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Savaro by Felda Solaris Dutamas Publika by Best Restaurant To Eat

Savaro by Felda

Serving local Malaysian food is always very challenging. Here we get so many different places or hangout that serves any of the local favourite specialities. But, sometime it might be tough to get a restaurant where they serves a variety and above average local dishes.

At Savaro by Felda which is strategically located at Solaris Dutamas, with a sense of innovation and creative cooking by the chef, you have a new twist to these authentic local kampong foods and a blend of Western delicacies.

It was open barely 3 months ago, the concept was to allow its customer a chance to enjoy these dishes in a pleasant, cosy and relax ambience. Some of the drinks and dishes are not to be found anywhere and is exclusive to the Savaro.

I ordered the first in-house specialty which is Savaro Soda (SS) Lime. It is a cold drink which comprise of Strawberry extract mix with Cream Soda and a tinge of Peppermint. When the drink arrive in a tall glass, part of the strawberry extract was still flowing down from the top, making it a pleasant surprise to see the extract flowing down, drop by drop to the bottom.

It was a very refreshing combination for a hot afternoon. With the stirrer, you can mix the extract and pinch the fresh peppermint leaves to extract out the mint flavour. Based on your preference, it is entirely up to you on how minty you want your drink to be.

Rating: 3 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/21/2013
Spending: Approximately MYR 10 ()

Other Dishes From Savaro

Aromatic Oxtail Soup At Savaro by Felda Solaris Dutamas by Best Restaurant To Eat

Oxtail Soup

This is another innovative dish. Here the chef, have added some curry into the cooking of this traditional English Oxtail Soup thereby enriching it to be best of both world. With the spices added to it, it marries the authentic Malay version sup ekor flavour to this soup.

With a chunk of Australian beef tail which was slow cooked, the aroma and taste of the soup was mesmerising. You can taste the strong stew slowly down the throat as you take sips of this warm soup.

Unfortunately, the serving of the soup is not that much. You really have to enjoy every little sip before it is finish.

Rating 4 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/21/2013
Spending: Approximately MYR 15 ()

Assam Pedas Fish - Bamboo Stalk Rice Savaro Solaris Dutamas Publika By Best Restaurant To Eat

Assam Pedas Fish - Bamboo Stalk Rice

Another unique presentation of the food is that the rice comes in Bamboo Stalk. It is indeed innovative to use this as it is not only very pleasing to the eyes but giving a Malaysia feel. In Sarawak, the Iban uses bamboo to cook rice and dishes.

First we have the Assam Pedas Fish. Assam Pedas Fish is a very popular dish from the southern part of Malaysia mainly from Melaka and Johor.

At Savaro, the chef uses the tenggiri fish and the must have ladies fingers to cook this specialty. Taste wise, it was a little tad salty and it does not really have the spiciness and sourish kick of the traditional Assam Pedas of traditional makan place. Moreover the tenggiri was a little too hard. Either the fish might have been kept frozen for too long or the chef have overcooked it.

This Assam Pedas Fish is served with flavoured white rice.

Rating 2 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/21/2013
Spending: Approximately MYR 19 ()

Savaro Bambu Savaro Rice Solaris Dutamas by Best Restaurant To Eat

Bambu Savaro Rice

The next rice dish we had was the Bambu Savaro Rice. As I tasted this dish, it reminds me of the Manuk Pansuh – Iban Bamboo Chicken with the rice serves in the Bamboo Stalk.

If the chef have cooked the chicken n the bamboo stalk it would have been perfect. Tasting the tender chicken cutlet which was cooked with ginger and mushroom, it also had the taste similar to those of the Chinese Ginger Chicken style.

The dish also comes with salted egg, pickled acar and sambal belacan. The gravy goes well with the white rice that was served. Best eaten in the Bamboo Stalk where the rice comes in.

Rating 3 of 5

Date of Visit: 2013-09-21
Spending: Approximately MYR 16 ()

Solaris Dutamas Savaro Noodles at Savaro by Best Restaurant To Eat

Savaro Noodles

Another example of a creative dish which is the Savaro Noodle – it is a marriage of North and South. Here the chef had combined two of the most famous Malay noodles i.e. the famous Mee Udang from the North and popular Mee Bandung from the south.

It is a very distinctive taste as you can taste the rich broth, which have the taste of both of these famous noodles. The spiciness is just right and the amount of ingredient laden on the noodle is plentiful too.

It has boiled prawns, slices of roast beefs, shredded roast chicken, fish cakes and cockles and a half boiled egg. I would have preferred that the chef garnish the dish with prawns that was cooked in the broth rather than giving the boiled prawns as this is not very flavourful and tasted bland.

