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Friday, July 10, 2015

Yun Fly Caffe Puchong Setiawalk - Your First Choice Review By Best Restaurant

Y generation these days like to find cool and new cafe to hang out with friends; while enjoying a nice chat over a cup of gourmet coffee. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited by #Cafekaki to review the Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) located at  B-6-G, Puchong SetiaWalk, Puchong, Selangor.

Yun Fly Caffe has a very simple design with wooden furniture and settee sets where one can enjoy the cafe ambiance while dining here. The dishes offering of Yun Fly Caffe range from Western to Chinese Cuisine and gourmet coffees.

Our review started with an order of a special customized latte for Best Restaurant To Eat.

followed by our first dish which is the Tom Yam Seafood Soup RM13.90. The Tom yam soup served here is not the overly spicy type but with a tinge of sweetness and sourish taste.

Next we had the superbly Tom Yam Fried Rice RM13.90. You can really taste the strong aroma of the wok hei in the Fried Rice. Cook with the special Tom Yam paste, it was very tasty and was of the right spicy level that makes us go for a second helping on this.

After that we had the Kam Hiong Sauce Chicken Rice RM13.90. 

After the fried rice, we had the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta RM16.90. The black pepper used was very mild; I would have preferred a stronger taste of black pepper though.

The last dish we had was the signature Coffee Chicken Chop RM18.90. This dish is on their special menu, If you really yearn to taste this special dish, you have to call to make order one day before your visit. Here, the Chef uses a special sauce to marinate for 6 hours, slow-cook with frying pan before serving you. The sauce are at the sides, so you can control how much sauce you like to have.

Yun Fly Caffe serves some very delicious desserts too, the first is the YFC Affogato RM13.90. The Espresso was very strong which was to my liking.

followed by the Caramel Nutella Banana-Cream Waffle RM10.90. I love this waffle with the sweet drizzle of the nutella. For me, it was quite a good combination of ingredient in this waffle.

the next is the Mango Peach Mille Crepe RM13.90

and the last cake was the Chocolate Berry Mille Crepe RM13.90

For drinks, we had the Green Tea Caffe RM9.90

followed by Butterscotch Latte Frappe RM11.90

and The Yun Fly Signature Drink RM 9.90

Currently Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) is running the following Promotion

  • Fish & Chips RM7.90 nett
  • Add on RM3 for drink with purchase any main course
  • Free drink with purchase a slice of cake
  • RM7.90 with unlimited refill French fried

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Puchong Setia Walk Big Spoon - A Spoonful of Food review by Best Restaurant

Nowadays the trend of eating is to eat a petite serving thereby enabling you to taste more delicacies. With that note, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to preview Big Spoon at D-7-G, Block D, Setia Walk Persiaran Wawasan Puchong, Selangor.

The unique concept of Big Spoon is to serve an unique American Chinese fusion cuisine in a spoon, a real big spoon.

The decor of Big Spoon is one with a simple no-fuss design with a very simple menu - real fast food stuff.

Most of the dishes served at Big Spoon are quite similar in concept like a dim sum offering, where you can order these appetizer dishes.

We started the review with the Tomatoes in Sweet Osmanthus sauce - This is one of the most popular appetizers during summer. Chilled tomatoes are tossed with an inhouse made osmanthus glaze to give it a refreshing sweet and sour taste with a subtle fragrance of osmanthus to stimulate your appetite in a hot summer afternoon.

followed by the Oriental Salad - A Fresh, crisp, and cold combination of Iceberg Lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Fried Wonton Wrap. Drizzled with an oriental flavor salad dressing which consist of Soy sauce, Peanut butter, vinegar, sugar and black bean hot sauce.

and followed by Steam Dumplings which came with a special in house sauce. I find the dough to be a little too thick though.

After which we had the Pan Fried Dumplings - This version of dumpling is the Pan fried northeast china handmade Dumplings which is stuffed with chicken and napa cabbage. It goes well together with either the house special black bean hot sauce or the combination of vinegar and house special hot oil. 

the next appetizer we had is the Fried Spring Roll - This Spring roll is an iconic item on most menu of Chinese restaurant in America. The spring roll here at Big Spoon is served with an house special dipping sauce.

The last starter that we had was the Strawberry butter cream prawns (not on menu yet)- Big size wild catch of sea prawns from South China Sea is cooked to perfection to ensure the bouncy and firm texture of the prawn is maintained. Served with butter cream sauce which is sweet and savory and garnish with strawberry to add a sweet tinge of sourish of the strawberry to extract out the full flavors of the Prawns.

Chicken Cold Noodle - A cold noodle dish topped with shredded chicken meat.

