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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Famous Macao Pork Chop Bun At Tai Lei Loi Kei at Subang Jaya Taipan USJ 10 by Best Restaurant To Eat.

One of the most popular street food in Macao is none other than the Pork Chop Bun. Nowadays, we need not travel all the way to Macao to try out this famous Bun. 

We were invited for a food review session at this newly opened outlet Tai Lei Loi Kei located at 4A Jalan USJ 10/1J (Topspeed Business Centre), 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor. The first outlet was opened at Lot 10 slightly more than a year ago and now have 17 outlet strategically located within the Klang valley.

These days, we Malaysian are very fortunate that many restaurants are bringing in popular foods from around the region i.e. you will have the opportunity to taste these fares at reasonable price.

At Tai Lei Loi Kei, they have a stringent rule to abide, the most important is of course is quality - meaning fresh produce and top quality ingredients. 

The signature buns are bake to reminiscent that of the original taste so baking it to the standard is top priority. Next, the frying of the pork chop is as important as the chef have been trained to ensure that every piece of pork chop are fried to the same intensity. This is to ensure consistency and same taste to the customers.

Before hand, these specially prepared pork chop are marinated in the central kitchen (with more than 10 ingredient) to maintain the quality and sent to each outlet where they will be fried on demand at that precise temperature and timing which I was told was 2 minute 40 seconds.

There are 2 offering of these bun that comes with the juicy and succulent pork chop namely the Signature Bun and the Polo bun. Personally, i preferred the Polo buns (another very popular Macao food) as it has that tangy soft flavor of the pineapple taste. The buns here are served Ala-Dante (no sauce like mayo or black pepper and so forth), so the Pork Chop really have to be good on its own. 

At Tai Lei Loi Kei, you can have your buns, noodles or rice served with add on of Luncheon meat, Ham, Cheese, Fish Ball and Fried Eggs.

Since, I was having buns, I ordered the Ice Macao Coffee to goes with the bun. Well, to me the coffee was rather plain and a little too sweet as I am used to the strong aroma and caffeine in my coffee.

Next, we had a different variation of the Pork chop i.e. Comes with Cantonese noodles (it looks like wantan noodles) but these noodles are made with duck eggs to ensure that it will remain springy and does not become soggy after cooking. 

We were told that they make 2 types of noodles i.e. one type for the soup which will not turn soggy after it is cook and simmered in the soup, while the others is for the dried (kon lou) type. Taste wise, I preferred the dry version as it was added with a special sauce i.e. Pork lard blended with soya sauce (I am feeling guilty now). This proves to be a winning combination and it really enhanced the overall taste.

For the rice wannabees, you don’t have to be disheartened, you can order your Pork chop with rice too. For the rice, the special sauce are sparingly coated over the white rice. 

Next, we tried out one of the side dishes which is the Macao Curry Fish ball . The curry taste was very pungent probably from too much of the curry powder and it was not very spicy. Garlic are used to flavor up the curry. Overall, so so. 

We had another try on the curry noodles instead, as this curry was flavored more for the local market. Yes, this was much much better than the other curry that was served earlier.

For Chicken lovers, you can have Chicken chop serves in the buns, noodles or rice too. 

Another side dish, is the Fried Macao Chicken wings. The chicken are also marinated in the same way as the pork chop, so taste wise, it is quite similar.

For desserts, we were served the Saw Dust Cake. Didn’t know we can eat saw dust too, but the saw dust here are actually biscuit crumbs which are crush to look like saw dust and henceforth it is called saw dust cake.

.To prepare this, the saw dust are put into 3 layers i,e, at the bottom, middle and top layers to provide you with variations and taste at each level. It comes in 2 flavors i.e the chocolate and the milk cream taste.