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Sunday, September 9, 2018

SHERATON PJ HOTEL - Weekend Hi Tea Buffet @ Feast Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel

Feast @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel Weekend Hi Tea Buffet

Sheraton Petaling Jaya  Hotel  - Feast Restaurant Buffet Menu Price

It is a weekend and what better way to eat to your heart content on a Saturday or Sunday with a Weekend High Tea Buffet at Feast @ Sheraton PJ which is a dining restaurant in Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel, Selangor.

We had the opportunity to dine on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a wide variety of spread from the Feast Restaurant Sheraton PJ. As we arrived on the dot at 12.30pm to start this All-You-Can-Eat weekend High Tea Buffet.

There are just too many choices of food to choose from starting with the popular Malay dishes such as Sambal Sotong, Kambing Masak Merah, Ayam Goreng Berempah and more.

Sheraton PJ Hotel High Tea Buffet Menu - Chinese Dishes

Then moving to the Chinese section we had the Brocolli and Pea with Shrimp in Oyster Sauce, Lokam Clam Kung Po, Braised Mushroom With Brocolli and Ginger Chicken.

Sheraton PJ Hotel High Tea Buffet Dim Sum

or try out the Dim Sum offering.

Sheraton PJ Hotel High Tea Buffet Seafood On Ice

For fans of Seafood on Ice, there are the poached prawns, slipper lobster and mussels for you to choose from.

Sheraton PJ Hotel High Tea Buffet Japanese Selection

While for those that love to indulge in Japanese Sushi can taste the sushi dishes presented here.

There are also a number of Western Menu Main course to choose from.

Of course, what is Hi Tea without indulging in the dessert offering? Besides cakes and pudding, there are also ala-minute pancakes and Malaysian Goreng Goreng for you to taste for the later part of the High Tea Buffet. Then, finish off with a cup of tea or coffee from the coffee machine and not forgetting the ice-cream either eating as it is or to add into the cup of coffee.

Sheraton PJ Hotel High Tea Buffet price

The Sheraton PJ High Tea Buffet price is at RM88Nett per person.

Before this, we did a review of Sheraton PJ Hotel Miyabi Japanese Restaurant. You can click on the link to read our full review of it.

Feast Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel Address Location Map

Saturday, July 28, 2018

GALEEVEURS Group Announce Malaysia’s First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem - Galeeveurs Group

What is a Food and Beverage (F&B) Incubator? - Galeeveurs Group

Galeeveurs Group -  Malaysia’s First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem

Galeeveurs Group Bhd has just officially announced itself as Malaysia’s first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem. We have heard about IT incubator but really Food & Beverage is a new game field.

Galeeveurs Group

So, the first question in mind will be what it an F & B Incubator all about. In simple terms, for budding food entrepreneur, it is a platform where you can access to speciality skills which include from branding, operation, food preparation and all the way to funding your food and beverage ideas. In short, it is a one-stop platform for all your F&B needs where you can test out all ideas and concept.

Kim Lian Kee  Ten Years  Sunny Cha

With known F&B brands such as Kim Lian Kee, Ten Years, and Sunny Cha under the group, Galeeveurs comprised of a team from varied expertise offering six services which include brand strategy and marketing, management services, a centralised production factory, F&B education, IT development and financial assistance.

Dato Henry Lee Galeeveuers Group Kim Lian Kee

Dato’ Henry Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group said that through these services, Galeeveurs aims to provide the right pathway in building the next generation of F&B using the concept of an Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem. “By positioning ourselves as the first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem, we hope that F&B legacies will be sustained using this ecosystem,” said Dato’ Henry.

Ten Years Menu

Placing hawkers and F&B operators as their target market, Galeeveurs aims to conserve the authenticity of the local food. Therefore, each brand will go through the process offered by the six services to optimise the brand’s potential.

Galeeveneurs Bhd - Victor Bong Co-Founder

According to Mr Victor Bong, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Galeeveurs Group, local food will always be a fond favourite among Malaysians and demand for it will never dwindle.

Kim Lian Kee Hokkein Mee

“There is a continuous demand for local food, especially the exceptional ones. However, we see a plaguing problem of longstanding hawkers closing their stalls due to old age and unavailability to find successors to continue the business.”

