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Thursday, August 2, 2018

ANTE KITCHEN BAR PUBLIKA | 1UTAMA - Merdeka 2018 Pork Rendang Nasi Kerabu @Ante Kitchen Bar

Ante Kitchen Bar Publika

This coming Merdeka Celebration 2018; Ante Kitchen Bar is presenting the Nasi Kerabu featuring the Special Pork Rendang for lunch (11am to 3pm) daily from now until the end of August 2018 at both of its outlet in Publika & 1 Utama outlet.

Ante Kitchen Bar 1 Utama

As known to many; Nasi Kerabu is a Malaysian dish which is very popular especially from the East Coast States of Malaysia but at Ante Kitchen Bar, you will be presently surprised with its special rendition of this Malaysian dish for the Merdeka Celebration 2018.

Ante Kitchen Bar Merdeka 2018 Promotion

ANTE version of the Nasi Kerabu (RM23.90+) main highlights is the Blue Pea Flower rice which uses the handpicked butterfly pea flowers. The flowers are then dried before being used as a natural colouring for the rice which is cooked with some fresh coconut cream to exudes extra rich flavour.

Ante Kitchen Bar Nasi Kerabu Merdeka 2018 Promotion

Next, the ANTE's Pork Rendang is cooked through using the traditional methods and then paired with other freshly made ingredients such as house-pickled acar, slow-cooked sambal, salted egg, Toasted Kerisik, four-angled bean, Keropok Ikan, long bean, bean sprout and topped with julienne Bunga Kantan to add colours and multitude of taste and presentation to this traditional dish.

Ante Kitchen Bar Crispy Miso Skin Pork Belly

As you celebrate the Merdeka, don't forget to indulge at some of the ANTE signature dishes such as the Crispy Miso Skin Pork Belly where slices of Ante's signature crispy skin pork belly are marinated with miso sauce and sake. 

Ante Kitchen Bar Iberico Baby Ribs

Followed by the Iberico Baby Ribs ( 500 gms ). This is a new addition to the ANTE starters menu; the ribs are slowed cooked for 4 hours, then cut per portion and coated with a spiced flour dredging. It is then tossed with a honey white soy glaze, crispy garlic, togarashi powder to give it an extra kick and fresh spring onions to balance the dish out. 

Ante Kitchen Bar Chermoula Spiced Shoulder Steak

While for the mains dish, don't miss out Ante crowd favourite Chermoula Spiced Shoulder Steak which is Ante's signature premier 450gm chargrilled pork shoulder with chermoula rub and served with a side serving of seasonal roasted vegetables & salsa verde sauce. Perfectly matched with a glass of wine.

Ante Kitchen Bar Creamy Polenta

If you would like to try something different then an order of the Creamy Polenta which is topped with candied house smoked bacon slices cooked in gula Melaka, with corn salsa, and served with fresh cherry tomatoes and spring onion slices can fill your stomach.

Ante Kitchen Bar Dessert Poached Pears

And to end your meal, you have an option for dessert starting with the Poached Pears; the snow pears are poached in Cabernet Sauvignon and served with white peach pastry cream, sable biscuits, macerated berries, Italian meringue, citrus gel served with 1 scoop of Lavender Honey gelato from Whimsical Publika.

Ante Kitchen Bar White Chocolate Ganache

or White Chocolate Ganache served with raspberry jelly coating topped with macerated berries, crispy yoghurt and 1 scoop of Lavender Honey gelato from Whimsical Publika.

Ante Kitchen Bar Publika Map Location Address 

Ante Kitchen Bar 1 Utama Map Location Address 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Publika Food | 4Play Seafood and Co

4Play Seafood and Co

There is a new restaurant in Publika which is 4Play Seafood and Co and is located at A1-G2-07 JALAN DUTAMAS 1, Publika, Kuala Lumpur and one of their many specialities is down to its' seafood and Western Oriental fusion dishes. For more information and promotion offer, check out 4Play Seafood and Co facebook page

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

Opened barely less than 1 month, 4Play Seafood and Co is frequented for its seafood dishes especially to those that love crab dishes which comes with a few special flavours that are simply enticing and best eaten with fried mantao or just a plain bowl of steaming white rice.

Publika Food 4Play Seafood and Co

With a simple setting and an elaborate Chef that started at La Bodega and Two Sons Bistro; is in charge of the new menu at 4Play Seafood and Co. The menu is still undergoing some changes to some of its flavour that will cater to the crowds frequenting Publika.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Our review started with an order of Wild Mushroom Soup (RM20.00) which boasts the combination of the blended shitake, oyster and white mushroom which is simmered with a rich cream broth and drizzle with truffle oil that has a distinct mushroom flavour and taste.

