media is a very effective way for you and your business to generate new leads and fans to your page by engaging them with the right content and message to them.

We are always been searching for the right tools that makes reaching our social media goals possible  which can be very challenging and recently we found one of the best tools to save us time and have total control of all our facebook and social platform from a single software; in fact we also do not need to go to our facebook page to manage it all with the FREE software - XPERT SOCIAL.

I’m sure it will become an invaluable part of your business. We use this tools to help us finds relevant and engaging content, videos & news, all of which can be scheduled and posted with the click of a button. We can start to plan in advance of weeks or months ahead all our content and post it at the specific time to maximize your content reached. 

Using the software, we were able to save loads of time by having all our social media account and pages all in one place with the ability to schedule posts across multiple social platforms twitter and linkedin.

Best of all, we are able to start to measuring our social media performance by content i.e. which and type of content that brings the most clicks and engagement; which hashtags are performing, best time to post, best day to post; best social platform and more to help you get more traffic and generate new leads.

It’s amazing and it’s free; you can signup here and give it a try and start to relax just like us.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monkey Waiter Serving Customers in Japanese Restaurant

Would you mind being served by a monkey when you eat out at a restaurant. Now, in Japan, there is a restaurant called the Tavern Izakaya where you will be served by monkeys. Watch the video below from NTDTV news from Japan.

Comment below if you think this is a good idea.