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Monday, September 5, 2016

Kai’s Plato Kota Kemuning Seafood Restaurant - Special Steam Seafood Cuisine

Kai's Plato Kota Kemuning Seafood Restaurant Address

Seafood is one of my all time favourite food that I can't live without although seafood especially crabs and prawns will contribute to my already mid to high cholesterol level. So it is no surprise that I venture to the new opening of Kai's Plato Kota Kemuning outlet located at No. 31G & 33G, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning. 40460 Shah Alam Selangor.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Decor 2

Riding on the success of its flagship outlet, Kai's Plato Kota Damansara, they have decided to open a new outlet in Kota Kemuning to served their signature dishes to customers of this affluent and growing township.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Wine Selection

Unlike your usual seafood restaurant, Kai’s Plato has a “hands and table” concept. No cutlery will be provided and customers will be enjoying their food with both hands. The idea of such interesting concept is to encourage communication and interaction between family and friends. Furthermore, they believe that seafood always tastes nicer when it is eaten using hands!

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Decor1

“Kai” meant ocean in Welsh, which coincidently is the middle name of their chef; while “Plato” is a philosopher but also meant plate by plate at the same time. In short, “Kai’s Plato” means Ocean’s Philosopher. Looking around the restaurant, you’ll see lots of beautiful scallop shells on the walls that are either painted or written with messages by their customers.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Menu

Kai’s Plato has a simple menu that consists of simple starters and their signature seafood platter. Depending on the size of your group, Kai’s Plato offers 3 different platters for you to choose from. The platter would be served in a pot with 3-4 tiers with different seafood to be found at each tier.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Crispy Calamari

Deep fried calamari in their signature batter, the Crispy Calamari is a good appetizer or side order to have.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Sandy Crab

Sandy Crabby is a Fried baby crablets that are coated with salted egg yolks. You will love the crunchy and the savoury taste which is a perfectly paired with a nice glass of wine or cold beer.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Chillies Mussel

Kai’s Chili Mussels

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Cajun Fried Shrimp

Cajun Fried Shrimp

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Multi tier

The seafood Jumbo Platter (6 people) came with a five layer of a steam pot with a total of 11 combinations of seafood. The first three layers have different types of seafood and the bottom layer is the aromatic seafood soup. At Kai’s Plato, they practices “hand and table” dining, so no cutlery would be provided. All you have to do is, use the tongs to pick up the seafood, place it on the table and start digging in with your hands. A bucket will be provided for you to dispose of the seafood shells.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Tier 1

The first layer consists of Fish , Abalone, Oyster , and cabbages. These were intentionally served as the top layer as its' meat texture is more tender, requires less steaming and easier to eat.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Tier 2

A little bit peeling and de-shelling would be required for the second layer, which consists of Big Clam , Shrimps , Squid, and Bamboo Clam served on a platter of cabbages at the bottom, which is used to encapsulate all the juices from the seafood.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Tier 3

The third layer is the Third Layer : Mussel , Fresh Water Big Head Prawn, and Scallop. Loves the Roe of the big prawns.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Tier 4

The fourth layer is an impressive layout of succulent steamed mud crab, Shell Fish and Slipper Lobster with Sou hoon. Both the crab and slipper lobster have very firm flesh and you could taste the natural sweetness of the seafood.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Steam Seafood Tier 5

After all the feasting you can now sit back and enjoy a bowl of aromatic seafood soup that is packed with umami flavours with Angel Hair pasta or Enoki mushroom to savour this seafood enriched broth.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Pineapple Sauce

Come September 2016 Kai's Plato is planning to launch its version of Louisiana seafood boils with four of their signature sauce. Each serving of the seafood is cooked with potatoes , carrots , corns and refillable rice. The first of it is the Pineapple Sauce - our most popular choice.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Garlic Butter Sauce

Garlic Butter sauce - needed some improvement on this sauce.

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Cajun Sauce

Cajun Sauce

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant Sambal Cili Sauce

Sambal Cili Sauce - a little too spicy for us.

Kai's Plato Opening Hours
Kai's Plato Opening Hours
If you are a huge fan of fresh juicy seafood just like me, Kai’s Plato Kota Kemuning Seafood Restaurant is certainly a perfect spot to be. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the fresh seafood served at Kai’s Plato, and don’t forget to leave some wishes or messages before leaving the restaurant. 

