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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Travel Cake Launch By Anchor Food Professionals

Anchor Food Professionals, the food services arm of Fonterra Brands Malaysia have just launched the Quintessential Travel Cake, for this forthcoming festive season at its selected bakery partners across the country.

The Anchor Travel Cake series are quintessential butter loaf cakes made with Anchor Tinned Butter and is inspired By France 'Gateaux De Voyage' delicious speciality cakes made with high-quality butter brought on a journey from one place to another by travellers.

Three (3) variants of the Anchor Travel Cakes will be launched in 15 selected bakeries nationwide, and over 57 outlets starting from 1st December 2016. Consumers can look forward to enjoying the 
Chocolate Prune Travel Cake which is a mixture of pitted prune, apricots and dark chocolates chunks encased in a moist chocolate butter cake. Secondly, the Earl Grey Apricot Travel Cakes, will delight tea lovers as it has Earl Grey infused apricots in a fragrant Earl Grey Tea butter cake and lastly the Orange Cranberry Travel Cake is loaded with plump and juicy cranberries are soaked in orange juice, in a buttery orange scented cake.

The Anchor Travel Cakes were created by Anchor Professionals Pastry Chefs using Anchor Tinned Butter. Anchor Tinned Butter is the ideal butter for travel cakes as it is made from pure butter and natural dairy from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. It is a premium butter perfect for baked goods as it is aromatic and has a soft and smooth texture. Anchor is the leading brand in the food services dairy segment. it is a brand under dairy Fonterra, from New Zealand.

Speaking at the launch of the Anchor Travel Cakes, Ms Linda Tan, Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, explained that the travel cakes were inspired by the upcoming festivities which is all about gifting and sharing.

"With the Anchor Travel Cakes, we hope to bring back the old delightful tradition of getting and sharing cakes during festivities, with ideas and inspiration on how to personalised the cakes to be enjoyed at home, or given as gourmet gifts for different occasions," she said.

"It definitely makes a difference when you use pure butter for travel cakes, and Anchor Tinned Butter is ideal as it has a richer aroma and is shelf stable," added Ms Tan.

While the Travel Cakes are perfect to be enjoyed on their own with coffee or tea, the Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs took the experience a notch up by demonstrating ways to enhance the enjoyment of the cakes by serving them up as cake pops; simply sliced and served with ice cream, or glazed for personal touch.

The Anchor Travel Cakes will be available in over 57 outlets of the following bakeries:

RT Pastry House
boite a bijoux
Thyme Bakery and Trendy Bakery - Klang Valley
Kek Sayang - Kedah
Savour @ Bread History - Penang
The Baker's Hut - Perak
Born & Bread - Perak
Happy Angel's Cake - Perak
Seremban Toast House - Negeri Sembilan
Baker's Ville - Johor
Walnut Bakery - Sabah
Taka Cake House
MA Baker
Farley Bakery - Sarawak

The Anchor Travel Cakes that will be available at these outlets will vary in the presentation, size packaging based on each bakery's unique customer preference.

As part of the campaign, Anchor Food Professionals will be giving away a set of designer dessert spoons with every purchase of 2 travel cake during its availability at the partner bakeries from 1st Dec 2016 to 31st January 2017.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

NOSH Cafe Bangsar - Delicious and Gourmet Spring Dessert 2015 Collection Review By Best Restaurant


When it comes to desserts, NOSH Cafe will be one of those cafe that stands out in terms of serving gourmet and delicious desserts in Bangsar. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to NOSH Cafe located at 7, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur to taste the Special Spring 2015 Desserts Collection.

NOSH Cafe Bangsar has thru the years whipped out special desserts that have fans raving for their delicious cakes and pastry. There aren't many cafe that put so much passion in their preparation of their desserts like NOSH Cafe. 

