Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ee Chinese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Signature Dish

Ee Chinese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a very popular Chinese restaurant in Petaling Jaya that continues to dish out some of their speciality signature dishes from its a-la carte menu.

Once again, we are here to taste some of Chef Alex signature dishes.

To start off our dinner, we had the 3 Deluxe Combination Platter. The star of this dish is the Salted Egg Oyster. A big juicy Canadian Oyster is wrapped with a crispy layer of deep fried Salted Eggs Crust. A nice feel of crispy salty taste on other outside and married with the succulent taste of the large oyster. The second combo is the Scallop Yam Basket; the scallop together with a piece of banana is nicely wrapped with the shredded Yam and deep fried to a light crunch. The third combo is the Steam Crabmeat Ball serve in a Champagne glass which provides a lighter taste. A superb combination that highlights all the different seafood taste in one platter.

Another one of the dishes at Ee Chinese Cuisine that we always look forward to is the double boiled soup. Tonight we were served the Double Boiled Dried Scallop Top Shell and Fish Maw Soup. One can taste the encompassing all natural flavours of the ingredient till the last drop. Served hot; it is a real delight to start the dinner with this tummy warming delight.

Next on;  is Chef Alex speciality Roasted Crispy Pi Pa Duck. We have always enjoyed this dish as one can appreciate the process used to cook this speciality. Chef Alex Pi Pa Duck recipe lies in the special marinade sauce that is spread onto the duck cavities. Left to a slow natural air drying process to infuse the marinade and to have a real dry skin; it is then roasted with perfection that is evident by the crispy crackling skin with a moist tender texture duck meat. A wonderful delight to be eaten with a bowl of steaming white rice with a dollop of gravy.

For the fish dish; we were served the Steamed River Patin With Preserved Vegetables & Onion in Superior Soya Sauce. Not many restaurants take up the challenge to serve steam fresh water fish as it can be very challenging and not a simple task; firstly is to ensure that you have a good quality stock, to begin with. Paired with a preserved vegetables that offer a special taste and with the superior soya sauce coupled with the nice texture of the meat; it was a job well done by the Chef.

Our last main for the night is the Stir Fried Prawn, Homemade Beancurd and Broccoli with Spicy Sauce. This dish has 2 cooking style which is stir fried and steam. The homemade bean curd which is topped by a layer of chopped spinach is soft and silky. This is then bedded with a layer of steam eggs. Garnished with poached Brocolli in the middle and topped with the Spicy Stir Fried Prawn makes this; a 2 flavour dish.

Ending our night, the Chef serves us the Stir Fried Soy Noodles With Shredded Chicken and Dried Shrimp to ensure we go home with a filled tummy.

For dessert, we had the Double Boiled Fig with Crystal Pear and Peach Gum which is served chilled and has the right balance of sweetness level to tone down taste-bud for the night.

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Ee Chinese Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Location Address Map

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mooncake Festival 2017 at Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This year celebrate the Mooncake Festival 2017 (aka Mid-Autumn festival) with the superior halal mooncakes, the crystal series (snow skin) Moon Cakes and the prized Musang King Durian Mooncake at Ee Chinese CuisineRestaurant Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Rich in taste and aroma from the fresh tea leaves, both the baked and snow skin mooncakes are meticulously prepared and is available for purchase from now till 4th October 2017.

The tea series flavours include the Osmanthus Flower with Lotus Paste filling, followed by the Ginger Tea Longan Lotus Paste, Crystal Red Tea with Coffee Lotus Paste, Crystal Lemon Lotus Paste with Honey Comb and more are available.

Not forgetting the Classic favourites which include Red Bean Paste, Low Sugar White Lotus Paste, Supreme Mixed Nuts with Chicken Floss, Lotus Paste with Single Yolk.

Chocolates fans can indulge into the Crystal Chocolate Peppermint Lotus Paste snow skin mooncakes.

Available also, is the much sought after Crystal Musang King Durian Paste Mooncake. This mooncake is made with fresh durian pulp that will bring out the intense flavour of the fruit. Fans of the King of Fruits will find it irresistible but you must hurry as stocks are limited in numbers.

