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Monday, July 24, 2017

SS2 Food | SoloMen Cafe - Japanese Ramen Donburi Coffee Dessert Cafe

SS2 Food - SS2 is indeed a popular area for cafe hoppers which normally serves Pizza, Burgers and Pasta besides coffee and cakes but this recently open cafe, SoloMen Cafe in SS2 is rather unique in a way. Instead of serving these standard cafe dishes; SoloMen Cafe serves Japanese popular dishes.

SoloMen Cafe which is located at 16, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor has its origin from the popular Ramen Tei Japanese Restaurant in Shah Alam which has a history of more than 20 years serving Japanese dishes. SoloMen Facebook

The Chef at the SoloMen Cafe has mastered the skills to make its own Ramen; that is consistent and have a chewy and springy texture. Not many Ramen shops make its' own Ramen as it is quite a tedious task but it ensures the consistent quality of the Ramen that it serves.

Solomen Cafe concept is a very Internet friendly cafe; besides having a fast Internet access, there are many power sockets which come equipped with USB charging enabling people to work in the cafe.

The first dish for our review is the Pan Fried Gyoza (RM11.90). I am not a real fan of Gyoza as I find that not many chefs have gotten the right balance in terms of the gyoza skin and its filling. At SoloMen, we were told that the Gyoza skin is in-house made too, while the filling has been marinated. So, if you just taste the Gyoza without any sauce; you will be able to taste its' natural flavour. At other restaurants, the sauce will come with sho-yu but here the concoction is made up of chilli oil, imported vinegar and sesame seed.

For fans of fried Japanese dishes; can order the Tonkatsu (RM20.90) which is a Deep Fried marinated Pork Chop with bread crumbs. The outer layer was fried to a crisp while the meat texture which was marinated was still juicy and went well with the sweet sesame sauce that came along.

One of the thing about SoloMen Cafe, their Japanese dishes has some Chinese influence in it as there are places in Japan which serve these dishes and our next dish which is Hoikoro (RM16.90) is one such dish. This dish looks like the Chinese stir fried vegetables with sliced pork but instead of using oyster sauce which the Chinese do, it is using a miso paste. The miso taste is not very strong but does blend in with the condiments. Best eaten with a bowl of white rice which you can order.

After our side orders, we move on to the Ramen, here we got an opportunity to taste 3 Ramen; the first which to me was the best was the Negi Miso Ramen (RM20.90). When the Ramen was laid on the table, it looks quite plain with thin strips of Cha Siew and leek, but upon tasting the broth, it has a thick strong taste and texture which went perfectly with the in-house made Ramen. Partnering with the finely sliced leek adds a complimentary taste to the broth.

Our second order of Ramen; is the Tonkotsu Ramen (RM20.90). Before our order of this Ramen, we were told by the Chef, that their version of this popular soup based is different from those served at other restaurants; in that the soup based is not the typical thick and strong meaty flavour but rather a more subtle taste which is boiled in low flame. It is also topped with a boiled egg, seaweed and slice Cha Siew. Another notable difference is the use of chopped preserved sweet vegetable that the Chef has added which infused a totally different taste to the Ramen.

Our last noodle is the Gomoku Hiyashi Chuka (RM18.90) which is a cold noodle. The condiment which was sweet corn, sliced cucumber, sliced Cha Siu, sliced artificial crab meat and vegetables are layout in a nice round pattern. The Ramen is served with chilled vinaigrette sho-yu broth.

After the Ramen session, we move on to taste the Don (rice) dishes, the first of which is the Hokkaido Buta Don (RM22.90). The sliced pork; are first pan fried and then coated with the special in-house made; sweet sauce which was perfect with the white rice. It has that smoky taste and its aroma alone was sufficient for you to drool on this simple rice dish. This is a very popular dish in Hokkaido; that is why it is aptly named.

Our last main dish is the Beef Gyudon (RM24.50). This is another one of the Japanese popular dishes. So, we have gotten to taste after all the pork dishes that we had earlier. Loaded with chunks of onion in a homemade ginger sauce, it has all the flavours that one expect from this dish.

For desserts, you can choose from the variety of cakes that are available at the counter or you may choose their imported ice-cream. We decided on the Matcha With Azuki (RM10.90). Besides the green tea ice -cream and azuki, this dessert came with corn flakes chips that add a crunchy texture to the ice-cream. We like the strong flavours of the matcha ice cream.

To end our meal today, I ordered the Matcha Latte. For diehard coffee drinkers, SoloMen Cafe also serves a variety of the coffee and tea.

SoloMen Cafe SS2 Location Address Map

Friday, February 3, 2017

Crab Factory at SS2 Petaling Jaya Original Louisiana Boil

Much have been written about Crab Factory SS2 Petaling Jaya; which is touted to serves the Original Louisiana Boil Style seafood. The outlet at SS2 was opened more than 3 years ago. We had the opportunity to try out one of the pioneers that started this Louisiana Boil In Malaysia recently to discover the difference in taste with the other restaurant that offers the same fare.

Crab Factory SS2 Petaling Jaya Address
21 Jalan SS2/64 
47300  Petaling Jaya

Located in the bustling SS2 Petaling Jaya, Crab Factory offers a no-frills seafaring decoration, a seafood restaurant that pays tribute to the original flavours of the Louisiana style seafood.

Inspired by the communal seafood boil get-togethers that are part and parcel of southern American festivities, Crab Factory is all about dishing up tantalising Cajun-style seafood cook in a bag and emptied directly onto long dining tables to be shared among friends.