Galeeveurs Group Food Menu

“These services by Galeeveurs acts as a stepping stone for them to excel, where Galeeveurs steps in with a solution to mitigate the problem by not only providing strategic counselling but assisting in implementing the business. This solution benefits those without successors, young successors who want to continue the legacy or for business newcomers interested to be in the F&B industry,” said Mr Victor.

Galeeveurs Bhd F&B Services

“Additionally, Galeeveurs is looking for more partners that are keen to contribute and help us grow, as we are currently planning to expand and aiming for IPO listing,” he added.

Galeeveurs Bhd F&B Incubator Process

In accordance with their expansion plan, to accommodate the brands under their wings Galeeveurs Group intends to build an incubator hub that serves not only as an incubation system but is also in line with the Group’s direction of expanding the brand. Thus Galeeveurs Group is keen and motivated to invite F&B start-ups and business owners to flourish under this platform – growing together as a team under the umbrella of Galeeveurs Group. The hub will feature a co-working space that includes kitchen and bar facilities, showcase and launching pads and a place for conducting workshops.

Galeeveurs Bhd F&B Incubator Team

During the announcement, Galeeveurs Group unveiled their partnerships with various establishments which include Golden Pencil, Marks Food Solution, Andamiro, Big Hub Education, and Culturalogy that will play significant roles in building, supporting and sustaining the incubator ecosystem. Additionally, these partnerships will strengthen their expansion in targeting for more F&B brands to join them onboard by end of 2019.

Galeeveurs Bhd F&B Incubator Startup Writeup

“With the partnership of these fine establishments, we are confident that Galeeveurs Group will flourish tremendously; that will see ourselves playing a momentous role in ensuring traditional and local food will always remain within the hearts of Malaysians,” said Dato’ Henry.

Galeeveurs Bhd F&B Incubator Team

Galeeveurs Group encouraged more F&B start-ups and business owners to find out more about the incubator hub along with its services by contacting the team at or Galeeveurs Website

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018


Ayam Percik Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

In celebration of its 13th anniversary this year, Enak KL is reopening its doors in a new location within Feast Village Starhill Gallery, in the heart of Bukit Bintang, with a promise to serve authentic Malay cuisine through its thoughtfully curated menu. 

Jambu Air Ikan Billis Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

The well-established modern Malay restaurant is now centrally located in Feast Village, making it even more accessible to guests. Guests can once again relish in harmoniously balanced flavours that are distinctively Malay.

Satay Ayam Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

In keeping with Enak’s signature of serving only traditional Malay flavours, the chefs continue to pay homage to their culinary forefathers while still paying attention to the intricacies of food presentation. 

King Prawns with Salt and Pepper Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

The new Enak continues to deliver heartwarming classics of Malay cuisine through the skilled and long-time chef Rani bin Ghazali. Chef Rani has been an integral part of the Enak kitchen from the very beginning, having developed his love for all things traditional on his mother’s knee. Chef Rani brings to the table recipes that he grew up on and learned all about the treasures of traditional Malay cuisine.

Tulang Rusuk Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

The menu stays true to its essence with an emphasis on keeping the Malay flavours simple, delicious yet authentic. The recipes will not just continue to revolve around age-old ones that have been passed down through the generations but also feature a new and exciting selection to explore.

Sup Ekor - Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

In this, ever-popular dishes such as Sup Ekor and Ikan Asam Pedas keep their place on the menu. They are joined by exquisite new flavours in dishes such as the kerabu jambu air ikan bilis, traditionally served at weddings and family celebrations in the north of Malaysia. 

Grouper in banana leaf - Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

The pièce de résistance is the newly introduced Bakar section of the menu, which features fresh fish grilled over an open coal grill, and wrapped in banana leaf with a terutup glaze or simply seasoned with salt and pepper. 

four types of sambal – Air Assam Jawa, Kicap Cili Padi, Sambal Belacan and Sambal Hijau - Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

The Bakar dishes come with a choice of no less than four types of sambal – Air Assam Jawa, Kicap Cili Padi, Sambal Belacan and Sambal Hijau. 

