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2015 Year of Wood Goat Chinese New Year Set Menu and Reunion Dinner at ROYAL GOURMET @HOTEL PREMIERE BANDAR BUKIT TINGGI KLANG

Reunion Dinner for the Chinese is a very important meal for the year. All family members will gather and have this special dinner together. Best Restaurant To Eat had the honour to be invited for this special Chinese New Year, for the Year Of The Golden Goat and Reunion Dinner set menu review at Royal Gourmet @ Hotel Premiere Bandar Bukit Tinggi in Klang.

To welcome and kick start the Golden Goat 2015, Royal Gourmet @ Hotel Premiere Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang is proud to present three different Chinese New Year set menus, priced at RM1,188+, RM1,688+ and RM2,998+ for a table of 10 persons. Each set menu comes with one bottle of complimentary red wine.

As usual in any Chinese New Year meal, Yee Sang will be the main starting meals where everyone will be able to participate in the Lou Sang festivities.

The Yee Sang that we had was the super ABUNDANCE OF NOBILITY SALMON AND ABALONE Yee Sang. Unlike, many that we had over the years, this Yee Sang has a unique taste which makes this Yee Sang special. A check with Chef Johnson reveals that there is a special ingredient which he has included; which is a thinly slice of daun limau purut and henceforth exudes out a special flavour when eaten with.

 He also mention that the special Yee Sang zesty sauce has been fine tuned to offer a unique blend and gives the Yee Sang the right balance texture, flavours and taste.

Next, we had the PREMIERE FIVE HOT AND COLD COMBINATIONS. To give this dish that extra zest, the chef had used top quality seafood ingredients to cook up a storm for this dish.

The use of smoked duck adds a different dimension while the Fresh Scallops cooked in clear sauce retains the natural sweetness of the scallops while the dried scallops served on the main casserole which was stir fried with green beans add a crunch to one of the hot dishes. 

For this combination dish, the use of different ingredient especially the seafood allows you to taste the different kind of food texture and different taste all in one dish.

After experiencing this superb gourmet dish, the next was the BRAISED SUPERIOR SHARK’S FIN WITH FOUR TREASURES.

The Four Treasures in the soup was the Crab Meat, Fresh Scallops, Sea Cucumber and Fish Lip which are all thinly sliced strip, gives you a special slippery and slurpee tasty feel.

The shark fin that were used for the soup, are those of the special shark which exudes a very flavoursome and a special unique fragrant aroma into the soup.

After the soup, it was then followed by the STEAMED TIGER GROUPER IN HOME COOKED STYLE. 

Again, this dish although looking quite plain, was very flavourful. The freshness of the Tiger Grouper was evident from the texture and the taste from each bite of the fish meat. 

It was a very well balanced package with the interesting use of bean curd skin which has absorbs the home style light soya based sauce into it. Finally the use of the black fungus gives you a sense of homely style ingredient. 

After the fish dish, the next one was the FRESH WATER KING PRAWNS in 2 flavours. One of the best part of the Fresh Water King Prawns is its’ head. Normally the head is more than half the size of the prawns. The head of the King Prawns is the best part of the prawn as most of the head has the roe in it. 

The chef, cook this Special big prawn head by frying it and topping it up with a special sauce topping of garlic, finely cut fresh chillies and spring onions. This way of cooking retains the special aroma of the fried prawn roe, which was heavenly although a little sinful of the cholesterol level.

The body was cooked in another special home made sauce that leaves the springy prawn meat lightly coated with the gravy for us to enjoy the natural sweetness taste of the fresh prawns.

Of the many dishes serves during Chinese New Year, wax meat rice is a must have dish. At Royal Gourmet, the version of wax meat rice that was served is the STEAMED GLUTINOUS RICE WITH WAXED DUCK IN LOTUS LEAF. 

I am not a real fan of waxed meat but I find the one serves here to be very flavourful. Although a tad of saltiness was evident, the waxed meat taste was very much infused into the glutinous rice which makes it very flavourful. 

Moreover, the chef have cooked the waxed meat into a soft texture which makes it easier and wholesome to eat unlike some which serves a much harder texture waxed meat.

For desserts, we had the Fried Golden New Year Cake which was in house made and are sandwiched with 2 pieces of taro. The Golden New Year Cake has a special soft gooey texture (like those of the flowing cheese in a pizza) and has a right balance of sweetness and taste. 

For some who loves to have an all in one type dish i.e. the popular Poon Choy style, Royal Gourmet @Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang has also a special PREMIERE PROSPEROUS ABALONE TREASURE POT. This pot of heavenly goodness are priced at RM688+ and can serves up to 10 persons.

This special pot has a treasure trove of exquisite top quality Chinese wholesome foods which includes the Braised 16-Headed Whole Abalone, Supreme Sea Cucumber, Japanese Dried Scallops, Canadian Fresh Scallops, Golden Dried Oyster, Premium Flower Mushroom, Tiger Prawns, Hong Kong Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, Fish Maw, Beancurd Skin and Quality Vegetable.

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations, there will be a Chinese musical performance during Chinese New Eve Reunion dinner at Royal Gourmet @Hotel Premiere Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang Grand Ballroom. The musical performance features Gu Zheng, Yang Qin and Er Hu from 6pm to 9pm. 

Also, on the 7th Day of Chinese New Year (Yan Yat – everybody birthday), there will be a Lion Dance performance starting at 10am to celebrate this Special Chinese New Year of the Golden Goat 2015.

For those who wants to feast for this coming Chinese New Year. You better make an early date or reservations for your reunion dinner and celebrate this YEAR OF GOLDEN GOAT in style at Royal Gourmet @Hotel Premiere Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. For enquiries and reservations, please contact 603-3325-6868 or email

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