Friday, April 16, 2021

Connor’s Stout Porter Draught, Now In A Can Launch By Carlsberg Malaysia

Product Launch: Connor’s Stout Porter, Carlsberg Malaysia’s crafty stout porter, is introducing its iconic draught stout experience now in cans! This new way to ‘Taste the Good Times’ anywhere with a ground-breaking innovation and unique serving ritual.

This brand-new innovation retains the creamy head and gentle roasty undertones that Connor’s Stout Porter fans love at bars, but now in a ready-to-enjoy format so they can enjoy the good taste of draught stout in the comfort of their homes. To achieve this, the British-inspired brew is double-dosed with nitrogen before canning to maintain its iconic smooth head and fine cascading effect when freshly poured.

Connor’s Stout Porter Draught, Now In A Can By Carlsberg Malaysia

Thursday, April 15, 2021

AYAM SEDAP BAQ HANG From The Chicken Rice Shop - TCRS Ramadan Promotion 2021

The Chicken Rice Shop Mid Valley Outlet

Ramadan Promotion: Fans of The Chicken Rice Shop is in for a treat during the holy month of Ramadan 2021. Crafting out this special dish to celebrate this festivity with the special Ayam Sedap Baq Hang set meal promotion from now. 

TCRS - Ayam Sedap Baq Hang Ramadan 2021 Promotion Banner

As the holy month of Ramadan 2021 is upon us, Muslims from all over the world are preparing for a 30-day spiritual fasting period leading up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri. With restrictions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) still in place due to the ongoing pandemic, what better way to celebrate the breaking of fast than with your family and friends chowing down on an all-new delectable meal - ‘Ayam Sedap Baq Hang’ by The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) available for a limited time only from 9 April - 13 June 2021!


TCRS - Ayam Sedap Baq Hang Ramadan 2021 Promotion - Ayam Sedap -Baq Hang

The Chicken Rice Shop is eager to give all a spice-tacular meal to share with loved ones this festive season.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Carlsberg Beer Harvest Festival Promotion

Beer Promotion: In celebration of the upcoming Kaamatan and Gawai celebrations, Carlsberg launches first-of-its-kind Harvest packaging that accentuates tribal elements and icons of paddy on Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans.

Carlsberg Beer Kaamatan Harvest Festival Promotion

This is the second series of Carlsberg’s ‘CELEBRATE’ theme, with the first being the 2021 Chinese New Year campaign. Running from April to May, attractive promotions and exclusive premiums such as jerseys in three collectible designs, inverted umbrellas available in three colours; and attractive gadgets such as tablets and watches too!


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Gong Cha Flagship Store Mid Valley The Garden Mall Kuala Lumpur 2021

Gong Cha Flagship Store

Store Launch: Gong cha has officially launched their first-ever Flagship Store in Malaysia! Located on the second floor of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, the newly refurbished outlet offers an exclusive menu as well as a premium bubble tea experience with designated seating areas.

Gong Cha Flagship Store

With a sleek interior design featuring the brand’s signature red tone, the store aims to elevate customers’ bubble tea experience with a premium touch.

Gong Cha Launches First Flagship Store in Mid Valley The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur

Monday, April 12, 2021

Thyme Out Cafe ACE Conference Centre Ramadan Buffet 2021 Promotion

Thyme Out Café by Equatorial ACE Conference Centre

Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet 2021:  Thyme Out Café by Equatorial ACE Conference Centre located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city near the Financial Education Hub (FEH) at Jalan Dato’ Onn. It is certainly one of the perfect locations to host your major and minor business events. With an elegant welcoming ambience for corporate and business related meetings, the facilities are equipped with an all-round hospitality service for a smoother and more successful events. In this upcoming holy month, Thyme Out Café by Equatorial proudly open its door for their first Ramadan buffet in 2021.

Thyme Out Café by Equatorial ACE Conference Centre

With the contemporary and variety of our mom’s traditional cooking at home, ‘Selera Ibunda’ is thoroughly worth experiencing during this season. Be spoilt with choices of must have signature dishes, served on the nightly buffet dinner starting from 14th April to 9th May 2021 at Thyme Out Café, available from 6:30pm to 10:00pm.

Thyme Out Cafe ACE Conference Centre Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet 2021 Promotion

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tiger Crystal Beer 10000 FREE Beer Giveaway - Full Details

Tiger Crystal Beer

Beer Promotion: Been feeling the heat lately? Stepping out of the house makes us think twice, let alone doing some fun activities out in the hot sun. Be it a BBQ gathering or a fun day out in the sun, getting through the heat can be a real challenge. Add in Malaysians’ love for spicy food, and it’s clear we’re in need of a way to cool down! Tiger Crystal has just the way for you to Beat the Heat and carry on doing what you love!

Tiger Crystal Beer

Brewed at a crystal-cold temperature of -1 degree Celsius, Tiger Crystal is not only refreshing and less bitter, but absolutely perfect for the hot weather! With the amazing promotions ongoing from now until 31st May, now is the time to pick up some ice-cold Tiger Crystals for ultimate refreshment.

Tiger Crystal Beer 10000 FREE Beers Giveaway

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Marrybrown GangJeong Chicken - Korean Fiery Chicken Set - New Menu

Marrybrown GangJeong Chicken 2021

Marrybrown New Menu: Annyeonghaseyo Malaysia! Marrybrown’s latest Korean sweet and spicy Gangjeong Chicken will be available at all Marrybrown outlets from 8 April 2021! We had the first opportunity to taste this Gangjeong chicken offering and left lip-smacking on this new offer. If you are one of those Korean chicken fans, you really got to try this GangJeong Chicken out. 

Marrybrown GangJeong Chicken Promotion

With 40 years of constantly innovating and introducing something different, this year Marrybrown goes the extra mile by bringing Malaysians taste experience around the world by bringing the best of the best delicacies catering to the Malaysian taste buds.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Syrian House Restaurant @Kampung Baru - Middle Eastern Food With A Twist

Syrian House Restaurant At Kampung Baru

Middle Eastern Food: You are in for a treat if middle eastern food if you would like to savour these variety of food in particularly the Syrian popular dishes. Syrian House Restaurant was established sometime back serving these fares. The Syrian House Restaurant is located at 2, Lorong Raja Uda 1, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.

Syrian House Restaurant At Kampung Baru

It does however offer some twist to some of the dishes as it also serves some western cuisines such as pizza, like steaks and lamb chops. So, while you can taste the Syrian Middle Eastern Food, you can also taste their other offering.

Syrian House Restaurant @Kampung Baru - Your Go To Place For An Authentic Middle Eastern Fare

Friday, April 2, 2021


Property Developer Awards: Inaugurated in 2018, Des Prix Infinitus ASEAN Property Awards aims to provide recognition to property developers from around the ASEAN region, which includes Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Lao and Malaysia.

The Des Prix Infinitus Media ASEAN Property Developer Awards endorsed over 50 distinguished award titles to various developers who competed for the recognition in different categories on their first virtual event that went Live on Facebook.

Hosting its second stint in Malaysia, Des Prix Infinitus Media ASEAN Property Developer Awards draws in developers from around the region to compete in a healthy setting, acting as a platform for developers to connect and learn from one another in terms of technological advancements, ideas and marketing strategies.