Customers can purchase these mooncakes at the front counter of Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant or in the lobby. Your purchase of the mooncakes will be packed in a beautifully designed gift box that comes in vibrant hot pink colour. Choose from four baked mooncakes or eight mini mooncakes in a box starting from RM15 Nett per piece.There is also a smaller gift box for the purchase of 2 baked mooncakes. The mooncake gift box is a multi purpose box which you can also be used as a storage box for your accessories.

For those that would like to customize your mooncake packages, it is available with a minimum order of 30 boxes that will come with a personalized label attached to the carrier bags with your company name, logo and a "With Compliments" greeting line. Eastin also provides Free delivery services to your doorstep within Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur with a minimum order of 30 boxes.

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Ee Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Location Address Map

Friday, August 25, 2017

Malaysia Day 2017 High Tea Buffet At Royal Songket Gand Bluewave Hotel Shah Alam Selangor

Celebrate Malaysia Day 2017 with a High Tea Buffet at Royal Songket Gand Bluewave Hotel in Shah Alam, Selangor

On 16th September 2017, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam (GBWHSA) is having a one day Malaysia Day 2017 Hi-Tea to celebrate the Malaysia Day 2017. Savour all the favourites from all over Malaysia which is specially crafted out by Chef Firdaus bin Ismail and Chef Al-Hafiz Bin Redzuan for this buffet.

You can expect to be served a rich and flavorful dishes of exciting taste from Royale Songket Restaurant, which is available on 16th September 2017, where you can indulge in all the delicacies starting from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm.

Serving a variety of appetizers; expect to be spoilt with choices especially the Assorted Finger Sandwiches, Mini Open Face Sandwiches, Assorted Cheese Platter with Cracker, Cold Chinese Salad of the Day, Sotong Kangkung Padang Kota and other appetizers.

While those who prefer warmer starters, treat yourself with the Mushroom Soup and Oxtail Assam Pedas Soup and Assorted Rolls and Butter.

Burasak from Sabah

Other speciality dishes that will be served include the must try Laksa Johor,

Itik Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi from Negeri Sembilan,

Devil Curry from Melaka

Ayam Pansuh from Sarawak

Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak from Pahang, 

There is also a live Show Kitchen with Satay Ayam Serai Wangi Kuali Leper with Peanut Sauce and Condiments and Otak-Otak Kempas.

For the children, they will be served with Fish Finger with Tartare Sauce, Golden Chicken Nugget, and much more.

For dessert, you can try out the Assorted French Pastries, Assorted Fresh Fruit Platter, ABC Stall with Condiments and so much more.

Make this Malaysia Day a memorable one with your precious one as nothing better could beat the time of togetherness. For further inquiries and reservation, simply reach us at Royale Songket Restaurant 03-5511 8811 ext. 2612 or 2613. All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST.

Price : RM 68.00+ (Adult)
RM 55.00+ (Senior Citizen) 60 years above
RM 35.00+ (Children) 4 – 11 years old
Date: 16th September 2017 (Saturday)
Time : 12.00 noon – 4.00 pm

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Old Klang Road Food: 香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant @ Plaza OUG - Beggar Chicken Recipe

There are not many Chinese restaurants in Old Klang Road that serves village type Chinese food, but there is one that was recently opened at Plaza OUG which not only serves popular village dishes but also the famous Beggar Chicken. It is called the New Village Chinese Restaurant.

香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant Address
Lot G11 &12 Plaza OUG, Jalan Mega Kecil
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
For the restaurant promotion and info, please click here:- New Village Chinese Restaurant Facebook

The restaurant setup is a simple heritage village style design which also showcases a sample of the original stove that is used to cook this speciality Beggar Chicken. Using the most conventional method of cooking;  a beggar chicken which is buried in the gravel; can take up to six hours or more to cook. But, here at New Village Restaurant, we can get to taste this speciality dish; a one-day advance booking is required as the number of birds that are sold for the day is very limited. For more information and booking please click to New Village Chinese Restaurant Facebook

To cook this dish, Chef Kam uses more than 10 types of herbs and ingredient to produce this aromatic and delicious Beggar Chicken. The Chef uses the Kampung Chicken and together with all the special marinade are wrapped together in a Glass Paper as the first layer. This is then wrapped in an aluminium foil and the final layer is then wrapped in a special clay.

