Monday, 24 October 2016

Hot Pot Kitchen - 1Utama - Delicious Pick Your Own Spicy Hot Pot

Front Entrance of Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama
If you love spicy food and like to only choose your own vegetables, meat or seafood at your own quantity, you now have a choice at the newly open Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama.

Hot Pot Kitchen Address
G355, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Normally when you order your food; the portion of meat and the type of vegetables are determined by the shop but here at Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama, you can hand picked the quantity and the type of vegetables and meats that suit your palate and stomach.

With this new concept, you do not need to eat those vegetables or meats that you do not like as you can pick only those that you would consume.

Vegetables Selection

Our Selection of Vegetables

Eating at Hot Pot Kitchen is simple; first, you select the vegetable option which ranges from fresh Sawi, Kailan, Beancurd skins, the mushroom of various types from the open top fridge (note: the vegetables are on a rotational basis). Select the type and quantity that you can consume. The price is at RM 3.99 per 100g regardless what the combination of vegetables.

Meat Selection

Our Meat Selection

After that, you can select the type of meats and the in-house made "Yeong Liu" from the next section in a separate bowl. The price for the meat section is at RM 5.99 per 100g regardless what you take i.e. pork belly, beef, prawns and etc.

After that proceed to the counter for a weighing of the selected meat and vegetables. Inform the waiter on your choice of sauce which there is only 2 type which is the natural flavor (non-Spicy) and the Ma Lat (Spicy one which comes with 3 spicy levels). 

Hot Pot Kitchen practices self-service, so there are no service charges that are levied on your total bill. Once your dishes are cooked you will need to pick up your meals at the counter.

Our first choice; Natural Flavours. This is great for those that does not like any doses of spiciness, Suitable for children and older folks. Perfect with a bowl of white rice. But there are options to eat it with noodles too.

Our next dish is the Ma Lat Spicy Flavours (Level 2). We really like this, as it is cooked with an in-house made Ma Lat sauce that has been fined tuned to the local taste, Again, a real treat with a bowl of steaming white rice as the sauce has a balanced kick of spiciness coupled with the crunchy fried peanuts that are used to cooked this dish.

The next dish is set to be introduced as a standard item from the menu is the Fried Spicy Lala. Again you can order this when available based on your spicy level. We like this too as it has a penchant strong taste that is wrapped around the clams and makes each bite, a spicy affair.

According to the owners, all the meat and vegetables goes thru an ozone sterilization process before being served. This ensures that pesticide and antibiotics are removed from the meat and vegetables. That is why they can claim that there are No Pesticide, No Antibiotics, and No Hormones.

At Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama, there is a free flow of Coffee from the coffee vending machines; that patrons can help themselves on; which is a great combination to tone down your taste-bud after the spicy meal.

To lower your spicy effect, Hot Pot Kitchen serves Hung Fook Tong herbal tea range from Hong Kong. If you are a fan of TVB drama, you would probably have noticed this brand during some of this drama.

Overall, we like the concept of picking what you want and the taste offering especially the Ma Lat spicy option sauce by Hot Pot Kitchen 1Utama was our favorite.

Hot Pot Kitchen Address And Location Map

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Joy Of Life - Ecolite - Collagen Bird Nest Drinks.

Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook

Edible Bird Nest has been scientifically proven to have several benefits to our health. They include stimulation of regeneration of cells, strengthening our immune and respiratory system as well as improving the performance of our internal organs. One of its most sought after beauty benefits is, its ability to rejuvenate cells, promoting smooth, radiant, and youthful skin.

Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Ecolite) has just launched a new range of Collagen Bird's Nest beverages, "The Joy Of Life" to enables its customers to easily enjoy the many health benefits of edible bird's nest; via a convenient and transparent packaging with vacuum safety button. This makes it ideal for consumers to grab-go-and-enjoy this refreshing beverage any time of the day.