The following are some of the ongoing promotions that are available at Kai’s Plato Kota Kemuning Seafood Restaurant.
Kai's Plato Birthday Promotion
Kai's Plato Birthday Promotion

Kai's Plato Wine Buffet Promotion
Kai's Plato Wine Buffet Promotion
Kai's Plato Ladies Night Promotion
Kai's Plato Ladies Night Promotion

Kai’s Plato Kota Kemuning Seafood Restaurant Address
No. 31G & 33G, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning. 40460 Shah Alam Selangor 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

PIZZA SAN FRANCISCO @ Kota Kemuning Shah Alam - Wholesome Family Dining Review

At first thought the name Pizza San Francisco gives us the impression that all the food served at this restaurant are Pizzas’ but we were wrong when Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for a menu review at Pizza San Francisco located at 1G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BF 31/BF, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Pizza San Francisco has a friendly family bistro dining concept where they serve an array of other dishes besides Pizza which are signature dishes of their own.

The simple modern décor reminisce the living lifestyle of San Francisco.

So, what does Pizza San Francisco serves besides Pizza. The first dish was a starter named MUSHROOM BRUSCHETTA – a Golden Brown Wholemeal Bread With Sauteed Mushrooms. The mushroom that was used was the Button and Shittake Mushroom which was sautéed with Onion into a cream like texture and served on a Bruschetta bread.

The next dish is the SEAFOOD SOUP – the soup base was sautéed with generous amount of onion on a tomatoes base broth enriched with herbs and spices and loaded with fresh seafood i.e. shrimps, squids and mussels.

Next, we had the first pasta dish which is the CIOPPINO – which the sauce is made from the vegetable broth infused with mixed herbs to give that extra flavours and aroma. You have a choice of whether the pasta would come in seafood or fish. The one that we had was Mixed Seafood.

The other pasta dish that we had is the BAKED FISH Spaghetti. This pasta has very little sauce which were lightly coated to the spaghetti and cooked with sliced ginger, wild mushroom, chilli flakes and basil served with baked fish. The fish used here is the Dory Fish. It was a perfectly baked fish with a crisp skin that crackles when you bite on it.

We move on the next dish which was the PIZZADIO – This is a pizza that is filled with Mozarella Cheese, Chilli, Mushroom, Minced Chicken and Onion served on a thin crust in-house made dough. Fresh Chilli Padi are lightly sprinkled on top of the Pizza to give you that extra spicy kick.

For Pizza San Francisco, their signature pizza is no other than the SAN SPECIAL PIZZA. This is a special two in one pizza. On one calzone, it is loaded with Turkey Salami while on the other half of the pizza, it was filled with Minced Chicken, Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Chilli and Mozzarella Cheese. 

Eating this pizza, you are able to experience a different taste and texture as you move along from the outer side of the pizza, you first get to taste the finely minced chicken meat and then followed by the cheesy taste with no filing in the middle section and lastly the chunky Turkey Salami right to the end which is the best part (from the picture above you can see the end is very lumpy). 

Finally, we had the Star Of The Night which is the Baked Lamb - another one of Pizza San Francisco signature dish. The lamb is marinated in honey mint sauce for over a day and precook to 50% and when a customer make an order for it, it will be over baked for another 20 minutes to gives you a perfectly baked texture of tender and juicy lamb rib. The Baked Lamb is served with roasted potatoes which was roasted and then sautéed with salt and butter. The Lamb meat that was used by Pizza San Francisco is imported from United States. 

The final main dish for the night is the Baked Salmon with Bread Crumbs on a Butter Brown sauce. This dish is not on the menu and will be one of the special dishes serves during this Christmas season. You can actually order the whole fish for a family treats too but you have to pre-order it before hand.

At Pizza San Francisco @ Bukit Kemuning, there are a few specialty drinks, one of which that I ordered was the Ice Blended Kasturi. The concoction of this drink is fresh Limau Kasturi with 2 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream blended together to give you a light sweet and sourish creamy taste. It is a very refreshing drink to take after a hearty meal or on a hot sunny day.

For desserts we had the Tiramisu 

and followed by the Crème Brulee.

and end with an in-house brewed cup of coffee.