Upon reaching our table, you will have the honour to knock off the clay layer with a hammer and exposed out the aluminium foil and this is then followed by the unwrapping of the special glass paper which will unfold a very strong herbal aromatic flavour.

There are not many restaurants in KL that serve this dish as it is very time consuming and complex: most of the restaurants that serve Beggar Chicken are located in Klang. We really enjoy this delicious smoky taste gravy which extracts out all the natural essences of the ingredients into the chicken meat. Needless to say, we finish this dish until the last drop of gravy.

The Chef promises more village characteristics; for the other dishes that will be served to us. The next such dish is the Cantonese Fried Egg Noodle with King Prawn. This is one of my favourite dishes, but at New Village Chinese Restaurant, the Chef made 2 small twists to cook this dish; firstly, he will do a slight poaching of the prawn to rid it of a strong raw prawn taste (for those that loves the strong natural prawn flavour might not agree to this). Secondly is the use of the egg noodles, the Chef hot water bath it to rid the starch taste and odour. After which it is pan-fried to gives it a springy crisp texture with a light burnt taste (like Yee Mee). We really enjoyed this version of the gravy rich Sang Har dish.

The next dish is the Signature Four Heavenly King which is Ladies Finger, Petai, Brinjal and Long Beans. This dish is cooked with a top quality Melaka belacan with onion and fresh cut chillies which protrude a special aroma and addictive taste that you want to continue to eat it.

After that, we had another chicken dish, this time it is the New Village Chicken. It is served with the truly traditional Cantonese poach style. This is one of my favourite cooking styles for chicken as the chicken meat has a nice firm texture evidently from the use of free range Village Chicken. Served with a special ginger concocted sauce and bedded with superior soya sauce, this simple cooking style brings out the best natural taste of the Kampung Chicken.

To add a spicy dish, the Chef presented the Claypot Curry Tiger Grouper Fish Head. The fish head is cut to bite size to make it easier to devour this dish. With a strong blend of curry paste, reduce Santan and less oil, it is a healthy alternative. Cooked with brinjal, ladies fingers and Tau Foo Pok which did a good job to absorb the curry gravy into it; you may need to order additional white rice to goes with this curry dish.

Our third chicken dish is the Rice Wine Chicken 黄酒鸡. This dish really stands out in terms of a strong aromatic rice wine that is used to cook the chicken dish. Cooked together with the use of julienne young ginger and black fungus and topped with scallion. Served in a clay-pot, it retains the heat and ensures that you get to slurp the hot soup that warms the tummy.

This is followed by the Homemade Fried Bean Curd with Minced Pork and Preserve Vegetables. We like the soft texture of the bean curd which has a golden yellow crusted skin which is perfectly paired with the combination of minced pork while the preserve vegetables which has a slightly salty taste; blended in perfectly.

The last vegetable dish that we had is the Claypot Kangkong. This is a similar dish which I had previously at another restaurant which serves this variant. Instead of cooking with Sambal belacan, the Chef uses the Hong Kong Shrimp paste (Ham Har) which has a very unique flavour (you either loves it or hate it). The use of this shrimp paste reminds me of a dish which my grandmother used to cook for me when I was young.

The last meat dish that we had is the Signature Braised Pork Knuckle. To most of you, you will know by now, one of yours truly favourite dish is the Pork Knuckle. Here at New Village Chinese Restaurant, it is a braised version which was empowered by the use of dark black sauce, onions and dried chillies. The knuckle meat has a firm texture which I like as you can pull the meat a little, but for some that love fork tender meat may not like this style.

The last dish for the review is a rice or rather a porridge dish (Teochew style); i.e. Claypot Tiger Grouper And Seafood With Rice. The main highlight of the dish is the superior pork and chicken bones broth that is used to cook it. Loaded with a variety of seafood offering which includes scallop, white squids, prawns and with slices of Tiger Grouper fillet, the smooth broth was a nice tone down dish to end our multi flavours meal.

