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HPPNK 2017 Hari Peladang Malaysia Food Fest MAEPS Serdang Selangor

There are a lot of activities and learning experience in this year HPPNK 2017 Hari Peladang Malaysia Food Fest happening at MAEPS Serdang from 28th September 2017 to 1st October 2017 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Guest and trade visitors will be able to look for business opportunities in the agricultural sector. Ranging from farm equipment to seedlings and right to the final food product, there is definitely a lot to start with.

Families will be able to join in this HPPNK 2017 festivities while learning and to be able to guide their young on the importance of agriculture industry as a job and business opportunities.

One of the things that we learn today is the availability of laughing chicken (Ayam Ketawa). Yes, apparently this species from Indonesia origin of chicken makes sounds that mimic a person laugh. 

Too bad when we were there it did not crow probably due to the large crowd at the booth (but the above is a video depicting a similar Ayam Ketawa).

There are also petting zoo for you to really get up close to these farms animals.

The second thing is the Stingless Bees Honey, last year at MAHA 2016, we tasted it fresh from the nest. You can check it out at this link. But, this year they serve us this honey with a texture similar to a salmon roe, where you can pop it in your mouth with a bursting sourish sweet natural taste of this honey.

You can also try out a new product which is Virgin Coconut Oil

And the last exciting avenues is on our last stop at the Food Empayar which I will run thru some of the delicious fare on offer. But for now, some of the other highlights include a cooking demonstration by Celebrity Chef. We only have gotten to see the Chef At Pacific West in action.

Next, we visit the Pineapple booth which showcases its prized pineapples which is MD2 species. This species is a sweet tasting hybrid that is now planted all over Malaysia. Recent research has yielded from the juice to become extract that is Bromelain.

Pineapple Juice from Bob

There are also the King of Fruits store where you can taste the D24 and Musang King varieties that are on sales there. While you are there you can also taste the new durian based food like ice cream and more.

or you can buy some fruits plants on your way home.

Agrobazzar is another stop that you must visit, as there are many Malaysian made food products that are available for you to taste and to buy home.

Examples of these are the Asam Boi Kedondong

Ready-made food 

While you can also taste the flavourful Tuna satay which has the texture of the chicken but a healthier option.

Bird Nest

Other interesting things to do is the contest where you guess the weight of the Lembu Sado with RM20,000.00 prizes to be won.

Or you can guess the number of fruits in this jackfruits

or you can take part in the cooking competition to show your cooking prowess

But for me, the most important one that must not be missed are the loads and loads of food to be eaten at the Food Empayar

starting with Grilled Chicken

Grilled Fish

Fusion Burgers

Cendol Songkok Tinggi

Durian Crepes

Char Kway Teow Food Truck

All-in-all, it has been a super fun and eye-opening experience for everyone at the HPPNK 2017. There are some much things for you to see, watch, explore and taste (many free-tasting booths). New technology, new concept and new inventions are all for us to check out this HPPNK 2017! as the vision of Pertanian adalah Perniagaan - Agriculture is Business.

Up close with the Malaysia Minister of Agriculture YB Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek who made this event so successful.

Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism 
MAEPS Secretariat Building
Mardi Headquarters
43400 Serdang
Selangor D.E.


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Friday, September 29, 2017

Indo Bowl @Sg Besi - Indomie Mee Goreng With A Fiery Twist

If you are a fan of Instant Noodle or specifically Indomie instant noodle from Indonesia; then Indo Bowl will offer you a great pleasure as almost all the dishes served here are using this popular Indonesian instant noodles. Indo Bowl is located at 72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lakesfield, Sg Besi
Kuala Lumpur 57000. For more information, you can visit their Indo Bowl Facebook Page

Indo Bowl has just started operation and it already has a clout of avid followers. In a nutshell, the food served here has been fusionlize with some Western-style grilled dishes.

What really set it apart from the Indomie Mee Goreng that you can cook at home is the home-made Sambal that came with each order of the noodle; to be exact 2 different type of it which is Sambal Hijau and Sambal Merah. I personally like the Sambal Hijau which has the taste of onion and green chillies. The taste of these Sambal differs much from those Sambals that are served at the Malay Restaurant. We were told these sambals are freshly made on a daily basis.