This new line of Halal-certified beverages combines the powerful health benefits of bird's nest with the proven beauty benefits of Marine Fish Collagen, which is said to stimulates collagen production in our bodies and combats signs of ageing. The Joy Of Life fulfills the wellness and beauty needs of Malaysian consumers.

According to Mr Steve Lim, Sales & Marketing Director of Ecolite, 'The past decades, we have dedicated ourselves to doing what we do best which is providing quality, natural healthcare products to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our strength lies in our professional expertise and knowledge of natural healthcare and traditional Chinese medicine, and also the intensive research to develop effective healthcare solutions to meet the needs of today's consumers."

'The Joy Of Life' contains all-natural food contents, which includes Edible Bird's Nest, Marine Fish Collagen, Rock Sugar and RO water, making it not only nutritious but safe to consume. 

Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook

Each bottle contains 2500mg of Collagen and features Five(5) flavours which is Original Flavour

Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook

Aloe Vera,

Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook


Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook


Photo Courtesy of The Joy Of Life Facebook

and  Red Dates with Wolfberry

"We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are free of preservatives, artificial flavourings and colours, as well as artificial sweeteners. Our products contain natural ingredients that adds flavour and providing variety for consumers ," added Mr Lim.

'The Joy Of Life' is available at all 7-11 Convenience Store, and soon be available at major pharmacies and hypermarkets throughout Malaysia.

For more information on the 'Joy of Life', you can visit their website at or their facebook page

Thursday, 20 October 2016

MIGF 2016 Festival Menu - Yezi At The Roof Bandar Utama Permium Steamboat

Yezi At The Roof Bandar Utama located at The Roof 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya is one of the 26 restaurants that is participating at the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival MIGF 2016.

With an amazing panoramic view of TTDI’s & PJ skyline and an opulent oriental theme, complete with Chinese paintings, circular arches and custom golden lanterns made to imitate rolling clouds, Yezi At The Roof makes steamboat luxurious with its range of high-end in-house made ingredients.

What the restaurant is best known for, however, is its five unique coconut-based broths which are spiced up with Taiwanese beef, truffle flavourings and other premium ingredients.

Complemented by organic side dishes and fresh seafood, the broths can be filled with all manner of exclusive treats, from world-renowned Matsusaka beef slices flown in weekly to the home-made black truffle balls, prawn paste and coconut dumplings which are prepared daily.

This year’s MIGF 2016 menu features some new treats like the Malacca-inspired chicken rice balls coated with salted egg aka the Golden Ball - Fried Chicken Rice Ball with Saffron Coat with Salted Egg Batter. 

next, there is the Palette Cleanser

for the Broth - Ginseng Herbal Soup with Coral Seaweed Jelly which is the main theme for tonight dinner. With the giant bowls at the centre filled with the delicious black chicken and ginseng-infused soup coagulated by the chicken broth and the seaweed jelly which is collagen-rich, it promised a night of satisfying treats.

For the Mains, it comes with the Four Jewels which consists of Black Sesame Balls (Squid), Coriander Balls (Squid), Lobster Balls (Lobster) and Black Pepper with Cheese Ball (Chicken).

For the sliced meat, the menu comes with Sliced Beef

and Spanish Black Pig.

For the Specialty Dumpling, we had the Coconut Dumpling and the Shao Xing Dumpling which has a strong essence of wine.

 As for the Wonders of the Sea, it has Tiger Prawns, White Clams, Razor Clams and Yezi popular Prawn Paste 

For the sides, we had the Mixed Vegetables and Mushroom

Handmade Fu Chok Rolls and Noodles

and finally for desserts we had the in-house made Waterdrop Coconut Dessert with Gula Melaka, Sago and Crushed Peanuts. A refreshing dessert to end our review.

