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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Arissto Coffee - My Personal Home Coffee Happy Maker

Recently, we have subscribed to an Arissto Coffee Happy Maker at home; and now we can enjoy a premium cup of Italian coffee at any time when we are at home. The number one reason for choosing to subscribe to this coffee bar rather than purchased; is that we do not have to pay for the coffee machine.

With a push of a button on the Arissto Coffee Happy Maker, we can easily have an Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino in less than one minute with the full aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Now we can enjoy these crafted Premium Italian coffee in the comfort of our home and at a much lower cost compared to those that we had in cafes and coffee outlets.

What I enjoyed most is the consistency in terms of the taste, body and flavours, as you can expect the same taste from each cup each and every time.

With 6 flavours to choose from which includes Sunrise, Lonely, Peace, Passion, Moonlight and InLove. You can read more about the flavours from here. For my mid-morning cup; I enjoyed the dark chocolate flavour of the Passion while my morning cuppa has to be the Espresso Sunrise, with a hint of nutty bitter aftertaste which I like.

With an aesthetics design, we could have the coffee maker placed in our living hall, while we entertain our friends and family with a freshly brewed coffee of their choice.

Monday, 24 July 2017

SS2 Food | SoloMen Cafe - Japanese Ramen Donburi Coffee Dessert Cafe

SS2 Food - SS2 is indeed a popular area for cafe hoppers which normally serves Pizza, Burgers and Pasta besides coffee and cakes but this recently open cafe, SoloMen Cafe in SS2 is rather unique in a way. Instead of serving these standard cafe dishes; SoloMen Cafe serves Japanese popular dishes.

SoloMen Cafe which is located at 16, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor has its origin from the popular Ramen Tei Japanese Restaurant in Shah Alam which has a history of more than 20 years serving Japanese dishes. SoloMen Facebook

The Chef at the SoloMen Cafe has mastered the skills to make its own Ramen; that is consistent and have a chewy and springy texture. Not many Ramen shops make its' own Ramen as it is quite a tedious task but it ensures the consistent quality of the Ramen that it serves.

Solomen Cafe concept is a very Internet friendly cafe; besides having a fast Internet access, there are many power sockets which come equipped with USB charging enabling people to work in the cafe.

The first dish for our review is the Pan Fried Gyoza (RM11.90). I am not a real fan of Gyoza as I find that not many chefs have gotten the right balance in terms of the gyoza skin and its filling. At SoloMen, we were told that the Gyoza skin is in-house made too, while the filling has been marinated. So, if you just taste the Gyoza without any sauce; you will be able to taste its' natural flavour. At other restaurants, the sauce will come with sho-yu but here the concoction is made up of chilli oil, imported vinegar and sesame seed.

For fans of fried Japanese dishes; can order the Tonkatsu (RM20.90) which is a Deep Fried marinated Pork Chop with bread crumbs. The outer layer was fried to a crisp while the meat texture which was marinated was still juicy and went well with the sweet sesame sauce that came along.

One of the thing about SoloMen Cafe, their Japanese dishes has some Chinese influence in it as there are places in Japan which serve these dishes and our next dish which is Hoikoro (RM16.90) is one such dish. This dish looks like the Chinese stir fried vegetables with sliced pork but instead of using oyster sauce which the Chinese do, it is using a miso paste. The miso taste is not very strong but does blend in with the condiments. Best eaten with a bowl of white rice which you can order.

After our side orders, we move on to the Ramen, here we got an opportunity to taste 3 Ramen; the first which to me was the best was the Negi Miso Ramen (RM20.90). When the Ramen was laid on the table, it looks quite plain with thin strips of Cha Siew and leek, but upon tasting the broth, it has a thick strong taste and texture which went perfectly with the in-house made Ramen. Partnering with the finely sliced leek adds a complimentary taste to the broth.

Our second order of Ramen; is the Tonkotsu Ramen (RM20.90). Before our order of this Ramen, we were told by the Chef, that their version of this popular soup based is different from those served at other restaurants; in that the soup based is not the typical thick and strong meaty flavour but rather a more subtle taste which is boiled in low flame. It is also topped with a boiled egg, seaweed and slice Cha Siew. Another notable difference is the use of chopped preserved sweet vegetable that the Chef has added which infused a totally different taste to the Ramen.

