Saturday, March 28, 2015

Caffeinated Cafe@ Puchong IOI Boulevard - Sipping Specialties Coffee With Caffeine Infused Dishes Review By Best Restaurant

Specialties coffee outlet are sprouting out in great numbers these days. More and more people are in love with these coffee and Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to preview Caffeinated @ Puchong IOI Boulevard located at C-GF-43, Ground Floor IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya 47170 Puchong Selangor.

The decor at Caffeinated Cafe @ Puchong IOI Boulevard is one of a no frill modern neighbourhood cafe setting.

Since it is located in the IOI Boulevard covered foyer, you can also dine al-fresco minus the natural element like rain, flume and dust usually associated with other outdoor dining place.

The coffee blend serves at Caffeinated Cafe @ Puchong IOI Boulevard comes from Brazil, Columbia, Sumatra and Mexico.

What differentiate Caffeinated Cafe @ Puchong IOI Boulevard is that; it gives coffee a new twist with a different concoction like adding and mixing liquor to the coffee. A unique and new way to savour coffee.

The question is whether you are gamed for it. The first coffee that was served to us is the Martini Espresso. It is concocted with a blend of ice-shaken concoction of KahLua, Vodka, Espresso.

Next, we had the Bailey's Tiramisu; a concoction of mascarpone cheese, fresh milk, espresso with Baileys' Irish Cream. We usually eat Tiramisu cake with our favorite coffee, but this drinks bring forth an exquisite Tiramisu taste in a drink mix with espresso much like the taste of having a coffee after a bite of the Tiramisu cake with a light liqour taste.

This is then followed by Lemon Grass Heineken; A very refreshing and cooling drink from the use of the Lemon Grass. It tasted a little stronger than Shandy as the amount of beer used in this drink is much higher proportion and the aroma and taste of the fresh lemon grass gives it a special twist.

Another unique drink serves here is the Orange Black; which is a combination of Orange juice and espresso.

After which is the Dark Chocolate Float; which has a strong flavour of Chocolate taste which blended very well with the Kapiti ice cream. The decor of it was very interesting too from the use of the Oreo biscuit (for the ear) and coffee bean(for the eyes) to decorate it to resemble; an Android.

Last of the drink is the Affogato; The espresso was just right and blended with the smooth Pohutukawa Honey Kapiti Ice cream to gives it a slightly sweeter taste to the Espresso.

We were then served with some specialty food serves at Caffeinated Cafe @ Puchong IOI Boulevard which; the first was the Carbonara with Mushroom. The generous portion of the mushroom used were the shimeiji, shitake and button mushroom.

 The heavy cream sauce with egg yolk, onion garlic, basil and white wine was thick and this makes the dish very rich in flavours as the taste of the mushroom and Parmesan cheese was ingrained into each strip of spaghetti.

This is then followed by the Mushroom Pizza which was served with a thin crust; The right balance of sauce base used and the timing of the baking was nice as you can taste the crisp while still enjoying the simple mushroom flavours topping.

Another crowd favourite at Caffeinated is the under the Breakfast Menu which is the Mushroom With White Sauce.

The mushroom white sauce are best eaten with the accompaniment of the crunchy muesli toast. 

Next, we were served the specially created espresso infused dish which is Coffee Pomodoro with Smoked Duck. The pasta was cooked with minced chicken on a tomato Pomodoro sauce and before panning it out;  a single shot of espresso was added to the pasta to gives it a special caffeine flavour. 

This dish has its uniqueness in that you either like it or hate it as the strong espresso flavours can be a turn off especially for light coffee drinker.

The next dish is the German Sausage Baguette; the use of the meatier and crunchy premium Thuringer German sausage stand out on this dish. With a sesame dressing and cheddar cheese garnished with cucumber, red and green coral on a wasabi mayo dressing to top it off with a wholemeal baguette.

At Caffeinated Cafe, dinner comes special with a sharing platter called the UNDER THE SEA platter. It is a platter that consist of seafood with premium sausages.

A scrumptious platter with juicy seafood i.e. Dory fish, squid and prawns together with Foot-long, German sausage and Spicy French sausage, Aglio Olio spaghetti, fries, grilled sweet corn, tomato, sesame dressing salad and crispy nachos for extra bites.

