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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kuala Kubu Baru Food: Restoran 98海鲜饭店 | Part 3 Rawang Kuala Kubu Bharu Food Trip

After our excursion to the Fish Sanctuary and the Selangor Dam in Kuala Kubu Baru, we headed back to town for dinner. We were made to understand that dinner is served quite early, so we headed straight to Restoran 98 aka Nine Thy Eight located at 33 & 34, Jalan Dato Balai, Kampung Tun Abdul Razak, 44000 Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor.

There are not many restaurants in Kuala Kubu Baru that are opened on Saturday evening. Anyway, this restaurant was recommended by our friend to try it out.

Our first order is the Assam Pedas Sotong (RM15.00). A Generous serving of white Sotong. The Assam Pedas sauce was not too spicy and was good with white rice. According to the captain, we can also order this Assam Pedas style with Fish of your choice or Prawns too.

Next, we ordered one of Restoran 98 signature dishes which is the Smoked Chicken 口水鸡(烟熏鸡)(半只) (RM28.00) aka Saliva Chicken. The smoked chicken is served with pickled papaya and drenched with a homemade sauce; my personal opinion was to have the sauce served separately as I find the vinaigrette taste a little over powering. The taste of the smoked meat was very intense and we really like it.

Our last dish is also one of the Restoran signature too which is the Fried Pork Knuckle 98猪手 (RM40.00). At RM40.00 for a Pork Knuckle is a real steal here. Love the crispy skin and the well-marinated pork meat. For me, the sauce that came with it somehow does not complement well with the pork knuckle. I prefer to eat it as it is. 

After dinner, it was time to leave this laid back quiet town which offers reasonably cheap and delicious food and a really nice break from the city norm. With a full satisfied tummy, we vowed to make a trip again in the not too distant future to try out the other fares that this town offer.

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Restoran 98海鲜饭店 Location Address Map

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kuala Kubu Baru Food: Teo Kee | Part 2 Rawang Kuala Kubu Bharu Food Trip

Continuing from our Rawang trip, our next stop was to the quiet town of Kuala Kubu Baru to continue our food hunt.

Our first stop is for lunch at the Kedai Makanan Teo Kee No. 8, Jalan Merdeka, Kampung Tun Abdul Razak, 44000, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor, 44000, Malaysia. This is an open food court style with lots of parking area but having lunch here can a little hot especially the late morning.

Our first dish is the Signatures Fish Tofu. The fish fillet was very thick and the sauce that is cooked in it was superb. Needless to say, we can virtually finish a bowl of rice with just this dish.

For our second dish, it is the Steamed Pork With Salted Fish is one of my favourite styles when it comes to steaming pork. Here this dish is served with a few thinly slices of white Tofu.

Next, we had the Braised Pork Belly Mui Choy but too bad the pork belly has been sold out for the day. But nevertheless, we still made an order just the Mui Choy which we didn't regret as the taste was really good and as usual the perfect companion for the white rice. Tasting the gravy makes us wonder that the pork belly would be really good. Probably, we will try it on our next visit.

And our last dish is the brinjal with prawns. This dish reminds me of how my grand mother used to cook it and we love the soft texture of the Brinjal which was very flavorful.

All in with drinks and rice our lunch which came with four delicious dishes only cost us RM42.00. What a steal at the prices that we pay for the same food in KL. Bear in mind, if you plan to eat here you have to be here earlier as the seats are limited and sold off pretty quickly especially on a weekend.

After our lunch, we decided to take a short drive to the Sungai Selangor Dam and the Fish Sanctuary for some little explorations and will continue our food trail after that.

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Kuala Kubu Baru Food Kedai Makanan Teo Kee Location Address Map

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ipoh Town Outskirt Perak Part 2 Perak North Road Trip Food Trail By Best Restaurant To Eat

Ipoh Food Trail Malaysian Food Blog

There are many food to eat in Ipoh, Perak. This part 2 is a compilation of the outer Ipoh Perak Food Trail which is the villages, where these places have equally famous food especially to the local folks. Click here to go to our Part 1 Ipoh Road Trip. With that Best Restaurant To Eat continues the Ipoh Perak Road Trip Food Trail by first visiting the Pasir Pinji Village. Over here, you practically goes into the home i.e some are pre war kampung houses.