Our last noodle is the Gomoku Hiyashi Chuka (RM18.90) which is a cold noodle. The condiment which was sweet corn, sliced cucumber, sliced Cha Siu, sliced artificial crab meat and vegetables are layout in a nice round pattern. The Ramen is served with chilled vinaigrette sho-yu broth.

After the Ramen session, we move on to taste the Don (rice) dishes, the first of which is the Hokkaido Buta Don (RM22.90). The sliced pork; are first pan fried and then coated with the special in-house made; sweet sauce which was perfect with the white rice. It has that smoky taste and its aroma alone was sufficient for you to drool on this simple rice dish. This is a very popular dish in Hokkaido; that is why it is aptly named.

Our last main dish is the Beef Gyudon (RM24.50). This is another one of the Japanese popular dishes. So, we have gotten to taste after all the pork dishes that we had earlier. Loaded with chunks of onion in a homemade ginger sauce, it has all the flavours that one expect from this dish.

For desserts, you can choose from the variety of cakes that are available at the counter or you may choose their imported ice-cream. We decided on the Matcha With Azuki (RM10.90). Besides the green tea ice -cream and azuki, this dessert came with corn flakes chips that add a crunchy texture to the ice-cream. We like the strong flavours of the matcha ice cream.

To end our meal today, I ordered the Matcha Latte. For diehard coffee drinkers, SoloMen Cafe also serves a variety of the coffee and tea.

SoloMen Cafe SS2 Location Address Map

Friday, 10 July 2015

Yun Fly Caffe Puchong Setiawalk - Your First Choice Review By Best Restaurant

Y generation these days like to find cool and new cafe to hang out with friends; while enjoying a nice chat over a cup of gourmet coffee. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited by #Cafekaki to review the Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) located at  B-6-G, Puchong SetiaWalk, Puchong, Selangor.

Yun Fly Caffe has a very simple design with wooden furniture and settee sets where one can enjoy the cafe ambiance while dining here. The dishes offering of Yun Fly Caffe range from Western to Chinese Cuisine and gourmet coffees.

Our review started with an order of a special customized latte for Best Restaurant To Eat.

followed by our first dish which is the Tom Yam Seafood Soup RM13.90. The Tom yam soup served here is not the overly spicy type but with a tinge of sweetness and sourish taste.

Next we had the superbly Tom Yam Fried Rice RM13.90. You can really taste the strong aroma of the wok hei in the Fried Rice. Cook with the special Tom Yam paste, it was very tasty and was of the right spicy level that makes us go for a second helping on this.

After that we had the Kam Hiong Sauce Chicken Rice RM13.90. 

After the fried rice, we had the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta RM16.90. The black pepper used was very mild; I would have preferred a stronger taste of black pepper though.

The last dish we had was the signature Coffee Chicken Chop RM18.90. This dish is on their special menu, If you really yearn to taste this special dish, you have to call to make order one day before your visit. Here, the Chef uses a special sauce to marinate for 6 hours, slow-cook with frying pan before serving you. The sauce are at the sides, so you can control how much sauce you like to have.

Yun Fly Caffe serves some very delicious desserts too, the first is the YFC Affogato RM13.90. The Espresso was very strong which was to my liking.

followed by the Caramel Nutella Banana-Cream Waffle RM10.90. I love this waffle with the sweet drizzle of the nutella. For me, it was quite a good combination of ingredient in this waffle.

the next is the Mango Peach Mille Crepe RM13.90

and the last cake was the Chocolate Berry Mille Crepe RM13.90

For drinks, we had the Green Tea Caffe RM9.90

followed by Butterscotch Latte Frappe RM11.90

and The Yun Fly Signature Drink RM 9.90

Currently Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) is running the following Promotion

  • Fish & Chips RM7.90 nett
  • Add on RM3 for drink with purchase any main course
  • Free drink with purchase a slice of cake
  • RM7.90 with unlimited refill French fried

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Olle Cafe Desa Sri Hartamas - A Korean Inspired Cafe Review by Best Restaurant

Most cafe that are setup in Klang Valley are usually owned by Malaysian, but Olle Cafe is actually a Korean owned cafe. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review Olle Cafe which located at 26-G, JALAN 24/70A, DESA SRI HARTAMAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; special food and coffee offering.