According to the owner, NOSH will be master piecing their desserts offering so that customers will be able to not only enjoy the delicious desserts but to also feasts their eyes. Like the saying goes "You eat with your eyes first". The following Spring Collection desserts offering are testament to this saying.

There are altogether 5 special design for this Spring inspired collection of 2015. We started with the LAVENDER BUZZ which is a Rich chocolate fudge cake with Earl Grey mousse, lavender creme, luscious berries & pink meringue kisses. 

The combination of the soft moist chocolaty cakes was well matched with the smooth mousse with a tinge of sourish taste from the berries was heavenly paired with a latte.

This is then followed by the YELLOW SHOWER - As the spring winds bring gentle showers of flowers & soft scents of new life, it set the tone for this next dessert. 

The Soft buttery turmeric flavored cake with custard cream speckled with plump raisins & walnuts. in between each layer of the cakes gives a soft, moist and firm texture to every bite of this cake.

The next is the COCONUT BLITZ - A Coconut blended taste that gently assaults the senses, epitomises the breaking the of the cold winter with promises of warmer days to come is the inspiration for this next dessert. 

The composition of the soft and silky salted coconut pana cotta with a caffe filling blended in between and teamed with spicy berry compote & rice crispy wafers gives a refreshing and crunchy feel. 

the fourth dessert is the SAKURA WIND - Spring comes calling in a gentle blending of soft cherry blossom mousse with tart morello cherries & fragrant green tea chiffon.

The macha based cakes was of the right balance without being overwhelming. Coupled with the soft cherry mousse it gives a zesty flavours to the cake. 

and the final dessert of the Spring Collection is the PANDAN LUXE - The scent of Pandan always brings to mind a green  awakening. The Pandan cheese mousse with coconut cream was very smooth with sprinkle of salted gula merah; with coulis mango jelly & peanut crumble offering a soft, smooth and crunchy perspective to this dessert.

One thing I enjoyed most of the desserts offering at the NOSH; is that the sweetness level is very balance which is good; while the cakes are moist and soft with the right texture, aroma and taste that tantalize your tastebuds. 

If you are one of those that craves for these Spring Collection you better hurry as it is a limited time offer until 3rd May 2015 to taste these nice, delicious and artistically created desserts. You can also checked out some of the latest promotion from time to time that NOSH Cafe will be offering, who knows a surprise might be in store for you.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Food Trail Food Adventure at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur - Where and What To Eat at Avenue K Food Marathon Part 1

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for the Avenue K Food Adventure Challenge. This Food Adventure is held in conjunction with the Christmas Celebration at Avenue K.

The question is. How many restaurants are you able to visit and eat in it in a day? The Food Adventure Challenge requires us to visit 20 restaurants in all and samples some of their signature dishes from 10am to 10pm. Each restaurant that we visited and eaten in, are required to get our passport stamped. The restaurant list includes noodles house, buffet restaurant and right up to kiosk outlet. So at the end how many restaurants did we manage to go to? Find out from the 3 part post that we had.

We arrive at 945pm to get our passport for this challenge. After an initial short discussion with our team of four bloggers, we decided to start this epicurean food trail food adventure session.

First on the list of the restaurant to visit was the Wondermama X. Wondermama X’s scrumptious dishes add a sophisticated twist to the traditional. Local flavours are inspired by the old and new. Their Nasi Lemak 2.0, Nyonya Laksa and Marmite Chicken Carbonara are just a few of their many unforgettable fusion hits loved by many. Their unique offering include teh lip smacking Durian Crepe and Banana Nutella Waffles while their cool drink selection include yummy Match Latte, 7-up Asam Boi and Wondermama’s own interpretation of the Three Layer Tea.

The first dish was the Nasi Lemak 2.0 which consists of Sambal Petai Prawn, Kangkung, Kacang, Ikan Bilis, Egg, SP Japanese Style Fried Chicken.

Followed by the Nyonya Laksa which has Egg, Cucumber,Prawns, Fish Cake and Cockle.