Moreover the cockles were very rubbery and overcook. It would be nice to have cockles that are freshly cooked rather than already pre-cooked. Anyway if you yearn a shot of Mee Udang or Mee Bandung and cannot travel too far North or South, you can give this a try.

Rating 3 of 5
Date of Visit: 2013-09-21
Spending: Approximately MYR 14 ()

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nyonya and Dry Bak Kut Teh At Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi Restaurant Jalan Kuching KL by Best Restaurant To Eat

These days, there are many designers’ food in town, chef have become more creatively i.e speciality burger like Ramen Burger, Charcoal burgers and etc are some of it. It seems that Bak Kut Teh is also following on this trend, a decade ago, dry version of Bak Kut Teh came about. It becomes an instant hit for some.

Here at Yu Yi Restaurant which is located at 88, Jalan Kepayang, Off Jalan Kuching, Taman City, 52100 Segambut, they have develop a Nyonya version of the Bak Kut Teh. Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi had been established for more than 30 years with their founder shop in Old Klang Road which is opposite the market.

For this Nyonya version, the meat are cooked in the Bak Kut Teh broth and then it will be cooked again in a claypot with added chillies, spices and condiments to come out a new Nyonya version. They have also added ladies fingers to enhance the dish.

The chef uses mainly pork ribs and bony meats with minimum layer of fats. This ensures that it will not be too fatty. This version is aromatic and the meat still retains the smooth texture and the infused taste especially the pork ribs.

You have a choice of 3 types of rice to go with the Bak Kut Teh i.e. Plain white, Shallot oil rice or Long bean rice (first time trying this) - nice to eat as it is. I tried on the 3 types but my preference is on the white or shallot one. It goes better with the gravy.

Rating 3 of 5

Dry Bak Kut Teh

The other Bak Kut Teh we had for the night is the Dry Version. This version is similar to the one eaten in Klang but it is a wetter version as the one in Klang that I have eaten tend to be very dry and oily. The fragrance from the aromatic dry chillies just permeates through & the taste of the ingredients lingers in the meat.

Taste wise, it is a little bit sweeter and they also use the ladies finger and dry cuttlefish too. It comes with a bowl of Bak Kut Teh broth to give you the extra kick. Just like the Nyonya Bak Kut Teh, this dish is best eaten with plain white rice, as you can really savour the flavourful gravy and cuttlefish.

Rating 3 of 5
Date of Visit: 2013-09-18
Spending: Approximately MYR 12

Other Food from Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi

Yam Chicken Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi Restaurant Jalan Kuching KL by Best Restaurant To Eat

Yam Chicken

Not many food are cooked with Yam as one of the main ingredients. My first impression of this Yam Chicken was not that favourable from the looks of it. It looks very gooey and the thick yam gravy does not lend any support to make this Yam Chicken very appetising at all.

When I taste the first bite of the chicken and yam, it actually woke my senses in that the taste was very flavourful and nothing short of heavenly.

Looks can really be deceiving in this case. The gravy was infused with strong taste of curry leafs and silky smooth aromatic cooked yam. The first taste impression of this dish, in that it was quite similar in taste to the butter sauce chicken with the taste of Yam.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Spending: Approximately MYR 12

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Pork Leg In Thick Soya Sauce Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi Jalan Kuching KL by Best Restaurant To Eat

Pork Leg In Thick Soya Sauce
The pork leg serves here is of a braised soya sauce version. The chef have painstaking taken the effort to braised until the pork leg to a smooth texture which you could easily slurp. I would have preferred the pork leg to be a little chewy type and will make me enjoy the pork leg better.
Here, the taste is not that flavourful and quite plain. It would have been better if the chef have used smoked garlic to bring out the best of the soya sauce.

Rating 3 of 5
Spending: Approximately MYR 12

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Fried Abalone Mushroom Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi Jalan Kuching KL by Best Restaurant To Eat

Fried Abalone Mushroom
There are many version of Fried Mushroom in town. Here, the Fried Abalone Mushroom was very aromatic and savoury. These were served warm to bite, with crispy edges and just the right amount of batter (i.e. not too thick).
We were advice to try out dipping the deep fried mushroom in the Bak Kut Teh stew instead of using the famous Yau Cha Kwai (Chinese twisted crullers). It is a different experience and tasted quite nice and delicious.
Another new way to eat Deep Fried Mushroom. Yummy yummy
Rating 3 of 5

Date of Visit: 09/18/2013
Spending: Approximately MYR 12 ()

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