As with most cafe, the Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas is a simple cafe setup with a minimal setting that focus on a convenient and self service offering.

One of the unique features about Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas is that; it roasts its own coffee beans right in the outlet, This is as fresh as you can get for coffee enthusiast.

With a Korean root, the first dish we had is one of the Korean favourite food which is the Bulgogi Rice, the beef meat are pre marinated and then cooked with a special Korean sauce which has a tinge of sweetness. The side of Fried Kim Chi makes this a truly Korean affair.

This is then followed by a western pasta dish which is theVegetarian Pasta with fresh Italian herbs; it was a combination of eggplant, peas and Italian herbs served with parmigiano cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

The creamy cheese sauce was of the right texture while the egg plants have a firm texture that gives it a crunch feel without being too hard. The Chef was able to bring out the natural flavour and taste of the vegetables.

Next, we had the Signature : Olle Grilled Chicken Sandwich - The centrepiece meat was a grilled chicken breast served with torched mozzarella cheese, fresh lettuce and Olle Chef special tomato spicy sauce with the Ciabatta bread.

I personally like the special spicy mayo sauce that came with the sandwich; while the grilled breast meat was grilled to the right smoky taste which still retain some of the chicken juice.

At Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas, they serves breakfast with a different twist i.e. you can select what are the items you want for your breakfast set for example, you can select the way you want your eggs done. You can choose from either 3, 5 or 7 item from the special menu, depending on how small or big you want your breakfast to be.

This is then followed by another pasta dish which is Spaghetti Meat ball Marinara.

Taste wise the meat ball was flavourful with the marinara sauce but it was a little off mark for me as I find it to be a tad too soft; as I personally preferred a slightly firm texture for my meatball.

To end our meal, we had the Affogato with a single shot of expresso.

At Olle cafe Sri Hartamas, while enjoying your cup of freshly roasted and freshly brewed coffee, you can also enjoy it with some special food offering to complete your meal.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Publika Solaris | Mono Coffee | Opening of An Artisan Coffee & Kitchen Mont Kiara Review Best Restaurant

Coffee lovers are now spoilt for choices as recently the trend to start artisan cafe which brews some of the best of best coffee is mushrooming in the Kuala Lumpur. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to the Opening of the 1st Mono Coffee located at A2,G2-3A, Publika Shopping Gallery, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

On entering Mono Coffee Publika Solaris, you will be greeted to a comfortable reception, with a soft lighting that exudes the feel of a relaxing atmosphere and ambience.

Their inhouse blend named "Monian" is a blend from 3 beans which is the Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Lintong to provide an exquisite taste of coffee.

One of the coffee serves here is hand brewed; using the Red Cherry Utopian beans, which has a strong aroma and fragrant topped with a latte art; is a way to enjoy the natural brewing of the beans while been captivated by the fragrant of these freshly brewed coffee.

As with any cafe, the emphasis is on some of the complimentary dishes to the artisan coffee; the first of which is the Stack IT.

which is a 3 piece pancake, served with crispy beef bacon, with an inhouse made maple peanut butter sauce that blended perfectly with the soft fluffy pancake topped with butter syrup and roasted tomatoes.

Next, we had the Pods & Chicken Salad, which is a very healthy option as a salad; considering the chef has chosen to lavishly use multiple type of beans which include edamame, chick pea, french beans and cannelini beans

topped with grilled chicken, feta cheese and a lemon grain dressing.

Lastly is the Beef and Hashed Benedict which is loaded with corned beef, grated potatoes, a poached egg and garnished with sprinkles of pea sprout on a spiced hollandaise sauce, which unfortunately yours truly did not get to taste it?

Now, if you happen to be near Mont Kiara or at Publika and yearn to get your fix of caffeine, you might want to check out the Mono Coffee at Publika Solaris Dutamas out.

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