The first station is in Jalan Pasir Pinji 5; famed for it's Chee Cheong Fun, I was here back about 20 years ago, of course during that time it was even more kampung but now the house has been renovated and one has to take a queue number to enjoy this simple dish. You have to go there around 1pm when they opened.

There are 3 sauce flavours for this Chee Cheong Fun, the first is the soya sauce with shallot oil - simple and taste most natural.

while the second is with the sweet sauce.

and the third one is the mixture of sweet sauce plus chillies sauce (you can order your level of spiciness here. One of the thing about the Chee Cheong Fun here is the texture and quality - the Chee Cheong Fun is embedded by fried dried shrimp which you don't get much these days.

Next, we went to the Pasir Pinji Rojak. There were already a crowd when we reached there; as usual we dutifully taken our number and sit to wait. The wait was more than 45 minutes before we were served.

Here, there is no rush, the owner painstaking do one plate per round, so if one guy comes and order 5 pack, he will do it individually, this is to ensure the consistency and quality which was evident in our plate of these rojak, Unlike the vendors in KL, where they will do up as many as packs as possible in one round.

Taste wise, it was very good, the prawn paste was just the right flavour with a strong tinge of grounded belacan aroma.

After that, we were recommended to try out the Ice Jelly by the main street of Pasir Pinji, This place is just opposite the Pasir Pinji market.

There are actually 2 store here, we realise this after we ordered, nevertheless we tried both shop and the verdict was similar, one had a harder jelly compares with the other but it was a real thirst quencher for us on that hot day. Make sure you see that shop which is selling from the cart.

Next, we proceeded to try out another famed food here which is the Hong Kee Ma Chee and the peanut dessert (Fa Sang Wu). Taste wise the Fa Sang Wu was ok, but for the price of RM3 for a super small bowl, it was really expensive even to KL standard. My favourite Fa Sang Wu in a pasar malam in KL is 3 times more but at just only RM2.20.

But what disappoint me more is the Ma Chee, The serving was about 10 pieces or less and cost RM3.00 with very little peanuts and you can still taste the glutinous rice. Sorry, I did not take any photo of the both the dish as I was really pissed off and surprised by the so little serving.

Pasir Pinji is also famed for its Yong Tau Foo, and with that our next stop was the Big Tree. When we arrived the place was literally pack and people were queuing to scoop up whatever fried stuff that was put on the serving table.

This is another great disappointment as the stuff food was very oily, tasteless and costly. A check later showed that all the customer there are really tourist from out of town, This is another ripped off.

After the 2 last disappointment, we headed to Gunung Rapat for the famed Heong Phean. The first shop that we went; was closed, so we headed to another one which is 2 streets away.

Upon entering the villages house, we could see a man working on the specially design stove, where we witness first hand the making of the Heong Phean. We could see there are a lot of coconut shell in the compound and a check later reveal that it is used to fire up the stove.

Imagine, your biscuit is cooked with these coconut shell. It was rather eye opening and this special coconut infused flavours are ingrained into each and every biscuit. The result; you can really taste the smokey coconut taste with every bite of this biscuit compared to the normal one.

After that, we made our way for dinner at another village which is in Bercham, here we encountered a very rude owner that does not have a courtesy to appreciate his client, he is the type which is money minded i.e serving big table ie. those with a big group first. This is the first time we encountered such arrogant owner, I suppose his business is so good that he can get away with it.

This place called Restoran Rasa Lain, which was recommended by one of our friend to try out is the Tong Fun Crab. This dish is RM100.00

followed by the Cheese Prawns (RM60.00).

and the Steamed Lala (RM25.00)

and the Steamed Fish Ball (RM13,00). We are definitely not going to come here again with this kind of service.

Our conclusion is that Ipoh is surely catching up on prices with the KL counterpart, the difference is getting narrower over the years. Moreover since the influx of tourist from other states, businesses here has grown tremendously and it is evident wherever we go, there are 2 things that is common that we come across which is a traffic jam (never before I have experienced the jam in Ipoh – at some time it was easily worse than KL especially in the town centre) and a queue (almost all the outlet that we went) for food; some cumulating to a wait of more than 45 to 60 minutes for your food to be served. But what is worse is the arrogant level of some of these outlet operators which has pale in comparison with those that I have experienced some years back.

