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Friday, June 8, 2018

Thermomix® Malaysia Launches New Cook Book @Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Centre

Thermomix® TM5 Do It All Kitchen Appliance

Thermomix® is a multi-functional do-it-all kitchen appliance that’s hugely popular throughout the world for more than half a century.

Thermomix® TM5

Its' huge popularity boils down to the ease of use and its simplicity of the Thermomix® to cook a wholesome meal for the family. Millions of user can vouch for its' straightforward step in cooking even complex dishes.

Thermomix® TM5 Accessories

To up a notch, from today, cooking popular Asian food and snacks with Thermomix® is made even easier with the launch of the first ever Asian family cookbook with its title Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family was developed with author Ms Theresa Lee. 

Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

One of the main features of this cookbook is that it provides a step-by-step guide cooking to prepare and serves delicious meals quickly and effortlessly; saving you time and hassle to cook a meal.

Hakka Char Yoke Recipe By Thermomix TM5

From the cookbook, one of the recipes which were "Hakka Char Yoke" caught my eyes and I was surprised that it can be cooked using Thermomix® with such a simple step.

Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

The Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family cookbook was launched on 1st June 2018 at Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Centre with Executive Chef James Ho famed for creative Chinese cuisine.
which is an avid user of Thermomix® appliances.

Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

At the launching, guests were served dishes which is cooked using Thermomix® appliance to showcase its versatility.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Sushi and Ruyi & Lyn most popular Nasi Lemak Sushi Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

The first dish is the collection of sushi dish which has the Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Rice Ball and Ruyi & Lyn most popular Nasi Lemak Sushi.

Tofu Flower Soup Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

Moving on, we were served a peppery tasting Tofu Flower Soup. The fine art of cutting the soft silky Taufoo is indeed much touted and impresses the diners.

Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste and Roasted Almond Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

The next dish is a sharing platter of Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste and Roasted Almond.

Deep Fried Prawns  Dipped In Wasabi Sauce Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

Next is Deep Fried Prawns  Dipped In Wasabi Sauce.

Grouper Wallet served with Homemade Noodles Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

And the last mains is the Grouper Wallet served with Homemade Noodles.

Green Tea Lava Cake Served With Lime Ice Popsicles Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

For desserts, we had the  Green Tea Lava Cake Served With Lime Ice Popsicles.

Theresa Lee Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

I was also surprised that at the end of the event, Ms Theresa Lee has on a previous night specially cook without any preservatives; a peanut butter spread using Thermomix® to cook it. I am really impressed by the fine texture and taste of the spread.

Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

For those who are interested to know more about Thermomix®, please visit
Thermomix® Malaysia Facebook Page

Theresa Lee Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family Cookbook

For those that are keen for an exclusive cooking experience with Theresa Lee to learn the dishes from the Thermomix®Easy Meals For the Family cookbook worth RM200, please fill up this form by using the Promo Code BESTTM at this link

Monday, October 16, 2017

Carlsberg Smooth Draught in Pint Bottle - Smoothest Carlsberg Draught Beer

Last year saw the launch of the Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World by Carlsberg Malaysia to answer to beer's lovers quest for the freshly tapped beer anytime, anywhere. Today, Carlsberg Malaysia has just introduced a convenient single-serve (325ml) pint bottle which is made available at eateries neighbourhood bars and golf clubs nationwide.

According to Carlsberg Malaysia's Managing Director "Gone are the days where consumers can only enjoy draught beer in a bar or pub equipped with sophisticated draught beer machine and tapping device. With this innovation - Carlsberg Smooth Draught, we have raised the bar to a whole level by launching a sleek 325ml single-serve pint beer bottle for consumers to enjoy Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World anytime, anywhere.

"Since it's launch in Malaysia last year, the beautiful golden-hued brew has successfully captured the hearts of many beer consumers, who prefer smoother beer and met the expectations of many discerning draught beer drinkers. Its' recipe for success lies not only in its quality natural ingredients but also its two unique brewing techniques. It goes thru a longer maturation cycle to achieve its signature smooth and enhances the brew's distinctive aromatic flavours" Lehman elaborated on the taste of the brew.

"At Carlsberg, we have brought the true enjoyment of draught beer to a new level. No beer machine needed, no tapping device is required. Simply enjoy, Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World anytime, anywhere - be it on a plane or out in a desert or at the peak of a mountain" added Lehman.

In the month of October 2017, Carlsberg team is scheduled to visit 800 selected outlets nationwide. Consumers who purchased 1 bucket of Carlsberg Smooth Draught in 325ml bottles will get a FREE retractable USB cable. However, in the month of November, consumers who purchased 4 big bottles of 580ml or 2 buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught 325ml pint bottles will get a FREE multi-purpose lighter.

What's more: Golfers can get 1-sleeve of TaylorMade golf balls with the purchase of 2 buckets of Carlsberg Smooth Draught in 325ml pint bottles across all participating golf course.