Serawa Durian - Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

Another new addition to the à la carte menu is the serawa durian – the king of fruits simmered gently in coconut milk and palm sugar and paired with steamed glutinous rice and roti jala. 

Guests can expect to dine in comfort enveloped by the warmth of the earth tones and textures that adorn Enak, accompanied by the flavourful and familiar aroma that fills the air. 

Kari Ikan - Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery New Menu 2018

Bringing to bear years of winning awards and rave reviews, such as Malaysia’s Best Restaurants by Malaysia Tatler, Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Awards, ranked No. 4 in both’s Top 20 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and’s Top 10 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, and being featured on the Asian Food Channel, the new Enak KL promises an unforgettable dining experience for all on every occasion. 

Enak KL is open daily for lunch from 12.00pm to 3.00pm and dinner from 5.30pm to 10.30pm. For reservations and enquiries, please contact +60 3 2782 3807 or email

Enak KL Feast Village Starhill Gallery Location Address Map

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Don's Warong @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas - Authentic Johor Street Food

Don's Warong @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas - Authentic Johor Street Food

Don's Warong @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

Don's Warong which is located B-0-4, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur is famed for its popular Johor street food. You can check out Don's Warong Facebook page for more information.

Although it has been opened for business for more than 6 years now, we have just gotten the chance to taste some of its famous dishes such as the Laksa Johor (only served on Sat and Sun) and many more dishes as we take the gastro journey to the South of Malaysia, Johor.

Don's Warong has its origin from the famous Uncle Don which is a Malay style Warong in Sri Hartamas. With some recipes pass over from the Uncle Don, you can be sure of its authentic taste. You can check out the published recipe book Johor Palate which is co-author by Don's Warong owner mother (sister of Uncle Don); if you want to try your hand at cooking some of these dishes.

Mee Rebus Johor

We start off our dinner with an order of the famed Mee Rebus Johor (RM12). Served with a thick gravy with condiments on the side such as the fried keropok, bean sprout, beef meat, eggs and Taufu Goreng is a real treat.

DW Sup Tulang

Next on our table is the DW Sup Tulang (RM15). The broth is boiled with a combination of spices with thick chunks of meaty bones that the tender meat falls off from the bones together with potatoes, carrots and onions make it a wholesome meal with a bowl of steaming white rice.

Dons Warong Nasi Lemak Kukus Johor With Ayam Goreng Berempah

We heard that the Nasi Lemak Kukus Johor With Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM12.50) was very popular with the crowd at Don's Warong. An order of this dish is probably mandatory. There are only 2 things that distinguish between a good and bad Nasi Lemak for me. One is the rice must be rich and aromatic while the second thing which is the sambal should be a balance of sweetness, savoury and spicy level. In this 2 points; it passed our benchmark for a truly delicious Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Goreng Kampung Muar With Ayam Goreng Berempah

If you are not a fan of the Nasi Lemak; you can try out the Nasi Goreng Kampung Muar With Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM15). The Fried rice is fried with spices and the chef has fried it to the right Wok Hei. This Fried rice is served with keropok and a special sambal belacan sauce on the sides.

The Don Burger

At Don's Warong; besides serving the Johor popular dishes; you can also find a few western dishes; one of the best western dishes is The Don Burger (RM19) which is a quarter pound beef patty sandwiched in between buttered bun which is topped with beef bacon slices, fried eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, onions rings and bedded with a special sauce. Served on the sides are Fries.

Cucur Udang Special

There are a few appetisers that one can choose from at Don's Warong; either as a starter or for your in-between meal snacks. One of the snacks that we tried is the Cucur Udang Special (RM8). The batter is in-house made and fried ala-minute to ensure that you get to enjoy this crispy on the outside and soft on the inside snacks. It is served with Mak Li homemade chilli sauce.

Keropok Lekor MokCik

The second appetizer we tasted is the Keropok Lekor MokCik (RM9)- this is a dish not from Johor but from the east coast states. This keropok is also served with  Mak Li homemade chilli sauce.

Ais Kacang Johor With Chocolate Sauce

For desserts; we were introduced to the Ais Kacang Johor With Chocolate Sauce (RM8). 