You can order the base set at RM6.00 which comes laden with the sambal and a piece of sunny side up eggs and of course the Indomie Mee Goreng.

or, you can order it with a piece of  Ayam Madura as a side dish which was marinated, pan grilled and topped with a special Madura sauce.

Lastly; which is the crowd favourite is a platter dish called the Mumbo Jumbo (RM59.00); which you can share with your friends which came with a piece of grilled steak, grilled lamb chop, grilled chicken and satay with 4 pieces of sunny side up and of course the Indomie Goreng as its base. Our order came with loads of combination of Sambal Hijau/Merah at the side. If you can take more spicy factor, you can order for additional Sambal to give you that extra kick.

Besides Indomie Mee Goreng dishes, Indo Bowl also serves some rice-based dishes too, but we did not try it this round, probably on our next visit. So, if you are a real fan and like to taste your favourite instant noodle with a dash of spicy sambal and with special add-on's, then Indo Bowl is the place to go for.

Indo Bowl Opening Hours

Indo Bowl Location Address Map

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Japanese Halal Restaurant Agehan Express Meal at Grand Bluewave Hotel Shah Alam

Agehan is a Japanese Halal Restaurant and has just recently introduced a new promotion on which is Agehan Express Meal menu by Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam. This Agehan Express Meals promotion are available from now until November 2017.

A total of 3 Express Meal Bento will be served during this period. One can expect to be served with rich and flavorful dishes of exciting taste from Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam. This Bento meal set is Gyu Shogayaki, Yaki Udon and Onigiri that only cost RM25.00+ per box.

The first set is the Gyu Shogayaki serves with pan-fried beef with special sauce, fresh garden salad with Japanese fish cake and dressing, Japanese white rice, radish and Chuka Kurage.

While the second set is Yaki Udon, its serves with Pan Fried Udon with seafood, vinegared fish, giant sushi roll, Deep Fried bean curd with sauce and Chuka Kurage.

The last and final set is called the Onigiri, which is served with Deep Fried Chicken, Onigiri Rice, Chilled Soya Beancurd With Fish Flake, Raddish With Sliced Pan Fried Salmon and Chuka Kurage as the appetizer.

Apart from that, Agehan Japanese Halal Restaurant also offers a variety of other meals such as Edamame (boiled green bean) at only RM14.00+, California Maki (half nori, sushi rice, avocado, tobiko, lettuce, Kyuri, Kani stick, mayonnaise) at only RM29.00+, Oyako Don with Miso Soup (chicken with scrambled egg on rice) at only RM26.00+, Tsukimi Udon (thick flour noodles in soup with egg) at only RM22.00+, Tanuki Udon (thick flour noodles in soup with tempura fritters) at only RM18.00+ and lastly is Tori Teriyaki with Goham Set (sliced chicken with teriyaki sauce, rice, and miso soup) at only RM29.00+. Ala carte also available where we have Teppanyaki meat or seafood, Tempura Ebi or Yasai Tempura, and Teriyaki Saba or Gindara.

For further inquiries and reservation, simply reach us at Borak-Borak Restaurant located on the Ground Floor of the Hotel ir at03-5511 8811 ext. 2615. All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Superstar Libra Cruise Penang Day 4 - Tour Penang For Free

Our third destination for the SuperStar Libra Cruise is to Penang (Day 4)

Picture Courtesy of Penang Port

The SuperStar Libra reach the Penang Island at 8am and the ship was berthed at Penang Port (Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal). Strategically located next to the Penang town, there are so many things you can see and do which is within walking distance or you can call a car sharing apps like Grab and Uber to send you to some of the other attraction Penang has to offer; like Penang Hill, Snake Temple or the Batu Ferringhi Beach.

But if you are on a budget, you can see also see part of Penang without spending a dime; seriously. You just take a short walk to the Feri Terminal Bus Station where you can board the Penang CAT FREE Shuttle Bus. 

The Hop OnFree Central Area Transit (CAT) ply the route between Weld Quay Jetty and Komtar on a 15-minute intervals from 6 am-12 midnight. See the above map for reference of its point.