For more information please check out Carlsberg Facebook page or Carlsberg Website

Monday, August 21, 2017

BMS Organics Malaysia - Healthy Moon Cake Recipe For 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival

BMS Organics Malaysia has just launched its healthy mooncake by Taiwan Master Pastry chef to celebrate the 2017 Mid-Autumn festival.

Using organic and all-natural mooncake ingredients sourced from Taiwan with a few new flavours which are healthy and tasty. BMS Organics is proud to present their Collections of Cantonese & Suzhou Style Mooncake.

You can send to your loved one an array of BMS Organics mooncakes that would please any health-conscious person. These mooncakes are free from artificial flavouring, colouring and preservative.

There is a total of 8 mooncake flavours which are low sugar; 5 of which is Vegan mooncakes, 1 Ovo-vegetarian, 1 - Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian and a Lacto vegetarian for you to choose from.

1. Pure Lotus with Yolk (Ovo vegetarian) - An awesome combo of savoury egg yolk and BMS Organics’ own unique paste made from premium lotus seeds, this healthy version of the traditional mooncake contains less fat and sugar, but it certainly does not compromise the silky-smooth texture that we’ve all come to love.

Ingredients: Lotus paste (white bean, lotus seed, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, salted egg yolk and peanut oil.

2. Japanese Tangerine (Vegan) - Stimulate your taste buds with this brand new offering from BMS Organics, which uses a whole Yilan tangerine in place of the traditional egg yolk, providing an extra zing. The honey-soaked lime blends perfectly with BMS Organics’ very own Japanese-styled red bean paste.

Ingredients: Red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), tangerine, unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

3. Matcha Red Bean (Vegan) - Baked at low temperature, the mooncake comes with a natural shade of green that indicates the goodness within. Handpicked red beans from Wandan, Taiwan, are enveloped in a warm fragrant paste made of natural matcha powder, making this an unforgettable treat.

Ingredients: Matcha paste (white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil, matcha powder), red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

4. Red Bean Walnut (Vegan) - We place great emphasis on the authenticity, freshness, and flavours of each vegan mooncake.  The crust is baked with natural red yeast rice, a sight to behold and every bite comes with chunky red bean bits and crunchy walnuts. Simple yet delectable!

Ingredients: Red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, walnut, peanut oil, beetroot and natural red yeast rice.

5. Purple Chinese Yam (Vegan) - The lovely purple Chinese yam filling is not only pleasing to the eye but also high in nutrients. Feel the taste of subtle sweetness, silky texture and the unique aroma of the purple yam in your mouth, a taste that will leave you wanting for more.  
Ingredients: Purple Chinese yam paste (purple Chinese yam, white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, peanut oil and taro.

6. Mixed Nuts Delight (Vegan) - A healthier version of traditional mooncake. The nutritional values are multiplied when traditionally nuts are replaced with superfoods such as white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, tangerine, walnuts, and almonds, which promote digestive, respiratory health & overall well-being.

Ingredients: Mixed nuts (white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil, white sesame, almond, pumpkin seed, walnut, dried tangerine, rock salt), unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

7. Red Bean with Tangerine Pastry (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian) - Definitely a refreshing new treat from BMS Organics, this mooncake combines Wagashi-standard red bean paste and flavourful tangerine from Yilan, Taiwan. A sour-sweet taste that will linger in your mouth long after the last bite.

8. Taro Pastry (Lacto Vegetarian) - Sink your teeth into this fibre-rich pastry made with the finest yam sourced from Dajia District, Taiwan. The yummy yam bits, coupled with our chef's handcrafted spiral crust, make this a pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Mooncake Order Online:
If you are not able to buy these organics mooncakes at BMS Organics outlet or you would like to send a mooncake gift set may proceed to purchase it online. For shopper's pleasure, BMS Organics will send it to your doorstep (Free delivery only applicable for West Malaysia). Click Here For Online Purchase:  BMS Organics Moon Cake

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Carlsberg 2017 Chinese New Year Promotion Year Of Rooster

Taking inspiration from the mandarin pronunciation of rooster(鸡 jī), which bears the same pronunciation as ‘Opportunity’(机 jī ), Carlsberg ushered in the Chinese New Year 2017 on 10 January 2017 at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur by wishing all; a year filled with golden opportunities! 

In conjunction with the CNY campaign, Carlsberg is rewarding our consumers with more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience’ where consumers shop, we pay. 

Carlsberg is rewarding consumers with more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience” where consumer shops, Carlsberg pays!

Lars Lehmann, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia taps a pint of Carlsberg Smooth Draught to launch “Probably the Best Year of Golden Opportunities”

Monday, August 22, 2016

Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia Official Launch

Globally the Foodservice market is growing at a rate of 6% per annum. Capitalising on the growth of the foodservice sector, dairy giant FONTERRA from New Zealand will be rolling out its new global food services brand, Anchor Food Professionals.

The Anchor Food Professionals reflects the way foodservice team is doing business now i.e working alongside customers to bring business and product solutions that answer questions such as improving profitability and reducing waste.