Pizza San Francisco has a number of outlets which are located in Bandar Baru Bangi, The Mines, Wangsa Maju Sek 5, Bukit Jelutong, Festival City Mall, Kota Damansara, Cyberjaya, Kota Kemuning. You can expect the same hospitality and quality of food served by them thru the stringent quality control of the head chef and its team.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sumptuous Fine Chinese Dining at Royal Gourmet Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang

For food lovers, Klang is much more well known for it’s Bak Kut Teh and Seafood, but when it comes to Fine Chinese dining, there are very limited choices to choose from. We were invited to sample and review new signature dishes by the Royal Gourmet located at Hotel Premiere, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 1/KS6, Jalan Langat, Klang recently.

Royal Gourmet offers a nice ambience and environment where you can entertain guests, friends or a casual dinner with family. The restaurant is well decorated with Chinese paintings, decoratives and Chinese motifs.They have a special grand room which can host about 15 people for a private function too (pictured above). 

We had the Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup With Chinese Herbs to start off our sumptuous dinner. Black Chicken contains more antioxidant than regular chicken and since their meat is a little coarser, and using it for soups especially to double boil with Chinese Herbs is the best combination to extract the good nutritional value of the black chicken.

This soup does not have an overwhelmingly herbalish taste but clear light black rich soup. The generous amount of dried scallops that the chef had put into the soup gives out a flavourful broth.

One of the uniqueness of this soup was a special ingredient that was used to complement this clear rich soup. From the first sight, it looks much like a black shitake mushroom as depicted from the picture but it is actually “Hak Fu Cheun” (Black Tiger Palm mushroom) which has a very unique taste and aroma which was heavily infused into the soup and leaves a tingling feel.

Our next dish is the Steamed Sea Garoupa In Village Style. The taste and feeling of this dish is reminiscent of yester years where in the village, they would normally used many other ingredients to steam fish dishes. This is so as most villagers would tend cook a one dish meal.

For this steamed dish, Chef Johnson uses ingredients like black mushroom, bean curd stick, red dates, black fungus and Chinese vegetarian glass noodle to prepare the sauce which complemented well with the fresh Garoupa fish.

The white fish meat was tender and very succulent. The right timing for steaming this fish is critical as if over steamed the meat will be tough. The fish head skin was also very smooth and silky and you could slurp it in.

Our vegetable dish for the night was Stir Fried Baby French Bean With Top Shell. This is another example of a simple home style dish that the chefs have innovated to add in a quality ingredient to a simple vegetable dish.

The Baby French Beans was very crunchy, while the top shell was chewy making it a perfect combination for this dish.

Another regular dish which most housewives will know how to cook is the minced pork meat with salted fish. But here, at Royal Gourmet, the chef has again intrigued us that instead of using pork, he uses chicken meat to cook this dish.

The chef, using a method which he would not reveal, tells us it is a great challenge to use chicken meat to cook this dish. Normally steamed minced chicken meat tends to be a little soft and does not have the meaty feel compared to using pork meat. But, surprising the chef had managed to prepare the chicken meat that had this meaty feeling with the right portion of the salted fish. You can’t help asking for a second helping of white rice to goes with the sauce.

Our last main dish was the Baked Lamb Rack With Chef Special Sauce. The sauce was pre-marinated with generous amount of bean paste, garlic, shallots, special sauce (concocted by the chef) and dashes of red wine.

The baby lamb rib was first oven baked and then cooked in the special sauce and complemented with poached asparagus to give you the overall presentation.

Although the rib was tender and succulent and does not have the gamey lamb taste which is important to cook a lamb dish, I find that the sauce was a little overwhelmed in this dish. Probably I am the type where I love my lamb to be served with minimal sauce so that I can really taste the succulent and juicy lamb instead of the taste of the sauce.

To end our wonderful dinner, we had the Double Boiled Saussurea Involucrate (Tiānshān xuělián ) With Snow Fungus And Red Dates for dessert. The Saussurea Involucrate taste much like “Suet Kap aka Hashima”.

It is yet another innovative use of ingredient by the chef to intrigue our taste buds. Served hot, it is a sweet and refreshing way to end our lovely dinner epicurean adventure.

A tummy warming dessert

Chef Johnson - Friendly Executive Sous Chef that cook up the storm for our sumptuous dinner.

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