Our Meat Crabs set (RM175.00) was the star attractions which was cooked with renowned Signature Southern Bang sauce. Pair these lip-smacking seafood mains with shallot rice which comes with the order of a set dish.

or the Fried Mini Mantou (RM9.90) to lick up all the delicious sauces from the table.

Next, we had the Crabs cooked in thick Creamy Lemak Sauce with an add-on sausage (RM 125.90). The fresh giant crab was a real delight, as we can taste the natural salt fresh taste of the crab meat.

After which we had the Prawns in Garlic Butter Sauce (500 gm RM 55.00). Nice bouncy succulent prawn which has a light buttery garlic taste. Perfect for those that like the seafood to be non-spicy.

We particularly like the Baby Octopus in Thai Sambal Sauce (500 gm RM 33.00) which has a garlicky sourish spicy taste. The bouncy texture of the meat was proof to the freshness of the baby octopus. It was the perfect match to the fragrant shallot rice that we had.

The last dish is the Yabbies (500 gm RM 83.00) which was cooked with the Spicy Plum Sauce.

How To Eat Yabbies
How To Eat Yabbies
Some tips on How To Eat Yabbies.

Crab Factory SS2 Petaling Jaya also offers a number of snacks for you to start your meal with; one of which we had was the Garlic Fried Chicken Wings (RM18.90).

There are many other sauces that are available from the Crab Factory which you can try it out too. Get your hand dirty at Crab Factory to enjoy the finger licking experience

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Crab Factory SS2 Address & Location Map

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Korean Wang BBQ Centre - SS2 Petaling Jaya - A New Korean BBQ Restaurant Review By Best Restaurant

SS2, Petaling Jaya has a lot of restaurant offering various foods like steamboat, cafes and etc but very few BBQ restaurant; more so for Korean BBQ. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for a food review at the newly opened Korean Wang BBQ Centre located at 42, Jalan SS2/66, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Speaking of Korean run BBQ restaurant, you will usually find it in Ampang and Solaris Publika; reason being most Korean are living around those areas but Korean Wang BBQ Centre decided to start their business in the food capital of PJ that is SS2; as they want to bring this Korean specialty to be enjoyed by the masses.

The decor is simple and does not really look much like most Korean restaurant. One of the special design is the smoke eksoz chimney which has a vacuum system that extract out all the fumes during the BBQ session. This makes the place less smoky and more pleasurable without getting smoky smell all over your body after the meal.

The BBQ stove uses a special charcoal which is less smoky to grill the meat.

I have tasted quite a number of Korean BBQ and find that the way the meat, Korean Wang BBQ Centre prepared and its serving portion is a step upward ie. the portion are bigger and its taste is comparable if not better than some of their counterpart in Ampang.

For the Korean BBQ, you can order the set which comprises of meat and other food while the ala carte gives you a better option to order the type of meat and dishes that you enjoyed.

As with most Korean BBQ, the waiter will do it for you as they will know the right way to grill your meat to perfection while retaining the juiciness and soft smoky texture of each of the meat portion.

Korean BBQ is usually served with an array of side dishes which includes kimchi, fresh garlic, special sauce, sesame and salt dip, fresh green chillies and of course fresh green lettuce for you to wrap the meat in.

We started with the Grill Pork Belly - Samgyeopsal which has a generous portion. Grilled to a slight smoky and tender texture, the combination of the fats and meats of the Pork Belly, with the fresh lettuce wrap was the great start for a wonderful meal ahead.

the Samgyeopsal being grilled on the stove.

The next grilled that we had was the Grill Pork Shoulder - Moksal - this part is more for those that does not like to eat the grill pork fats as in the pork belly, as the meat are leaner compared with the Pork Belly that we had earlier.

the Moksal looking perfectly grill on the stove.

Followed by the Pork Rib marinated in special Soy Sauce - DwaeJi Galbi - The special sauce enhances the meat and you do not really need any other sauce to dip for this dish.

The last meat that was to be grilled is the Marinated Chicken - it is already flavoured with a special sauce and like the DwaeJi Galbi, you can just eat it after the grilled with no additional sauces dip required as it is sufficiently flavourful.

the BBQ Chicken being grilled on the stove.

After the BBQ, we were served with other side dishes which you can order ala-carte or as a special lunch set; the first of which is the Kimchi Jigye (Kimchi Stew). It is a Kimchi soup which has small pieces of pork belly cooked in it. I find that this Kimchi Jigye was to my taste as it is not too overly sourish.

Next, we has the DoenJang Jigye (Soy Bean Based Stew) which has some seafood and taufoo added into it.

Followed by the Tteokbokki. I am not a real fan of Tteokbokki as most of the restaurant, that I had eaten previously, they tend to be a little too hard, but at Korean Wang BBQ, the Tteobokki served here has the right texture and the sauce was just right without being too overly sweet or sourish.

The chef has also cooked up some new dishes to be introduced, which is the special Cheesy Pork Rib in special Korean Spicy sauce. The sauce tasted much like the "Pie Kat Wong", and the soft firm texture of the meat was gel and wrap in the melted cheese topping.

and the Chicken Thigh in Cheese Sauce. similar in taste but with chicken thigh as the meat base.

One other dish is the Cheese Omelette which has a layer of cheese wrap in the omelette. The eggs were very fluffy while each bite; you could savour the cheesy and smooth soft texture of the egg.

Some of the offering of the Special Lunch set.

For folks in Petaling Jaya especially SS2, you need not have to travel all the way to Ampang to savour Korean BBQ, you can just pop by to Korean Wang BBQ Centre at SS2 to savour this delicacy.

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