We used to enjoy the tranquillity of Ipoh, in that it used to be a nice place; to have some really nice food and leisure time to enjoy the scenery of this tin mining town, but reality kick in and we spent almost the entire time waiting for our food to be served instead; so there were literally no leisure time at all for our planned sightseeing.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Expedialicious Food Trail Apps Experience By Best Restaurant To Eat

As a food blogger, we do a lot of food review, some of the food review are similar in the type of food like steamboat, buffet and so on. But sharing these food places can be quite a challenge, as they are require to note the places of interest and then try to locate in it the map and so on.

So, when we found out the Expedia have recently launch a facebook apps called Expedialicious, we jump into it to see how we can create a Food trail for our fans and followers to easily follow us on our food adventure. We can easily create a food trail for them to follow it.

With the Expedialicious apps, you can easily create any food trail of your own share it with anyone you want. As the apps is developed in facebook, there is no need for additional login to use this apps; as long as you are in facebook, you just click on this app and start to create your very own food trail and of course you can easily share with your friends and family members.

Also between 25 May to 14 June 2015, when you create your own food trail, you stand a chance to win one hotel stay. More details below.

Let me guide you on how you can start to create your very own food trail in Expedialicious Apps by clicking on this link. or search for Expedialicious MY through your Facebook account.

Click on the Create Food Trail option, 

then give your food trail a named like "Ipoh Road Trip"

Once you click Add Location, a screen as above will pop out. Named the restaurant that you want to add, there is a auto select when you type your restaurant name. 

The address will auto populate once you have completed the restaurant name, next fill up a short description of the restaurant and what is specialize on.

Finally, click on the "Add Image" button to add your best shot of the restaurant or its specialty food.

Click "Submit" and you have just completed your first stop. Continue to Add more location by following the above step. The Apps will auto draw the line for you.

You can then click on the TELL YOUR FRIEND where you can post your food trail to your facebook post.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, just create and share your Expedia food trail now and stand a chance to win a hotel stay every week (25 May - 14 June 2015). The exciting destinations that are up for grabs include Taipei, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hanoi, Hong Kong and Phnom Penh!

For week 8-14 June 2015, participants get to win 3D2N stay at Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa with breakfast for 2 or 3D2N stay at FX Hotel Taipei Nanjing East Road Branch‎ with breakfast for 2!

All you need to do is create your own food trail, with minimum of 3 recommended makan places, and must be shared on your own Facebook account.

Here's some Tips for a winning submission

1. Put in effort with more suggestions, attractive images plus in-depth descriptions of the place
2. On how well the food trail is planned, if the food trail goes from KL to Ipoh, are there stops along the way?
3. Must have interesting suggestions such as 'Themed Suggestion' for the created food trail.

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In Asia, Expedia currently operates 11 sites including India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea providing travellers with the latest technology, as well as a wide selection of over 510,000 hotels and 400 airlines for free & easy packages, flights and hotels bookings.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

IPOH TOWN PERAK | Part 1 Perak North Road Trip Food Trail By Best Restaurant To Eat

Ipoh Food Trail
View of Sungai Kinta at night (Ipoh)
 Once in a while, we enjoy a food trail expedition to other states in Malaysia; one is to satisfy our cravings for authentic, original and some real tasty treat in hidden places. The second reason is also to take a break from our many local food reviews and to add some diversity to our blog.

Familiar queue in most of the makan place we went
After doing some research and many recommendations from people who have tried from these makan outlet, we embarked to make a head way to the northern states of Perak specifically Ipoh and a pass by visit to Kampar.

Another long queue - but this one not worth it here. Details in Part 2 Ipoh Outskirt
This Perak food trail post is divided into 3 parts i.e. the first part is the Ipoh Town Central while the second is the outskirt of Ipoh and the third part is Kampar Town. For this food trail, since we have to covered so many outlet, our review will be very straight forward – we will named the food and rate it whether it is good, worth the try (so so) or overrated (since all the outlet are already quite popular).

For Breakfast - we went to Sun Yuan Foong located at 17, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh which is located in Ipoh Old Town - this is a very popular breakfast place in Ipoh and where the famed White Coffee is from,

Here we also tried their toast bread with poached egg (RM1.90). The bread is buttered up before toasting it. Verdict : Good.

