Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Boat Noodle Chinese New Year 2018 Special Menu

Boat Noodle Empire Damansara

Many people have at one time or another had tried the popular Thai Boat Noodle and with more than 46 outlets throughout Malaysia, you can slurp up the noodles and enjoy the different flavour and taste.

How To Eat Boat Noodle

Boat Noodle has its origin from the floating markets of Ayutthaya. This inspired dish is aromatic and delicious making it an instant hit with many followers in Malaysia. 

Boat Noodle Chinese New Year 2018 Special Menu

Over the years Boat Noodle with its first outlet in Empire Damansara in March 2014 which started with serving noodles has expanded its menu and now has incorporated many local Thai street foods to its menu. 

To celebrate this coming Chinese New Year 2018; Boat Noodle has incorporated a few special dishes for this festivity. The first is the Prosperity Yum Beef (RM1.99) which is served with a choice of either Thai Rice Noodles

or the Prosperity Yum Beef Springy Noodles

and the Prosperity Yum Chicken - (RM 1.99) with an option of either the Thai Rice Noodles with its enticing and flavour broth

or the Prosperity Yum Chicken Springy Noodles

On top of that, is the Thai Fried Chicken - RM 12.90. For me the freshly fried chicken which was deboned making it a breeze to be eaten together with the noodle as it has a spicy crispy and crunchy feel. We just can't stop eating it and when the next order came; it did have much time on the table. 

During this Chinese New Year, a special drink called the Blue Butterfly - RM 5.50 will be one of the highlight drink that you may one to try. These drinks have a magical feel to it; as when the lime juice which is served separately is poured into the drinks, it magically transforms the colour from blue to purple.

and the Mango Smoothie - RM 5.50 which has a strong Mango taste.

These offers are available for a limited time until the end of February 2018. so, hurry up to taste these new flavours from Boat Noodle. For more information on their promotion and outlet, you can visit Boat Noodle Facebook Page

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Chinese New Year CNY Set Menu 2018 | Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel Petaling Jaya


Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel Petaling Jaya

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel with wealth, luck and good fortune. Get ready to start your Chinese New Year gourmet journey with a selection of specially curated symbolic meaning dishes.

Chef Loh Weng Lam and his culinary team have lined up for diners at the newly reopened award-winning restaurant.

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Compare to the older restaurant; it offers a voluminous space in the main dining hall

and 6 private room for your dining pleasure.

Start afresh in The Year of The Earth Dog by relishing in 7 or 9-course Chinese New Year CNY Set Menu being offered which is Happiness, Harmony and Longevity Set. Each set menu begins with a colourful platter of healthy Fruit Yee Sang With Soft Shell Crab, symbolising abundance and prosperity.

followed by a tummy warming Braised Golden Pumpkin Soup With Sea Treasures. The combination sea treasures are crab meat, prawn meat and scallop which has a strong creamy pumpkin texture which combined well with the natural flavours of the seafood.

The Chef has prepared a special combination dish which features half a roast chicken and half roasted duck in the BBQ Roasted Chicken and Duck Platter Zuan Yuan's style.

What is a New Year meal without prawns? Here we were served the Spicy Wok Fried Sea White Prawn With Oat. The prawn was so crispy until you can even eat its shell. With a tinge of a spicy taste, this dish was one of the dishes that has most thumbs up.

Next, we had the Steamed Red Snapper Fish With Ginger Sauce. The ginger sauce is a special chef creation that marries both the old and young ginger. The topping of the crispy ginger topping adds another taste dimension and texture to this ginger-infused dish. If you are a real fan of ginger, you probably would slurp up every drop of the sauce with a bowl of steaming hot white rice.

For the greens, we were served the Braised Abalone, Mushroom and Garden Green.

While the rice dish is the Claypot Rice With Fried Yam, Preserved Duck Meat and Sausage. As Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant is Pork-Free; the sausages are chicken sausages.

For dessert, we had the Deep-Fried "Nian Gao" with sweet potato. The batter used for the Nian Gao makes it fluffy and crisp even after some time; which is good as normally when we reach this dish, our stomach would usually have very little room and we probably would like to eat this at a slower pace.

and finish off with a chilled Sweetened Dried Longan with Six Treasures

For those that would like to have a change from the Chinese New Year set menu can also opt to try out the Zuan Yuan Deluxe Abalone ‘Poon Choi’ Hong Kong Style.

The set menus are available for lunch and dinner and prices at 
Happiness Set Menu RM1738 Nett 
Harmony Set Menu RM1988 Nett 
Longevity Set Menu RM2218 Nett 
(for a table of ten with a complimentary bottle of wine or a box of Pu Er tea)

Poon Choy Prosperity

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant remains open on the eve of Lunar Chinese New Year and throughout the festive period. For more information or reservation enquiries, please call 603 7681 1159 or email zuanyuan@oneworldhotel.com.my.