Kopi Muar with Ice Cream

or the famed Kopi Muar with Ice Cream (RM11.50). It is kind of like float drinks, instead of a fizzy drink; they use the famous Muar coffee as its base.

Don's Warong @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas Breakfast Menu

Don's Warong also serves special breakfast and lunch set; do check out their facebook page for more details and offers.

Don's Warong @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas Location Address Map

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Aman Suria Food | Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant

 Pim's And The Rama Authentic Thai Restaurant

Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant
Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant

Do you want to feel like a royalty, you can get a taste of the authentic Thai Palace cuisine right here at Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant located at 22 & 22A Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

Aman Suria Food Pims And The Rama Thai Restaurant

This is because the dishes served here are curated by an ex-chef from the Thailand Palace in Changmei. It is also the reason the restaurant named as Rama which symbolizes the Thai Royalty. You can see some of the Thai King photos which are decked on the walls of the restaurant too.

Pim's Cocktail Selection
Pim's Cocktail Selection

One of the prime factors for the restaurant is to be able to offer a truly Thai dining experience. Staying true to offer the freshest seafood which is sourced from Pulau Ketam and Klang, it offers diners with a value deal. For more information and promotion, you can check out Pim's And The Rama Facebook Page

 Fried Donut Prawns

Our review Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant started with an order of the Fried Donut Prawns (Tod Man Gong) (RM25.00). Consist of more than 80% prawn paste and 20% fish and deep fried to a crisp; it is a really nice starter to enjoy with a glass of cocktail or cold icy beer. The Chef has also included chop whole prawns to give this doughnut a nice bite texture.

Pim's Pandan Chicken

We ordered another starter which is Pim's Pandan Chicken (RM23.90). At Pim's and Rama; the chef uses the thigh meat which is more succulent. The preparation of this Pandan Chicken differs from others in that, the marinated chicken is steamed first before deep frying. The end result, your chicken meat is tender and juicy while it is crisp on the outside. This is how the authentic Thai does it.
Thai BBQ Grilled Pork Neck

Another appetizer you should try is the Thai BBQ Grilled Pork Neck (RM19.00). There is a high demand for this Pork Neck and it is not easy to get hold of a quality Pork Neck meat with a 70% meat and 30% fat which the Chef wanted. This pork neck is marinated overnight to ensure all the marinade seep deeply into the meat. It is prepared fresh daily and is available in a limited quantity. The secret to the great taste is in the Thai secret sauce that is served with the meat dish.

Thai BBQ Pork Stick Moo Ping

at Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant, there is another not to be missed Thai appetizer which is the Thai BBQ Pork Stick Moo Ping (3 pcs RM12.00). Unlike other restaurants, the Moo Ping here has a firm texture with the right balance of marinade and grill to a nice aromatic char.

Thai Super Seafood Tom Yum Pot

For the mains, we had the Thai Super Seafood Tom Yum Pot; loaded with fresh seafood which includes Crabs, Tiger Prawns, Crayfish, Squids, NZ Mussels, Clams, Scallops, Lala, Onsen Duck Eggs, Abalone Slice and Fried Soft Shell Crabs. 

Bedded with the popular Thai noodles and a strong flavour, enticing taste and aroma of the Tom Yum broth; this dish alone gets our appetite to overdrive.

Fresh Siakap Steamed With Chilli & Lime Soup

Our final dish is the Fresh Siakap Steamed With Chilli & Lime Soup (RM65.00). I really enjoyed this dish as the Siakap was very fresh and coupled with the tangy lime soup and with an induced spiciness from the chillies, it was very appetizing. Best eaten with a bowl of steamed white rice to scoop up all the broth. For an extra kick, you can opt to have a bottle of Chang Beer added to it. This will enhance a sweet flavour into the broth.

Aman Suria Food | Pim's And The Rama Thai Restaurant

For me, I especially enjoyed the starters dish served at Pim's and The Rama which are very original (remind us of the time we were in Bangkok tasting these Thai street delights) and worthy of its taste.

Pims Red Velvet Garden
Pims Red Velvet Garden

If you are one of those that enjoyed speciality cocktails, there are a few special offering at Pim's and The Rama, so do check out some of their offerings.

Pim's And The Rama Authentic Thai Restaurant Location Address Map