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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tony Romas Malaysia Introduces Tony's Sharing Platters

Tony Romas Malaysia is not just a place for ribs anymore. Tony Romas Malaysia menu has been expanded to include varieties for all guests; not just rib eaters. Available is an extensive selection of seafood, steaks, chicken, lamb, salad, sandwiches and burger entrées along with the most unique appetizers and mini desserts. All food items served are suitable for Muslim consumption.

In the Klang Valley, there are nine Tony Roma’s outlets while two are located in Johor, one in Melaka and one in Kuching, Sarawak.

There’s a saying that food tastes better when it’s shared. Never look down on the importance of having a meal together with the people around you as it also helps to build and strengthens your relationship with them. With the festive season around the corner, Tony Roma’s announces the perfect sharing platters for you and your loved ones.

Starting from 13 November 2017 until 7 January 2018, Tony’s Sharing Platters offers not just one but THREE exciting platters. For beef fanatics, you will enjoy Tony’s Beef Ribs Platter that consists of World Famous Bountiful Beef Ribs – Roma Rack, 10 oz.

New York Strip and Half BBQ Chicken for RM189.90*.

For lamb aficionado, the Lamb Lover’s Platter consists of Lamb Noisettes served with Black Pepper Sauce,

Lamb Cevapi and Half BBQ Chicken at only RM179.90*.

While for seafood lovers; you can indulge in the Lobster & Friends Platter which offers Lobster, Grilled Blue Hake Fish and Shrimp Scampi Pasta for RM179.90*.

Each platter comes with three cups of Soup of the Day and three sides of your choice.

You can fully enjoy their meal by pairing the platters with one of Tony Roma’s Refreshing Mocktails at only RM15.90* each. The Zesty Apple is a blend of refreshing apple juice, ginger ale, cherry and lime soda, Sweet Cherry serves up a combination of lemon, Roma sour mix, strawberry and lime soda, Cranberry Fizz is a fusion of cranberry, apple and mango juices with a tinge of lime soda and the Miami Breeze is a mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale, grenadine, cherry and lime soda.

“Due to the great response and high demand from the last Tony’ Sharing Platters, we have decided to bring it back, especially for Tony Roma’s fans,” said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd, the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia

“Through this limited-time menu, we would like to let everyone know that Tony Roma’s can be the place for family and friends to enjoy a fun time together while satisfying their cravings. Also, at times when you are feeling indecisive or just want to order multiple dishes on the menu but afraid of regretting it, Tony’s Sharing Platters is the best option,” said George Ang.

You can indulge in Tony’s Sharing Platters every day any time including weekends and public holidays at all Tony Roma’s outlet. The offer is not applicable to any other on-going promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers.

Monday, 25 July 2016

BBQ Buffet Putrajaya : Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort - Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays TGIBF

For fans of BBQ Buffet; especially those meat eaters out there; you wouldn't want to miss the latest BBQ Buffet by Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort, Selangor - Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays ( TGIBF ).

From 15th July 2016, every Friday night you can start off by letting out all the work stress and take on the spread of mouth-watering offering. Famed for its' American-style grill; you can have your taste of the various cut of juicy ribs, tenderloin, steaks, brisket, chicken meat and seafood.

You can relax your tired soul by dining in the quiet indoor restaurant setting which you can enjoy your BBQ dinner with a light serenade of Live soft music perform by the lovely Marcelo's band.

or dine in the beautiful shaded Al Fresco dining area which is nestled in the lush green surrounding while enjoying the soft breeze of the cool nights; taking in the full aroma of your choice picks BBQ that is being cooked ala minute by the Chef at the background while sipping your wines or cocktails.

Diners can expect to be served with some of the popular southern Italian dishes too like the Pizza offering.

while taking on some pasta like Agnolotti Spinach Smoked Salmon, Penne Pasta, Chicken Ravioli, Seafood Tortelloni with a choice of sauce like the Beef Bolognese, Napolitana Sauce, and Carbonara while waiting for your favourite BBQ food that is being cooked by the Chef.

You can also try out the assortment of the cold cuts which includes the likes of the Chicken Meatloaf, Chicken Mushroom, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Peppercorn, Beef Salami, Beef Pastrami and Turkey Ham

Next, you can choose from a selection of Seafood which includes the King Size Tiger Prawns (love this) or the White Squid and/or Butter Fish fillet.

Under the meat selection, you can find a huge chunk of Ribs, Steak Cut, Tenderloin or Briskets.

There is also a selection of meaty sausage or various chicken meat for you to choose from to be grilled under the charcoal flame.

Select your choice of meat and hand over to the Chef which will marinade it with salt and pepper and grill to your choice of whether Rare, Medium or Well Done with your choice of either the Black Pepper Sauce or the Mushroom Sauce.

If those 2; Chef prepared sauce are not your choice; you can also opt for some of the other popular sauces that are made available for you.

To go with the BBQ, you can also choose your selection of green salad with your choice of salad dressing which includes Thousand Island, Olive oil with Herbs, Honey Mustard for you to choose from.

while for the cheese lovers, there are selections of cheese that are laid out temptingly for you to savour in.

The side dishes available for your BBQ includes the Brocolli, Corn-on-Cob or made your own 
bacon and sour cream jacket potatoes.

If you just want to indulge in while waiting for your BBQ, you can try out the Chef special which is the Oven Roasted Beef Brisket. For those that prefer the beef meat to be well done, this will be a nice choice.

Finally to wash down all that juicy meat and succulent seafood, local fruits such as the cooling watermelon will be an ideal choice, but you can also have the papaya, honeydew, pineapples, grapes and other fruits which is equally good to tone down your taste-bud.

For the sweet-tooth, there is a variety of pies to end your meals with which includes the Blueberry Crumble Pie, Walnut Pie, Apple Pie, Linzer Pie and Strawberry Pie.

Get together with your family and friends on Friday evenings for BBQ at Tuscany where you be pampered with the sights, sounds and smells of the freshly BBQ and fine Italian cuisines.

Pricing for the Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays Marriott Putrajaya Buffet - TGIBF  BBQ Buffet is 

RM110 Nett Per Adult
RM67 Nett Per Child
Includes a Glass of House Wine or Mocktail
Additional Wine/Mocktail at RM40.00 Nett per Carafe (serves up to 4)

Please call Tuscany Italian American Grill Restaurant Marriott Putrajaya contact no at 03-8949 8888 for reservation.