Butter Garlic Mushrooms

Our next chef recommended appetizer is the Butter Garlic Mushrooms (RM21.00). The Chef has a penchant for dishing perfectly executed mushroom dishes. Here again; like our soup, it has a strong mushroom flavour which is enhanced by the use of a blended butter, garlic and basil sauce.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Chicken

Next on, we move on to order some Golden Salted Eggs Yolk appetizer, the first of which is the Chicken Golden Salted Eggs Yolk(RM25.00). The Chicken meat is lightly battered with Salted Eggs Yolk and sauteed with curry leaves, onions, chilli padi and chilli flakes which leaves a strong curry flavour.

Golden Salted Eggs Yolk Prawns

This Golden Salted Egg Yolks dish can also be ordered with Prawns (RM28.00) as the base ingredients. The deshell prawns made it easy to be eaten as an appetiser. But for some, you may order some white rice to go with this salted egg yolk dish.

Calamari Golden Salted Eggs

While for the squid lovers, there is the Calamari Golden Salted Eggs (RM25.00). All these salted eggs dishes are best to be eaten with an icy cold draught beer as it has that slightly salty taste of the salted duck eggs but fans of the salted will relish on these offerings.

Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom

Another one of the Chef popular dishes is the Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom (RM22.00) as a starter. Using portobello mushroom as the base; it is topped with flame cheese that melted and encompasses the filling.

Spicy Chilli Mussels

Next, we move on to some Chef speciality seafood dishes, the first of which is the Spicy Chilli Mussels (RM35.00). This dish has a slightly spicy sourish taste. We were recommended to eat this with the Toasted Garlic Bread to scoop up the chilli sauce.

Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams

This is then followed by the Creamy Butter Chilli and Curry Leaves Clams (RM30.00). I personally like this flavour which has a strong aroma and coupled with the freshness of the Clam, it was a real treat and for this, we ordered a bowl of white rice to finish off the creamy buttery flavourful sauce.

Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab

The Star of 4Play Seafood and Co is the Coconut Cream and Chilli Crab (RM75.00). Each order of the seafood dishes is at the weight of 500 gram. The sauce was quite good which went perfectly with an order of Fried mantao as the dip.  Customers have a choice to order the crab, clams or mussels dishes with others flavours (all in 6 different sauce base) as well; with the sides of white rice, toasted garlic beard or fried mantao to go with these seafood dishes.

Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Our final main dish is the Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken (RM35.00). For this dish; there is a tad of saltiness to my taste. If you like to eat less salty taste; please make sure to have the chef reduce its saltiness during your order. For me; it would have been ideal to use the thigh drumstick quarters for this as it has a more tender and juicy meat texture.

4Play Seafood and Co; Location Address Map

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Publika Food : MANDALA Cafe & Bar @ Solaris Dutamas Publika

MANDALA Cafe & Bar @ Solaris Dutamas Publika is one the latest nightspots for some get together. With a nice and subtle ambience serving an array of western delights; while offering a selection of wine at an affordable price would make it an ideal place to catch up with family and friends without the noisy atmosphere of most common bars.

MANDALA Cafe & Bar is located at D3-G3-8, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1 and its operating hours is from 11.00 am- 1.00am. For more information on its promotion; you can check out MANDALA Cafe & Bar Facebook page or call them at +603- 6419 0382.

There are many bars and drinking spots at Solaris Dutamas Publika but MANDALA stands out as it provides a comfortable place to have a nice meal while enjoying slow music while sipping your favourite wine or cocktails catching up with friends and business associates. 

Don't be surprised if you see celebrities frequenting MANDALA Cafe & Bar; the likes of Dato Jimmy Choo 

and Dato Lee Chong Wei.

If you require a private dining environment, there is one VIP room that you can book to entertain your VIP guest or to host private events.

Our night started with the sampling of a few cocktails drinks before our meals the first of which is the Blue Lagoon

followed by the Sex On The Beach

and end with Pink Mandala

Our dinner started with the order of 2 appetizers; the first of which is the Fried Chicken Wings (RM18.00); we love the crispy and crunchy skin that still crackles with a nice evenly coated honey and topped with sesame seed.

followed by the Tom Yum Popcorn Chicken (RM16.00). For me, I would have loved it for a  stronger Tom Yam taste for this. Fried to a nice crunch, both of these appetizers are a great pairing to our cocktail drinks.

The first main dish to arrive at our table is the Black Angel Pasta With Grilled Chicken (RM18.00) which comes with a nice fragrant aroma of herbs and garlic.  

The next dish is my favourite of the night which is the Lemon, Garlic and Butter Mussels (RM33.00) when ordering this dish make sure you scoop up the sauce with the toasted bread. it has a strong citrusy flavour and taste that lingers in your mouth. The Green mussels were very fresh and you can taste the slight saltiness from each bite of the mussels. 

