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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rendez-Vous Bangsar French Restaurant - A Wine Pairing Dinner With Traditional French Cuisine - Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

French people are well known for their dining antics and so in every dinner meals, it is not only about ambience, plating, food but also the right wine pairing for the dishes. At Rendez-Vous French Restaurant located at 100, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur; is where you can find great traditional French food cooked by artistry French Chef with a wine selection for each dish.

Recently, we were invited to taste out a new menu offering from Chef Benjamin which hails from Toulouse, France. Besides serving the popular other French dishes that we had in our earlier review (pls click Here); he is offering some newly crafted French cuisine in its original taste for us to savour.

As usual, in the full French tradition, we had our pre-dinner drink which is the popular Kir Classique (a white wine with Creme de Cassis (is a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants) - RM34.00). Kir is a French refreshing cocktails which are mix with fruit liquor and topped with white wine.

Next, is, of course, the Amuse Bouche, a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre. Amuse-Bouches are different from appetisers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but are served gratis and according to the chef's selection alone. For the night, the chef served us the Scambled eggs topped with Caviar. With the bland taste of the Eggs and slightly salty flavours of the caviar, it blended well with the cool fruity Kir.

For starters, we had the "Ouef Parfait Et Gnocchi" (RM22.00)- Gnocchi is a popular dish in France, it is made from a combination of mash potatoes, flour and eggs. For this dish, the chef served the Parisian style Gnocchi; with the Fried, Choux strip rolls pastry that gives it a crunchy feel and topped with a half boiled eggs served in a clay pot with cheese and bechamel sauce.

For this dish, the recommended wine is the Chardonnay.

Next, we had the "Thon Confit" (RM25.00) which is Candied Tuna (slow cooked together with Olive oil and Tarragon leaves) served with cauliflower puree, with a refreshing sides of chop green apples and cabbage sprinkled with rouille sauce.

The recommended wine pairing is the Sauvignon Blanc

After that it was time for the main course, the first main course dish is the "Filet De Loup De Mer" (RM58.00) - a fish based dish which is made out from of a pan fried Seabass Fillet which has a nice crisp skin served on a bed of carrot puree with a tangy citrus vinaigrette sauce that married perfectly to the fish meat. It is then topped with the flavorful and savoury Avruga Caviar. 

For this dish, the recommended wine to be paired is the Pinot Grigio (dry, semi-sweet white wine)

Our last main dish is the "Poitrine De Porc Fondante" (RM49.00). The pork belly is slow cooked for 2 days and pan fried to a light crisp on the outside which has its' meat and pork belly fats literally melting in the mouth. A simply delightful feel that satisfy our craving. It is served with Crispy "Gribiche" style Pork feet. We were taken aback that they was no sign of any pork feet/knuckles in the dish; As it turns out the chef has cooked the pork feet and has its' meat chopped to small pieces and together with Gherkin pickle, capers, onions, parsley, boiled eggs and Dijon Mustard rolled in a spring roll and deep fried. 

Beside the Gribiche there is another roll which is the Mushroom Cannelloni, which has chopped chicken meat and mushroom stuff in a pasta roll. The sauce of the dish is the meat juice which was slow cooked with the pork belly and added with fried bacon chip.

The wine to be paired for this dish is the Baron Monbarduc (a fine, soft and fruity wine)

We had 2 dessert to end our lovely dinner; the first of which is the "Tarte Au Citron Meringue". Sitting at the bottom is the home-made biscuit like lemon tart which is topped with lemon flavoured cream and the soft crusty meringue. Decorated with freshly slice apples to give it a crunch and a home-made lime sorbet that add to a refresh feel to this dessert.

For those that would like to savour this dessert with a sparkling wine, a Prosecco; a sparkling wine made in Italy; now you cannot call a Champagne unless it is from this region (as the saying goes all champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne) - would be an ideal choice for this dessert.

Our last dessert is the Paris Brest (RM20.00); an in-house made Choux pastry which has a slight crust and an inside soft texture which is then sandwiched with a hazelnut custard. My dinner partner loves the flaky pastry crust with the right balance of buttery taste.

It was our pleasure to have a nice French cuisine in which we discover the Chef great efforts and skill to showcase these delicious dishes at Rendez-Vous French Restaurant. We look forward to taste more enchanting dishes in the near future.

"Bon Appetit"

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cristallo Di Luna @Pacific Regency Hotel Suites Kuala Lumpur - A Romantic Italian Christmas Celebration Review

Christmas Season is round the corner and what better way to celebrate this festive holiday with your loved ones in one of a hidden upscale restaurant that has a gorgeous panoramic city view of Kuala Lumpur.

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special fine dining Christmas Special at Cristallo Di Luna which is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on the 34th Floor Pacific Regency Hotel Suites at Jalan Puncak Kuala Lumpur.

The decor is one that exudes a great ambience and romantic setting, an ideal place to wine and dine Italian Style with your other half.

The place has a stylish interior with a pleasant and lovely atmosphere to de-stress oneself.

Dinner started with a light Pumpkin Soup, which has a smooth creamy texture and a strong pumpkin flavour.

Featuring a culinary creation of the head chef, he uses the free Range Capon Chicken as the Christmas Main Theme dish, with Giblet Gravy and Cranberry Compote. As a substitute to the ever popular Turkey, which have a much more tougher meat, the Capon Chicken was indeed a splendid change with its tender, smooth and juicy meat. 

The Capon Chicken is stuffed with blended Chestnut with breadcrumbs and then sent to the roaster to be roasted for a good 45 minutes. The mash stuffing are then taken out and moulded before being fried and served as a side dish.with sauteed brussel sprout with potatoes and braised red cabbage.

The Special Giblet Sauce was made from Mirepoix, juice of the Roast Chicken and Chicken innards to produce a very delicious sauce that was thicken to give you a nice glaze which complemented with the natural taste of the Capon Chicken. The Roast Capon Chicken was very well paired with a glass of white wine.

For Desserts, we had the Apple Crumble, 

Thai Rainbow Jelly In Shooter Glass

and Christmas Fruit Cake 

followed by a cuppa of hot Cappucino to end the lovely evening.

Cristallo @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suite is having a Christmas Eve Buffet. The full details are as below with their Signature Roast Capon Chicken as the highlights.

Sumptuous ‘Jolly Christmas’ Buffet Spread at Cristallo Di Luna 

Teamed with the culinary experts, headed by Chef Eddie Yap, Cristallo experienced chefs are set to prepare extravagant flavours of sumptuous spread, a delicious combination of fusion and traditional Christmas fare to please every palate. A wide range of delicious, lip-smacking cuisines featuring Roasted Free Range Capon Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing, Steamed Black Cod with Ginger and Scallion Emulsion, Fresh Seafood Parade on Ice, Roasted Lamb Leg and more will be served. 

Not to forget, the finale to a sumptuous feast with a luscious combination of very traditional desserts. One must not miss the sinful Chocolate Fondue, Apple Crumble, English Trifle and Christmas Fruit Cake among others.

For those preferring to stay at home for the occasion, we have our Roasted Free Range Capon Chicken available for takeaway! Served with Gilblet Gravy and Cranberry Compote, our Capon Chicken is priced at RM 180++ (Half Roasted) and RM 380++ (Whole Roasted) and a healthier alternative to the traditional Roasted Turkey.

The Christmas specials’ are priced at RM158.00++ per person (Cristallo Di Luna). The buffet offerings inclusive of a glass of sparkling wine, party pack and free entry to Luna Bar’s Christmas Eve Party. For more information and reservation, please call us at +603 2332 7777 ext 6804 or email us at