Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Set And Special Steamboat At Secret Garden

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for Chinese all around the world. The celebrate this once a year Spring Festival, families usually serves up authentic Chinese Dishes, but due to the simplicity many chooses the steamboat/hot pot variations. Secret Garden, started to offer a special steamboat for the coming 2017 Chinese New Year promotion.

Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant Address
7 & 9, Jalan SS 23/15, 
Taman Sea, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

CNY Steamboat Classic Package
CNY Steamboat Classic Package

We did a previous review of some of Secret Garden signature ala carte dishes when it was opened. But here we are again to taste out their new steamboat offering. For 2017 Chinese New Year, Secret Garden is offering 2 packages for the steamboats.

CNY Steamboat Premium Package
CNY Steamboat Premium Package

What is so special about the steamboat/hot pot offering from Secret Garden. For us, there are 3 things that make a perfect steamboat. The first is the broth, second will be the ingredients and the third is the sauce that goes with your cooked ingredients.

A little secret for you is that one of the core founders of Secret Garden is also the founder of Yezi; which offers premium steamboat to its' patron; needless to say, the offering at Secret Garden is comparable in quality.

We started our steamboat review with a Salmon Yee Sang

As above, there is 2 soup base on offer at Secret Garden. We opted for the Imperial Chicken Broth (RM78.00) which is boiled overnight using chicken, dried ham and dried scallop to ensure the full flavours extraction from all the ingredient that was used. The use of village chicken makes this broth extremely tasty. We took the first spoonful and all of us agreed on the rich broth was so good, we can have this with some white rice.

Seafood Dumplings 'Kao Zi
Seafood Dumplings 'Kao Zi'

The collagen-rich broth was ideal that every time we put some ingredient into the pot, we will taste out the soup, and it never fails us to want more of it.

Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom

The way to truly appreciate this Taiwanese Hot Pot is to ensure that ingredients are simmered in according to a sequence in which the staff at Secret Garden will be on hand to assist you to get the best of the steamboat/ hot pot meal.

Handmade Fish Paste
Handmade Fish Paste

The second criteria of a good steamboat are the ingredient, here at Secret Garden, all the seafood balls and paste are hand made, which means quality and original flavours are as expected.

Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls
 Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls

Some of the premium balls are like the Tobiko Squid Balls, Black Truffle Balls, Lobster Balls, Seafood dumpling, and more.

slice pork neck meat
Slice Pork Neck Meat
Others premium delicacies will be the slice pork neck meat, Iberico slice meat to name but a few that we have tasted tonight.

Fu Chuk Skin
Fu Chuk Skin
Of course, there are other side dishes, vegetables and noodles which can be added by ordering it ala-carte style.

3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup
3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup

For those that loves a little spicy broth can try out the 3 Premium Seafood Spicy Soup which has the Prawns, Flower Crabs and a special roasted Marble Goby. You can also order the ala carte steamboat ingredient to be added to this delightful soup. 

Chinese New Year Set Menu

Secret Garden Restaurant Address and Location Map

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Noble House Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Delightful Set Menu

The Malaysian 2017 Chinese New Year menu is fairly predictable, but every once in a blue moon, someone will spring a surprise. And as surprises go to; the Chef at Noble House Restaurant which has crafted out some Specialties Chinese New Year Dishes and Chinese New Year Set Menu dishes especially for you to feast on.

NOBLE HOUSE Restaurant Address
No.19 Jalan Delima
Off Jalan Tun Razak
55100 Kuala Lumpur

To start off our review, we had the Tuna and Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang in comparison with most others that offer Salmon Yee Sang. The Crispy fish skin adds an extra level of texture to the Yee Sang.

Among some of the surprise dishes that we have tasted are from the Noble House 2017 Chinese New Year Specialties Dishes Menu; the first of which is Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop With Black Truffle (RM33.00 per pax). We love the strong fragrant of the truffle oil that was used which went well with the firm succulent texture of the Hokkaido Scallop which was presented like a Western dish.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Old Klang Road Steamboat Authentic Buffet At Chun Ciou Hot Pot

There is a new hype in the Old Klang Road food scene. The first Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet from Chun Ciou Hot Pot Malaysia is here.