Miso Soup Shiong Tong Clam with Red Goji Bean, Salted Egg, Ginger, Chilli Padi and Olive Oil.

Belgian Chocolate With Nuts.

Our second pit stop points us to Marutama Ramen (Non Halal). Marutama was established in Tokyo in 2001, Marutama Ramen has since opened its branches in Ryogoku, Kawaguchi and Saitama. Outside of Japan, Marutama Ramen has established branches in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Marutama’s main specialty is its Toripaitan soup served with homemade Hakata-styled ramen. The quality of the Toripaitan soup lies in its uniquely prepared 100% pure chicken broth with no added MSG!

We had 2 type of Ramen here which is the Ajitsuke Tamago Ra-men. It is a chicken soup Ra-men with a slice of Roast Pork, Seaweed, Spring Onion and Seasoned Tamago Egg on a spicy and non spicy version.

Simply d is our 3rd pit stop. Simply d offers an array of Western & Asian infused pastas, salads and sandwiches. Expect oodles of tasty noodles, fresh salads, sandwiches & delectable desserts when you visit this little tuck shop on the concourse floor. The latest enterprise form the Delicious group of restaurants, this cafe concept is a variation of the popular chain which will not disappoint.

At Simply d, we tried the Chicken Avocado Wrap with Mushroom Skewer.

Next, is the Salted Egg Pumpkin with Chicken Skewer.

Followed by the PAD THAI.

Finally the desserts of cakes and Ice cream to finish our experience at Simply d.

Our 4th Pit Stop is at the Samba Brazilian. Here we were offered the buffet line of the sumptuous BBQ Brazilian. Samba Brazilian Steakhouse has the honor to announce to all who are craving for a unique dining experience that our catering department is at your service.

Roasted to perfection – Sausages, Beef cuts, pineapples, and even chicken heart (prepared specially for the brave hearts) are examples of Samba’s wide ranging menu that consists of 15 types of meat and seafood served fresh from the churrasqueira. 

The hot/cold salad buffet spread of 30 items are fit for a King! Celebrate your special occasions with our specially selected team of chefs and passadors together with their authentic culinary skill and genuine passion for churrasco. 

We bring the Brazilian fiesta to your doorstep with our mobile kitchen caravan.

For a Full Review of  SAMBA BRAZILIAN, Please click here.

Our final first part pitstop which is our fifth is at Tsukemen Izakaya (Non Halal). Tsukemen & Izakaya Ieyasu takes pride in their ‘Triple Soup’ – made with chicken, fish and pork, cooked carefully for nine hours. 

The unique thick noodle is characterized by our valued customers as “excellently glutinous and perfectly chewy in texture”. 

Back in Japan, the delicious taste of this variety of noodle is loved by more than 80,000 people annually at the battleground of Dipping Noodles – Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Izakaya offers you the authentic Dipping Noodle called ‘Tsukemen’, made with soul and pride. A unique experience to try out this dipping sauce noodles which comes in five dipping sauce namely Sesame, Soy Sauce, Miso, Japanese Curry and Tomato & Cheese,

Food Trail Food Adventure at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur - Christmas Celebration at Avenue K Food Marathon Part 2

As we continue our Food Adventure at Avenue K, we took a short break to enjoy the Christmas festive celebration at the "Santa Party" performance at the Lobby of Avenue K. The area was decorated with the Christmas setting to set you on this wonderful holiday mood. 

Auntie Lilly (FollowMeToEat) Photo session with Santa Claus.

The Pretty Elves and Sexy Santarinas made a grand entry.

To add to this festivity there were performances from the singing sensation, Ms Joy Victor with her strong vocal rendition of the Christmas numbers.

Pretty Elves

and the Sexy Santarinas.

The shoppers were happy to see the performance of the singer and dancers.

and after which there were a photo shooting with the shopper too.

After this super exciting stop, we continued with our Food Adventure @ Avenue K challenge.