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel Petaling Jaya

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel Location Address Map

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kota Damansara Food: GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Kota Damansara Food GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Looking for authentic Vietnamese food around Kota Damansara can be quite challenging. We recently chance upon GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant located at 7, Jalan PJU 5/6, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor which offers popular Vietnamese Street Food at a value for money prices.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

Started about five months ago GUESS WHAT Kota Damansara offers a variety of famous Vietnamese street food like Pho, Banh Mi and others. It has a modern setup that diners can enjoy their dishes in a colourful and lively environment.

Kota Damansara Food

We started with an order from the appetizer menu which the first is the popular Vietnamese Rolls called the Summer Rolls (RM6.90). The Chef which hails from Vietnam has concocted a special spicy peanut sauce as the dipping sauce for the rolls.

Next on is the Deep Fried Summer Roll (RM6.90) which has yam, Taugeh and carrot as its filling. Nice crisp on the outside with a juicy filling.

For me, the next appetizer is my favourite which is the Fish Sauce Chicken Wings (RM6.90). Marinated with premium quality Vietnamese fish sauce, it has a very savoury salty taste and has a fragrant aroma. You can taste the flavour down to the bones. Needless to day a second helping was on the card.

For the Pho, We ordered the Australian Beef Pho. This is a premium serving; as the meat is 100% Australian Beef. Sliced to a wafer-thin layer, it will curl up when mix with the hot broth. Nice springy texture. According to the Chef, each bowl will get 100 gram of meat slices. You can either order the normal Beef Slice RM13.90 while the premium Ribeye Beef Slice is at RM17.90. A real value for money considering the meat portion and the Australian Beef that is used. another point to note is that at GUESS WHAT, if you are not a fan of the Pho, you can request to replace it with Eggs Noodles or Rice Noodles for all its Pho dishes.

Next, we had the Beef Internal Organ (RM12.90). This Pho comes with Beef Tendon (my favourite), Honey Comb Beef Stomach, Sponge Stomach and Heart although you can opt for Beef Shin instead. The broth was flavourful as the chef uses the Beef Neck Bone as the main base ingredients with 5 to 6 different spices that are added to it. The slightly darker coloured broth is boiled overnight for more than 8 to 10 hours.

For those that love beef balls, you can also the Beef Ball Pho  (RM13.90) you can try this as the Beef Balls are 100% in-house made. It has a nice bite and firm texture. In order not to have wastage, you can order your Basil Leaves, Bean Sprout as a side order (RM1.50).

If you are not the beefy type, GUESS WHAT also offers Pork Noodles (RM8.90)which is topped with fried lard (Chu Yau Char) to gives you that finer porky taste.

The Chicken Noodles (RM8.90) is served with cut meat slices and a poached Half Boiled Kampung Eggs.

The fish that GUESS WHAT uses for its Fish noodles (RM12.90) are the Toman Fish which has a nice bouncy and flaky texture. While the broth used to cook these noodles which include the pork and chicken are cooked with chicken bones which has a much lighter taste.

Another not to be missed Noodle dish is the Clams Noodles (RM8.90). At this price and based on the number of clams that came in the bowl; it is a real value for money. Even a bowl of Pork Noodles from the neighbourhood coffee shop already cost RM6.50. What's more, you can taste the quality of the clams which has a juicy and firm fresh texture that is used to cook this noodle.

According to the owner, they would like to offers a variety of food at GUESS WHAT as some people are Rice people. To cater for this group of customers; there are a few varieties of Rice dish; the first of which is the Pork Chop Rice  (RM12.90). According to the Chef, the Pork and Chicken meat are marinated in garlic, honey, condensed milk and pan-fried to a nice crisp.

and the Chicken Chop Rice  (RM12.90). Each rice dish is served with a sunny side up. If you notice the colour of the yolk; it has a deep orange colour which is the character of the Kampung Eggs.

Another Rice Dish is the Heritage Coconut Rice  (RM16.50) which comes with a soup base made from the coconut water and cooked with fresh coconut flesh. We like the taste of the broth as it has a naturally sweet flavour of the coconut together with Beef Broth. It comes with the in-house made Beef Ball.

Banh Mi is also offered at GUESS WHAT. There are altogether 4 difference flavours that you can choose from which is Beef, Pork, Tuna and Chicken for RM7.90 each. The bread is custom made specifically for GUESS WHAT which still maintains the nice soft crunch and soft texture of the bread even after a while.