For desserts, we had the Golden Pear Essence Dessert - A 3 hours-slow-cooked clear soup; boil with Pear, white fungus, wolfberries, and rock sugar. 

followed by the Crispy Taro Roll – which is a homemade hot dessert or snack stuffed with taro root paste which has no artificial coloring or flavoring while the two ends of roll are dipped in fragrant roasted sesame seed.

For me, the overall food that are served at Big Spoon is more for a snack meal or small eat where you savour each of these snacks. For people who likes to munch; Big Spoon meals will be a good choice for you.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Puchong Setia Walk Sumptuous Traditional Japanese Food at Bonbori Japanese Cuisine Restaurant by Best Restaurant To Eat

To me, one of the most important criteria of a good Japanese Restaurant is to have the freshest and top quality ingredients used. And that is what you can expect from Bonbori Restaurant located at G-10-1, Block G, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong Town Center is the place to dine.

We were invited to a food review of this restaurant which was opened a couple of month ago. The dinner was hosted by the proprietor Ms Catherine. The restaurant is simple in its design and cater to a cozy family concept. They have 2 tatami room which have to be pre-booked if you would like to entertain any guest.

We were served the signature drink - Bonbori Fruit Tea. The tea is served cold, with the base drink as the peach tea with cutlet of apples, peaches and watermelon. It is very refreshing to satiate the appetite.

What is a Japanese dinner without Sashimi? Here, the sashimi platter is named Hanami Sashimi Moriawase, served on a boat platter (normally on a dish but can be requested to be) which is very pleasing to the eyes. It consists of Fresh Salmon, Butterfish, Tuna, Yellow tail, Scallop, Sweet Shrimp, Sword Fish, Octopus, Surf Clam, Salmon Roe and Shrimp Roe. The fish that was served was very fresh and succulent and of the right thickness. Eaten with the soya sauce and wasabi concoction, the taste was superb. It has been sometime since I have eaten this quality of sashimi – extremely fresh and no fishy smell.

Next on, we sampled the Fried Ice Fish. I had eaten this dish before at other restaurant but the one serves here is very crisp and comes with a tinge of salt coated. This makes a perfect complimentary dish if you have sake. The fish serves here is a more meaty than some – choice of the right ingredient.

The third dish does not look so appetizing which is Shake Atama Kimchee Soup which is Salmon Fish Head Kim chi soup. At first taste the kim chi is not too sourish like the one found in Korean restaurant, it was subtle with a tinge of miso added to it. Although a little salty taken as it is, it will be a perfect combination with white rice. The fish head is also very fresh and does not have that smelly fish which some fish head does. The chef had put in a variety of mushrooms which soaks up the soup base incessantly.

The fourth dish is a new dish which is not found in the standard menu, it is Bacon Asparagus Kushiyaki on skewers – much like a kebab. The Asparagus are curl in with the Bacon and BBQ over heat. It was a perfect combination as the saltiness of the bacon blended very well with the asparagus and gives you a very satisfying feel after the first bite. The asparagus was also marinated is some sweetish sauce.

Next is the Ebi Cheese Maki. If you love to eat cheese and sushi, this will be perfect for you as the amount of cheese laden into this maki was overwhelming, credits to the chef which uses the right cheese type. The chef have also added the men tari sauce to makes this dish very tasty.

The sixth dish of the night was the Special Soft-Shell Crab Maki. Here at Bonbori, the chef gives a very generous portion of soft shell crab to each of the maki, unlike some restaurant which gives you some splinter of crab.

Next on, is the Katsu Curry Udon which is udon & deep-fried pork chop in curry. I am not really a fan of Japanese curry as I prefer curry with a spicy and strong milky coconut taste. Here the curry broth was thick and was blended with onion and potato to gives it the creamy feel.

The eight dish for the night is Surume Ikashio which in essence is grilled squid. This is a very simple dish but cooked wrongly it can be a disaster. Firstly the selection of the fresh squid is utmost importance and grilled to the right timing i.e. will ensure that you get the best out of this dish. The squid were firm and bouncy on the first bite.

Our last and final dish for the night is the Nigiri Sushi Platter. I didn’t manage to try every piece but the one that I had was maguro sushi, the rice base was perfect as the amount of vinegar used was the right balance, moreover the rice was boil to a firm texture making it smooth to be eaten complimented by the thinly slice maguro. It was the perfect end to this wonderful meal.

So, if you yearn for good quality and reasonably price Japanese Cuisine in Puchong and dread the drive all the way to KL for a quick Japanese fix, do drop by at Bonbori.