Exploring the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage City has never been this convenient with the 19 CAT stops in between all the famous heritage landmarks of Penang! You can climb onboard the CAT bus and explore all the wonderful heritage sites of Penang. You can take a tour of the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, Fort Cornwallis, Penang War Memorial, City Hall, Penang Supreme Court Building, Cathedral of the Assumption, Penang State Museum, Goddess of Mercy Temple, The Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Church Street Pier, Mahamariamman Temple, Khoo Kongsi, Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion, Francis Light's grave and many more heritage sites!

Since i have been to Penang many times over, site seeing is not in my list this round. Before boarding the Penang CAT Free Shuttle Bus, we decided to pay a visit to the popular tourist attraction of Chew Jetty. The Chew Jetty is just a minute walks from the Feri Terminal Bus Station.

One of the unique features about Chew Jetty is the entire village is built on stilts above the sea; so you won't be surprised to see the sea below your feet when the tide is up.

At this village, you can see some of the houses have been converted to commercial outlet; selling from souvenirs item to food and etc.

One of the popular food here at Chew Jetty; is the Big Bowl Noodle.

Our first stop of the FREE CAT Shuttle is at Komtar. For anyone going to Penang, you can;t missed out on tasting some of the popular Penang street food. This round I will taste out a few famous fare; starting with the famed Char Kway Teow, the signature Nasi Kandar and the famous Penang Cendol.

For this trip, since I am moving around the  Penang CAT Free Shuttle Bus route, I decided to taste out some of these famous eateries within walking distance of each of these stop along the route. My first pit stop is at Lorong Selamat (less than a 10-minute walk from the Komtar bus stop) which is famed for the Penang style Char Kway Teow. For direction, view the map below.

Laden with fried pork lard, it makes the noodle with an extra punch. Here the Char Kway Teow is cooked with Chinese Sausage, Cockles and Prawns.  Other Penang favourite dishes that are served  at this coffee shop includes the Loh Bak, Sotong Kang Kong, Fried Oyster and more.

After the meal, we decided to stroll around the Komtar area where there is an attraction called The TOP @Komtar. There is much attraction here that you can do like the Rainbow Sky-Walk, 7D Discovery Motion Theatre and more.

After the short visit at Komtar, I decided to quench my thirst with a cendol drink from the Penang Road Famous Cendol. It is just a short walk from Komtar. For direction, view the map below.

This place is packed and there is a queue lining by the cart with a lot of tourist for this famed cendol, but don;t be fooled as there are a number of shops carrying the same name; so it is best to see our photo for the right one.

Price RM2.90. You can also try out the other Penang food at this coffee-shop Assam Laksa, Fried Oyster, Popiah and Char Kway Teow too.

As I was walking to my next food destination; I pass by the Pasar Chow Rasta. You can easily buy a few of the popular Penang snack from here.

This market is also very popular for its preserved fruits.

Since I am doing a walking tour and would like to taste out another famous Penang dish, I decided to try the Line Clear Nasi Kandar as it is within walking distance from the Penang Komtar and also have a bus stop for the Penang CAT Free Shuttle bus service to take me back to the port. For direction, view the map below.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar is one of the earliest Nasi Kandar vendors in Penang. Again, don't be fooled by the signboard as there is 2 shop with the same name. The original one is in the lane beside the shop; you should not missed it as there is a queue lining there.

You can choose your favourite dishes like fried chicken, beef, squid, prawns and the famed fish head curry.

As I am on my own, calling a fish head is too much for one person, so I decided for an order of squid, beef and vegetables with a combination of curry sauces (RM17.10). This mixture is what makes the Nasi Kandar unique; as the multitude of flavours from each of the curries is intertwined with each other.

For those that love cafe hopping; can try out this 2 popular cafe; the first of which is the Awesome Canteen which has a rustic charming interior of the olden days shop house which is in 1950's era; which serves cakes, coffee and cafe food.

or you can walk across the street to the China House - Penang Longest Cafe.

serving artisan coffee and an array of cakes and dessert that makes a sweet tooth drool.

Why this is Penang Longest Cafe: You can take a walk of more than 2 minutes from front to end. In between there are many seating areas for you to spend time in each which its unique charm. This is my last pit-stop as it was time to head back to the ship.

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Map to Lorong Selamat Char Kway Teow

Maps to Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol

Location map to Line Clear Nasi Kandar