Currently, at GUESS WHAT they only serve one dessert and it is not a Vietnamese Dessert but a Malaysian dessert which is Durian Cendol  (RM11.50). According to the owner, the Durian Puree is sourced from the Betong (not Bentong), South Thailand. For me; I still prefer my Musang King Cendol which has a much more pungent bitter taste as compared to Thai Durian which tends to have a sweeter taste.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant

For Vietnamese Coffee fans, you really have to order the Vietnamese Coffee served at GUESS WHAT. There are 2 variant of coffee that is served here; the first of which is Sang Tao 1 (RM5.90 Hot - RM6.90 Iced)

Vietnamese Coffee

while the second variant is the Phat Hai (RM5.50 Hot - RM6.50 Iced)  which has a chocolatey aftertaste. I like this. One of the characteristics of a real Vietnamese coffee is the strong taste of the coffee and even though you order the Ice Coffee, somehow even after the ice is melted, it does not really dilute the colour of the coffee.

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant Location Address Map

Friday, January 26, 2018

Chinese New Year CNY Menu 2018 | Summer Palace Putrajaya Marriott Hotel


For the Chinese; it is important to have a good beginning as well as a good ending. For some companies "Sau Gong" which signifies the closing of the year is a paramount event. Staffs of the companies are feasted with a grand dinner to celebrate this Sau Gong event.

Besides the Sau Gong menu, Chef Yip Boon Seng at the newly refurbished Summer Palace Putrajaya Marriott Hotel has also crafted out symbolic meaning Chinese New Year Set Menu to usher the Year Of  Earth Dog.

This festive set menu is available from 8th January 2018 until 8th March 2018.

For the review, we sample the Sau Gong Set Menu which started with the Prosperity Salmon ' Yee Sang' 新春旺年大家捞(鸿运三文脆皮鱼生)

For the soup, in this set menu we were served with the Braised Crabmeat & Top Shell Soup With Dried Scallops 财圆金玉庆丰收(红烧干贝蟹肉海螺羹). With the use of Top Shell as one of the ingredient; it provides your tastebud with a firm texture of the top shell.

As for the chicken dish, we were served the Steamed Soya Chicken With Chicken Ham 黄金彩凤报喜讯(金华玉树豉油鸡). Frankly speaking for me, if the chicken is of a high grade; the best way to serve it is by steaming it; This cooking style will enhance the natural taste and also the firm and plump texture of the chicken meat. Added with the premium soy sauce; it brings out the deep flavour of the chicken.

Normally for the fish dish, Garoupa will be a top choice these days but here at the Summer  Palace the Chef has selected the Golden Pompano aka Golden Promfet i.e. Deep-Fried Golden Pompano Fish With ‘Pattaya’ Sauce  一帆风顺年年(暹式芭提雅炸黄立鲳鱼). Usually, you will find a smaller size fish which is not so suitable for Set Menu dish. But the Chef has managed to get a supply of this bigger size fish which means plenty of meat to go around. Secondly; the name of the fish which carries the word Golden has a symbolic meaning for the Chinese New Year. We like the sweet spicy taste of the Pattaya sauce which has some Thai influence.

The next dish is the Baked Tiger Prawns With Homemade Sauce 金龙呈祥贺新岁(香叶干煎大老虎虾). The juicy and plump prawns are Deep Fried and coated with an LP Sauce and BBQ-inspired sauce which is really great with a bowl of white rice.

The next dish which is Braised Dried Seafood With Garden Green 荣华盘满财好市(发菜海味盘菜) is one of the festive must-have dishes to celebrate the CHINESE NEW YEAR due to the ingredient used. I particularly enjoyed the Sea Cucumber which was braised to a firm texture and the sight of the Abalone, Dried Oyster and Black Moss, heighten the overall flavour of this auspicious dish.

Moving out of the norm, The Chef decided not to served a rice dish on this set menu instead. He is serving the Stir-fried Egg Noodles With Squid ‘Singaporean’ Style  金银盘满满钵满(星洲花枝片炒帝皇面). Most will be familiar with this Singapore style but it is usually cooked with BeeHoon. With this slight twist, the egg noodles give out a slightly different flavour.

This simple looking dessert which is Chilled Mango Cream With Ice-cream & Sago 雪花齐放迎新年(香芒雪糕西米露) hides the full flavours of the dish. The Mango cream was very fragrant and marries to the ice cream to give you that extra chill while the sago gives you a bouncy feel to this dessert.

Lastly, we had the Homemade Dessert Combination 旺年吉庆百业盛(羊城美点映双辉).

There are a number of Sau Gong Set Menu available from 8th January to 14th Feb 2018 which includes the

Auspicious Sau Gong Menu (RM1388 Nett) 
Longevity Sau Gong Menu (RM1788 Nett) 
Abundance Sau Gong Menu (RM2288 Nett)

While the Chinese New Year Set Menu 15th February to 2nd March 2018 is as below
Prosperity Set Menu A  (RM1,388 Nett)
Prosperity Set Menu B  (RM1,788 Nett)
Prosperity Set Menu C  (RM2,288 Nett)

(All prices are for per table of 10 persons

For more information and booking, please call 603 8949 8888 Summer Palace Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Summer Palace Putrajaya Marriott Hotel Location Address Map