For dessert, we were served a healthy dessert which is called the Eight Treasure which consists of kidney beans, barley, longan, red dates, mung beans, red beans, black eye peas and dhal.

香村 New Village Chinese Restaurant Location Address Map

Monday, August 21, 2017

BMS Organics Malaysia - Healthy Moon Cake Recipe For 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival

BMS Organics Malaysia has just launched its healthy mooncake by Taiwan Master Pastry chef to celebrate the 2017 Mid-Autumn festival.

Using organic and all-natural mooncake ingredients sourced from Taiwan with a few new flavours which are healthy and tasty. BMS Organics is proud to present their Collections of Cantonese & Suzhou Style Mooncake.

You can send to your loved one an array of BMS Organics mooncakes that would please any health-conscious person. These mooncakes are free from artificial flavouring, colouring and preservative.

There is a total of 8 mooncake flavours which are low sugar; 5 of which is Vegan mooncakes, 1 Ovo-vegetarian, 1 - Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian and a Lacto vegetarian for you to choose from.

1. Pure Lotus with Yolk (Ovo vegetarian) - An awesome combo of savoury egg yolk and BMS Organics’ own unique paste made from premium lotus seeds, this healthy version of the traditional mooncake contains less fat and sugar, but it certainly does not compromise the silky-smooth texture that we’ve all come to love.

Ingredients: Lotus paste (white bean, lotus seed, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, salted egg yolk and peanut oil.

2. Japanese Tangerine (Vegan) - Stimulate your taste buds with this brand new offering from BMS Organics, which uses a whole Yilan tangerine in place of the traditional egg yolk, providing an extra zing. The honey-soaked lime blends perfectly with BMS Organics’ very own Japanese-styled red bean paste.

Ingredients: Red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), tangerine, unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

3. Matcha Red Bean (Vegan) - Baked at low temperature, the mooncake comes with a natural shade of green that indicates the goodness within. Handpicked red beans from Wandan, Taiwan, are enveloped in a warm fragrant paste made of natural matcha powder, making this an unforgettable treat.

Ingredients: Matcha paste (white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil, matcha powder), red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

4. Red Bean Walnut (Vegan) - We place great emphasis on the authenticity, freshness, and flavours of each vegan mooncake.  The crust is baked with natural red yeast rice, a sight to behold and every bite comes with chunky red bean bits and crunchy walnuts. Simple yet delectable!

Ingredients: Red bean paste (red bean, red kidney bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, walnut, peanut oil, beetroot and natural red yeast rice.

5. Purple Chinese Yam (Vegan) - The lovely purple Chinese yam filling is not only pleasing to the eye but also high in nutrients. Feel the taste of subtle sweetness, silky texture and the unique aroma of the purple yam in your mouth, a taste that will leave you wanting for more.  
Ingredients: Purple Chinese yam paste (purple Chinese yam, white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil), unbleached plain flour*, peanut oil and taro.

6. Mixed Nuts Delight (Vegan) - A healthier version of traditional mooncake. The nutritional values are multiplied when traditionally nuts are replaced with superfoods such as white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, tangerine, walnuts, and almonds, which promote digestive, respiratory health & overall well-being.

Ingredients: Mixed nuts (white bean, isomalt, soya bean oil, white sesame, almond, pumpkin seed, walnut, dried tangerine, rock salt), unbleached plain flour* and peanut oil.

7. Red Bean with Tangerine Pastry (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian) - Definitely a refreshing new treat from BMS Organics, this mooncake combines Wagashi-standard red bean paste and flavourful tangerine from Yilan, Taiwan. A sour-sweet taste that will linger in your mouth long after the last bite.

8. Taro Pastry (Lacto Vegetarian) - Sink your teeth into this fibre-rich pastry made with the finest yam sourced from Dajia District, Taiwan. The yummy yam bits, coupled with our chef's handcrafted spiral crust, make this a pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Mooncake Order Online:
If you are not able to buy these organics mooncakes at BMS Organics outlet or you would like to send a mooncake gift set may proceed to purchase it online. For shopper's pleasure, BMS Organics will send it to your doorstep (Free delivery only applicable for West Malaysia). Click Here For Online Purchase:  BMS Organics Moon Cake