Next, we had the signature White Coffee. Verdict : So So, have tasted better one else where.

Followed by the Chee Cheong Fun in the front portion of the coffee shop. The sauce is a mushroom sauce with mince pork. Verdict : So So. Later in part 2 we had one that is of much better taste and quality which is at Pasir Pinji. You can scroll down to go to part 2 to read about it.

followed by the Yong Tau Foo. The fried Yong Tau Foo was very smooth and at 80 sen a piece it was worth it. The fish paste was chewy and have the bouncy texture. You can also tried the other stuff items like the Ladies Finger and Brinjal. Verdict: Good.

After that we move over to the opposite shop which is Nam Heong

and order the Fried Kway Teow. The noodle was fried to the right wok kei, This is really good although serving is quiet small. We had to order another plate to satisfy our craving.

After that, we went to the other part of old town, where we came across this Tau Foo Far shop which is opposite the Thean Chun Coffee shop. We tried previously the Funny Mountain Tau Foo Far, which was over priced and overrated. So, this time around we are not going for it but tried this new place.

We have eaten much smoother Tau Foo Far and this one does not fare better. The place is quiet nicely decorated though and have an air-conditioned top floor.

Our lunch brought us to 2 restaurant the first of which was to try the famed "Nasi Ganja" in Kedai Kopi Yong Suan located at 2, Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh.

When we arrive, slightly after 12 the place was already having a long queue.

We had the Nasi with Ayam Goreng (taste wise it was so so, nothing spectacular about it except the price which was at RM4.60. If you really love this kind of food, we had tasted one in Petaling Jaya that serves much better. Click Here.

the add on was the Mutton Curry. The meat was chewy and not so gamey, taste wise it was not bad although it lacks the fragrant spice aroma and taste which I love. We wanted to order the Squid, but it was finish by then.

When we were having our Nasi Ganja, we had a recommendation to try out a Fish Meat Noodle which is further down the road. We made our way to the Lucky Ipoh Restaurant located at 266 Jalan Pasir Puteh, Pasir Puteh.

What was good is the Fish Meat Noodles i.e. the noodles are made from fish paste and then cooked in either Fish Fillet, Prawns or Crabs.

Thru the recommendation, we tried 2 dishes which were the Fish meat noodles with Garoupa fillet slice (RM50.00). It is cooked using a clear broth and it was very tasty and the flesh of the fish fillet was firm and cooked to the right texture.

Next, we had the steam Yue Mai (RM13.00), from what we understand this is the Sai To fish which gives a firm and bouncy texture. Since it is steam, you can really enjoy the natural taste of the fish paste used to make this fishball.

For dinner, we didn't want to have the usual Lou Wong and Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken as we find that these 2 places are pricey and their quality have dropped in recent years. Thru some recommendation, we tried out Tuck Kee Restaurant located at No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak instead.

Tuck Kee is famed for its Fried Noodles especially the River Moon Flat Noodle (RM12.00). This dish is similar to the Wan Tan Hor but it is different in taste compared with the KL version, in that it has a funny flavour here and lacking in the Wok Hei and the gravy was quite bland, although it is the top selling in this restaurant.

The second dish was the Moon Flat Noodle (RM6.50), this fared much better as the raw eggs when mixed with the hot noodles, gives it a silky finishing to the noodles.

The third noodles dish is the Soft Noodle (Yee Mee) RM6.50 cooked much like the Hokkein Mee, Taste wise, it was OK.

What stands out in Tuck Kee for us is the side dishes that they had, the first is the Chicken Feet (RM5.00). The soya sauce used to stewed the chicken feet was very aromatic. Although a side dish, the soya gravy is best eaten with white rice.

Next, we had the Poached Octopus (RM8.00) in soya sauce. This dish is excellent as the springy octopus was very fresh, gives a chewy feel and best eaten with this soya based sauce. We had to order another one as it was really very tasty.

Finally is the Taugeh- bean Sprout(RM5.00), which in Ipoh is one of the must have dishes. The taugeh in Ipoh are usually of the fat size, which gives it a crunch when you eat it.

Having difficulty in locating these location. You can click here to follow this trail on GoogleMap

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