Picture from Anchor Food Professionals website
In Malaysia, Anchor brand is already a leader in the dairy segment, when we dine in restaurants, hotels, cafes, bakeries or grab and go from quick service restaurants, chances are we would have a taste of FONTERRA's dairy products such as its super cheesy and extra stringy Anchor Mozzarella Cheese, Anchor Culinary Creams, Anchor Cream Cheese, and not forgetting their awesome Anchor Butter.

Speaking at the unveiling of the Anchor Food Professionals brand and team, Ms Linda Tan, Head of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, said that Malaysia is one of the first markets to roll out the new proposition which will see them acting as true consultants, working behind the scenes to deliver exciting new tastes and products for chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants, and cafes.

According to her, the team will assist businesses with all aspects of their operations, from front-of-house presentation, and pricing and promotion, to enhancing yield and taste delivering exciting new menu options.

Picture from Anchor Food Professionals website
By getting to know the customers' businesses, Anchor Food Professionals is using this knowledge and optimising dairy ingredients using Fonterra's world leading research and development capability to meet specific needs of chefs, bakers, and restaurant owners.

"With the rapid growth in the food services business due to the changing lifestyles of consumers, Anchor Food Professionals will help our customers keep up with this growth. Our food experts and in-house chefs will help food operator take their businesses to a different level, giving them a competitive edge", said Ms Linda.

Malaysia is one of the first few markets to roll out Anchor Food Professionals globally. With this new rollout, our services to our customers will extend beyond what we have always been doing, which is delivering a great product that chefs love; she continued.

Picture from Anchor Food Professionals website
Globally, Fonterra will be rolling out its' all new Anchor Food Professionals to over 50 countries with more than 5,000 customers. The global Anchor Food Professionals team expects to be an NZ$ 5 Billion business by 2023 with this move, putting the Anchor Brand neck to neck with leading consumers brands worldwide.

Anchor Food Professionals Video.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Somersby Cider Beer - Uplifts Your Spirit Through Its #ThatWeekendFeeling launch @Tavern 13 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Everyone thinks of a weekend most of the time. Now, you don't have to wait anymore. At Somersby, Malaysia fastest growing cider is here to rejuvenate your spirit through #ThatWeekendFeeling. It is a series of moments that recaptures #ThatWeekendFeeling anytime thru its sweet, bubbly and naturally refreshing cider.

Photo Courtesy of Somersby Cider facebook

#ThatWeekendFeeling campaign, which was launched in 2015, has been well received, leading to the cider brand enjoying strong double-digit growth over last year. Somersby Cider entered its second phase of the campaign by unveiling its revolutionary drinking ritual at the launch in Tavern 13 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Staying true to its fun and quirky personality, guests were introduced to Somerita - a fun drinking ritual of a Somersby bottle literally served upside down over crushed ice. Extremely fresh and well-balanced, this uplifting ritual can now be enjoyed in selected bars and restaurants across Malaysia.

Photo Courtesy of Somersby Cider facebook
Somersby Cider will kick off the second phase of the weekend feeling campaign by encouraging fans to share their weekend feeling through a variety of fun and experience on its website to stand a chance to win amazing prizes. From now till September, fans can visit to share it. The interactive feature will allow fans to take fun photos, edit with fun filters and receive a GIF featuring their photos to easily be shared and spread #ThatWeekendFeeling to family and friends.

The top 3 posts with the highest likes will win a party worth RM1,500.00 each in the month of August. The fun posts do not stop here! Somersby Cider will extend an exclusive invitation to the top 30 posts with the highest likes for four of their buddies to attend a one-of-a-kind fun-filled barbeque and food truck get-together session in the month of September.

Photo Courtesy of Somersby Cider facebook
Natural, sweet and refreshing- Somersby Cider gives you that familiar bubbly feeling you enjoy so much especially during the weekends. Somersby Cider is using light-hearted ways to engage with its consumers as this is what the brand stands for - fun and quirky. So, grab a few friends and chill with Somersby Cider anytime of the week - the shortcut to give you #ThatWeekendFeeling said Juliet Yap, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Photo Courtesy Somersby Cider

At the launch, guests were treated with Somersby Blackberry Cider, a variant introduced at the end of last year as a limited edition is now back by popular demand. Available in 330ml bottles, Somersby Blackberry will be made available across major supermarket chains. Fruity with a breadth of freshness and a mild taste of blackberry, Somersby Blackberry with its 4.5% alcohol content lives up to the brand's reputation of spreading joy and sunny togetherness whenever it is served.

Photo Courtesy Somersby Cider facebook
Great news for Somersby fans; the Somersby Apple Cider is now available in 320ml can at 4.5% alcohol content is now available at all major supermarket chains.

For more information on Somersby Cider, please visit Somersby Cider facebook at of join in the fun and express your weekend feeling via its Somersby Cider microsite at

Tavern 13 Restaurant And Bar Address
Jalan Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor