Friday, June 24, 2016

Sangkaya Bukit Bintang Jalan Alor Joining The Durian Craze - Durian Cendol - The King Of Chendol

This year 2016, is gonna be a great Durian year for me; as we gotten the chance to taste Durian the King of Fruits not only on its whole but in many variations of desserts. Today, we head down to Sangkaya which is famed for its coconut ice-cream at its flagship store located at 79, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, to taste out a new dessert offering.

As many have known one of the hottest talks about in town was a Malaysian Dessert somewhere in early May 2016; was the Durian Cendol in Shah Alam. Now Sangkaya which also serves its version of the famous Malaysian cendol; is also jumping on this bandwagon with their offering.

At Sangkaya, the main difference for the cendol is there is no Santan that is added into the cendol; in place of that is the coconut ice-cream which has a much smoother texture and taste and also with shredded coconut strip which exudes out a more natural coconut taste.

What was set on top of the Cendol Durian (RM13.50) is the species that has a bitter taste and when intertwined with the cool coconut ice cream and the other condiment (Cendol, Corn, Grass Jelly, Red Beans) was perfectly paired. If you love to have an additional durian, you can add it at RM3.50 per piece.

 This King of Chendol is only available at the Jalan Alor outlet (opening time 5 to 1 am daily) and there is a limited daily supply, so it is best to go early to avoid disappointment to eat this dessert.

If Durian is not your cup of tea, you can also try out the original Sangkaya Chendol (RM10.50). All the condiments in this dessert are of premium quality; for example, the corn that is used are the full corn, not the creamy corn, while there are whole roasted peanuts, fresh coconut flesh, Chendol, Grass Jelly and the all important Coconut ice cream (which replaces the Santan) topped with roasted coconut flakes.

For me; One must try the Signature Sangkaya Coconut ice cream (RM10.50) when going to Sangkaya which has a creamy texture . Served on a one-half of the coconut shell, you get 4 full scoops of the coconut ice cream layered with fresh coconut flesh and you can have a choice of 3 toppings (coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, corn flake, cereal, sweet corn, kidney beans) to goes with your ice-cream. There will also be an offering of seasonal extra topping like raisin during the Ramadan season for you to choose from.

For some of you which like to explore on other flavours; can order the Signature Sangkaya Ice-Cream; where you can choose the other flavours like the " Cha Yen" , "Teh IJO" or the "Chokoko" flavour besides their popular Original Coconut Flavour.

There are other drinks that you can order at Sangkaya namely the Coconut Coffee series (from RM6.50 to RM7.30)  like the CoLatte, CoCinno, CoBlack, CoBlack Jelly for those that loves a taste of coffee with is blended with coconut water and/or coconut milk.

And for others that prefer a cold drinks can also order their Shakes series, which has the Original Coconut Shake (RM9.40), Chai Yen Coconut Shake, Teh Ijo Coconut Shake or the Chokoko Coconut Shake. Sangkaya is currently running an on-going promotion which is for the order of any 2 Shakes at RM15.00.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cheras Dim Sum: Moon Palace Cheras Chinese Restaurant Cheras Sentral

Dim Sum is one of my favourite food, especially for breakfast or lunch. Going to one's favourite Chinese restaurant, sipping tea and feasting on the innumerable assortment of delicacies that make up Chinese Dim Sum? +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to have a review of the Moon Palace Cheras Chinese Restaurant located at Unit No. 700-3F-1, 2, 3 & 7, Level 3, Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall (formerly known as Phoenix Plaza Cheras), Jalan Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Headed by Master Chef Loong; a Dim Sum specialist for more than 30 years; he has sprung out a number of new Dim Sum dishes to entice your taste buds. According to the chef, he strongly believes in innovating new Dim Sum dishes that will give diners more choices and different texture of Dim Sum, which not only taste good but looks good as well.

Starting off the review was the 4 seasonal special Dim Sum; the first of which is the Steamed Superior Fish Maw & Dried Seafood Rolled With Bamboo Pith (RM13.57). According to the Chef; top, superior ingredient is use to prepare this Dim Sum, with a special broth that was kept warm with the special bowl used to serve this Dim Sum.

The second Dim Sum under this new dish is the Steamed Spinach Rice Roll With Shrimp (RM 7.20). The spinach rice roll has a silky soft texture which has a crunchy texture prawns sandwiched in the roll and married with a light Soya Sauce. 

The third Dim Sum is the Steamed Charcoal Salted Egg Lava Bun (RM 6.89); We are sure that you would have eaten similar type of bun, but here the main different is the use of a charcoal bun, which has a special soft feel to the bun. 

The fourth and final Dim Sum is the Golden Crispy Apple Salad Prawns (RM 9.33); you would probably have tasted many Fried Salad Prawn Dumpling elsewhere but at Moon Palace, an apple based sauce is added in place of mayonnaise and again, this exudes out a different taste and perspective to this otherwise common Dim Sum.

Of course, Moon Palace Chinese Restaurant also has some of the traditional Dim Sum which has been given a slight twist and decor. We start off with the Steamed Dim Sum section which is the Steamed Pork Dumpling With Fish Roe (RM6.89).

One of the Dim Sum that I like to eat is the Chicken Feet. At Moon Palace, a new twist emerged as the Phoenix Feet is steamed with Egg Plant and Black Pepper (RM 6.15).

Next on; is a very eye pleasing Dim Sum which is the Steamed Golden Fish Prawn Dumpling (RM7.42). On reaching to the table, there is a real wow to see this beautifully decorated Dim Sum. It took awhile of glazing it before we taste it. 

After that, we tried the Signature Steamed Sesame Lotus Bun (RM 6.89).

For the Baked and Fried section; we had 5 different Dim Sum; the first of which is the Vietnamese Pan Fried Shrimp Roll With Mango (RM 9.01). Under this section; again the Chef offers their fare with some artistry put into each of this dish.

This is followed by the Deep Fried Avocado With Custard (RM 7.95). Wrap like a bird-nest; the filling consist of the custard with a piece of Avocado and deep fried to a crisp.

After that, we were served the Stir-Fried Radish Cake with Homemade XO sauce (RM 7.95). This dish was my son favourite, we like the texture of the radish with all the condiments used to stir fried it to the right charred. One of the extras; was the use of Chinese Sausage that gives it a more porky flavour; it was so delicious we had to order another plate.

followed by the Yam Bun (RM 6.89).

and lastly under this section is the Deep Fried Sweet Potato Roll (RM 6.89).

The next section that we tried is the BBQ, Rice, Noodle section; and under this section is where you can order the Roast Pork Belly (Siew Yok) and the BBQ Pork (Cha Siew). We truly like this dish as the Roast Pork Belly skin texture was crispy and crunchy while the meat has a very nice soft firm texture. 

The BBQ pork on the other hand; had a good balance of sticky caramel-charred on the outside while a succulent and tender meat on the inside with the right portion of fats.

We end our meal with the dessert section; here we were offered 2 desserts which the first is the Home Made Cotton Cake (RM6.15). We like the taste of this cake, as the texture was soft while the sweetness level was just nice. Coated with sprinkles of roasted coconut flakes it enhances the cake flavours with some slight coconut taste.

And the last dessert is the Crystal Sweet Potato Roll (RM6.15). Looks very much like a transparent marble.

At Moon Palace Chinese Restaurant there is a special Sunday and School Holiday Section i.e. the Dim Sum under this category are not served on other days. One of the special in this section that we tasted is the Crispy BBQ Pork Bun (RM 7.21). This bun is very popular in Hong Kong and there is a number of Dim Sum Restaurant mostly originating from Hong Kong which is already serving this bun. We like the crust of this bun which has a strong buttery taste and BBQ pork filling.

With more than 60 different type of Dim Sum served at Moon Palace Cheras Chinese Restaurant that will not only touch your heart(Dim Sum) but also your tummy and eyes as well.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Durian Season At Inside Scoop - Presenting King Of All Waffles - Damansara Jaya

Durian season is here and especially the craze on the Musang King this season. We had the opportunity to taste; first hand this King Of All Waffles at Inside Scoop, Damansara Jaya branch tonight.

A special collaboration of 2 popular brand names namely Inside Scoop which is famed for its smooth creamy made from scratch ice cream and the Durian King TTDI for the supply of fragrant and top quality Durian; to create a unique one of its kind King Of All Waffles for us to savour in.

The Musang King Durian is paired with the Valrhona Chocolate ice-cream for a perfect combination as its ingredient does not overpower each of its' character. The Valrhona Chocolate flavour was chosen for its strong flavour as it exudes out a special taste when eaten with the aromatic and naturally sweet flavour of the creamy Musang King.

Served with a set of crispy Butter Milk Waffles; the light texture of the waffles was just right to absorb the ice cream which intertwined with the lustrous Yellow Durian flesh making each scoop a delight which has its' after taste still lingering; hours after that.

If you yearn for this special one of the kind waffles dessert, you better hurry to Inside Scoop as this King Of All Waffles is only available at selected Inside Scoop outlet and only available for 3 days starting from 22nd June 2016.

However, if you miss King Of All Waffles, don't despair as Inside Scoop has also its' very own Durian Ice Cream which we had a chance to taste it too. We find the taste and the creaminess of this flavour; up to mark as its Durian based was the D24 species which has a strong character by itself.

Monday, June 20, 2016

BBQ Thai - Thai Street Food Restaurant - Old Klang Road - New Thai Dish Review

I am sure, that many folks who stayed around Old Klang Road, will definitely know or come across the BBQ Thai Street Food Restaurant located at 17, Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/4 Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which has been around for more than 3 years serving delicious Thai dishes.

+BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to try out some of the specialities and latest dishes that are offered at the BBQ Thai Restaurant.

If you have visited this restaurant, you would probably know, that the BBQ Thai Restaurant has a unique theme where there are 9 specially built air condition theme dining rooms for you to enjoy your meals in.

On a cool night, you might want to dine at the open area on the centre court for a more relaxing and natural dining experience.

To start off our dinner review, we were served the traditional Papaya Salad (RM15.00) which has a crunchy feel from the raw papaya and a slight sourish taste with a topping of roasted peanuts; indeed a refreshing start for our review.

For the main dishes, we started with a special Steam Squid In Thai Lemon Sauce (RM38.00). Normally, the steam fish would be a standard option for the preparation style of this dish; but we were recommended to try out the White Squid which is one of my favourite seafood too. We love the taste of the broth and the firm bouncy texture of the white squid. Served on top of a Charcoal burner, which leaves the broth piping hot; was wonderfully done with the right balance of spiciness and sourish taste.

Next, we had a dish that you will normally find from the streets of Thailand, which is the Thai Fried Kang Kung (RM15.00). The Kang Kung is first coated with a special batter that will leave a very crispy texture after the deep frying. This dish is served with a special Thai Dip sauce.

For me; you can't complete a Thai meal without ordering the Thai Tom Yam soup. Ours was the Tom Yam With Fresh Water Prawns (market price) which also comes with other seafood like the white squid, mussels, and oyster mushroom. The version that is served here has a slight milky base with a distinctive aroma and flavours of lemongrass. The spicy level was just right for us too.

Next, we also had the opportunity to try out some of the new dishes which the first is the Thai Style Fried Chicken With 3 Sauce (RM35.00).

Followed by another soup dish; this time, it is the Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup (RM48.00). The taste of this soup is quite similar to the Mamak Mutton Soup which is spice and herbs based but the main ingredient here is the pork ribs with a slight sourish taste.

and the last main dish from the new menu is the Thai Style Lemon Fried Fish (Seasonal Price). We like this dish as the fish was perfectly fried to a deep crisp and topped with a special lemon sauce which has a tangy taste that is wrapped thoroughly around the fish meat.

As the name of the Restaurant goes by, we definitely must try out the Thai BBQ dishes. To ensure we get to taste a little of everything, we had the Thai BBQ Platter (RM58.00); which comprises of the Thai BBQ Pork Neck - my personal favourite one of the better cut for BBQ, Thai BBQ Squid, Thai BBQ Chicken Wings and Thai BBQ Prawns.

Next, we had a special plate of Thai BBQ Pork Spare Ribs. The Ribs are marinated and BBQ over charcoal to get it the right charred taste; with a fork tender meat texture and topped with a special BBQ sauce.

For Cockles aficionados, you can order the Thai BBQ Kerang (RM15.00) which is also served with the Thai special sauce, unlike the Malaysian style which we will normally eat with sambal belacan.

To wrap up the BBQ dishes, we had the Thai BBQ Butter Crab (seasonal price).

There is a number of dessert offering from the restaurant. For those of you who would like to taste some traditional desserts which the Thai eats can order the Desserts Platter (RM38.00) which has the cute looking Loob Choob which essentially is miniature vegetables and fruits with mung beans filling, The platter also comes with Foi Thong "golden threads" desserts of strings of egg yolk boiled in sugar syrup. The third dessert is the Amara /Khanom Man which is Cassava Cake With Coconut and the last one is the Thai Rice Cake With Special Sauce. You can also order these desserts individually.

The other dessert which is more commonly ordered from Thai Restaurant is the Thai Style Water Chestnut (RM7.00)

and the Thai Style Cendol (RM7.00). A nice little treat; after all the spicy and hearty dishes to cool down our body.

All in, as the Chef which are mainly Thai, does cook out a remarkable spread which we truly enjoyed. We also had the opportunity to savour some of their specialities dishes and the new dishes that are offered by BBQ Thai - Thai Street Food Restaurant - Old Klang Road. By the way, we got to know that the restaurant is now open for lunch too. So, you can head over to get your favourite Tom Yam and other delicious Thai dishes at the restaurant.

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