For coffee lovers, at Caffeinated Cafe @ Puchong IOI Boulevard, you can get to savour coffee in a different light where you can experience and taste coffee like never before. You can check out their Caffeinated Cafe facebook page here. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mookata Steamboat and BBQ House – Old Klang Road Puchong – All You Can Eat Buffet Thai Style Steamboat BBQ Review By Best Restaurant

Steamboat BBQ Buffet with lots of seafood and meat has always been a favourite of yours truly. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special review at MooKata Steamboat and BBQ House located at the Kuchai Lama Food Court (KLFC), Lot 31208, Jalan Awan Makmur 6th Mile Jalan Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur.

Mookata Steamboat BBQ House is located at the junction of Old Klang Road Puchong intersection i.e. adjacent to the Old Klang Road Police Station. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur via the Old Klang Road, after the OUG traffic light, you just keep left and in less than 100 metres you will see the Kuchai Lama Food Court by the roadside, just turn left into it.

These days, most steamboat and BBQ either use gas or electricity for their steamboat but at Mookata Steamboat BBQ at Old Klang Road it uses a special Charcoal Briquette; which is long lasting, clean and environmental friendly for the steamboat and the BBQ. This way it is more authentic and taste even better especially the BBQ.

MooKata (Mu Kratha ) means Pan Pork in Thai which is a style of Thai steamboat dish originating in Chiang mai. The special aspect of this steamboat style is the combination of sauces that are prepared to be eaten with the hot pot. The hot pot sits on a trough burning charcoal which grills or steams the ingredients.

For the steamboat soup based, it is a Special Pork Bone Soup; that are boiled over a period of time to extract all the flavours and collagen from the pork bone.

For those who love to have a spicy version, a bottle of specially concocted in-house made Tom Yam paste is available for you to add into your Pork Bone soup giving you the extra zing for your steamboat.

Mookata Steamboat BBQ at Old Klang Road uses 3 type of hot pot i.e a special cooking pot for the steamboat.

and for the BBQ you can either have a choice of a hot plate

or grilled net for direct BBQ or have it both.

For the sauce, Mookata have concocted all its own sauce ranging from the MooKata Sauce – extra spicy

Seafood Sauce – not so spicy compared to MooKata sauce

Satay Sauce with Peanuts

and the milder Suki Sauce.

According to the owner, they have more than 120 varieties of food item for you to choose from.

For the meat section; Mookata serves 5 types of marinated meat which is the Teriyaki sauce, Curry, BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper and Honey

For each type of marinate you can choose your favourite meat which are the Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Beef.

You can either have the meat on the skewers too if you want to BBQ over the grill or dip into the steamboat soup.

For the seafood, there are the mud crab, prawns, bamboo clams, mussel, lala, shell fish, brown cuttlefish, white sotong, some fish and etc offering for you to choose from; for your steamboat or just BBQ.

There are also an assortment of surimi based products, fish ball, meat ball, sausages and so forth for you to choose from too.

Others fresh items are assorted mushroom, taufoo, green leafy vegetables, eggs, beancurd skin, seaweed and noodles.

For some of you that like to start off your meal while waiting for your food to be Steamboat or BBQ, you can try out the cooked food section, which has Fried Chicken Wings.

Fried Mee Hoon/ Fried Rice.

Curry Chicken

or the Herbal Tea Eggs.

For desserts, you have the ice cream, fresh fruits and one of the specialties here is the in-house made; Durian Float made from D24 durian. A must have; especially for Durian lovers.

According to the owner more food varieties will be added into the list of food that was already being served here. It will truly be a nice experience to try out this special Thai Style Steamboat BBQ buffet. Too bad, we don’t have that much stomach to fill up all the food that was available at MooKata Steamboat and BBQ House Old Klang Road.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Barn - 1 Mont Kiara(MK) - Wine - Small Plates - Firegrill - A Nice Place to Wine and Dine Review By Best Restaurant

There is a new restaurant in Mont Kiara that was opened just a couple of months ago where the concept is to be able to buy a bottle of wine from the New Wine World (Australia and New Zealand), dine in the restaurant while listening to the Live Band Performance while enjoying the delicious food especially the pork dishes served at the restaurant.

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review The BARN @ 1 Mont Kiara which is located at Lot G-2, G-3 & G-26, Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

The concept of The BARN @ 1 Mont Kiara; in that it has its own retail wine room/shop with a wide selection of wine at one side of the restaurant; where customer can either shop for a bottle of wine or choose a bottle to be consumed at the restaurant for their meal.