The other crowd favourite is the Grilled Chicken With Buttermilk Sauce RM20.00, as the chicken meat has a strong infused flavour from the seasoning that was used to marinate the chicken. The buttermilk sauce has a tinge of spiciness and a balance buttery taste.  This dish is served with refreshing garden green which is topped with a sesame dressing.

One of the favourite dish served at MANDALA is the Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti (RM28.00). At Mandala, this dish is served with the full-size soft shell crab. The Chef has added a slightly spicy taste to this dish. If you are not the spicy type, please order it with a tone down version of the spicy level.

For fans of Pizza, there are 4 types of Pizza that are served at the restaurant. For tonight our choice was for the Pepperoni Pizza (RM18.00). Pizzas that are served here are thin crust.

Complimenting our main dishes are the Red Wine which is Chateau Haut Riot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (France) while our White Wine for the night is Chateau Haut Riot Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (France).

We had 2 desserts to end our dinner; the first of which is the Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream RM16.00.

While the second dessert is the Rich Chocolate Brownie RM16.00

There is an ongoing promotion at MANDALA Cafe & Bar, do check it out on their facebook page.

1. Free Cocktail for ladies
- Valid from 15th January 2018 until 13th February 2018
- Ladies have to LIKE MANDALA Facebook Page, CHECK IN during the visit and showed to our staffs to get the COMPLIMENTARY cocktail
- 3 types of cocktail to choose, Blue Lagoon, Pink Mandala, Sex On The Beach
- Each lady is only entitled to ONE complimentary cocktail

2. Free appetizer when 4 pax & above dine in MANDALA
- Valid from 15th January 2018 until 13th February 2018
- When 4 pax and above dining in MANDALA, all guests have to LIKE our Facebook page and show to our staff to enjoy a plate of complimentary appetizer of the day
- One complimentary appetizer for single receipt

MANDALA Cafe & Bar Location Address Map

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Marhaba Restaurant Publika Authentic Middle Eastern Yemeni Cuisine Review

I am not a big fan of Middle Eastern food as I was very concern about the gamey taste and too enriching dishes with dose of milk based dishes. Although skeptical, Best Restaurant To Eat went to taste this Middle Eastern Cuisine at Marhaba Restaurant located at D1- G4 -1, Publika Solaris Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

When entering this restaurant it exudes an air of elegant as the place is very stylish decorated.

There are special private dining room that you can book for your special and private event and reservation are on a first come first serve basis without any additional cost.

It has an open areas where patron can enjoy the evening breeze while tasting and savouring these authentic Yemeni Cuisine. 

According to one of the owner, all its Chef at the Kitchen are all from Yemen. There are no changes or adaptation to local taste for all its dishes.

We were offered a special tea Shahnee Na' Na' which is concocted with a special mint that helps to whet your appetite before your meal. The tea drink has a very refreshing taste and aroma. 

We then started our food review with an appetizer which is Fatoush Salad that is topped with some fried Yemeni bread and served with green garden salad.

Next, was the arrival of a Mulauwah super large size Yemeni Bread which resembles a super size Naan bread. This can easily feed up to 10 person. As we were told this bread is a staple everyday food for the Yemenese.

To eat the bread, an order of sizzling and boiling hot Saltah Fahsha  - Sizzling Lamb cooked in fragrant Yemeni spices in a stone pot is eaten with the Mulauwah.

With the balance use of the spices, the lamb does not have any sign of gamey taste, which makes this dish very tasty and you guess it, we had it finish in less than a few minutes and a second order for this was in store.

Next, we had the Chicken Mandi which is steamed tender chicken with traditional Yemeni spices. The meat has a soft texture and was very well flavoured.

and followed by another chicken dish which is the Chicken Mazbi, which is a charcoal barbeque chicken cooked in a tandoor. 

Next, we had the Grilled King Fish

followed by the Grilled Prawns.

The Hummus that was served at the Marhaba has a very soft creamy base and is topped with olive oil.

The final main dish is the Lamb Hanith - the chef uses a very young lamb usually around 4 to 6 months old. The chosen parts are either the lamb ribs or the lamb shoulder. 

The lamb was first pre-cooked in a spice based soup and then grilled before being served. The result is that this lamb ribs that we had was succulent with a nice aroma while its meat was tender without any gamey smell. 

Served with the basmati rice, it was a very delicious tasty dish that had me going for second and third helping of this dish.

To end our meal, we had the Shahee Mula Ban Tea which is said to be good for the stomach after a hearty meal. After having the tea, we did feel not that bloated from the dishes that we had earlier.

At the end of dinner, my perception of Middle Eastern meal especially Yemeni have taken a new found taste as it was very delicious especially the Lamb dishes served at Marhaba Restaurant.

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