Full Festival Menu

Yezi MIGF Festival Menu - 2 Person Set

Without Wines: RM299 nett per 2 pax

Progressing from a humble kitchen helper to head Chef for the most premium steamboat restaurant in the Klang Valley, Chef Choy is no stranger to hard work. With experience ranging from five-star hotels to big F&B groups, Chef Choy’s forte lies in diversity coupled with a traditional touch. His golden ball appetiser is a perfect example of this, combining different trademark Chinese delicacies to create a dish that puts an exciting twist on the familiar.

Yezi At The Roof Address and Location Map

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

MIGF 2016 Menu Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant located at Level 14, East Tower Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur 1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur has once again in 2016, taking part in the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF 2016).

Dining at Samplings On The Fourteenth is a classy affair; this is the place to bring that special someone for a romantic rendezvous where the unrivalled night views of the bustling Kuala Lumpur City Centre adorned your backdrop and the refined western fare are the key ingredients for a perfect date. It’s also great for entertaining clients as well, with intimate private dining rooms ideal for functions or celebrations of all types.

Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant MIGF Full Festival Menu

We started off our review with an Amuse-Bouche which is the Lamb Tartlet with Goat Cheese Croquetas. With a startling contrast of flavours and textures, this opening course prepares us for an evening of fine cuisine.

For this festival menu, Samplings On The Fourteenth has not just 1 starter but 2 in total; the first of which is the Pan-Fried Haloumi, Chilled Marinated Vegetables in Season and Lemon Emulsion. The dish was delicately presented with the delicious pan-fried halloumi at the epicentre which is encircled by vegetables.

Wine Pairing - Hugel Gentil Alsace France Vintage 2014

The second starter is the Poached Baby Mackerel, Chick Pea Puree, Smoked Garlic Cream and Walnut. We love the fine texture of the baby mackerel.

Wine Pairing - Tahuna Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Vintage 2014

the next course is the Green Pea Cream with Artichoke Chips and Tomato Tartar Soup.

Before we could dig into the portion that was served to us, the server informs that this was, in fact, the soup course and we have to wait for them to serve the soup which comes in a teapot right before our eyes.

As we are readied for our next course, Chef Val has prepared a special Malibu Lime Sorbet as a palate cleanser before our main course. A strong limey taste was very evident in the sorbet that enlightens our senses. Served on a half cut coconut shell, it was a real treat as it prepares our taste-buds in anticipation of the next dish.

For the Main Course, there is 3 selection for you to choose from, as steak lovers, I chose the Wagyu Beef Medallion, Pumpkin with a Hint of Xeres Vinegar, Duck Foie Gras and Thyme Juice. I love the pan grill Foie Gras and the steak was also grilled to the right tender texture that matches with the accompanying sauce. Almost all the guest for the night has chosen this course.

Wine Pairing - Trivento Reserve Malbec, Vintage 2014

The second main course that diners can choose it the Slow-Cooked Lamb Cutlet, Baked Stuffed Red Onion, Glazed Root Vegetables and Jus of Cherry.

OR for fish fans, they can choose the third main course which is the Pan-Fried Halibut Fillet, Smoked Tomato Puree, Parsnips and Shellfish Froth.

For dessert, the MIGF menu at Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant is the Guanaja Chocolate Delice, Sea Salt Flakes, Butter Scotch, Cream Cheese Mousseline. The dessert is impressively decorated which feast the sweet tooth enthusiast. A real nice balance of sweet and salty end to our review.

Prices for the Full Festival Menu are

Without Wines: RM228 nett per person

With Wines: RM388 nett per person

Chef Valmurugan Subramaniam has been leading the team at Samplings for the past six years. If it’s western classic fare you’re after, then Chef Val is the man. This master of his craft never fails to deliver, drawing on some 26 years of experience in upscale dining establishments while competing and winning medals at food festivals around the world. His pure passion for food, coupled with his warm disposition and buoyant personality make Chef Val one of the lovable chefs in town!

 Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant Berjaya Times Square Hotel Address Location Map