The ambience of the wine shop gives you a feel of a wine cellar decor. Customer who choose to consume the wine at the restaurant only need to pay for the service charge and not the corkage charges unless you bring your own wine/liquor.

The BARN @ 1 Mont Kiara is section out; into the main dining area,

a cigar corner with soft sofa settee

with a cigar cabinet that is filled Cuban Cigar,

a bar lounge area with live band music

 an al-fresco area outside the main restaurant

and a coffee and desserts counter i.e. DRIP @ The BARN which serves a special blend of coffee from Coffex. DRIP @ The BARN is open in the morning, so you can grab your coffee fix for breakfast over the counter.

Also, the kitchen that serves the Tapas is based on an Open Kitchen Concept where you can watch the food being prepared and served.

Our food review started with the signature Tapas which is the Bacon Wrapped Sausages - the premium sausages have that bouncy, firm texture and was a good pairing

to the Classic Margarita which was concocted with Tequila, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Lime Syrup.


Next, we had the Crackling Skin Crispy Roast Pork Belly, which uses a secret recipe and technique that ensure the skin is as crispy when roasted while the layer of fats and meat was very well balanced.

With the slight salty taste of the roasted pork belly, it was superbly paired with the

Luis Felipe Malbec (Chile) Red Wine which has a smooth texture and taste.

followed by the Garlic Prawns which was firm, succulent and bouncy. The garlic, herbs and butter taste was of the right balance without being too overpowering each other.

One of the nice things about dining in the Barn @ 1 Mont Kiara, is that they serves a wide variety of Tapas which goes well with the wine, beer or liquor drinks that are served here.

The next Tapas that we had was the Belacan Chicken Wings. The marinate of the concoction of belacan was very balanced where you can taste a tinge of it right to the bone. It was fried until light golden brown and has a crisp skin while the meat was still juicy.

The meat within the crispy surface was surprisingly tender as opposed to tough, which is common for most deep-fried items.

The last Tapas for the night is the Skewered Pork Satay. Here, each skewers of the satay contains a layer of fats and then meat and then fats and meat.

We were quite surprised why it was so: after checking with the Chef, it was purposely set in that manner, so that when the skewered are grilled, the juice from the fats layers will flow to the meat thereby making the meat to have a softer texture and covered with the fat juice to make it succulent. The peanuts sauce has a very strong peanut taste which was good as the dip for the Satay.

For the Cold Cut we had the Barcelona Platter which came with an assortment of premium choice cuts of milano salami, gypsy ham, iberico ham served with mix of olives and balsamic vinaigrette and ciabatta bread.

After our tasty Tapas, we then proceeded to have our main dish, the first of which was The BARN Original Pork Ribs. The pork ribs are cooked till tender and grilled with the BARN special fresh BBQ sauce.

The Ribs was grilled enough to be flavourful without tasting the carbon while the meat was tender and came off the ribs without much efforts. The BBQ sauce also has a smoky, tangy and sweet flavours.

Our next main was the Slow Roasted Pork Belly served with asparagus and Spanish salad mix. The Pork Belly is first roasted and then slowly cooked with Chinese herbs and spices. The aroma of the dish was it has this distinctive smoky aroma.

The verdict: the Pork belly was very tender, while the broth which has a very unique smoky taste was very tasty and delicious. Perfect if eaten with some white rice. It was so good that we finish the broth up to the last drop.

For our coffee fix, we had the AFFOGATO with Kapiti ice cream. The espresso has the right kick and the after taste still lingers in the throat which was matched with the super smooth Kapiti ice-cream, it was one of the best Affogato in recent time that I have tasted.

The coffee machine used in DRIP @ The BARN; extracted out the full flavours from the coffee beans is the La Cimbali - one of the premium range of coffee machine.

For desserts, we had 2 cakes the first of which is the Blueberry Cheese cake,

followed by the Red Velvet.

The Barn at 1 MK - Mont Kiara is truly a place to de-stress; where you can dine or chill with your families, friends and business associates having finger food (tapas) while sipping your favourite wine where you can purchase at their wine shop or liquor drinks in a comfortable setting while enjoying the soothing live number belted out by the live performance.