Picture Courtesy of Chun Ciou Facebook

Chun Ciou Hot Pot Address
Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Touted as one of the key steamboat players in Taiwan, Chun Ciou Hot Pot features their steamboat ingredients which are 80% fully imported from Taiwan and uses 100% Taiwanese recipe as we were told.

The setting is one of a grand dining experience which reminiscent a classic Chinese theme. Don't be surprised if you meet up with this Chinese Warlord.  Fully air conditioned, it provides a very conducive and cosy setting for steamboat even during lunch. The best part about dining here is that the steamboat ingredients comes in a push cart much like the Dim Sum trolly. You can have your pick of ingredients or you can just order it from the menu which will be delivered to your table and with that, it is what is known as served to table ala carte buffet.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Carlsberg 2017 Chinese New Year Promotion Year Of Rooster

Taking inspiration from the mandarin pronunciation of rooster(鸡 jī), which bears the same pronunciation as ‘Opportunity’(机 jī ), Carlsberg ushered in the Chinese New Year 2017 on 10 January 2017 at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur by wishing all; a year filled with golden opportunities! 

In conjunction with the CNY campaign, Carlsberg is rewarding our consumers with more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience’ where consumers shop, we pay. 

Carlsberg is rewarding consumers with more golden opportunities by offering shoppers with “Probably the Best CNY Shopping Experience” where consumer shops, Carlsberg pays!

Lars Lehmann, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia taps a pint of Carlsberg Smooth Draught to launch “Probably the Best Year of Golden Opportunities”

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tai Zi Heen Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu

Be bold and be different. This 2017 Rooster Chinese New Year calls for a new beginning and a toast towards a healthier yet prosperous year ahead! At Tai Zi Heen Chinese Restaurant Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences (Pullman KLCC), this is the place to celebrate and dine with a difference while you revel in the festive meals with your family and friends.

Paint the town rooster red with Tai Zi Heen Chinese Restaurant this 2017 and brace yourself with what we have in store for you and your loved ones.Switch up your nibbles this year and try our Yee Sang at Pullman KLCC’s Cantonese restaurant, Tai Zi Heen from 1 January to 11 February.

Start off with the prosperity toss with the Fruits and Garden Green Yee Sang Serve with Strawberry Sauce which features a balanced combination of fruity-tangy dynamics with a unique and healthy twist.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017 Chinese New Year Special Set Menu at Ti Chen Restaurant

Glorious Chinese New Year and spring temptations await you and your family at Ti Chen Restaurant, one of Saujana Hotels & Resorts acclaimed dining outlets; where Executive Chinese Chef, Sam Lu and his team of culinary chef are all set to delight diners with sumptuous festive feast sets exclusively from 5 January to 11 February 2017.

As this will be the first Chinese New Year celebration for Ti Chen in its new home since its move from Saujana Golf & Country Club to The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, you can expect a refreshed dining experience in the all-new stylish interiors that evoke an atmosphere of elegance with charming oriental touches.

Let the feast begin and usher in the year of the rooster with ‘Loh Hei’ or the prosperity toss featuring Ti Chen’s signature ‘Yee Sang’. With a myriad of fresh and premium toppings to select from, celebrate new beginnings and round up the successful year behind with wishes for a flourishing year ahead.

Our review started off with the special Salmon and Scallop Yee Sang Platter 三文鱼带子捞起

For the soup, we had the Braised Crab Meat Soup with Fried Fish Maw and Black Moss 發財蟹肉鱼鳔羹

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Poon Choi 2017 Halal Chinese New Year Set Menu At Tung Yuen

Rejoicing the festive, Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam is ushering the 2017 Chinese New Year (Year of Fire Rooster) by introducing Halal Poon Choi Chinese New Year Set Menu.

Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant Address
Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam

The festive celebration should be continuous and Chinese New Year is all about family bonding and celebrating the moment of togetherness. Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam has decided to further pamper you and your family with its Chinese New Year promotions.

Poon Choi is a traditional Chinese dish once common throughout China. It is a Cantonese cuisine served in large wooden, porcelain or metal basins due to the communal style of consumption. The Chinese name, transliterated as Poon Choi, has been variously translated as "big bowl feast", "basin cuisine" or "Chinese casserole". sourced Wikipedia - Poon Choi